Great Holiday Gift: Buy United Polaris Pillows & Blankets

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With the holidays quickly approaching, I’m sure some people are looking for gifts for the avgeeks in their life. Well, there’s some good news — the United Shop is selling items you can find onboard flights with Polaris. The United Shop is the online store selling a lot of United memorabilia (I remember back in the day when they sold Ted gear), and they also sell Polaris stuff. I’m not sure if this is new or has been the case for a long time, but it seems appropriate to point it out this time of year.

Specifically, you can buy the United Polaris Saks Fifth Avenue duvet for $59.99.

You can also buy the United Polaris Saks Fifth Avenue day blanket for $39.99.

You can also buy the United Polaris Saks Fifth Avenue gel pillow for $27.99.

They’re even selling the United Polaris amenity kit for $14.99, which is pretty well stocked as far as business class amenity kits go.

It’s not often that you’d want something from a US airline in your home, but the truth is that United’s Polaris bedding is fantastic. I’d argue they have the best business class bedding of any airline in the world, which is just about the first time a US airline takes home the “best in the world” award in any category. That’s despite the fact that they’ve already done some cost cutting to the bedding.

Of the things for sale, the Polaris duvet is fantastic, so that would be my first choice if I were buying something from the selection. My second choice would be the cooling gel pillow. Personally I think the day blanket is just sort of “meh” and I’d rather use the duvet regardless of whether I’m sleeping or not, so it’s not something I’d buy unless I wanted the full set. 😉 As far as the amenity kit goes, it might be a cute stocking stuffer, as it’s not that expensive.

Happy shopping for all the avgeeks in your life!

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  1. The Polaris bear and the Polaris pajamas are the only things I would be interested in and those aren’t even sold, sigh!

  2. Zow, I just bought the duvet and it is sold by “United Online/Summit Grp.” I used my fee credit on United already this year but based on the seller identification I doubt it will trigger a credit. If you have any part of the credit leftover before the end of the year consider depositing it into a United Gift Registry you create for yourself (in $50 increments). This triggers the fee credit for AMEX Platinum.

  3. What would you use it for????

    Having flown Polaris 20+ times this year I confirm its very good but not sure I would have a use for any of it off the airplane!

    And I would continue to argue that’s Air NewZealand business class bedding is better, the mattress pad is much more comfy.

  4. Chris, thanks. Unfortunately the gift registry has been out of commission for months without signs of imminent return.

  5. It’s a sad world when people who fly have the ability to think hat their “fantastic “ business class bedding will be more comfortable than their bedding at home. That bedding is designed for use in airplanes. It’s a crappy duvet that feels amazing because you got it on a plane. Just like all the Pajamas. You can buy WAY better stuff for the same price at Macy’s. Also. Sales 5th Avenue branding is just a marketing ploy.

  6. @Ryan — It may be a sad world, but that duvet fucking rules.

    @Lucky (and by extension @Gary Leff) thanks for this — My lady loves that bedding. Also, they’re listed under new arrivals on the United Shop site, so I don’t think they were there previously. They also say “Limited Edition,” whatever that means.

  7. Haven’t flown Polaris, so I can’t comment on the quality of bedding. But the Saks Fifth Avenue branding has always struck me as odd, since that company does not produce bedding, nor do its physical stores even sell home goods.

  8. I’ll be waiting for the inevitable viral video when someone buys this stuff, takes it on a UA flight, and the flight attendant accuses them off trying to steal it.

  9. So Lucky,

    Q–How many United planes are true Polaris and in service? How many brand new? How many retrofitted? Is the number less than 10 total?

    United should offer more true Polaris aircraft. They launched with a big splash, but very few planes are like the Polaris you see in the video. It’s a huge bait and switch. United, don’t put the Polaris name on old planes that have not been retrofitted. It’s been a clunky roll out.

  10. Does these purchases online account towards airline incidental credit ? (a la: Amex Platinum and Bank Of America Premium credit cards)

    Has anyone tried this.

  11. Travelers beware. I just purchased the United Airlines gel pillow. When checking with TSA on their Ask TSA site about traveling with a gel pillow here is the response I received “Good question. A gel pillow must be packed in checked bags. Have a pleasant flight! – Bobbi”

  12. I have a great idea for airlines to save huge amounts of money and save 30% in fuel savings. Have passengers stand and strip seats out of airliners. You can put subway bars for them to hold onto. Have passengers eat before they travel and you also cut out meals.

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