Citi Prestige Fourth Night Free FAQs

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Update: This offer for the Citi Prestige® Card has expired. Learn more about the current offers here.

Yesterday I wrote about how you can use the Citi Prestige® Card fourth night free hotel benefit to potentially score two free nights on a single stay.

This benefit is arguably the most valuable perk offered by any credit card, and it has saved me thousands of dollars already. That’s because it’s valid on just about all types of rates, so you don’t have to book some inflated rate to be eligible. Generally you can use the Citi Prestige Card fourth night free perk to book any publicly available rate, including AAA rates, AARP rates, advance purchase rates, etc.

Yesterday I explained how you can potentially get two free nights out of this perk. I gave the example of the Four Seasons Punta Mita, which has a fifth night free offer directly through the hotel.


Four Seasons Punta Mita

In my case, the concierge was able to combine the fifth night free through the hotel with the fourth night free through the Citi Prestige Card. That basically meant I’d only have to pay for three of the five nights, which is great.

Well, several readers chimed in about how they were able to use the fourth night free benefit in conjunction with all kinds of other free night offers. My mind is blown.

To give a few examples from the comments section, reader Ricardo shared the following experience:

Ben, I was succesful using Spg code Z3H (buy 2 nights, get the third one free), and instructing the concierge to use the code for a 4 night reservation. Both my 3rd and 4rd night were free for a 50% discount.

Reader JayBird0711 shared the following experience:

I had a different experience. I booked four seasons Mexico City with citi. Four seasons offering third night free and citi said it will work with the prestige 4th night refund. I received a confirmation email as well.

Reader Mark Anderson shared the following experience:

I just booked at the mandarin oriental las vegas. The hotel had third night free. The citi concierge had to as a couple of questions and put me on hold. However I was able to book the 4th night free as there was a charge for that fourth night. I will be staying 4 nights at an upgraded room for just about $600. Not bad for the nicest hotel in lv.

Reader Peter shared the following experience:

I used this benefit with Starwood’s 3rd Night Free promotion several times this winter. No issues. The hotel put $0 in the third night, and Citi refunded the 4th night. One of the credits took 2 months to show up but I love this benefit.

Reader Jim shared the following experience:

I booked the St. Regis Singapore for six nights on a third-night-free rate, and ended up getting six nights for the price of three with the Prestige program covering the fourth night and the hotel rate covering the fifth and sixth nights. I had to specifically request the promo rate from the concierge on the phone, but he was perfectly happy to make it happen.

Reader Alex shared the following experience:

I have successfully been reimbursed for my 4th night on reservations with 3rd night free promos, including Four Seasons and SPG (using Z3H/Z3R). I have also had success booking SPG rates that offered a 4th night free, but only if the 4th night discount was averaged across the other night’s rates. If the 4th night shows up as $0 to the Aspire agent, then they cannot apply the benefit.

I also use Z6H/Z6R with SPG properties which is a pay 4 get 2 free rate. I’ve successfully used this with Prestige 4th night free, you end up paying for 3 nights and then get the last 3 nights free. I never usually stay all 6 nights but use the rate to rack up night credits.

I’ve probably booked 10 of these different rates and never had an agent question it, but YMMV.

Reader Mileage Man shared the following experience:

@Lucky – I can confirm the Citi 4th Night Free benefit works well with a Hotel’s 3rd night free as well. I have taken opportunity of this benefit at least twice over the past 8 months. The Hyatt Regency Scottsdale was giving this benefit last Christmas time for $127 per night.

Reader MRS shared the following experience about supposedly using points for the first three nights of a stay, and getting the fourth night free, which I’m a bit skeptical of (not the story from the reader as such, but rather that this would be reimbursed — I’m excited for MRS to report back):

In April I stayed 4 consecutive nights at the Park Hyatt Vendome by stacking two Hyatt award certificates for Night #1 & #2; transferred Chase UR points to Hyatt and booked Night #3 for 30k points; and used the Citi booking service to gain the 4th night free benefit (I paid for my 4th night upon checkout on my Citi Prestige card). Despite being very skeptical, the rep who handled my booking reassured me this would work work. She spoke to a Hyatt booking agent who helped to complete my reservation. Directly after the reservation was made, I received the confirmation email from Citi Concierge telling me how much the 4th night refund would be, which is what I ended up paying (~$800usd). My first billing cycle closed May 13 and nothing has been credited yet, but I’ve read that it is usually two billing cycles. I’ll report back in a few weeks.

To follow up further on yesterday’s post, I think it’s worth mentioning that the terms of the Citi Prestige Card expressly allow you to combine the fourth night free with a third night free, fifth night free, etc.


Here are the FAQs listed on Citi’s website for the fourth night free benefit (bolding mine):

1. Can a cardmember book 2 rooms at the same hotel during the same dates and qualify for the benefit?
a. No

2. Can a cardmember receive 2 Complimentary 4th Night stays on an 8 consecutive night stay and qualify for the benefit?
a. No. Only the 4th night is free.

3. Can a cardmember receive 2 Complimentary 4th Night stays on two back to back 4 night bookings at different hotels?
a. Yes as long as they are not at the same hotel.

4. Does a hotel rate with a “third, fifth, etc.” night free promotion qualify?
a. Yes, currently we allow it to be combined with other promotions.

5. Can the Citi Prestige® Concierge use special travel agent rates and/or their loyalty, government/military, corporate, AAA & AARP rates along with the 4th night offer?
a. Yes.

6. Does the hotel need to have an IATA number to be eligible for complimentary 4th night benefit?
a. No. The concierge can book the complimentary 4th night as long as the hotel will reserve with the Citi Prestige Card and the Concierge can book directly with the hotel. If the hotel requires a credit card authorization form or requires the customer to book with them directly, the hotel will not qualify for the Complimentary 4th Night.

7. Are there hotel rooms or properties that do not qualify for the Complimentary 4th night benefit?
a. Yes, exclusions apply. Eligible hotels do not include rooms in yachts, riverboats, cruises, campgrounds, castles, safaris, villas, apartment rentals and are not eligible for the complimentary 4th night benefit.

8. Would a hotel rate with special perks qualify for the complimentary 4th Night benefit? For example, if the hotel offers a spa credit, kids package, etc. in the rate, would that qualify if there was a lower standard rate?
a. No. This would not qualify

9. What if the standard hotel rate is not available? Can the concierge book something else—bed and breakfast rate, rate that includes spa package, etc.
a. Generally yes, but the Citi Prestige® Concierge will review this and provide direction on a request by request basis. If there is a separate fee on top of the room rate (such as a resort fee and/or a reduced spa fee), only the room rate will be eligible.

10. Can a customer book via PayPal or any alternate payment method?
a. No. It has to be booked directly on the Citi® Prestige Card.

11. Are all inclusive properties eligible?
a. Yes. If an all-inclusive property offers a room rate without the “all inclusive” option, then the benefit will be applied to the room rate only. If the property offers only all-inclusive stays, the 4th night benefit will apply to the 4th night rate.

I thought the Citi Prestige Card fourth night free benefit was awesome to begin with, but this is opening up a whole new world for me, as I’m realizing this can now be used to basically get two free nights on a four night stay, which is incredible.

Yesterday I gave the example of using the fifth night free offer at the St. Regis Punta Mita, but it seems that this can in fact be used with a third night free offer as well:


As you can see above, the fourth night is charged at full price, while the third night is the one which is free.

You’d end up paying for the first and second night, getting the third night free through Four Seasons, and getting the fourth night free through Citi.

Similarly amazing deals should be available through other hotel chains, including Starwood and others.


How amazing is that? I thought the Citi Prestige Card fourth night free benefit was incredible to begin with, but now it’s just next level awesome.

I know what I’m going to be playing around with over the next few days…

(Tip of the hat to David)

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  1. I usually travel on the long weekends and get back to home on a late evening or red eye flight, so I use the Citi 4th night Free as if its a guaranteed late checkout 😛

    You should be thinking abt more mattress runs now 😉 . combining them with IHG / Hyatt and SPG hotel bonus promos..

  2. It says you can’t get two free nights on an eight-night stay, but is there anything stopping you from booking two consecutive four-night stays(and getting a free night on each of the two stays)?

  3. @jed you would have to book 2 separate 4 night stays and 2 different hotels. you cant book 2 separate 4 night stays back to back at the same hotel and be eligible for the 4th night free for both reservations. You have to call Citi Prestige’s concierge to book, where they would see what stays you have booked with them

  4. the experiences on this article have inspired me to try again, but I got shut down trying exactly what Ricardo did (for the Park Tower Knightsbridge – make a 4 night res. using a 3rd night free rate). phone agent told me that she cannot apply the 4th night free benefit to the rate, and her supervisor agreed. gave up wayyy too easily (no loss though – decided to book at the Conrad St. James under the big sale Hilton was having in the Spring, got a great rate).

  5. Can I use a Fairmont 3rd night free certificate in conjunction with the Citi Prestige 4th night free? How?

  6. I plan to stay at SPG hotel and currently enrolled in their 2x points promo (3x for Sheraton) for staying at SPG hotels till July 31.
    if I use Citi Prestige to book room, do I get those 2x points?

  7. Ended up with a buy 2 get 2 free special at the Peninsula Paris this summer – was able to get a superior suite for less than the cost of a standard room. With the improvement in the ThankYou points program, this is really as good of a travel card as is out there today.

  8. What about conference rates at a Hilton, which I have to book directly through a website to get the special rate? If I book four nights on my own and pay for it with the Citi Prestige, will one night be reimbursed?


  9. In the FAQ it mentions that it excludes villas. Does that mean hotels such as the Hyatt or W Maldives would be excluded from this? I’m planning a trip there next summer and this would be great to use if possible

  10. 5. Can the Citi Prestige® Concierge use special travel agent rates and/or their loyalty, government/military, corporate, AAA & AARP rates along with the 4th night offer?
    a. Yes.

    This seems new. I know you could use AAA rates, but I previously saw that gov’t/military or corporate rates weren’t allowed. This could be very nice.

  11. I’d like to know about applying Fairmont elite certificates also- these are done at check-in as far as I remember, so seems like there shouldn’t be a problem. Anyone done this?

  12. Interesting data point – if you have to order a new prestige card due to loss or theft after charging a fourth night free stay, the fourth night credit won’t post unless you notify Aspire directly that you have a new credit card number. I just called to inquire about a credit that still hasn’t posted after 2 months, and that was the issue! Now they say it might be another 1-2 billing cycles until the credit posts…

  13. @ HS commented “I plan to stay at SPG hotel and currently enrolled in their 2x points promo (3x for Sheraton) for staying at SPG hotels till July 31. if I use Citi Prestige to book room, do I get those 2x points?”

    Yes, you will get extra rewards, just make sure your SPG number is in the reservation at time of booking or at the hotel of course. The cash rates, even AAA and others, are eligible for points and nights.

  14. I have two recent credits from Peru where the service charge was mandatory 10%, the confirmation says rebated full 4th night including tax and service fee, but the service fee not reimbursed. My credit ties exactly, less the service fee that they did not end up rebating in the end.

    Anyone else have this issue. Anyone press the issue with them and get it resolved? I think maybe whoever is approving these rebates to post is overidiing the written confirmation due to an exclusion for service fees of some sort. Buy they were mandatory.

    Are they reimbursing resort fees?

    Thanks for your time.

  15. @Lucky, What if a hotel is offering the 4th night free instead of 3rd or 5th? How would that work since the hotel is offering the free night for the same day that the Citi card does?

  16. Can someone please give me an example of how the 4th night reimbursement shows up? When you book a full 4-night stay with their service, do you get charged the full amount first, with some sort of a receipt/confirmation showing what rates you paid for 4 nights? And do you then get 4th night reimbursement separately/later/after the stay is completed?

    The reason for my question is simple – if I book a job-reimbursable 4-night stay, would I have something to submit that shows all 4 nights and the full price, without the 4th night being free coming into the picture?

  17. Is there a list of hotels that are eligible for the Z3H/Z3R SPG promotion? I just tried several hotels and it does not work.

  18. Can I get fourth night free twice by staying at same hotel during separate weeks?
    i.e. Week 1 – Sunday check-in, Friday check-out
    Week 2 – Monday check-in, Saturday check-out

  19. I just booked the Four Points Sandakan for about $125 total for 4 nights. Both reps I talked with had no trouble combining the SPG 3rd night free offer (code Z3R) with Citi’s 4th night free.

  20. @Ben – After over 2 months of waiting and speaking to the Citi Concierge escalation supervisor several times, I was finally able to get my refund that is referenced in the article above ($800). Citi Concierge originally said that the 4th night charge was rejected due to me not paying for the whole stay on cash, which is probably what you expected. I politely pushed back and quickly got a supervisor involved and challenged them to listen to the recording of when the booking was made and I also offered to forward them the email I received from the agent after the reservation was made verifying the future reimbursement that I would get. The supervisor said they will honor it, although she did say that the reservation should never have been made in the first place (the rep that handled it is no longer with the company–shocker). They had some issues getting the refund manually added to their reports which caused this major delay. It also did not help that the few times I called Citi Card Services (thinking it could be an issue on their end), the wait times were insane due to the Costco/Citi fiasco. Had the 4th night paid rate been a smaller dollar amount I doubt I would have put the effort in. I would recommend that others simply follow the benefit guidelines.

  21. Does anyone know where to find the exact link to where exclusions can be found? “Yes, exclusions apply. Eligible hotels do not include rooms in yachts, riverboats, cruises, campgrounds, castles, safaris, villas, apartment rentals and are not eligible for the complimentary 4th night benefit.” I’m having a hell of a time trying to explain to an incompetent concierge that just because a hotel is privately owned (this hotel has 40 villas in the Maldives) does not make it a equivalent to an apartment rental.

  22. @ PT — In my experience, just because it’s a “hotel” doesn’t make it eligible either. If you go directly to the property website and they a field for travel agents to input their IATA number, it should be in the Aspire/Citi system, or they can book it directly. Otherwise, they truly can’t book it systematically.

  23. @Ben – Does the card holder have to be on the hotel reservation? Can I (card holder) book a room for my wife when I am not on that record?

  24. I am also having issues with this benefit…. I booked a one bedroom at Aston Maui at the Banyan. No problem. Then I went to change it to Honua Kai…. one of the top resorts on Maui. Was told they couldn’t book it because each unit is individually owned and managed by a company. And they won’t book those. Now they tell me that the hotel they originally booked, Aston Maui at the Banyon may not qualify either! That even though their reps booked it for me I might not get reimbursed!!

    They said if the units aren’t owned by the company they do not qualify…which means any time share from Westin, Marriott or Hilton.

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