Delta To Join In Second Bag Charge

Ah, and the fun continues! Business Travel News Online reports:

MARCH 18, 2008 — Delta Air Lines beginning in May plans to join United Airlines and US Airways in charging passengers for a second checked bag, Delta president and CFO Ed Bastian told investors at a JP Morgan aviation conference in New York this morning.

I’m betting that at least two of the three legacies holding out announce the same policy within the next week. I wouldn’t be surprised if one kept it just so they can tout it for advertising (maybe CO), but now that three are in I see no reason the others wouldn’t join.

This is actually one of those changes that I think makes sense. With the soaring fuel prices the airlines obviously have to raise the fares and increase revenue (or at least try to), and this seems like a reasonable way to do it. Mark my words though, give it a week at most.;)

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