Chinese Airlines Pull Out Of Mexico Completely

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Mexico City has seen some growth when it comes to flights to & from Asia in the past few years… though much of it isn’t withstanding the test of time.

Mexico City’s altitude challenge

The first thing to understand about challenges with flying to Mexico City is the altitude of the airport. Mexico City Airport is over 7,300 feet above sea level, which greatly limits planes’ takeoff performance.

At a higher altitude planes need longer runways, as they have higher takeoff speeds and reduced performance. As a result, many ultra long haul flights from Mexico City would only be possible with significant weight restrictions, which makes many routes unviable.

This is one of the reasons that we’ve seen several airlines add ultra long haul flights to Mexico City via other destinations. For example, Turkish Airlines operates a triangle flight from Istanbul to Mexico City to Cancun to Istanbul.

Turkish Airlines flies the 787-9 to Mexico City

Asian airlines flying to Mexico City

In the past few years we’ve seen a few Asian airlines launch flights to Mexico City:

ANA flies a 787 to Mexico City

Emirates also added daily Dubai to Barcelona to Mexico City flights as of December 2019 (the UAE is of course in Asia, though not what people traditionally think of when Asia first comes to mind). Lastly, Aeromexico also operates some flights to Asia from Mexico City.

Both Chinese airlines cancel Mexico City flights

That brings us to the bad news.

China Southern will be canceling their Mexico City route as of March 27, 2020. The route currently operates 2x weekly with a Boeing 787-8, and China Southern has quietly removed it from the schedule.

I’ve always been intrigued by the Vancouver to Mexico City flight, though unfortunately that was never bookable on a fifth freedom basis. It’s my understanding that the Vancouver to Mexico City flight has consistently been really empty.

China Southern will continue operating their Guangzhou to Vancouver route once daily, which means we’ll see a net reduction of two weekly flights between Guangzhou and Vancouver.

Unfortunately they’re not alone — Hainan has also canceled their route to Mexico City via Tijuana. Initially they just “temporary suspended” the route, though it looks like the cancelation is valid through the end of the schedule.

Bottom line

Chinese airlines have been known to capacity dump, and in many cases maintain long haul routes even when they’re not profitable. So it’s interesting to see Chinese airlines pull out of Mexico City completely.

The China Southern flight always seemed like an afterthought, since it was a tag to an existing Vancouver flight with no fifth freedom rights. The Hainan flight is perhaps more indicative of the actual lack of demand there seems to be for Chinese carriers to fly to Mexico.

Are you surprised to see Chinese airlines pull out of Mexico City altogether?

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  1. CZ’s MEX flight is not simply a tag flight from YVR. It is launched in addition to the existing 1x daily CAN-YVR frequency (so it’s 9 weekly total right now). They also modified the schedule to remove the two additional CAN-YVR flights so the total number of flights per week to YVR will be reduced from 9 to 7.

  2. I was on a recent flight from Beijing to LA midweek that had only about 10 passengers up front. That Delta plane to Shanghai that had to return to LAX last week had on 161 people including crew on a 777. It’s not just HKG, I don’t think demand to/from China is great right now. My friends in China tell me their economy is sluggish at best.

  3. I flew the China Southern’s inaugural flight from Mexico. There were 80 pax on MEX-VYR and 20 boarded on YVR to CAN. The stats published by the Mexican Department of Transportation for this flight were awful, aground 30% of occupation from what I remember since I last saw them.

  4. If I lived in Asia, I would see absolutely no reason to fly to Mexico. It’s a dangerous and corrupt country fill with drug cartels (especially compared to Asia) that Americans like because it’s a sun destination that’s cheap and close. If you’re in Asia, there are so many sun destinations that are also cheap and much closer, so there’s no reason to fly to Mexico.

  5. Although the heavy automotive investment (Kia and Hyundai) in Monterrey is leading to Seoul – MTY service (with a fuel and pax stop in Tijuana I believe).

  6. If I lived in Mexico, I would see absolutely no reason to fly to China. It’s a dangerous and corrupt country fill with human rights violations, illegal meat markets, and widespread surveillance.
    If you’re in Mexico, there are so many destinations that are also cheap and much closer, so there’s no reason to fly to China.

  7. Chinese tourists aren’t going to Mexico, they’re interested in further destinations in central and South America withou a US transit visa. You don’t see Chinese tourists in Cabo or Cancun for a reason.
    Meanwhile, Air China maintains their YUL tag to Cuba…

  8. David and Jaime come on! This flights were mostly business related, being both China and Mexico among the top global economies. It is not coincidence that the three airlines flying between these countries cancelled their services at around the same time, and the reason is that China and Mexico are not performing as well as they were doing in recent years.

  9. David is correct and Jaime is wrong. The truth hurts, but Mexico is a corrupt and dangerous place indeed.

  10. Fed UP, you don’t know anything about what you are talking about, so I recommend you to shut up.

  11. I sadly must agree with David here. Mexico is far more dangerous than China and many other countries for the average tourist to be walking around sightseeing. No disrespect to Mexico and the vast majority of her people who are good.

  12. I’m Mexican, and I know some parts of Mexico can be very dangerous, and that Mexico is corrupt
    I’ve been to China, and a lot of people have disgusting manners (if they have manners at all) and China is corrupt too.
    I travel to the USA, and people can carry guns almost anywhere, so it makes it quite dangerous too… and don’t get me started in the corruption department… (weapons of mass destruction in Irak???)

  13. @J.M “Mexico do not need cheap and bad goods from China”…. Yeah because they make their own already 😀

  14. OMG all you Davids out there, how many times you’ve actually been there?! And if yes, where was it outside of stupid overpriced resorts in Tulum and Los Cabos? People like you are driving me absolutely crazy. I lived in Mexico for 3 years, travelled all through and it’s the most beautiful country in the world with the most amazing and loveliest people. On top of that with such rich culture and tradition you Americans could dream of. Don’t make statements about things you know nothing about

  15. Is the people that makes a country! Bad leaders give bad reputation to it! Global warming is going to do the job of all mass destruction together. “Powerful country$”

  16. Again the TIJ/YVR stopover probably killed the routes viability. AeroMexico now flies daily MEX-NRT & ICN and load factors are good. The flight is weight restricted west-bound to make it to Asia non-stop from MEX. Remember NH/Air Nippon Airways also flies daily MEX-NRT.

  17. And CA still maintaining YUL-HAV and IAH-PTY flights… Let’s wait and see whether the political bonus for these two routes will maintain.

  18. The CZ flight was challenging because Chinese nationals needed a transit visa for YVR. According to CZ’s Mexico sales office, the flight is suspended until the next winter schedule at the end of October. The Chinese business community in Mexico continues to grow, but they prefer connecting through NRT on NH. The Chinese government wants a direct link and is lobbying Aeromexico to restart their PVG flight (which was consistently full).

  19. Mexico is great and NOT exceptional in crime and is no more dangerous than any other country

  20. I always like getting my daily reminder of how stupid and ignorant Americans are!

    I feel sorry for the large minority of Americans who aren’t bigoted morons getting tarred with the same brush. Somewhat ironically, China is one of the only other countries I can think of that has armies of idiots proliferating across the internet “defending the motherland”, looking like complete idiots in the process!

  21. Was this flight what Meng Wanzhou was flying when she was arrested in Vancouver?
    If so, that could have put a lot of Chinese pointy-end customers off it.

  22. Love how everyone here is talking about a country they’ve never been to or lived in. “ChInA HAs nO ReAsOn tO vIsIt MEx” lol, shut up. There are tons of Chinese immigrants, living in MEXICO, who need to see their families once in a while. Shut up about matters you know nothing of.

    “MeX HaS NO rEaSon to gO tO ChInA” lol shut up. Not everyone wants to go to the u.s. Ever heard of wanting to learn about other cultures? Lol. So things are different. And? Don’t go if you’re not up for it. Simple as that, morons.

    We Americans really be talking about corruption and danger. The HYPOCRISY. We let kids have guns and all this other Shit but no, we’re “better” than everyone else. That’s some nationalism shit I don’t stand. Now, if you can’t understand that decision of Chinese Airlines pulling from Mexico is just a matter of business shenanigans, fucking leave. Lol. Don’t bring nationalism into this. For fuck’s sake.

  23. I’m surprised. I fly from Mexico to China 4 or 5 times a year and Aeromexico flight to Shanghai was always full, even Business Class.
    I was told that Aeromexico canceled it not because of low demand, but because they got a quite high fine by Chinese government, so they decided to cancel and change it for a Barcelona flight which won’t have more than 50% demand of what they had to China.
    I’ve never tried the Chinese airlines because they give nasty food.

  24. Every country in this world has danger and corruption. I have traveled extensively in Latin America and in Asia and I like both. Each is different and unique.

    BTW I am of Asian Indian background and my wife is from Vietnam. She has similar views. She likes Colombia….so do I. We are both US citizens.

    We like Baja because of the beach. We live in Arizona and it is much closer then Vietnam for beaches. Vietnam has good beaches to.

    As far as the violence and danger element, what are you talking about? Are you looking for trouble? Use your head and be aware or your surroundings. If you steer clear of it, you are good. I am well aware of the concerns and reputation of certain places in Mexico. Same for Colombia. Yet my wife and I never experienced it. We know there is danger in Colombia, or Mexico, but we have yet to encounter it.

    Perhaps my knowledge of Spanish helps me in Latin America. I understand what locals say on the street. Same for Vietnam and India.

    Plan things out properly and you are okay. Use your head and do not draw unnecessary attention to yourself.

  25. Hi, my name is Roberto I am Mexican living in Mexico City, yes can be dangerous as New York or Chicago, corruption? We have but look at Trump and the Republicans… What I know is mosT US citizens are good people as moSt Mexicans are too, Cartel drugs… do you really think The US doesn’t have Drug cartels?… I wish there’s a solution for all this problems but I have to say that I think money and power has taken control and time has run out for saving ourselves from saving our habitat

  26. Aeromexico operates (when not during the virus) flights to/from China, so with partners selling seats on that flight and if there is not a lot of demand, then no need for multiple flights.

  27. I agree with Roberto Ramos. Trump has taken America to a completely higher level of corruption. He is now pardoning convicted white collar criminals to let them out of jail
    despite being convicted by jury for political or financial corruption. Mara Lago- Trump Golf taking money directly from American taxpayers and into the pocket of Trump and family. These resorts are not open to the public like other resorts…You have to be connected to Trump family or have millions of dollars. Not your average Marriott or Hilton.

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