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While I used to hate Las Vegas, I’ve come to really like it. Las Vegas is all about what you make of it. I don’t go to Las Vegas to get married, or to try and win lots of money, or to go to the clubs, or anything like that. Instead I enjoy Las Vegas for periods of less than 48 hours (anything more than that just makes me sad).

What do I love about Las Vegas? Great restaurants, amazing people watching, and gambling. I don’t gamble to try and make (or lose) money, but rather to entertain myself. My goal is to come out even, though sometimes I end the weekend a bit down, and sometimes I end the weekend a bit up (this past weekend I came out about $500 ahead, sort of unintentionally). The important thing is that I know my limit, so I’m never going to try and irrationally “win back” my losses, because we know how that ends.

In this instance I needed to spend a Wednesday and Thursday night on the Strip. In general I’ve found the MGM partnership with Hyatt to be the best points option on the Strip, given that you can earn elite night and stay credits for those stays. Furthermore, you can even qualify for Hyatt’s current promotion (which offers up to 2,500 bonus points per night) at the MGM properties in Las Vegas.

The other cool thing is that if you’re staying at any MGM property, you can charge purchases at any MGM outlet to your room, and in turn earn Hyatt Gold Passport points. This is a great way to earn bonus points for tons of great restaurants, bars, etc.

My go to hotel in Las Vegas is generally The Delano. It’s an all suite property, and is attached to Mandalay Bay. I like that it doesn’t have its own casino, but is attached to Mandalay Bay, which does. The hotel also joined American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts as of this year. Fine Hotels & Resorts is available to those with The Platinum Card® from American Express and The Business Platinum Card® from American Express.

The rate through Fine Hotels & Resorts was $118 per night (plus the $33.60 per night resort fee) and for booking through them I’d receive the following perks:

  • Noon Check-in, When Available
  • Room Upgrade upon Arrival, When Available*
  • Daily Breakfast for Two People
  • Guaranteed 4pm Late Check-out
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Unique Property Amenity** US$100 Property Credit To Be Used During Your Stay.


As an mLife member I could have booked directly through their website for a rate which was ~$20 per night cheaper, but I figured it was worth the mild premium for all those perks.

The Delano is located on the far end of Mandalay Bay, and has a separate lobby and entrance. The lobby is super sleek, with a long runway-style carpet, and drapes which hang from the walls.

Delano-Hotel-Las-Vegas - 1
Delano Las Vegas lobby

There’s a coffeeshop right near the valet entrance.

Delano-Hotel-Las-Vegas - 2
Delano Las Vegas lobby

Then there’s Franklin Bar in the center of the lobby, which I quite like. I’ll take a lounge-style bar over a club any day, and this happens to be a very low key one, so I quite like that.

Delano-Hotel-Las-Vegas - 3
Delano Las Vegas Franklin Bar

Reception is located at the far end of the lobby. When I checked in on Wednesday there was no queue, while on Friday when I checked out there was a super long queue. It blows my mind how Vegas hotels still manage to get staffing wrong. It’s beyond me how on a Friday afternoon they wouldn’t have every check-in position staffed, as if it’s a surprise that a ton of people were checking in.

Delano-Hotel-Las-Vegas - 4
Delano Las Vegas reception

Fortunately the check-in experience was smooth on Wednesday, and the friendly associate went over the entitlements I’d receive through Fine Hotels & Resorts. I was smart enough not to try the $20 trick this time around. 😉 I also gave her both my mLife number and Hyatt Gold Passport number, so that I could earn Hyatt points for the stay.

While I didn’t have the chance to check it out (I was really busy during this stay), the credit card machine indicated that there was a complimentary champagne toast for guests nightly from 5-7PM at Skyfall Lounge, located on the top of The Delano. While I’m sure it’s not great champagne, the views up there are great, so I wish I had the chance to check it out.

Delano-Hotel-Las-Vegas - 5
Delano Las Vegas free champagne toast

The associate handed me a page reconfirming the Fine Hotels & Resorts benefits:

Delano-Hotel-Las-Vegas - 6

And then here’s where the $100 food & beverage credit could be used:

Delano-Hotel-Las-Vegas - 7

To clarify the Fine Hotels & Resorts benefits I listed at the top of the page:

  • The breakfast credit is $30 per person per day, so even though I was traveling alone, I reserved my room for two people so that I’d get a $60 credit; this is valid in the restaurant, coffeeshop, and via in-room dining, which is how I ordered my breakfast both mornings
  • The $100 property credit can be used at many venues at both The Delano and Mandalay Bay, which is awesome

As far as I’m concerned, The Delano has the most generous Fine Hotels & Resorts perks of any hotel on the Strip (most other hotels limit the $100 credit to spas, which I don’t think is worth nearly the face value).

I took the elevator up to the 21st floor, where my room was located. There are two sets of elevators at the hotel — one set for all the floors up to the 23rd, and then one set for the ones above that.

Delano-Hotel-Las-Vegas - 8
Delano Las Vegas hallway

I was assigned a standard suite with two queen beds (I’m not sure why I booked two beds, but they didn’t have any king bed rooms when I checked in). All the suites here are more or less the same, and I think they’re fantastic.

There’s an entryway with a half bath on the right.

Delano-Hotel-Las-Vegas - 9
Delano Las Vegas suite entryway

Delano-Hotel-Las-Vegas - 10
Delano Las Vegas suite half bath

Delano-Hotel-Las-Vegas - 11
Delano Las Vegas suite half bath

That leads into the living room, which features a couch and leather chair facing a flat screen TV, and a desk with an office chair.

Delano-Hotel-Las-Vegas - 12
Delano Las Vegas suite living room

Delano-Hotel-Las-Vegas - 13
Delano Las Vegas suite living room

Delano-Hotel-Las-Vegas - 14
Delano Las Vegas suite living room

Delano-Hotel-Las-Vegas - 15
Delano Las Vegas suite living room

The minibar was located in the living room opposite the bathroom, and also had a sink, Keurig coffee machine, etc.

Delano-Hotel-Las-Vegas - 16
Delano Las Vegas suite coffee machine and sink

Delano-Hotel-Las-Vegas - 17
Delano Las Vegas suite minibar

There was a door separating the living room from the bedroom. I find the beds at The Delano to be super comfortable. The mattresses are plush, and I love how big the pillows are.

Delano-Hotel-Las-Vegas - 18
Delano Las Vegas suite bedroom

The beds face a flat screen TV and a small nook where you can sit, place luggage, etc.

Delano-Hotel-Las-Vegas - 19
Delano Las Vegas suite bedroom

Delano-Hotel-Las-Vegas - 20
Delano Las Vegas suite bedroom

Waiting on one of the beds were a couple of bottles of complimentary water, as well as jelly beans.

Delano-Hotel-Las-Vegas - 21
Delano Las Vegas suite bottled water and jelly beans

The bathroom is also a good size, and features double sinks, a soaking tub, a walk-in shower, and a partitioned off toilet.

Delano-Hotel-Las-Vegas - 22
Delano Las Vegas suite bathroom

Delano-Hotel-Las-Vegas - 23
Delano Las Vegas suite tub

Delano-Hotel-Las-Vegas - 24
Delano Las Vegas suite walk-in shower

The Delano uses Malin+Goetz toiletries, which are quite nice. Not that it’s surprising since we’re talking about Las Vegas here, but I should note that the bathroom didn’t have some of the other basic amenities some might expect, like toothpaste, cotton swabs, etc.

Delano-Hotel-Las-Vegas - 25
Delano Las Vegas toiletries

Delano-Hotel-Las-Vegas - 26
Delano Las Vegas suite toilet

My room faced the rest of the strip, with the Luxor being the next hotel over. The windows in the hotel are tinted in a way which makes it hard to get good pictures.

Delano-Hotel-Las-Vegas - 27
Delano Las Vegas suite view

As I explained above, I had breakfast via room service both mornings (I had an early commitment my first morning and was up way too late that night as well so room service was a no brainer the next morning as well).

The in-room dining menu read as follows:

Delano-Hotel-Las-Vegas - 28

The first morning I had a chicken and veggie egg white omelet, which was served with a side of wheat toast. I also ordered a large pot of coffee, which was among the best coffee I’ve had in a hotel.

Delano-Hotel-Las-Vegas - 29
Delano Las Vegas room service breakfast — egg white omelet

Delano-Hotel-Las-Vegas - 30
Delano Las Vegas room service breakfast — egg white omelet

I also ordered a side of the house-made granola, which was served with a delicious lemon yogurt.

Delano-Hotel-Las-Vegas - 31
Delano Las Vegas room service breakfast — house-made granola

The second morning I had the breakfast burrito with a side of toast.

Delano-Hotel-Las-Vegas - 32
Delano Las Vegas room service breakfast — breakfast burrito

Delano-Hotel-Las-Vegas - 33
Delano Las Vegas room service breakfast — breakfast burrito

Room service isn’t cheap by the time they add in the service charge, but both meals were covered with my breakfast credit, and both were excellent.

I also have to say that the service provided by room service was great, in an almost creepy way. The ladies who took my orders both morning were friendly and competent, while the two guys who delivered the meals were overly friendly. Both left my room by shaking my hand and saying it was a “pleasure to get to know [me].” I guess that’s one way to try and solicit tips, even if it’s not my favorite approach in general before I’ve had coffee.

The Delano is connected to Mandalay Bay by a short walkway, so you can be in the center of Mandalay Bay within five minutes of leaving your room.

Delano-Hotel-Las-Vegas - 34
Delano Las Vegas walkway to Mandalay Bay

Della’s Kitchen is located in the hallway connecting the two hotels, and it’s The Delano’s all day dining restaurant.

Delano-Hotel-Las-Vegas - 35
Delano Las Vegas Della’s Kitchen Restaurant

Tiffany and I had lunch there one day to use up our property credit. She had the chicken, while I had a roast beef sandwich. Both were good, though also overpriced (which I’ve come to expect in Vegas).

Delano-Hotel-Las-Vegas - 36
Delano Las Vegas Della’s Kitchen lunch

Delano-Hotel-Las-Vegas - 37
Delano Las Vegas Della’s Kitchen lunch

I didn’t have a chance to use the gym during this stay, but the hotel does have a nice gym, called The Bathhouse (I know…). The hotel also has its own pool, in addition to guests being able to use the facilities at Mandalay Bay. I don’t think I’ve ever used a pool in Las Vegas, so I can’t chime in on that.

Delano Las Vegas bottom line

I’ve stayed at The Delano four times now, and I find it’s the property in Vegas which is the best fit for me:

  • It’s an all suite hotel, and the suites are nicely renovated and nicely furnished
  • It’s connected to a casino hotel, but doesn’t have a casino itself, which I like
  • It’s now part of Fine Hotels & Resorts, so you can get some incredible perks for stays at the hotel which really help drive down the cost
  • It’s part of the mLife partnership between Hyatt and MGM, so you can earn elite stays and nights, and also qualify for Hyatt promotions
  • The rates are usually very reasonable, lower than a standard room at Aria, Vdara, etc.

Other than The Delano, I’m tempted to try the SLS Las Vegas, which is now a Starwood Tribute Portfolio hotel.

As far as non-points hotels go, I love the Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas. It’s by far the classiest place in Las Vegas, though in this case I couldn’t turn down the value of staying at an MGM property given Hyatt’s promotion combined with the Fine Hotels & Resorts benefits.

What’s your go to hotel in Las Vegas?

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  1. By far my favorite hotel in Vegas. Great review. However, I got the stomach flu last time I was in Vegas and was in bed the entire time vs in the amazing Mandalay Pool (I blame the AA flights!!! – I now wipe down my arm rest, tray table, etc.)

  2. It’s not clear from your review which room you booked and which room they upgraded you to, or if there was any upgrade.

  3. Thanks for the review, good as always. Breakfast looks great. For the price you paid it is amazing value.

  4. I love Vegas and the truly awesome Mandarin Oriental Hotel. I would never consider staying anywhere else. Lucky, have you stayed at the Mandarin and if so did you review it?

    I’m now longing to go back. How I love my typical Vegas routine: spending an afternoon at the Mandarin Spa; getting all gussied-up for drinks at the beautiful Mandarin Bar and dinner at Twist; running off to a show (Absinthe!); making the rounds of the casinos, playing craps till 3AM; sleeping for a couple of hours before getting up again to go skydiving over the desert.

    Just too much fun!

  5. I stayed there this past Sunday ($113 via FHR). In fact, I stopped you at the end of FTU to ask if you had any dining recommendations there. I also stayed at SLS on Friday night. Don’t be tempted. First, you have a blog post from last year saying that the resort fee @SLS includes airport shuttle transportation. It doesn’t. Everyone I spoke to said it never has (yours wasn’t the only blog with a post mentioning the feature, though I can’t find anyone who claims to have ever used it, so I think they were honest in claiming that it didn’t exist). The rooms were small and very, very awkwardly designed. There was a mirror directly above the bed if you’re into that. In fact, there were a lot of mirrors. And very little space. The bed was in the center of the room. It was just weird. I’ve had two stays with Delano with FHR and I’d definitely stay there again. I wouldn’t stay at SLS again – despite the casino and restaurants looking quite nice. One bonus – there was a dedicated check on line for SPG Gold & Platinum guests. I’m perplexed that Delano is the only MGM property I’ve noticed that does not have a dedicated line for Gold and Platinum members of Mlife. Bellagio, Mirage, Luxor, and Excalibur have dedicated check in lines for Gold, Platinum, and Noir. Odd that Delano doesn’t. They did give me a courtesy check in inside the VIP lounge when I asked the concierge if there was a separate line (there was a long line Sunday evening as well), but they made it clear that it was done as a courtesy and that I should deal with the front desk with any other questions or issues.

    Finally, the reason I asked you about dining recommendations is because I ate at Rivea on my previous stay and was incredibly disappointed for a multitude of reasons. The manager did graciously give me his card and invite me to come back so he could make sure I had a better experience, but I wasn’t interested in a repeat disappointment at their prices. I ended up at Fleur as Aureole was closed on Sunday. It was fine. One dish was excellent. I’d eaten there years ago and enjoyed it just fine as well.

    Moving forward, though, I think I’d use the dining credit for lunch at Della’s as you did. The dining options included in the FHR credit don’t excite me enough to take them up on them again. I think in-room breakfast and lunch at Della’s are the way to go. Btw, I can also vouch for the in-room service attendant being creepily friendly and telling me that he enjoyed getting to know me. Weird angle. Funny – I assumed it was just that he was weird, not that he had been trained to be weird. 🙂

    One other note: I’ve been upgraded both times to a “panoramic” suite. Your view appeared to be one, but the living room couch in the suites I’ve had has a chaise at the end of it in place of the leather chair. I also had a king bed each time.

    Anyway, just my $0.02. Thanks for the review. I totally agree with Delano being my new go to place in Vegas. The location is kind of crappy, but with Uber and Lyft being fast and convenient, it doesn’t bother me much.

  6. As a Hyatt Diamond and therefore Mlife Platinum you should be able to checkin at the VIP reception.

  7. My go to Vegas hotel is the Cosmopolitan. You cannot beat their collection of bars and restaurants and they take care of their casino players quite nicely. The rooms are big, fun, and the views from the terraces are amazing.

    You should try SLS. I like there collection of restaurants. Although, many of their restaurants have closed. They have a great staff with great service despite being priced mid-tier. The rooms are nice and fun although they would fit in the bathroom of a Delano room.

  8. SLS did have an airport shuttle. They stopped the shuttle in the beginning of April. I booked SLS under the assumption that I wouldn’t need airport transportation. I wonder if there’s any compensation available. SLS is a good hotel, but I wouldn’t stay there again because the location is horrible.

  9. the best FHR used to be the MGM Grand where rooms were almost always under $100 on the weekdays + the FHR benefits… I want to check out the Delano next time in town since its the next best in terms of pricing. Of course a 1 night stay is in order to maximize the benefits 😉

  10. “… To try and win money…” isn’t good English. If you are going to try something, it should be followed by the infinitive, like this “….to try to win money…”.

    Think if it this way: You’re only doing one activity-trying to win. You’re not doing two activities-trying and winning.

  11. My favorite part of Las Vegas is to not go there. 🙂 I’ve been there twice and it is more than enough to me. The place screams artificial. BTW, it is the only place where lines to get a taxi and to check-in at hotels was longer than TSA lines. No tks!!!!

  12. If you comment on grammar, you should make sure your comments are spell checked Sam

    “Think OF it this way…”

  13. I usually check Delano with FHR benefits, Aria/Vdara/Cosmopolitan/Delano/SignatureMGM with Virtuoso benefits, and mLife (I’m platinum through HGP Diamond match) rates at Aria/Vdara/Delano and do the math to see what the best combo of rate + benefits + property/location is.

  14. I like Aria (that’s where we hold most of our events).

    Mandarin is excellent for vacation. Lobby bar is not to be missed.

    Both have good gyms.

    Bazaar restaurant at SLS is great.

    I like walking the strip a little, so Delano is a little too far removed for my tastes.

    I’m not a huge fan of MGM Grand or Bellaggio, but have stayed there a few times.

    I also like the Palazzo.

  15. I was there at the same time. Great deal, but we booked it with a package that included a 60 dollar breakfast credit. We got 160 dollar credit for a 150 dollar room. It’s a great deal. The buffet is also good, not as good as the one in the Caesar’s Palace, but it has a very reasonable price.

  16. @VirtuosoEric, when did Vdara become a Virtuoso property? I don’t recall them ever being a Virtuoso property..

    Not a fan of MGM Signature but the rates there can get super cheap (under $100 a night). F&B credit can be used at one of the Robuchon restaurants which is nice.

  17. These days, I’m pretty much at Mandarin Oriental, Aria, Vdara or Cosmopolitan (all right around each other, I know). The Mandarin Bar is probably my favorite place in Las Vegas. Before that, I would spend my time at Wynn/Encore. Before that, when I was more frugal, it was MGM and “TheHotel” at Mandalay Bay (what the Delano was before it was renovated). I have not been to the Delano and really appreciate this review.

  18. Can someone explain why the Amex FHR collection is any better than the Chase LHR collection?

    I just looked up Delano on Chase LHR and it has the exact same benefits as the ones listed in the post. Are the prices lower oh FHR? It seems like FHR is one of the benefits people use to justify paying for a plat card, but I can’t figure out the value there since I can get basically the same thing with a CSP.

  19. I’ve also enjoyed my stays at the Delano and as you said it can be a good value. I usually price compare the Delano to Nobu (which is part of Total Rewards…SPG). I like Nobu due to it’s more central Strip location inside Caesar’s Palace complex and because it’s so calm. One thing that I noticed in your post that would drive me insane (and I probably never noticed during my stays at the Delano since I usually just grab a muffin and coffee at their coffee shop) are the spots on the dishes. I would constantly think there was dirty on them!

  20. Is there an easy way to see what the rate would be for a given set of dates through the Fine Hotels program (without being a member)?

    I’m specifically looking at the week of Sept 19-23rd. Trying to do the math on whether the rate is really as low as $119/night for most dates, or if that’s a case of just finding some low nights. And if it’s that low for that period, then the annual fee pays itself off compared to current rates for the property.

  21. One thing to point out regarding the room service is that Vegas is known for their “24 hour” schedule and late night room service is sort of a right of passage in that city. The menu you posted, as noted on the top, is only valid until 10pm – as this food is delivered directly via the restaurant on-site. After that all of the food comes from Mandalay Bay’s “room service” department, which was gutted in late 2014. Rather than a full menu its simply a few pre-made sandwiches and salads delivered to your room in plastic bags and styrofoam containers. It’s, frankly, embarrassing.

  22. Hi Lucky,

    I did what you suggested and got a cheap Fine Hotels & Resort stay here. It’s been about a week and still haven’t gotten the Hyatt stay credit. Thinking about doing it again next month, but worries I wont get the stay credit (gave them Hyatt number at check in like you said). How long does it usually take?


  23. I stayed at The Delano with the FHR benefits 15-17 July 2016. Upon checkout, it is virtually impossible to see how the credits were applied unless you ask for additional info. Even then, I was handed separate pieces of paper showing the credits. Confusing at best.

    We were told we could use the $30 per person “breakfast” credit on the day we checked in. So a two night stay meant 3 “breakfasts.” I’m using quotes there because there’s no restriction on time of day to use the in-room dining credit. (Della’s closes at 2:00 pm, so to use your credit there on check-in day you’d have to check in early.)

    The extra “breakfast” on check-in day was not properly credited on our final bill. We could only tell that by requesting to see exactly how the credits were applied. The time it took to do this was worth the $ we spent on in-room dining after 10:00 pm. The burger was atrocious– worse than a fast food burger.

    No room upgrade was available. We were on the 34th floor with a view to the west (= view of low buildings, freeway and mountains).

    Check in was quick on Friday afternoon (2:30). The line on Sunday afternoon was horrendous from 11:00 am – 3:30 pm. Late check out at 4:00 pm is a definite benefit.

    Overall, the FHR package is a good value, but hotel staff seem to have varying degrees of awareness about the benefits. And the accounting system should be crystal clear. It’s not.

  24. Staying here now and the $100 credit has been changed a lot from the post. It no longer includes starbucks or the buffet. They don’t list the restaurants anymore and just say “restaurants” so many of them may still work, but it is hard to tell from the paperwork.

  25. Hey Lucky! Just a heads up, if you are ever visiting LV again, AMEX FHR no longer has the 100 F&B (now limited to spa), but Chase LHRC does! Just a quick FYI. Just booked it and you were so helpful with your review that I figured I throw in my 2 cents.

  26. This was my favorite FHR hotel in Vegas but they not follow suit with most other hotels and only offer the $100 credit toward spa, which has no value to me. Until they switch back, I go to Bellagio, which still offers the credit toward food and beverages.

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