Chase Ultimate Rewards adds further warning regarding third party points transfers

A few weeks ago I wrote about Chase cracking down on those making Ultimate Rewards points transfers to a third party. This applies both to transferring Ultimate Rewards points to someone else’s Ultimate Rewards account, and also applies to transferring Ultimate Rewards points to a partner mileage account (MileagePlus, Gold Passport, Marriott Rewards, etc.) in someone else’s name.

Interestingly even though it’s prohibited per the T&Cs, the Ultimate Rewards website will allow you to enter anyone’s name and frequent flyer account number when making a transfer, and the points will transfer instantly, even if the account is in someone else’s name.

However, the transfer confirmation page now lists the following disclaimer at the very top:

Just something to be aware of since I believe this is new, and Chase seems to be getting pretty serious about third party points transfers…

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  1. @Jonathan, the warning comes up as Lucky’s in the process of transfering UR points to Mileage Plus Award miles, per his screenshot.

    I think it sucks but I also think they are quite clear about the rules.

  2. Nonsense, about T&Cs, unless that’s new. One year ago in December I tried to transfer points to a friend’s UA account. There was a problem with the website that day and I was to be out of country for a few weeks, so I handed it off to a Chase rep. Unfortunately it took them like 10 days. My friend impatiently found a way to get points in the mean time, and my points were going to be orphaned in her account. I bitched to Chase and got them back. In retrospect, this is probably the sort of thing they don’t want to get involved in, so I’m sorry for that. Nevertheless, Chase was 100% fully aware the transfer was to a friend in both directions and was in agreement that it was legitimate.

  3. @ ed — Right, and they didn’t used to care. But they’ve cracked down on it, as evidenced by the fact that they added a huge warning about third party transfers to the main transfer page.

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