Chase Adds DoorDash Benefit To Some Cards

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For quite a while there has been talk of Chase adding some sort of a dining benefit to the Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card. This would be intended as a competitive response to the perks that Amex has added to some of their cards.

Well, it looks like Chase has now rolled out one cool new benefit, though I don’t see any official announcement about it yet.

Chase & DoorDash partnership

Chase seems to have a new partnership with food delivery company DoorDash, offering select cardmembers a DashPass membership, which ordinarily retails for $9.99 per month. There had been rumors of larger changes coming to the Sapphire Reserve, which have since been confirmed.

DoorDash benefits for Sapphire Reserve & Sapphire Preferred

DoorDash DashPass is available for free to those with the Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card (review) or Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card (review) for a period of at least 12 months, and a maximum of 24 months, upon activation.

Memberships will auto-renew beyond that, but you can always cancel.

This is a value of $9.99 per month.

DoorDash benefits for Freedom & Freedom Unlimited

DoorDash DashPass is available to those with the Chase Freedom® (review) and Chase Freedom Unlimited® (review) for a period of three months, and then the membership will be auto-renewed for the next nine months with a 50% discount applied (though you can always cancel your membership).

How to register for the Chase & DoorDash partnership

Simply create a new account with DoorDash (or log into your existing account). Then go into your profile and select the “Payment Cards” section. Once there, add your eligible Chase card.

At that point you should get a pop-up offering you a free membership, based on the card you have.

If you’re an existing cardmember and have an eligible card linked, simply remove it and re-add it, and you should see this offer.

What is DoorDash DashPass?

With DoorDash DashPass, you pay a $0 delivery fee when ordering from thousands of restaurants nationwide. Just place an order totaling at least $12 at a restaurant with a blue checkmark next to it, and you’ll get a $0 delivery fee and reduced service fee. DoorDash claims that this saves you an average of $4-5 per order.

DoorDash DashPass ordinarily costs $9.99 per month.

Note that you need to pay for your DoorDash order with your eligible Chase card to receive these benefits, at least according to the terms. Similarly, if you remove your Chase card from your DashPass account, the benefits will be taken away.

Bottom Line

For those who otherwise pay for a DoorDash DashPass membership, this is a value of up to ~$120 per year, so that’s pretty awesome. Meanwhile, I understand that for others this is of limited or no value, especially if you don’t order a lot of delivery.

While there has been no official announcement yet, it’s nice to see this quietly being rolled out.

Personally I tend to use Postmates for food delivery, though maybe I should now give DoorDash a try.

Do you plan on taking advantage of this Chase & DoorDash partnership?

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  1. Another great tip. Thanks Ben.

    I already had the Sapphire Reserve as my default card. In order to get the offer I had to re-add it. The offer then came up.

  2. It worked! Same as above – I had to remove my Sapphire and then re-add it to get the benefit. Love it!

  3. I saw the offer on the Ultimate Rewards site for Sapphire Reserve and followed the link from there to DoorDash.

  4. This is great. I love door dash but dont use it very often since with all the fees you’re adding an extra 20% to your bill (before tip).

  5. Awesome, I was able to re-add my CSR and got the free membership. Thanks for the heads up, we use doordash pretty regularly.

  6. Maybe it’s just my area, but my experience with DoorDash has been so consistently worse than its competitors (Postmates, Uber Eats and GrubHub/Seamless) that I’ve deactivated my DoorDash account. Late food, wrong order delivered, missing items, overcharges, you name it and I’ve experienced it on DoorDash but rarely with the others. For a while, they would offer a credit on future orders for these errors but they’ve stopped doing that the last two times there was an error, leaving me out at least $50. I’m okay with this pass being a free benefit but if it precipitates an increase in annual fee without any additional benefits, I’ll probably move on from the CSR.

  7. I just tried this. I added my CSR which wasn’t previously linked and didn’t get any popup. Maybe this is targeted?

  8. Here’s my worry. This get’s counted as a new perk and the annual fee goes up to offset. I don’t want to see any additional “perks” that are essentially just pre-payments for a service that you may or may not be using. If you’re already using it, I suppose it’s fine. If not, you end up being driven to a service that you feel obligated to use from a mentality of “use it or lose it.” This is kind of how I feel with the $120 Grubhub credit ($10/month) from the Amex Gold. I guess only time will tell, but I would prefer enhanced earning rates or other more useful travel benefits.

  9. Tried calling Chase, they had no idea what was wrong, although the rep I talked to said the rollout date in her information isn’t until next week. She checked with someone else, and they said this should be working for everyone. I’ve tried adding the card multiple times and it’s still not working.

  10. J.P.Morgan Reserve® gets you access to:

    Free DashPass for up to 2 years, immediately upon activation. Normally $9.99/month.

    Hey look, we finally get something more than the regular CSR! 😛

  11. @Joelfreak

    Don’t you guys get United Club Pass already? Which to me along justifies AF already lol

  12. @Bill undocumented benefit, but I have the old PP card, which I wouldn’t cancel, so I have that benefit twice over, and they wont let me give away one of the memberships, so I don’t get it from the JPR

  13. @Lucky, are the reports true that the CSR’s annual fee will go up to $550? If so, call me disappointed in these changes.

    If DoorDash is a free/extra benefit, then great (although I probably won’t use it much).

  14. I just signed up for Door Dash and tried adding and removing my CSR 4 times and did not get the pop up or the offer. Has anyone had success contacting Chase and / or Doordash to resolve this?

  15. No pop up promo for me on the CSR but did get it on the Freedom. Called Chase, the first 2 reps had no idea how to fix it. The 3rd one said the benefit is rolling out to members in phases and roll out should complete by 1/12. We’ll see.

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