JetBlue Is Causing Delta To Raise Their Game On Transcon Flights

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I’ve reviewed JetBlue Mint before, which is JetBlue’s premium cabin product available on select A321 aircraft. It’s really quite extraordinary what JetBlue has done here, as they’ve shaken up first class within the US.

JetBlue-Mint-A321 - 1

JetBlue’s Mint is probably the best value first class product in the country, as it’s a fantastic fully flat product (which even has some fully enclosed suites), and they’ve even undercut other airlines with worst products on price.

While the JetBlue Mint product was initially just introduced from New York to Los Angeles and San Francisco, JetBlue has big aspirations for Mint, and plans on growing it significantly, especially on transcon flights. Eventually JetBlue may even add flights to Europe.


Anyway, as JetBlue Mint continues to expand, it’s interesting to see how other airlines are responding. Not only are other carriers starting to match JetBlue on price, but it looks they’re also trying to compete with the quality of their product, at least as much as they can.

The airline trying to compete most with JetBlue seems to be Delta. In the past couple of days, Delta has announced that they’re upgrading two transcontinental routes to internationally configured 757s, which both just happen to be routes on which JetBlue is offering Mint. Specifically, as of June 8, 2017:

  • Delta will begin flying an internationally configured 757 between Boston and San Francisco
  • Delta will begin flying an internationally configured 757 between New York and San Diego

Not only are they going to be offering flat beds in business class on these flights, but Delta is also doing a great job with pricing. For example, some Boston to San Francisco flights cost ~$460 one-way, which is incredible for a flight blocked at 6hr40min.


Bottom line

JetBlue, keep doing what you’re doing. It’s great to see them expand their Mint product to more destinations, and cause other airlines to have to improve their products and lower their prices. Competition is a beautiful thing!

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  1. Living in San Diego it’s all good IMO. How long will it be for AA to follow suit and move their 757’s from TATL routes to Transcons? These planes are a good idea for Transcons but a very bad J product for TATL.

  2. If they’re doing this on domestic routes, I can’t even begin to think of how much they could shake up the TATL market when the a321neo LRs come along (maybe make BA add even more routes to Gatwick or make Norweigan pull some of their East coast routes)

  3. I just wish that Jetblue had a lounge for Mint customers at JFK. (And I’m sorry, but the Airspace Lounge that one can access with an Amex Plat card doesn’t even come close to cutting it… the included amenities are worse than even the AA or UA lounges.)

  4. Are these additional Delta routes configured with domestic first-class service and catering or Delta one business-class?

  5. But do they come with the enhanced soft product that their NY->SF/LA transcons have? If they’re offering their same mediocre domestic service, good luck competing with Mint.

  6. Since flying on DL invariably requires flying through ATL, they really need to consider putting this on their LAX-ATL, SEA-ATL, SFO-ATL and other similar routings.

    …also would it really kill DL to give us a full can of soda? Serving it in a real glass is a nice touch and appreciated, but c’mon, it doesn’t cost THAT much more to give the whole can to pax. B6 does that for Y, let alone F/J.

  7. @FNT Delta Diamond

    Not sure on the SAN-JFK route (although as a San Diego resident, I’m excited for it!) but I can verify the LAX-DCA route is NOT DeltaOne service/soft product. (I.e. No lounge access, bedding, etc.) Standard domestic F policies apply.

  8. @Josh – Lame. Delta’s ‘domestic’ first class product is super weak (no sparkling wine, cheap headphones if anything, vile coffee, thin blankets + paper pillows)

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