China Bans Foreigners, Restricts International Flights

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How times have changed. In early February the US essentially introduced a China travel ban, preventing foreign nationals who had been to China recently from entering the US, and more.

Well, the tables have turned, and now China has introduced significant immigration restrictions.

China bans foreigners from entering

As of Saturday, March 28, 2020, China is banning all foreigners from visiting the country. This even includes those with residence permits and most visas. The only exceptions are for diplomats and those with C visas, which are usually for airline crews. Furthermore, those with “humanitarian needs” or those working in certain areas can request an exception.

This comes as China has seen a (relative) spike in coronavirus cases being brought from overseas. For example, yesterday China saw 55 new cases, 54 of which were from overseas. The country only saw one new locally-transmitted case, the first in three days.

Obviously I have some concerns about the accuracy of some information coming from China, however:

China is now banning foreigners from entering

China greatly limits international flights

With the number of people able to enter China at this point limited, China has further restricted the number of international flights that can operate to the country:

  • Each Chinese airline can only maintain one route to any specific country, flying no more than one time per week
  • Each foreign airline can only maintain one route to China, flying no more than one time per week
  • Passenger load factors on these flights are not allowed to exceed 75%, to allow for some social distancing

Airlines are greatly limited in terms of the flights they can operate

Bottom line

China obviously had the coronavirus first, and they were hit hard while the rest of the world largely went about business as usual. That has changed at this point, as China is slowly getting back to normal, while the US now has more confirmed coronavirus cases than China (or any other country) had.

China is seeing a wave of new cases coming from abroad, and has now introduced strict new immigration restrictions.

Interesting times…

  1. Now they can start reporting numbers closer to what they have been hiding and blame it all on foreign forces again…

  2. China Lies. They arrest doctors and hide the truth. The world is being pounded with a virus that was “Made in China”. So I will Never set foot in China again. They can not be trusted.

  3. China did lie but they are taking this very seriously now as the guest post on OMAAT showed. This is a reasonable step until the west gets cornovirus under control.

  4. This whole thing is an IQ test. whoever believes lies from the US politicians will face the trumpandemic.

  5. @XinnieThePoop

    Not only they whined, but they pressured countries to keep border open, such as Italy, Iran, and Korea. Then, tried to shift blame as those countries potentially being the source of the virus and not China.

  6. The interesting thing is that 90% of the imported cases are Chinese nationals coming back. Not foreigners.

  7. Well, haters are gonna hate. We implement all these stringent measures to keep our people safe from the virus; in the meantime, the US government is urging its people to sacrifice their lives in order to save the economy. Restart the economy by Easter? What a caring government. Anyway, stay home and keep healthy, my fellow American friends.

  8. Lmao Zitong, your government ran over people with tanks and turned them into fruit roll-ups. Don’t posture so hard.

  9. @ Ben — They are just copying our Dear Leader who had the great wisdom to block all flights from China, thereby keeping out COVID-19 cases below 1 million.

  10. World shutting off China: Racist! US manufacturing and spreading panic!
    China shutting off world including its own citizen (by greatly reduce flights, and firstly gloat through how world is panic and how great they’re to create panic among overseaers): YOLO

    Don’t get me wrong, US and EU dropped a lot of balls. And China’s suppress delayed worldwide pandemic.

    1. If China stopped suppressing this for the goddamn politburo conference, and do things 2 weeks earlier, it would be much easier to contain.
    2. They bought WHO and misguided the world.
    3. They try to use the virus as propaganda tool, spread conspiracy theory, sell products to EU countries and suggest they donated them.

    To all Chinese who feel like they need to defend China as much as possible: Go see Wuhan people’s posts, who can’t get their family member’s ashes unless they promise they don’t cry.

    China lied, people died!

  11. @ Lucky…I wouldn’t believe their reported #s of confirmed cases. Not to say that they are not declining in #s – I just don’t believe anything they report. We should also be breaking down our cases by states just as the EU is broken down by member states.

  12. Wow, you guys are really mean and hostile. As a matter of fact, my family runs a business manufacturing surgical masks and sanitizers, and we were planning to ship some of the supply to the US next week because we heard there’s a severe shortage in your country. Now I’m not so sure. The Europeans are much nicer to do business with. At least, they will be grateful.

  13. I’m so glad you people are finally seeing China for what it really is: an authoritarian regime where its people are under constant surveillance and have severely limited freedom and which prosecuted political dissenters and ethnic minorities in the name of stability and unity. Boycott Communist China! Support Hong Kong’s protestors and Taiwan’s democratic government!

  14. @Ethan

    I am a Chinese-American. Your post is spot-on.


    We will see how eager the international community is to do business with your country in a year after this virus his wiped out millions of people.

  15. More BS from China

    They have no ‘new cases’ locally. Haha

    Epoch Times and Japan are reporting that they have stopped testing!

  16. Puppets on here that know nothing about China except what their masters at MSNBC and Facebook tell them.

    President Trump had a phone call with President Xi last night and it went well. Sorry to tell you US and China are still friends. This is only temporary.

  17. It’s amazing how some people feel this ridiculous need to pick sides.

    Guess what? China screwed up. The US screwed up. UK screwed up. Spain screwed up. Italy screwed up. Brazil screwed up. Mexico screwed up.

    Theres no prize for screwing up slightly less than the other guy.

  18. @James S: I can’t agree more. Most governments (authoritarian, pseudo-democratic or democratic) have done a bad job from the very beginning of this pandemic. This is not the time to pick sides but to help each other regardless of where we come from.

  19. Sure, I don’t even want to go to China! You can block us all you want! Good luck with your tourism business.

  20. Any country that closes its borders and limits foreigners is 100% racist? Really? So New Zealand is racist, and Canada is 95% racist?

  21. The trade war between the USA and china has taken the deadly turn of creating a virus that would disrupt and destroy world economies like the one in China and eventually restore the economic hegemony that the USA once had. This present social catyclism will put everyone in debt to the new world order.

  22. Right now it isn’t about race, it is about trying to contain and eliminate the virus. Everyone should be closing airports and borders except for supplies and medical emergencies.

    If you don’t lock things down all you are doing is control the virus in one location and then just when things look good, someone comes in and spreads it in another location. Kind of the old whack a mole game/saying.

    Right now the US is failing miserably because they screwed up the easiest part of the whole process, testing people. If you don’t find out who has it, and then who they may have had contact with, you can’t isolate/quarantine the right people. It takes 2-14 days to know if you have it and many of those days you may not have any symptoms, so w/o testing those people are just spreading it around like crazy.

    And the US can’t survive right now on its own because they’ve outsourced most of manufacturing and everyone will pay a severe price for it. Kind of like deciding to go to war against a country and then realizing they are the ones making all your weapons and ammo.

  23. @lucky can you please shut down the comments section on this post as they are disturbingly racist. It’s a shame that your website recently has become a platform for people to come and spew hate speech. There is a difference between freedom of speech and the spreading of hatred formed by misinformation and ignorance.

  24. What is this going to do to air freight rates from China to the US? Good be a problem for all the product that is frantically getting expedited over to the US (N95 masks, etc.).

  25. From American society for microbiology.

    Clinical microbiology review Oct. 2007

    Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus as an Agent of Emerging and Reemerging Infection.
    Vincent C. C. Cheng, Susanna K. P. Lau, Patrick C. Y. Woo, Kwok Yung Yuen.

    “The presence of a large reservoir of SARS-CoV-like viruses in horseshoe bats, together with the culture of eating exotic mammals in southern China, is a time bomb.”

    Have a look at the origining of earlier pandemics.
    It might be time for the rest of us to take our own precautious measures.

  26. @ Jonny. – I see anger, I see shock and I see people reminding readers not to believe China’s numbers. I also see free speech! Perhaps you are another Communist muppet so prevalent on community comment boards trying to shut down what people feel.

    I also do not believe the numbers coming out of China. Chinese bulletin boards are full of people trying to get the workd out about the lack of testing now. There is no reason to believe this regime.

  27. Here comes the racists again…. LMAO… well done China. Good luck US citizens I hope you’d live to see the end – i would imagine many display racist tendencies will be quite senior and vulnerable. It’s ok just follow Trump, you will be exhumed. 🙂

  28. @Johnny Exactly.
    I dont understand where all these people crazy about politics come from……pls stop spreading conspiracy and feeling good about typing trash purely made up in your mind……no one cares about your shitty opinion and it won’t help save your country from being the center of the plague either. stop using the virus as an excuse to let out your stereotypical and poisonous mind. Can’t yall just be like an educated person even sitting at home??

    @yourcommiedaddddd ur right all these irrational conspiracy theorists talk exactly like their great president trump

  29. @jiawei – I know right! Censorship is not real in China at all, and the numbers are 100% legit.
    If anything China is over reporting the deaths associated with the virus so that all the other countries can feel a little better about themselves!

  30. Zitong —

    You should shove those supposed surgical masks where the sun don’t shine, as I could care less about your posturing.

    TW and your ilk – Racists? Try telling that to the Uighurs and the Tibetans, not to mention what the Chinese have been caught saying about Africans and how they still sometimes depict them on TV.

    To democracy loving ethnic Chinese and Chinese Americans, such as Li Peng and Voldo among others, I say bravo. If anyone had reservations of calling this under the old system of naming outbreaks to the area where it was first discovered (thus, Wuhan virus would be apt), and Covid-19 is too scientific clinical, then it should rightly be called the CCP virus, after the name of the political entity that permitted this to arise and spread.

    Spread is self-explanatory and is demonstrated by the facts noted above by others about the CCP suppressing information about the virus and the fact that like other corona-viruses, it could be spread by person to person contact.

    Permitting it to arise, like other corona-viruses, it the CCP’s steadfast commitment to permitting the inhumane “wet market” to exist, where live animals are sent to the slaughter in unsanitary conditions.

    Don’t believe me, well watch the following clip.


    The following embedded video shows what goes on in an Indonesian “wet market”, where live cats and dogs are caged awaiting slaughter, to be sold among the cooked bats/rats. And yes, the sight of what appears to be a caged and docile Golden Retriever awaiting slaughter, as well as caged cats awaiting same is heartbreaking. Although not a Chinese wet market, nor the Wuhan market implicated in the spread of this infection, there is no reason to believe that the food items on sale differ much at Chinese wet markets differs much from its Indonesian cousin shown below.

  31. Lol at the comments. American racist pride for all to see. You clowns have the highest number of Covid cases in the world cause your “world class” medical system can’t cope. Meanwhile your citizens continue to have orgies on beaches. And you think a China is the problem? Bahahaha.

  32. Since when did nationality and race become the same thing?

    Just a thought lets all do the socially responsible thing and just continue to stay home and not contribute to the problem anymore. Government policy is out of our control until the next election ( talking to fellow US citizens). Every nation has dropped the ball on this.

    Everyone can stop the bickering because the comments section is not going to fabricate a cure.

  33. Zhaoyi –

    Yes, Communist China (not Hong Kong, nor Taiwan, nor Singapore for that matter, is the problem.

    Annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival (and Korea ain’t great either):

    So, yes, Communist Chinese wet markets ARE the problem!

    Second, the USA has/will have the largest number of those infected and/or afflicted with Covid-19 because we are an open society that usually does not restrict freedom of movement or individual rights, unlike your human rights denying, internment camp loving country.

    Third, the USA published results won’t be pretty, but won’t be manipulated by the CCP, such as not counting those who are found dead in their homes, etc. Further, it is likely that the USA will actively explore a serological Ig marker test to show who was infected at a given time even if they showed no or little symptomology. I doubt CCP China would do the same.

    Fourth, the number of Covid-19 cases/diagnoses has nothing to do with inability of USA medical care not being able to cope with the virus, on the hand, it has everything to do with the free flow of information in a free society — as witnessed by the health care systems of Italy and Spain, whose high death tolls, demonstrate the limitations of socialized medicine, as well as the folly of political correctness with respect to permitting Chinese tourists from visiting their respective countries without any limitation, whatsoever — in stark contradistinction to what CCP China has just instituted.

    Look in the mirror and you will see the true violator of basic human and animal rights……

  34. TW—

    Shite — might you be from the UK, mourning the loss of your status as a world class power, or, from the Emerald Isle, never having been one at all?

    As to your assumptions about me, I think those that come so easily to your mind, say more about yourself than me.

    After all, I did not resort to positing what another looked.

    You can hypothesize whatever you wish, as your attacks have no bearing on me or my loved ones.

    Enjoy the day.

  35. Mainland Chinese currently working in US here. I would like to share my perspective towards this ridiculous policy.
    First of all, not sure why you Americans are so angry. You are not going to china at this time any way. I know I wouldn’t. But that’s really not the point.
    What the Chinese government is actually doing here is to restrict their own people coming home. There are millions of Chinese nationals working and studying in US Europe Australia right now. Most of them cannot find a flight going home thanks to this new policy. Many of them feel abandoned by their own country. I personally know a Chinese student cannot stay in his college dorm and has no way to go home as well. His flight just keep getting cancelled.

    On one hand, ccp keep saying how safe it is in the country. On the other hand, they are limiting how many people can go home per week. What an evil government!

  36. Yes, Beijing shrieked, moaned and bitched endlessly about racism when borders were closed. But that’s expected, as they play the race card whenever anyone does something they don’t like.
    Now, with laugh-out-loud irony, they’re making a mint flogging ventilators and other health equipment to Spain, the USA, Italy. The scenario was : we export the virus and complain when you try to stop it , but, once you’ve caught it, we’ll sell you what you need…at an inflated price…as a measure of our goodwill.

  37. People should not be hating on China for trying to save lives. Sure, while the rest of the world has eventually gotten the coronavirus, China got it right off the bat. Have some sympathy, y’all.

  38. @paolo oh paolo would Spain Italy or US give China free ventilators?! LMAO talking about double standards huh

  39. Funny most readers here are Americans and complaining about China, worry about your own president first. Regardless of the infected numbers China reported but I give them a lot of credits of how they manage the corona crisis comparing to Europe and the US.

  40. @TW
    I’m not suggesting ‘free’, but rather, in the event Beijing wants to emerge from this with a shred of credibility ( highly doubtful IMO), then at least ‘fairly’ priced ( and not faulty, as in much of the stuff they’ve send to Europe.
    Beijing hasn’t yet realised just how ‘on the nose’ it is with the rest of the world ( with the exception of a few lapdog/lickspittle/acolyte states in which the rulers benefit personally from the relationship).
    But it’s going to take decades for China to regain what it has lost. If ever. The rush to the exit by foreign companies will happen with Olympic-speed. The greatest loss will be experienced by ordinary Chinese, not the repulsive, rotten-to-the-core shysters in Beijing.

  41. @paolo evidence?! Otherwise you are just talking shit. Really?! Decades?! Are you on this planet or not?! Have you ever visited China?! The foreign companies need China more than China needs them. Chinese economy is going through a phase of transformation and just think US at its innovative heyday. This epidemic may just be the catalyst China need to push on with it.. seriously when this is over.. get a ticket and travel a bit and see the world.

  42. Spot on James S. We all screwed up. And to Jojo are u for real. Any country that closes its borders is racist? I can’t even begin to try and comprehend such a crazy statement so I won’t try.

  43. The time has come to regard China for what it really is, a colossus with feet of clay, just as the USSR once was, neither country being able to live up to the standards that befit a First Grade Country. They lie, they cheat, they steal intellectual property and they gransdstand in a world of mirrors. The USSR had Chernobyl and Gorbatschev acknowlkedges now that it was Chernobyl which, 5 years later, caused the USSR’s downfall.

    Will Covid 19 do the same for China ? No. China won’t disappear. But when the dust settles and people look at the episode’s cost and responsibilities, when the world holds China responsible and acts accordingly in world relations,there may be a time when the Chinese Government and Communist Party (same thing, really) will need to designate a culprit and remove him. It’s ironical that the past 5 years have seen the rise of a figurehead as important and powerful as Mao Zedong, a new emperor without term limits and it was unthinkable that he might be removed. Nothing is unthinkable anymore and it may very well happen. Will he be renamed Xi Missing?

  44. All the ranting about who to blame is wasted oxygen.

    New York and New Orleans are dying and should have been totally locked down long ago.

    Seattle is next

    The rest of the country soon to follow.

    Unfortunately Trump is downplaying this ad absurdum.

    Lock down! Isolate! Social distance! Try to survive!

    Good luck everyone.

  45. @ TW: Are you suggesting this is no accident but a planned attack ? Aside from this and gross incompetence / deceit, there are not many possible causes. Not among the “little people” like me but for those who govern us all over the world, the truth is obviously known. That they do not or cannot share it is not encouraging but hey… C’est la Vie…

  46. I’m sure China got the numbers down with their drastic actions. However, its laughable when they suggest that they have no locally transmitted cases. China is lying. They refused to test many many people, so their actual numbers aren’t even accurate. This whole thing got out of control because the Chinese government and their lies.

  47. @Azamaraal As someone who actually is in New York I can tell you the city is not dying. The situation is dire but the city will bounce back just like it always has. In terms of the city should having been locked down a long time ago I disagree. What should have happened a long time ago is large scale testing to isolate and do contact tracing. Instead there was too much screwing around and it continue to spread.

  48. Foreigners can not enter China right now, but the foreigners who are already here in China can stay with valid visas/residence permits and even have these permits renewed like business as usual.

    Good for those who are saying stop spreading racist remarks and misinformation. Discrimination has no place here or anywhere. Viruses/diseases/outbreaks do not recognize nationalities , gender, age or ethnicities, or any other statistics.

    People do have peculiar taste for cuisine. I am not one of those. I agree with the sale, trade, and ban of wild animals. Also, let be frank. Everyone has weird taste in food, so let’s stop the bashing. If you need some examples: There are Americans who eat alligator meat in certain types of gumbo, there are French people who eat snails and rabbits, there are Canadians who eat horse meat, there are people from the African continent and Middle East who eat camel meat, there are Indians who drink cow urine, there are Japanese people who eat whale and dolphin meat. So, the point is there is no need for comments to bash about other’s cultures or norms. Once again, I do not agree with consumption or sale of wild life, but let that be up to the authorities to tackle. And yes, China has already officially banned the sale, trade, and consumption of wild life.

  49. @Stanley
    You are quite wicked to equate criticism of Beijing with racism…but that’s part of the long-established blitz from China in response to even the mildest criticism.
    IN respect of the “food” issues…this is not a cultural issue, Rather its a tiny, tiny minority of privileged elites, flaunting their ( more than likely ill-gotten) wealth by eating things like Koalas, Pangolins, Loris, Civets, Tigers, Rhino.It has ZERO basis in culture.
    Most Chinese are appalled by it…and horrified that their government did SFA to control these hell-hole markets even after SARS killed thousands.
    Now Beijing seems to be doubling down: recommending people take medication derived from bear bile ( part of traditional Chinese ‘medicine, aka voodoo science designed to enrich the shysters that produce and sell it). Repulsive.

  50. @Stanley but only in china , where widespread of wild animals in wet market and eating bats ?!??! yes you mentioned western cultures practice delicacy as wild in wild gaming but there laws and orders with food sanitation to go abiding. Know this that wild animals were actually widely supported in government during mao’s great leap and it’s continuing a big industry up to the millennial when SARS outbreak, it was shortly banned but lobbied back into business, till another outbreak again now. May you live with an interesting time with commie chinese

  51. I’m angry, not because I’m self isolated, I like my own company, but because somebody in this thread is stating that people are racists just because they dare speak their mind.

    Then you will get my 10cents….
    Yes, South China is to blame to for the creation of yet a nother pandemic. STOP eating exotic mammals!

    I love my country more and more each day but I am so tired of living in one corner of the the world where everybody can cry racism and just by that statement think that they have a point. Rasism is not a point, facts is.
    I welcome some facts from the Ccp and while I’m at it muslims in Europe… And f… It Martians. I will be looking forward to hearing from the latter as the first two hasn’t made any sense as of yet in regards to contributing to the globalised World.

  52. The human lust for meat is what brought on all the recent major disease outbreaks: BSE, H5N1, SARS, H1N1, MERS, Ebola and COVID-19. Aside from eating the meat itself, the need to clear habitats for agriculture brings humans into closer contact with wild animals and the diseases they carry. Meat eaters get what they deserve.

  53. @TY What you said is exactly hit the spot.Seems most people missed the point.
    @Ben Maybe you could collect data about rescue flights.Even Sri Lanka sent a plane to take their citizens out of China in the risk of bring the virus back.But guess how many rescue flights for Chinese out of hot zones now?If there’s any we should see a lot of propagandas all over the world.

  54. @jonny Ben is not going to turn off the comment section because that’s how he makes money. The more ppl visit/click, the more money he makes.

  55. @Paolo nothing wicked at all. Sorry if you feel that way. That was not my intent. It was more about showing how during a crisis or epidemic, people can be very racist and prejudice. So, yes, it does have to do with cultures. Look at all those reports about Asians and Asian-Americans getting discriminated against and violently attacked.

  56. @Zitong

    If you send those masks to the U.S., I will make sure to take a nice big healthy steaming dump on them!

    Ching Chang Chong

    ~ The Honorable Reginald

  57. @Jung I would say other countries would also eat wild life animals. I don’t support it personally, but like I said it is up to the authorities to implement the change and act on enforcement. So, yes, I agree with regulations and sanitation. Valid point. What confuses me is how strange actions are being implemented during a time of global crisis. This just came out: According to the BBC with NBC reporting as well:

    “ The attorney general of Texas on Friday issued a legal opinion deeming gun stores “essential services” during the pandemic – firearm shops across the US have reported soaring sales thanks to Covid-19.”

    Seriously? During a public health crisis, gun sales are deemed essential services? SMH.

  58. @cargocult

    Good Grief Charlie Brown

    Vegetarians are now the chosen people? Normal people are the enemy?

    In times of crisis, we get this nonsense?

  59. For those who accused China of not doing enough to fight the pandemic, now is your glorious moment to save the country you live in. Louisiana and Washington need medical volunteers. If you think that others have not done well, set a good example for all the Americans please.
    Internet trolls, cowards in real life…

  60. Oh, TW, I noticed how you were too afraid to engage me anymore after my dressing down of you.

    So, then you go after Paolo.

    Well in support of Paolo, although I can’t comment on “free” aid the CCP delivered to needy nations, but I can comment on the overtly and overly defective testing kits it sold to both Spain, who has the 2nd highest death rate in Europe, as well as the Czech Republic.


    It also appears that the benevolent Chinese manufacturers of the defective equipment hiked price 10x times normal and have been demanding payment upfront.

    Oh, Stanley, what a self-hating occidental you are!

    Even the WOKE NY Times reports that Chinese fakes are abundant and being foisted upon the unsuspecting!

    Stop crying about racism and food choices, etc. The key to these things is sanitary values along with eating exotic meat. Moreover, wild meat often is associated with disease outbreaks. Ask any Ebola and AIDS researcher, and the agree that it likely is spread by eating “bush meat.”

    And my veggie friend, you are right about less strain on the planet’s resources with a vegetarian diet, but that is not going to be adopted any time soon — if ever, so you, too, will have no protection from these exotic viruses jumping from species to species, without pressure for China and other countries to clean up these markets and ban the sale of wild meat in unsanitary markets where other food stuffs are sold.

    In fact, some believe that Patient Zero in Wuhan, was a woman who sold shrimp at a seafood stall but was relegated to using toilets for those who also sold “wild meat.” She luckily recovered, but if accurate, then a wild meat seller was asymptomatic and transmitted the virus via the toilet stall — and although not much talked about, this is another way transmission can occur, via the fecal route.

    On the other hand, the wild meat seller may just be one of the thousands uncounted dead who China refuses to recognize as victims of the Wuhan virus.

  61. I’m a Wuhan native now living in New York. Lol.
    The only thing I would say is, the world needs to hold the CCP accountable. It’s the biggest threat to the entire human race.

  62. Colin Felidae

    First of all, you are definitely wrong about me. Second of all, it is about racism and cultures, you are probably just too racist or naive yourself to see it or admit it. You are probably one of the racist people who think it is acceptable to make hate speech and condone physical violence at a time like this.

    What’s spreading faster than coronavirus in the US? Racist assaults and ignorant attacks against Asians

    NYPD makes two hate crime arrests for attacks against Asian-Americans amid coronavirus pandemic


    China is late. Agreed. About 2 weeks to 3 weeks late. How about your proud democratic Westerns? Hahaha. They went far beyond 2 or 3 weeks. I blame the gov, not matter it’s authoritarian or democratic. However look at how Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan reacted in the early days. Is that a shame???

    American? Full of shit! I am a ER doc in SoCal. I watch North East Asia very close because I went to Japan at least 20 times a year. I stop doing it since the end of Jan. And I saw EVERY western country dropped the ball. However, the US is among the top. No doubt. You the greatest USA does not have any ball from my professional prospect.
    CDC? Failed. State gov? Failed. County Public Health? Failed. My hospital system? Failed. My dept director? After talking with him numerously times, I gave up and bought goggles, maskes, and hazmat suits for my vampires (Phlebotomists and RNs) . I cant protect everyone, I can only protect the one close to me.
    My neighbor is partying at this moment. FXXK stupid people and they deserve to die in this pandemic.


    “That company, Shenzhen Bioeasy Biotechnology, was not on the list of certified providers that China offered to Spain and has not even been licensed to sell its products by the Chinese National Medical Products Administration, the embassy said.”

    Your lovely Yahoo resouce said so. I saw this couple days ago but they diminished from the US site but remains in India Yahoo site.

    You buy from scammer, you get scammed. Simple. And you, specifically you, blame China as a whole. I got it. You are on drug and bought from your amigo friend down the street and turns out it’s fentanyl. You still fly high as heroin and you die in 15 minutes. And then you blame Mexico in Hell. Such a simple brain. Hope you can still pray in Hell

  65. What I have not seen from any of these posts is a person from the medical community so as a licensed medical doctor in the US and EU I will say this. Time for the finger-pointing is OVER, it is here, esp in NYC where I work. I can tell you a few truths and this is not based on any party affiliation. We do not have enough beds nor enough ventilators for the patients we are currently treating, god or whatever higher power everyone believes in should be scared to death when the Apex does come. Best guess is within the next 21 or 30 days in the NY tri-state. The point is America has exposed a great national security weakness, we produce next to NOTHING in the country; it has all been outsourced to China and developing 3rd world countries, hell Clorox isn’t even made entirely in the US anymore. What I do know is people are scared to death and they rightfully should be. When I come home after a 12 16 or 20-hour shift, I am forced to remove my clothing before I enter my home so I do not infect my family members as I am around CO19 patients all day. I do not have the PPE items I need at work nor do I have the disinfecting agents I use at home to clean myself and uniforms. I have said this over and over again to various parties with decision-making capacity and warned them that as supplies drop to levels of nonexistence and healthcare workers become infected we are in deep shit, as there will be no one left to care for those who are sick and will become sick in the days and weeks ahead. We are at a crossroads right now. We can band together and bring back jobs to America and reopen production in this country or we can continue to suffer when a crisis like this arises. This isn’t the first and surely will not be the last we see in our lifetimes. Apologies to anyone who feels this is a rant but I just concluded a 20-hour shift and was reading through some of the Ben articles and comments before I collapse for the night.

  66. @ Paolo and Bill – I am just laughing more when I see comments from both of you just like some typical ugly Americans complaining about China being racist, their credibility and so on. Talking about racist and credibility look at your current President and you have nothing to say about it. LMAO! Only to blame China for covering up, we all know that the virus in China since beginning of January including your president have been kept informed of all details and progress but what did he do until a week ago? Trump was trying to cover up the numbers for not testing enough hoping weather get warmer virus will be gone but he lost the bet? Trump only knows how to steal credits from what others did and blame others on his own fault never admitted his mistake, you both very similar to him.

  67. Daiko —

    Wow, I don’t disagree with your observations about Western nations being late in putting restrictions in place, but geez, I would not want you to be my doc — Where is your Hippocratic Oath?

    Daikio quoted: “My neighbor is partying at this moment. FXXK stupid people and they deserve to die in this pandemic.”

    He is stupid, but your concern about humanity is even more troubling.

    Since you have such distaste for Americans and our health care system it is truly a wonder that you “practice medicine” here. No doubt because it is lucrative for you to do so. You are a fraud.

  68. @Jose
    Correction: the virus has been in Wuhan since December, or earlier, NOT January as you claim. It might seem minor, but it’s not. They lied, as is their wont, about the existence of it, its location, severity, level of contagion, origin. They’re still lying about the number of casualties….as in undercounting 15-40 fold, if those reports can be believed. It’s germane because it denied others the time to prepare and plan ( and even gave Chinese govt-controlled companies time to buy up supplies of masks and gowns in other countries…as with the property company in Australia sending 90 tonnes by air freight).
    When this is over, China is going to find itself in a very different environment. There is not a hope in hell that Huawei is going to be in anyone’s plans for 5G. That’s just the start. But the need for shills will likely be greater…
    The USA gets hit twice: once from China, then the poor planning/execution from DC.
    Of course we’re all incredibly grateful to the medical staff, such as Dr.Seth…but they should never have been put in these impossible circumstances.

  69. @Paolo, China covering up I do not know, do you have evidence for that or you are just bias like many others. You even not sure yourself but you made it like this is fact and you should be locked up for spreading fake news. ….I do not like China communist party either but this is not my point. The biggest problem of you and Trump is you only focus on blaming others rather than doing your job fix the problem. Korea, Singapore and Japan are very near China and were hard hit and fast but look at what they did and get it under control. I am certain more Chinese travelling to these countries than to the US and vice versa. US has plenty of time to prepare and also be warned numerous times of not doing enough and not taking it serious until it’s too late then find someone else to blame and shift the responsibility.

    Regarding to Huawei 5G. You are just as arrogant as Trump, US is so afraid of the advance technology of 5G from Huawei and making an excuse about they are spying, and when other countries do not buy the idea then threaten them won’t do business with them. Firstly, the US has said many times and I mean repeatedly about huawei’s product without any proof, why not just say it once and provide the evidence to the world rather than continuously threatening all other countries who will use Huawei’s 5G technology? Secondly, US is actually the master of spying, US even spies on their close allies , heard of wikileaks, Snowden and most recently Crypto AG? My advice to you is admit your own problem and incapability rather than finding a scapegoat.

  70. As there are no miles to earn we can rename this blog as “One blame at a post”. What a horrible people in this blog.
    We are all in this. Let’s try to get out of it.

  71. To all the haters and racists, check this scientific paper that shows the origin of this Coronavirus isn’t China, published by Cambridge scholars. No matter how you try to target a certain country and ethnicity as scapegoats for the catastrophe caused by the incompetence of the politicians, science always tell the true! Take away your BS sense of supremacy, and read the paper below, if you are educated enough to read an academic paper.

  72. so let’s spread hatred and prejudicial judgment!!!
    and survive populism!!!
    Make our country great again!!!
    revoke all progress of globalization!!!

  73. @Steve

    Don’t get all twisted out of shape. It’s not prejudice or hatred. It’s simple logic. If you don’t want to be infected don’t play with the Corona Virus. New Zealand closed it’s border to visitors from Wuhan Feb 3 and has had a total of 20 deaths. Border closed = deaths minimized. US has 90,000 so far and is opening up to a second wave.

    With the death rate in the US reaching the highest in the world I don’t blame China for keeping the border closed.

    I don’t want anyone from the US to visit CANADA until well after the election and the virus is removed either.

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