US Considers China Communist Party Travel Ban

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We’ve seen all kinds of travel bans added in recent months and years, though one ban under consideration right now could prove especially controversial.

The Trump administration is allegedly considering the idea of banning travel to the United States for all members of the China Communist Party. This would be separate from the current China travel ban that was introduced following the coronavirus outbreak, and would seemingly be much longer lasting.

Reuters reports that a draft has been circulating of a possible presidential order for this, but apparently discussions are still at an early stage, and President Trump may not have even been briefed on this yet.

The US is considering a China Communist Party travel ban

This would come amid increasing tensions between Washington and Beijing related to China’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, its new restrictions on Hong Kong, trade disagreements, and human rights violations in Xinjiang.

These potential visa denials could impact roughly 90 million Chinese nationals, ranging from rank-and-file party members, to diplomats, to business leaders. This could also impact the ability of children of party members to attend school in the United States.

One major logistical challenge with this proposal is actually identifying all party members, since the US doesn’t have a full list.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said the following when asked about this:

“We’re working our way through, under the president’s guidance, about how to think about pushing back against the Chinese Communist Party.”

Meanwhile Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying has said the following:

“This is against the trend of the 21st century, and it is very absurd.”

China is promising to retaliate if this were to be implemented

She made it clear that there would be retaliation for such a policy, and that it would be the equivalent of the US choosing to stand against 1.4 billion people. She said that no country or person could stop China from its path.

Only time will tell how this plays out, but suffice to say that it would have serious ramifications, both in terms of travel and politics…

  1. I imagine China would, in turn, ban all US Federal employees (including elected officials) and their families.

  2. It might be worth mentioning in the post, for the purposes of including relevant context, that this is likely in response to China banning several U.S. politicians from their country

  3. I don’t think keeping elites — and their children — away from their expensive apartments and our Ivy League universities is necessarily a bad idea. I think if Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Europe did the same, China might decide that maybe they don’t want to keep holding tens of thousands of muslims in concentration camps. China’s behavior right now is reminiscent of World War II Germany and it’s a moral obscenity for other countries not to hold them accountable.

  4. Complete lunacy and likely something designed to bolster support among the feral deplorables rather than a real strategy. Ironically they’re the same people buying the made in China appliances, clothes, footwear, medical materials, phones…all shock/horror over COVID ( and to a much , much lesser extent about Hong Kong) but flocking to buy the very stuff that makes China ( and the CCP) powerful ( in return for flogging some pork and soy..)

  5. For more historical context, not that long ago US immigration forms had a question “Are you or have you ever been a member of a Communist Party? If yes, please explain”. So different treatment of party members is not entirely a new thing.

  6. China just placed sanctions on a few US senators the other day because those senators called them out for their horrific treatment of the Uighur Muslims and other ethnic minorities. As @rob said, this proposed travel ban is likely in response to those sanctions. The human rights violations occurring in Northwestern China are borderline genocide. It has been going on for far too long and someone needs to stand up for those people who are unable to stand up for themselves. That being said, I don’t think a travel ban is going to get the Chinese to respect the ethnic minorities in their country. They will continue doing whatever they want to until they face some serious consequences from the UN and the rest of the world.

  7. @James care to elaborate on the Nazi comment?! Germany at time had wrecked economy, so their stirred up nationalism and committed hate crime by scapegoating. Let’s see which countries are behaving this way? US UK and India springs to mind…

  8. @TW: I think James is referring to the genocide currently ongoing in China against the Uighurs and other Muslim minority groups which include but are not limited to: mass surveillance, forced labor camps, executions, torture, sterilizations, etc.

  9. @TW, I didn’t use the word you’re using. China is holding thousands and thousands of Muslim *citizens* in concentration camps — reeducation camps — in Xinjiang. The world can’t be silent. We must hold CCP members — and Chinese social and economic elites — accountable for this human rights atrocity.

  10. There is no organization called “the China Communist Party” so this would impact nobody.

    It’s not “the China Communist Party”. The name of the organization is “the Communist Party of China” (abbreviated CPC) – with over 90 million members.

    Not a surprise coming from a Very Stable Genius like Mike Pompeo, but Ben, you should be more careful when copying-and-pasting any quotes from the imbeciles in the Republicker Party.

  11. “She said that no country or person could stop China from its path.”

    That statement, from a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson is a bit disconcerting & ominous.

  12. I’ve been to Xinjiang, entering the country overland from Kyrgyzstan via the Uluqqat border, then Kashgar, Urumqi and out of there to Kazakhstan with Air Astana in the summer of 2019. What I saw is a minuscule part of the region, but even that was enough to make me understand that the idea of “cultural genocide” in progress over in Xinjiang is true. Every single mosque in Kashgar’s Old City (with the exception of Id Kah Jameh mosque) was padlocked shut. A madrasah was turned into a parking lot for electric buggies. There are cameras everywhere, 20-30 every 100 or so metres, with facial recognition tech (they follow you as you move). I’ve been searched and my documents have been checked 15 times in the 10 hours it’s taken me to pass the border. There are checkpoints every 30 km on motorways. There’s police and army literally at every corner and, every morning at 7AM, riot vans with cops onboard cruise the streets, sirens blazing, at a snail’s pace. Lots of homes are abandoned. I’ve seen, on my way in Kashgar, small cities with orphanages surrounded by tall walls with barbed wire. Finally, Uyghurs are absolutely scared to speak with foreigners: utterly unlike the rest of Central Asians (I’ve been in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and on the market towns where the Afghan traders come to barter) they don’t approach you, don’t salute and don’t try to speak. More than one man put their hands on their mouth when I wished them “Salaam alaikum”.
    All this to say that… if America is banning the CPC – and people like Chen Quanguo (head of security in Xinjiang) – for their role in destroying the Uyghurs and other Muslim peoples then this might be the only thing I’ll applaud the Trump administration for.

  13. It’s not like those with a role in the CCP are able to travel abroad on personal matters anyway. Their passports are confiscated. Their family members are not allowed to immigrate to other countries. Well, that’s pretty much the mid-tier people — it’s another story for the higher.

  14. This is fantastic news especially with two air craft carrier groups operating in the South China Sea and the US Air Force operating long range bomber missions with BONES and -52’s.

    Taiwan can never become another Hong Kong.

  15. I tried to provide an alternative view. But clearly some heavy censorship is on. “Must not tolerate alternative view”. Anyway just live in your prefabricated little bubbles until it bursts. ADIOS

  16. It’s all fun and games until China throws Apple manufacturing out of Shenzhen and bans sale of Apple devices throughout the PRC. Enjoy the 2022 made-in-America iPhone, which will run $15,000 or so, and the worldwide depression that’s sure to follow.

    I want better information out of Xinjiang before I start throwing around words like “genocide.” The heat of this rhetoric reminds me a little bit of Kuwaiti babies thrown out of incubators and weapons of mass destruction, both which were fictions reported with deadly earnestness and believed to be God’s truth by serious people. The PRC asserts detentions, prison, and “vocational training” in conjunction with what they believe to be a separatist, terroristic movement in an economically deprived region of China. And while I may strongly disagree with the PRC’s policy of denying political autonomy to Xinjiang and to its citizens in general, I will note that America supports allies that also make overt policy of denying millions of people freedom of movement, freedom of employment, and meaningful political participation based on ethnicity, religion, and culture. In both cases the overriding argument is “safety”.

    The “party” in China is huge and equivalent to America’s federal government. I have just one Chinese friend who is an official part of the CCP: she works for the national fire department, and does work involving inspections and fire compliance on China’s many residential towers. It’s hard to make a convincing case that the millions of government functionaries like her are rabid ideologues that should be denied access to the United States of America.

  17. Anyway, I don’t thibk any communist party member would like to risk his life, visiting a country that is led by the lunatics and running short of body bags.

  18. @DickBupkiss – semantics mate, wouldn’t you say? China Communist Party, Communist Party of China et al.

    The People’s Front of Judea does not apparently equal the Judean People’s Front in your opinion…

  19. @James, while I agree with you on the sentiment, I have no illusions that this will be anything other than a cosmetic gesture. Even if the Trump administration did try to get tough with China, which they have never come close to in the past, the CCP will just laugh at them. They don’t actually care what the West thinks and they certainly know they have all the power in the relationship with Trump.

  20. @Kendor

    You make it sound like an export heavy country like China doesn’t need America to buy its labor capacity. There’s a reason why China barely could hit back at the US despite all the anti-China measures Trump has implemented beyond some tariffs, and it’s not benevolence.

    Because of political uncertainty and rising manufacturing costs, companies are already moving manufacturing out of China (first the assembly work, then the components manufacturing, which takes much longer to set up), including Apple.

    Your comparison of China’s one party system to Western governments just shows your lack of knowledge when it comes to what education is like, and what the political system is like in China.

  21. It’s worth noting that CCP membership is a significant part of the Chinese citizen population. Most have nothing to do with party ideals or thinking; they joined simply because they were either compelled to do so by their family (or self), in order to be able to get relatively commonplace jobs. Many regular employers there give favorable treatment to those that are CCP members, and in some cases, membership is a prerequisite to gaining employment, even if not government related. It’s almost like the equivalent of a prestigious honor society, or the indication of having attended an Ivy League school.

  22. @Kendor, you are out of your mind. There are a dozen off shore friendly countries that would take Apple’s manufacturing business in a heartbeat. Might the product be a couple hundred more? sure, but it would also slow the intellectual capital leak the PRC. Seriously, I hate to predict it, but a global war with the PRC is rumbling on the horizon 🙁

  23. @Mr Bupkiss Quit being a Dick. CCP works too (Chinese Communist Party), which is what everyone over there calls it, when not using 中国共产党

  24. @SullyofDoha I’m out of my mind, eh? Clearly you have little familiarity with these manufacturing processes, and you have not read the numerious public statements of Steve Jobs, TIm Cook, etc. regarding why we manufacture in China. There tends to be assumption that we do it purely for reasons of labor costs, but China is actually not the low-cost leader when it comes to labor. Setting up manufacturing for these kinds of sophisticated microelectronics is incredibly involved, and there is a whole ecosystem of tooling and human expertise that makes it “go”, at both low and high levels. You can’t just uproot it and plop it down somewhere the way you can like a French fry factory. You’d have to move all the human assets as well, and that’s not something the CCP is going to allow if Trump fancies himself a bare-knuckled cold warrior.

  25. well, with people so brainwashed , cannot really reason with you. Let’s just keep it simple, see what happened in Xinjiang: There were terrorism attacks! killing thousands people!

    So when such thing like 9/11 happened in US, what did US do? you had 2 wars , one is completely unnecessary. killing millions people and caused many consequences such as the form of ISIS .

    What China is doing? they put people in a camp to have classes! Yes , it was forced and brainwashing, no doubt. But even from the most hostile accounts, this is not a labor camp and they really just to have classes. Only the most stubborn will get some form of physical punishment . Most people come out of it and live a normal live. I personally know a soccer player who spend time there and now continues to play soccer professionally.

    So you think China should be treated like the most evil country on earth and this is from the country rather kill a lot of people to solve a similar problem? OK , fine.

  26. @David I suspect that China “barely hit back” at the USA because they’ve correctly assessed that Trump is a one-term bigoted loudmouth that has lost the confidence of the American people and the American military, and is presently running against China in a rather pathetic bid for re-election. No reason to throw gasoline on the fire when the source of many problems will be shortly headed for retirement at a gym, hopefully.

    I did not compare China’s one party system to Western governments and I don’t know where you’re getting that. I did say that much of CCP membership is motivated by the desire to be employed at the national level, which is similar to America’s Federal civil service jobs. I’m not the only person making that point here and elsewhere.

  27. China is laughing knowing it won’t matter in 6 months when President Biden takes office and the relationship starts anew…they know Trump is on his last legs right now…the whole world is either laughing or aghast at how pathetic his whole administration is.

  28. @UA-NYC

    Considering that China has paid Joe and his son Hunter handsomely over the years they should expect an open door to keep stealing military technology, intellectual property and also continue to provide cover for DDOS attacks on US businesses networks.

    Why would they have to worry about Joe…they literally own him.

  29. Well actually, some CCP members are not entering the party by their own will (actually in many state owned companies in china all managers are REQUIRED to be CCP members). Don’t think this can really deal with the problem but to deepen misunderstandings in between and to multiply the hostility.

  30. @Jason – don’t embarrass yourself…comparing the Trump Grafting Organization and its dealings w/foreign dictators and other low characters, with a no-name, nobody like Hunter Biden is beyond ignorant.

  31. TBF China cannot be a superpower if it does not accept global diversity – China is only accepting regional diversity at the moment and global diversity is not desired by either its people or the communist party (see how Africans are treated in Guangzhou in April). If China becomes superpower the world will not acknowledge it. Therefore I don’t think China is really a threat to US’ superpower position but to balance US with Europe which is more likely a better idea.

  32. People are worried about the pandemic? The next World War will be with China. People think they’ve experienced suffering and sacrifices in the last couple of months. Let’s wait and see.

  33. @UA-NYC

    Hunter Biden is a no name? Really? I guess when you get arrested as many times as he has you try to keep things quiet, am I right?

    Meanwhile…why was he on the board of a Chinese hedge fund along with John Kerry’s son?

    I would normally suggest you do some research into his shady Chinese dealings (along with his Ukrainian ones) but I suspect you’re a hyper partisan and don’t want to know.

  34. @Jason – you toss out Hunter Biden and hundreds of thousands, I toss out The Trump Organization’s shady dealings with third world dictators for hundreds of millions and him personally benefiting from his name while in office
    you toss out “I ain’t black”, I toss out Trump’s decades of racism
    you toss out “shoulder grabbing”, I toss out 25 women accusing Trump of sexual assault

    Any minor blemish on Biden’s record is amplified 100x by Trump’s unique combination of terrible-ness. He is truly, truly a national embarrassment, and we will look back on him in the coming decades with shame.

    You got nothing left son.

  35. China has been so arrogant these days. In Asia, China has been acting like a gangster, claiming sea lanes, islands, and islets that belong to the Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, Cambodia, and Indonesia as its own.

    China is nothing more than a thug and criminal in Asia the last several years.

    NO one should travel to China. And Chinese government and military officials must not be allowed to travel to the U.S. or any other Asian country.

    China, especially the Chinese government and military, must be punished severely.

  36. This should have been done 20 years ago. But when the sycophant biden comes to power, USA will be ruled by chinese communist


  37. @David

    The mistake a lot of Americans make is assuming that the PRC economy is wholly dependent on exports to the US. In fact, exports to the US only make up around 2-3% of the PRC’s GDP. It would be a hit if all exports to the US stopped tomorrow, but it would be a survivable hit.

    China did hit back at US tariffs, they raised imports on US agriculture products to the point where Trump had to give a bailout to farmers.

    I don’t approve of the actions of Xi Jinping either, but thinking that pressure from the US by itself will make them change won’t work. Look at how sanctions didn’t affect the Castro family in Cuba. What’s needed is a coordinated, international approach.

  38. @Dick Bupkiss…. No one actually believes that this is your real name buddy. But your comment while being semantically boring, your ” nom de plume” should really read Dick A–kiss. Maybe then people would take what you have to say seriously.

  39. Outrageous. several fun facts for those self righteous americans:
    1. HK national security law is no different than PATRIOT ACT! last i checked, if americans were to support terrorist group such as ISIS, it is a felony. HK demonstrators led by joshua wong uses fear against pro Beijing hong kongers. They’re no different than a domestic terrorist separatist.

    2. China is a bully in Asia? When was the last time China invaded a sovereign land? Lol US is the bully around the world! We invaded iraq for WMD. But where is it? No one is responsible for invading a country for false pretense. Did anyone even know that NSA tried to have GCHQ spy on UN security council to blackmail them into voting for the war?

    3. We have concentration camp of our own called black site and many US administration condone the use of enhanced interrogation techniques. We killed saddam sympathizers and always suspect brown military aged able man as a hostile in their own country and suspect them in the US (separate questioning upon entry and leaving). At least in china they’re not killed. They’re re-educated. And yes there are uighur separatist and terrorism attack.

    4. Kuomintang ROC lost chinese civil war and wanted independence. When the confederate lost civil war to the union, the country became one united states of america. East germany (and the eastern bloc) lost cold war and the country become one Germany. South vietnam lost to the communist Ho’s north vietnam, they too became one country called Vietnam. Why the hell ROC wanted their independence? Maybe win a war next time and stopped the corruption while ruling? I love taiwan just fine, but there’s a reason why UN recognizes one china only. If this were reversed and the Republic defeated the commie in the civil war, i bet no one would let the commie exist in exile.

    5. @someone above who has been to xinjiang and claimed that they notice the ‘ethnic cleansing’. Did you see that they’re allowed to use their original name? Did you see that they use uighur in signage? Do you know that there are many famous uighur heavily idolized actors and actress in china like dilraba dilmurat? There were call for prayer blasted from the mosque (even suburban detroit tried to ban this) and many people wear head coverings just fine. Yes security was tight with many passport check.
    Many People in this forum must’ve been to Xian as well. The muslim community is thriving there.
    See the thing is I’m indonesian of chinese descent. Indonesia is the largest and most populated muslim country in the world. Although I’m not a muslim, we were forced to learn islam and islamic law and have many great muslim friends and understand quran to certain extent despite not practicing islam. When i went to xinjiang, literally most food were halal even the han owned (of course there are places that serves pork as well) restaurant have halal food. Our country was once ruled by a pro US dictator (read:installed by CIA) named Suharto. They suppressed chinese community in indonesia and even outlawing chinese language and use of chinese name. I even have a muslim last name. Of course I didn’t see human rights warrior back then because the dictator was Pro US.
    This brings me back with the tight security check. Do you know that every car that go into fancy hotel in indonesia require to be checked? Some checkpoints have canine units. They check your bag and in 2000s (after bali and embassy bombing) it was even worst. So i don’t see what’s wrong with china trying to ensure security as it is normal in many places.

    6. US largest arms export is to Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, a country where there’s no religious tolerance but a lot of oil…

    7. Land of the free, yet we have law such as anti communist act.

    8. US gave asylum to iran shah a known dictator with many human rights violations record.

    9. Many people think that Russia election interference is the first interference ever. No. Ever since the beginning of cold war, we interfered with foreign election, trained rebels and supported coup. For example, we supported coup of chilean democratically elected socialist allende and installed pinochet. He’s a dictator. Guess what, again, we are fine with them because he’s pro US.

    10. Americans government do not care about human rights! Even dalai lama said it himself. CIA was aiding them not because they care about tibetan rights but because of common enemy of China.

    11. I was in Wuhan on extended assignment thru december 29 last year. My company signed Biz traveller with worldcue from worldaware. In Dec 31, they sent an email indicating
    sars like virus has broken out in wuhan and send notice to exercise caution and avoid local markets. Meanwhile western government didn’t send anything out. Then I went back to the states and by early January all we care about was impeachment, Australian bush fire and WAR WITH IRAN. I went back to Asia for multi country biz trip towards the end of January on CX F (FA started wearing masks). Guess what, asia were already preparing for a pandemic. South korea, hong kong, vietnam, taiwan, singapore, indonesia already had mandatory quarantine or even complete ban if you’ve been to wuhan and hubei. Even in Singapore i almost got into trouble because despite having PR I’ve been to wuhan in the past month (14 days were the restrictions but they went for further questioning because I was in wuhan very recently). Then towards the end of feb I went to FRA from HND then to DTW. All the asians on the plane already wore masks and when I reached american soil, they asked me nothing! No question about where have I been. The only question was can you please remove your masks! I already pulled my mask down when talking with cbp but that wasn’t enough. And mind you that this is the global entry lane.

    12. Technology. American companies suing other American companies for ip infringement happened long before chinese started stealing yet no one talk about them. Or how about the US stealing korean, taiwanese and japanese tech or maybe soon enough we will steal chinese tech.

    13. Communist Party of China lifted billion people, yes billion with a B out of poverty. Meanwhile, the US thrive when there’s poverty by saying pull yourself up by your own bootstraps. You’re poor for a reason. Guess what, many right wing nuts would love china as there’s no handouts!

    So moral of the story, US isn’t as saint as you think they’re. China meanwhile have not invaded any sovereign nation. Let’s see if someone bring up belt and road initiatives as invasion i will gladly respond to you. Mao’s china is different the modern China. Marx and Stalin and Mao’s view of communism isn’t present day china.
    I love the both US and China for different reasons but I hate people who are brainwashed by either side and act self righteous.
    Most of all i love singapore. A one party ruler country with no freedom of speech, public assembly and press yet so revered by many travelers in this forum and even made CIA apologized to the great LEE KUAN YEW! Political dissent were jailed by great LKY! Yes changi airport and Singapore airlines are owned by the government. Let’s see if people will become self righteous and started banning to fly SQ.

  40. This is so rich. If the US is so concerned about the Muslims in China, open your borders to them. Oh, that’s right, Muslims are terrorists so you don’t allow them into your country. And your people harass them in the streets. The US speaking out for Civil Rights right now with all the issues you have inside your own borders makes my neck hurt from whiplash. Such righteous people. You deserve Trump.

  41. @fabs,
    When i went to xinjiang, i see lively bazaar, I see uighur language in many official signage, mosque with call to prayer and many women wearing hijab with no problem. Many delicious halal food as well. The hand pulled noodle and lamb kebab was so delicious.
    I see tight security which is normal in place with many terrorist attacks. Camera everywhere is so good. Literally if you go all over asia, they will say the same thing. CCTV system in china make china a safer place. I have no idea why westerners are so afraid of cctv.

    Many traveler in this forum probably have travelled to xian as well. You can see that muslim there is thriving. They even have muslim quarters in xian with many muslim business owners.

    Stop spreading lies fabs. You went there with preconceived notion and you believe what you want to believe. You see what you wanted to see. Banning CPC? They’re literally the only party in the world that lifted a billion people out of poverty. You should give them nobel peace prize.

  42. This is idiotic stuff that has historically not affected nations like Russia, China and Iran because their officials have no interest in travelling to the USA. They retaliate in kind and its US officials and businessmen that are impacted.

  43. @Michael above is completely correct. CCP membership is very common along certain professionals. The U.S. has little way of determining if someone is a member. U.S. immigration is and has been banned to Communists for decades except under certain conditions. Applicant is required to self-declare on the application and when coming to U.S. consulates for interviews, they are asked again at check-in if they are CCP.

  44. Checked with my wife who is former CCP and in China it is spoken as China Communist Party but she checked and saw the official english name (per Chinese wiki) is CPC. Also note many well regarded Chinese students are CCP members. It is an honor to be asked to join

  45. @Jkjkjk

    You conveniently ignore that that same government put 95% of those 1 billion people they lifted out of poverty into deep poverty in the first place with their misguided communist ideology. You also have a severe preconceived notion as well, or you are being intentionally deceptive.

    Then, they used capitalism (the very ideology they despised) to raise those people out of poverty, while maintaining authoritarian control, or as they have coined the term “capitalism with Chinese characteristics” (just a fancy name to hide what they really are to the ignorant masses). Now they are trying to replace the rules-based world order that made it possible for them to rise out of poverty with an order that is far less rules-based and far less transparent and open. Tragic.

  46. Next step, CONFISCATION of all assets of ChiCom officials + family members + mistresses + bastard children + ………


    Extermination of ChiCom is the Devine Will!

  47. Great idea! Also, there should be more use of the words “Chinese Communists” because that’s what they are and it’s easier to describe their abhorrent human rights abuses and knowing spread of sars cov 2 worldwide without the left denouncing all criticism as “racism” (whatever that term means anymore).

  48. I think it’s hilarious that Chinese nationalists come to Lucky’s blog comments section to spout their disinformation. All anyone has to do is mention the word “China” on the internet and instantly the record gets vociferously “corrected.” Are you somehow under the illusion that anyone outside of China trusts what you say, and not reports from established news media?

    I also think it’s hilarious that some people think the Trump administration is considering blocking CCP members form entry because of how how China is treating the Uyghurs. If you believe Trump gives a fillip of flatulence in the wind about Uyghurs, then please consider buying my ocean front Villa in Arizona. It’s a great deal.

  49. China’s atrocious behavior as late, including Xianjing concentration camps, releasing the Wuhan virus, invading the free people of Hong Kong, along with the cyber spying and cyber theft needs to be met with something.

    The world uniting to punish China somehow, and isolating their rulers (CCP members) isn’t a bad place to start. The truth is this wouldn’t effect the grandma or normal relative coming for a visit. It would effect the corrupt government officials in power who steal money anyway. No more access to their lavish homes stolen with bribes and no more access for their privileged kids to go to our universities.

    I think it’s a good place to start if you get the rest of our allies on board.

  50. @Abe

    In case you have been sleeping for 3+ years, allies is not a word used anymore. Maybe in January 2021 if and when the idiot-in-Cheif departs and a real leader can convince other free countries this was just a bad experiment unleashed by the dumbest Ameeikans.

  51. Don’t want any more controversy but the amount of bad stuff they’ve been doing in HK go to them finally.

  52. @James, it will never happen. The other countries are far too reliant on Chinese money, legally or otherwise, to take any significant stance.

    There may be virtue signaling, but it will stop at that…well, if even that. Look at what happened with Canada and Saudi Arabia. Doubt Canada will even think about making things worse with China after the Huawei CFO situation; they’ll be on their best beavhior

  53. @Jkjkjk usually Wumao try a little bit harder. That’s too many talking points. You really blew your cover.

  54. The Chinese Communist Party did not lift those hundreds of millions of Chinese people out of poverty. Hundreds of millions of Chinese people lifted themselves out of poverty, only made possible after the death of the most brutal dictator in history.

    In addition, those hundreds of millions of Chinese people who lifted themselves out of poverty, simply lifted themselves out the newly defined poverty line that was created by the CCP. Many of these same people being referred to are in fact still impoverished. Just because a person lives in an apartment in a modern city doesn’t mean that the person is “not living in poverty”.

  55. Who started the majority of wars since WW2? USA. Why? To gain political dominance in those countries. To gain access to natural resources. So American multinationals companies could gain power in those countries. It is not to free those countries from “evil” dictators.
    Why did the second Iraqi war started? Because US administration said that Iraq supposedly possessed an active weapons of mass destruction (WMD) program. But it did not. It started so USA and its multinationals companies wanted to gain dominance.
    So does the rest of the world prevent American officials to travel to their countries for given reasons?
    It is like Jkjkjk wrote.

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