Caviar For Breakfast At Sheraton?!

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I’ve now officially seen it all. I just wrapped up a stay at the Sheraton Lisbon, which was one of the nicest Sheraton properties I’ve ever stayed at.


The breakfast buffet was mostly unremarkable, at least compared to the likes of the St. Regis Saadiyat Island and Le Meridien Bangkok, except for one little thing — it had caviar with all most of the trimmings.


Now, in fairness it wasn’t the Calvisius caviar with Krug you’d get in ANA first class or Cathay Pacific first class.


It was more like something you’d get in China Southern first class — lets’ call it Duc de Paris and fish egg jam, but it was still caviar and champagne.


Anyone else ever caught off guard by something at a hotel breakfast buffet? How much does lower quality caviar go for anyways?

  1. @ Al — They had shades that could be lowered and I was traveling alone, so I thought it actually made the room feel more spacious.

  2. This breakfast actually saved our lives once after a night of clubbing; it was the only place to get food in Saldanha at the ridiculous hour we returned from clubbing. Expensive but worth it, and I’m sure we stood out considering everyone was respectably dressed and we looked like still-drunk club kids in tight clothes.

  3. Ribeye steaks for breakfast at the Mandarin Oriental in Kuala Lmpur. Like you have a chef making your omelet in most hotels you could pick your own ribeye steak and give to a chef and he would grill it for you the way you wanted.

  4. I think you expect an awesome buffet at a big name hotel one or resort. I stayed at a Best Western hotel in Coimbra, Portugal and they had an amazing breakfast which included real Pata Negra Jamon Serrano. What a pleasant surprise ( combined with very good service ) from an otherwise easy to forget and dilapidated hotel for 60 euros a night.

  5. If it says “vin mousseux” it means it’s a French sparkling wine, not champagne.
    I also doubt it was fish roe from the fish type classified as ‘caviar’ (oscietra etc)

  6. @Lucky – do you have an Uber $30 discount link? The least I could do is use your link. By the way, is there a way around to use Uber for those without access to a smartphone?

  7. @Lucky – About your post several days ago, was it AA’s website you used to check Cathay Pacific first class award seats availability? If not, which site did use?

  8. I’ll agree with Gary. The St. Regis Bali was by far the most surprising breakfast spread I’ve ever experienced. My hubby got a cooked to order lobster omelette and wagyu beef steak and eggs.

    They also, in my opinion, had the best french toast I’ve ever eaten.

  9. The Shelbourne in Dublin breakfast buffet has honeycomb straight from the hive, still attached to the wooden frame, displayed on a little easel. Unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to dig some out, but it’s impressive looking.

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