American Is Letting You Pay To Secure Elite Status For 2018

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It’s approaching the end of the year, which means it’s a good time to start looking at your elite mileage balances, deciding which status levels you want to go for, and how you want to earn them.

For as long as I can remember, American has offered an elite buy up offer, where you can buy up to a higher status level if you are within a certain range of achieving a tier. For full context, here are the details of the Elite Boost Offers in 201320142015, and 2016.

Well, American is back this year with another buy up offer. Here’s what we know about it so far:

Buy up to AAdvantage status for 2018

If you log-in on this website with your AAdvantage number and password you should be able to see what kind of a status buy-up offer is available to you, if any. This allows you to buy up to the next status level for this coming year, which would be valid through early 2019. Here are the FAQs regarding the buy up offer.

If you take advantage of one of these buy ups, your status should be updated within a few days. That’s good news since you can start enjoying the benefits of the higher elite tier right away, though be careful that you don’t buy up to status now when you might otherwise have last minute travel that gets you over the edge anyway.

So if you were to take advantage of this, I’d recommend waiting until after the year is over, so you really know where you stand on elite qualifying miles. However, I wouldn’t wait too long. While the buy ups can be purchased through July 31, 2018, at that point over half of your elite year will be up.

Cost to buy up to AAdvantage status

The cost to buy up to status varies based on which elite tier you’re going for, and also based on how many elite qualifying miles away you are from achieving status. At least that has been the case historically. The interesting added element this year is that 2017 is the first year where American has a revenue requirement for earning status, so I imagine that also factors into the offer you get. Anything you spend on a buy-up to the next status level will also be added to your EQD total.

Prior to last year American published the exact costs required to buy-up to status, though they’re not sharing that info this year. For a bit of context, here are the buy up offer costs from a couple of years ago (again, these are not the costs for this year, as those aren’t published, and we don’t know what role the elite qualifying dollar requirement plays in these buy-up offers):




(The above screenshots are from a couple of years ago, when American raised the elite qualifying segments required for Executive Platinum from 100 to 120; that’s why the segments in the above screenshot aren’t correct)

My Platinum Pro buy-up offer

I’ve been flying American less this year than before, and as of now I’ve only requalified for Platinum status. While I’ll make Executive Platinum status this year with what I have booked, I’m not there yet. Here’s what my current progress towards elite qualification looks like:

My buy-up offer is for Platinum Pro in exchange for $1,765. Hah…

Should you buy up to status?

This is something everyone has to decide for themselves, as there’s no universal advice. One thing is for sure — the trend is that elite status is becoming less valuable by the year. For example, several weeks ago I posted about 14 ways in which Executive Platinum status is less valuable than before, and that trend is continuing.

Bottom line

It’s once again possible to pay to buy up to the next status level, though prices vary. With prices to buy up to status not published, and with the added wrinkle of there being a revenue requirement for status, it would be interesting to get some data points of what kind of offers people are getting.

I’d only use this feature as a last resort, as the cost per elite qualifying mile here is typically insane. You’re much better off taking an extra flight if you have the time. And if you don’t have the time, it might not be worth buying up to status, given that it’s less valuable than in the past before.

Were you offered a buy up offer? If so, how many EQMs/EQDs are you from qualifying, and how much did they ask for?

Hopefully we can get some data points.

  1. for what it’s worth, I’m already way above the EQM threshold (130k) and only about $50 short of EQDs (so I’ll easily make it) but I was curious so I logged in. Says I could keep EXP through Jan 2019 for $345 and it would include the 4 SWUs. Probably the lowest they’ll offer out for someone just short at the end of the year. If I had no other choice I’d probably go for it

  2. Currently 30,000 EQM. “Thanks for visiting. Our records show that you’re not eligible to receive an offer at this time.”

  3. Nice to see that the buy up counts towards EQD. Every dollar paid to AA should could towards EQD including change fees and MCE fees.

  4. 12k eqms currently, all my travels are next week through the end of the year with 4 TATLs. 699 to gold, 1995 to platinum

  5. Wow…The us airlines just get worse…and worse….and worse. They will never get a dime from me

  6. Currently sitting at 21,493 EQM’s this year and already a Gold…logged in and my only offer was to retain my Gold for another year at $395, no offer to bump up to Platinum…needless to say I won’t be doing this as I have travel planned over the next few weeks to take me over the 25K EQM mark…

    Would have been interesting to see what the bump up to Platinum would have cost me if I had been offered

  7. Currently Platinum

    Currently at 3500 EQD + 30,000 EQM = Requalified for Gold.

    $1,299 to buy up to Platinum.

  8. Ben, thought I’d provide a data point. Currently at $4,451 EQD + 46,464 EQM and 32 EQS. AA offered a buy up to AAdvantage Platinum for $1,865… Laughable.

  9. I’m currently at platinum and just short of 5k miles to keep platinum for next year. It’s offering me $895 to buy platinum.. ouch. Anyway I have an upcoming flight end of this month to put me over the 5k miles. I’m curious will be program be changed to offer me a buy-up for platinum pro when I hit platinum this year?

  10. Current platinum with very little hope to retaining sadly.. based in bay area now at 30k miles EQM and only 2264 EQD =(
    logged in and my offer was $699 to Gold and $1299 to retain Plat. Given how low my EQD is and don’t have any avenue to MS enough spend on my aviator card for the extra 3k eqd, i’d say the $1300 offer for plat isn’t the worst. although i def don’t value lounge access (already have CSR and will be AU on Amex Plat soon) and occasional better seats to be that much given i dont have that much future travel in 2018. would like to remain gold at least although i dont know what benefit i get outside of the aviator card besides MCE at check in. anyone in similar situation?

  11. Let’s wait and see what changes they announce to AAdvantage for 2018. I’m almost certain with PEY being sellable, THERE WILL BE CHANGES LOOMING.

  12. I’m an EXP with only 47k miles flown this year and $8100 EQD. My only offer is to buy up to Plat for $695. I won’t be doing this since I will be able to fly 3k miles in next 2 months. I wonder once I reach Plat if I will be offered to buy up to Plat Pro? It will be VERY sad when I lose my EXP status after having it for 10 years in a row!

  13. Interesting. Current EXP and I’m at around 110k EQM and about 11,900 EQD (and already have travel booked to go way over) – my buy up offer is $225 which is actually quite reasonable. Of course flying a cheap $100 flight is a better deal, but based on past experience I would have expected a much higher cost.

    Also very interesting that it counts towards the rolling EQD

  14. been plat for yrs & just logged in & am happy to see 3 big 0s under EQD/EQM/EQS.
    if AA pays $3000 I’ll fly some.

  15. I’d love to see the metrics for how they choose prices. My wife is at $6,200 EQD and 49,725 EQM. So really, any flight she takes = Platinum. The offer is $695, which seems a tad high to encourage taking it but unnecessarily high to encourage a flight that she’d probably already take. I’d love to know:

    – how the price is built to encourage just buying another flight vs taking the offer
    – what the customer satisfaction scores of people who take or ignore offers are
    – what current and previous earned status patterns are taken into account, in order to craft an individualoffer

  16. Currently at 99400 EQMs and 15k spend, and I’ll requalify this week…still got a buy up offer to EP for $1,295. Hilarious

  17. Current Plat, and I’m at 46/60 segments and have already met the spend. They want $1195 to keep Platinum…

    I have another 8 flights planned for the rest of the year, and booked a 6-segment mileage run for Veterans day for $270 which will allow me to keep the status. Won’t be particularly pleasant, but get to spend a late-fall day in Denver and I honestly get a little kick out of mileage runs.

  18. I have $3377 in EQD and 37,984 EQM. My buy-up price to platinum is $2,885. I don’t know what alternate universe AA inhabits that they think there is even a remote chance of people paying this after all their devaluations.

  19. I’ll easily hit EXP this year but my husband is just shy of getting a boost offer… will hit 84,667 EQMs by year’s end, with plenty of EQDs… From what it looks above, base line is 85,000… 🙁

  20. Current EQD – 12,194
    Current EQM – 62835

    P. Pro buy up offer $1645

    I’ll organically hit PP next week and will have enough EQD for EP but will be short by about 15k EQM. I’ll post again then with my revised update.

  21. I have a CK colleague who has been CK for years before it was an official category who is flying less than before so he “only” has 45K EQD YTD . He was told he needed an additional 15K EQD by end of year to maintain CK. No idea about EQMs, but no mention was made so I assume he had a sufficient number. He usually flies paid J/F. YMMV.

  22. Currently at $0/0 … interested in seeing what the buy up offer is for EXP 🙂 That is the only level that seems to have a decent chance of upgrades on the routes I fly.
    I presume I would get a better offer for an EXP challenge based on a match from AS Gold 75K.

  23. I think my planned TATL on BA in PE over thanksgiving ($1100 RT) is a better deal to re-qualify for Executive Platinum, so I’m going to stick with that.

  24. 50,070 (just finished a mileage run with careful selection of connecting cities – proud of myself for basically nailing the number) and $7500. Not eligible.

  25. I’m EP. Given how difficult it is to use the system-wide upgrades (this year I’ve only been able to use them to upgrade from J to F from LAX to LHR) and the fact that they’ve basically eliminated first class lounges, I can’t imagine why someone would pay cash for this status.

  26. Current EXP with $20k EQD and 94K EQM. $1795 to keep my EXP status. Ha! I’ll get there before the end of the year easily. Wonder how they calculate these offers.

  27. 70k EQM and 12k EQD for the year. Offer was $995 to get Platinum Pro. No thanks, AA.
    (I do have pending travel that should take me all the way to EXP, but still – this is kind of insulting)

  28. Betty’s offer (and others) just intrigues me.

    -if AA wants your money anyway they can get it (buy up or travel), this offer is close to the difference between actual $ and EQD ($3377 + $2885 = $6262, or $262 more than EQD). So it makes sense on the surface, with a lot of potential calculations for AA going into that $262, like maybe:

    the odds of you taking the needed trips for status [the positives of going somewhere you want to visit minus the value you place on your time and the hassle of travel minus the value of miles you won’t earn on a trip] * (the value you place on status minus the incremental cost to AA of providing service for the needed flights) +/- the customer experience impact of making the offer = $262.

    I’m surely being pedantic (and skipping some variables), but knowing how these offers are crafted by the airlines would go a long way in customers understanding how to both work for one they value and/or choose whether any offer is worth taking.

  29. I did a buyback last year, and got another buyback offer.

    Back in the days you weren’t supposed to get a buyback offer if you kept your status via buyback the previous year. Guess money talks.

  30. $1,195 to upgrade to Plat with 36,277 EQMs and $5,171 EQDs. Have one ~1250 mile R/T planned left this year. Not worth it to me.

  31. I’ve accumulated just over 21k EQM’s this year, and am reasonably close enough to Gold status on that alone.

    But my offer: $1,915 for Gold status.

    Surely you jest, Mr. Parker!

  32. Interesting offer for me. I am at 99,277 and well over the EQDs with $17,231 to get to Executive Platinum. I wanted to check out what they were offering me (even though I will surely get ExPl next week with my return flight, and they were offering me the following:

    AAdvantage Executive Platinum
    Total Cost….$1,295.00

    So I am less than 1000 miles away and they are still looking to charge $1295??? Seems off to me

  33. Currently at $11,875 EQD and 95,579 EQM. Only $1,395 (ha!) to secure EXP for next year. If the software/website logic were halfway smart, they would see that I have reservations already that get me well past the EQD and EQM thresholds.

    I’m really shocked that people take AA up on this.

    Makes. Zero. Sense.

  34. I earned gold for 2017. I have 0 dollars, 0 miles, and 0 segments flown. I could keep Gold for $699, but I have no airline loyalty anymore. I pay for the flight that makes the most sense (usually non-stop) with the best cabin.

  35. 40119 EQMs, my offer was $895. Not worth it for me, though to be fair, with what I have booked over the remainder of the year, I should make platinum.

  36. It says that I am not eligible for an offer. I hit Platinum Pro yesterday & have the following:
    EQDs $11,926 / EQMs 80,936 / EQSs 37

    According to my calculations for current trips booked, I’ll finish the year at $13,424 / 93,282 / 43.

    Based on that, I would expect a buy-up offer soon, probably when I come back next week as I’ll be over 85,000 EQMs at that time.

  37. 9,681 EQD; 140,312 EQM and 50 EQS.

    Offer $2,495 to retain EXP. Ludicrous!

    I’m flying on a BA ticket in the right classes for $1,665 next week and that will net me 2,231EQD based on the distance at 10% rate. A much better deal. And with a $185 EQD domestic sector I will be all good. So in cash the saving for me is $645 and I get a whole lot of travel in plus points instead of shelling out $2,495 for a scheme that they keep devaluing.

  38. Patrick Larvie, why on Earth would you saw swu aren’t worth it because you ‘only’ could use them lax to lhr? London flights are Easily $3500 in business and $1100 or $1200 in coach. That’s almost $5k in value right there. Even if exp doesn’t get you a single other perk, you made out like a bandit. I used my own swu for two lhr flights this year.

  39. I have qualified for EXP by segments and EQD and AA says for $1395 I can boost to EXP!
    Something is off on the sync between web pages!

  40. I am 2,271 miles away from becoming Platinum Pro with AA (already achieved EQDs), and it would cost me $995 if I choose to secure that elite status. Hmm me thinks I’ll just take a quick trip to the east coast.

  41. 7,148 EQD and 71,000 EQM. Just shy of PP and the offer is for $2,035. I will hit EXP anyways, but thats expensive for PP how close I am.

  42. @marsh technically you are nearly $2000 EQD short so that offer isn’t outrageous given even if you hit 75k EQM you would still only be Platinum without enough spend.

    the most ridiculous ones are those EXP who are currently like 5k or less miles shy of eqm and easily have more than enough eqd and are being offered over $1000 to buy the remaining eqm. to me that seems like a huge insult.. for the rest of us with low spends, the buy up isn’t too far off from the EQD i need to maintain or buy up to next level.

    also, if everyone posted their EQD as well as the EQM then we can get a better sense of how our offers stack up against others! seems like lots of ppl complaining about high offers to gold, plat but no indication of eqd. if you are short a ton, you would expect a higher price..

  43. 34K EQM and 3400 EQD. I can keep my Platinum for $1299. Yeah, right

    I’m a million miler already so lifetime Gold. I won’t even try. Any good ideas on status matching? I’ll just burn down my AA miles and find some other airline to fly.

  44. For gold: So far, you’ve earned 2,272 EQDs, 21,447 EQMs and 23 EQSs, also $699. SO same as the people with no miles flown this year. Very weird. I’ll probably re-qualify anyway.

  45. You guys are having so much fun!
    1) I have tried my account (180K EQM, $19K EQD): Thanks for visiting. Our records show that you’re not eligible to receive an offer at this time.
    2) I have tried my son’s (Lifetime GLD), 2.5 EQM, 120 EQD: Thanks for visiting. Our records show that you’re not eligible to receive an offer at this time.

    AA is more pathetic than ever!

  46. Alex: what’s pathetic? You are way beyond EP, and nowhere near CK (even if they sold that as an upgrade status, and I am pretty sure they don’t). No offer for you.

    You son is only eligible for a Gold offer, and has lifetime Gold, so no offer.

    Please translate what you mean? Because the fact that neither of you got an offer makes perfect sense, especially compared to other offers that don’t.

  47. EQD: $5,299
    EQM: 51,394
    EQS: 33

    Currently have Platinum status and was offered to buy Platinum status for $935. Have two trips left this year that will get me the remaining EQD so won’t take this offer – would be curious to see if I get an offer for PlatPro after my remaining trips (lots of business/premium economy travel).

  48. Currently at $6,548 EQD, 35,489 miles and 14 segments. I have about 8,000 in EQM booked over the next two weeks. I was offered a buyup of $1,195 to requalify for Platinum. I’ll see where I am in December, but I’m getting this may go down. I’ll probably have the option of doing a weekend trip to LA or something for $400 round trip if I need the EQM. As a high EQD flier who gets upgrades a fair amount, Platinum is worth it for me out of NYC, so I’ll try to get it.

  49. AA has too many elites in DFW to be worth it I never get upgraded as regular platinum, plus I miss being able to do a challenge for $200 and do one trip to Europe in the summer and qualify for platinum all over again with 12500 miles in 90 days, used to be much simpler times haha.

  50. EQD: 5,814
    EQM: 76,204
    EQS: 25

    Platinum offer: $295.00
    Platinum Pro offer: $3,265.00

    PP pro is a joke. AA Advantage is getting worse every year. I intend on flying with other airlines in 2018.

  51. Currently platinum, however only at 1,639/EQD, 18,324/EQM this year….which means I won’t even make Gold next year..gaaawwwww! My offers are $699 to Gold and $1,995 to Platinum. It does sound tempting to pay up for Gold; however I can’t justify paying $699 just to board in Group 4/5. That’s the ONLY benefit I see being a Gold member. As far as upgrades, I couldn’t even get any upgrades with a platinum status this year. So adios AA elite status. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  52. Currently Plat
    Flown 0 flights, 0 miles; current offer to keep Plat is $1995. It might be worth it since it takes away the hassle of spending and flying again for the rest of the year. Gives me a head start on eqd easily. I wonder if it would count towards 5x for aa Plat and the airline credit you get?

  53. Currently Executive Platinum. I have $16,640 of $12,000 EQD required. I have 95,603 of 100,000 miles required. Offer to keep EP status through 1/31/19 = $1,395. Interesting that I have a paid trip to PEK booked so you would think they would know I will qualify.

  54. currently plat, matched to AS & B6, stayed out of AA the entire yr, all international award flights on JL/CX.

    EQD: 0
    EQM: 0
    EQS: 0

    $699 to gold
    $1299 to plat.

    from reading the posts above, it was quite good, still thinking…

    * i can forget about the upgrades (no spend other than buy-up)
    * AUS to LAX saver does not exist

  55. Besides selling status what’s the general feel about the impact of EQDs reducing the amount of Executive Platinums?

    And I agree with an earlier post around EQD rolling spend affecting upgrade prioritization – can’t see how scaping through (like me on $12,097 EQDs!) or having bought my way in is going to beat a $20,000 EQD ExP.

  56. Currently Platinum
    eqd=6109, eqm=60929, eqs=37
    buy Platinum Pro for $3055
    A friend is ExPlatinum & Million Miler
    eqd=10904, eqm=83201, eqs=51.5
    no offer available

    Does anyone know the actual number of ff’s in each status, or even the % breakdown?

  57. I’m platinum, but had huge dropoff in AA usage this year.
    EQDs 2,678
    EQMs 29,434
    Segments 15
    AAdvantage Platinum
    Total Cost….$1,299.00

    I join folks above in being fascinated by how these offers were crafted.

  58. I am currently Platinum.
    EQDs = 5796 (out of 6000 required)
    EQMs = 58,895 (out of 50,000 required)
    EQSs = 18 (out of 60)
    Cost to keep status = $365 ($1 per day)

    I have three TATL flights between now and Christmas, plus one flight to the Caribbean. I’m not sure if I ought to pay to keep it or not, except that maybe I can earn toward Pro more quickly. Anyone have a suggestion?

  59. EQD 10,488
    EQM 89,040
    EQS 21
    Offer $2,495 to retain EXP. I have a couple more flights scheduled so will make EQM, but will be short <$100 EQD. We'll see…

    My husband
    EQD 1,159
    EQM 19,430
    EQS 9
    Offer $1,299 to retain Plat. Will definitely not be taking them up on the offer, but good deal considering how short he is. He's lifetime gold.

  60. Platinum currently at 3351 EQD and 21,200 EQM and 20 EQS. Flew United first today out of DFW for less than coach on AA. My offer was $395 for Gold and $1299 for Platinum. I don’t have anywhere near enough AA travel planned to make Gold but would rather burn my money than give to to AA given how terrible their program has become. This is by far the worst year I’ve ever flown them in terms of anything status related. The end of the line for me was the removal of the 15K/$75 guaranteed upgrade since there’s no way to get an upgrade with Platinum unless flying to small markets (500 mile upgrade balance = 14 since April!). So free agency it is for 2018. I’m sure I’ll be flying a lot of short-haul WN and where it makes since I’ll buy up to first class on UA flights since the company pays for the coach fare (so much easier on UA vs AA). Not totally happy about this but AA has really disappointed with all the cuts. Doesn’t feel like status really matters anymore on AA or at least I can’t figure what it gets me other than free MCE seats.

  61. EQD = $7,300.
    EQM = 52k.

    Plat in the can, of course. However, not yet eligible for Plat Pro buy-up.

    Booked Flights over the next several weeks will add another $2,100 EQD and 17k EQM, leaving me about 6k short on EQM for Plat Pro. We’ll see what the buy-up will be.

  62. I’m at no status currently.

    EQD = $2845
    EQM = 16,910
    EQS = 24

    Upgrade to Gold = $395

    For me, a 4-6 segment mileage run will cost the same as the buy and a day out of my life. Have the AA Exec World Elite CC which already provide about half of the benefits of Gold status.

    Still, it’s tempting… upgrade potential and 40 percent spend improvement may be justified.

  63. Currently Plat. This year I switched my focus to AS thinking I would continue to enjoy a lot of the benefits of AA elite status and I’m now annoyed that the AA-AS relationship is falling apart.

    EQM = 10k
    EQD = $1400

    Upgrade to Gold: $749
    Upgrade to Plat: $1479

    I have a few more flights this year, so we’ll see if the offers budge. I have a lot of travel planned for next year and I don’t have time to do a MR, so if Gold does go down, I might be tempted. Biggest thing I’d miss is MCE.

  64. Checking through all the posts is helpful. I’m now at:
    EQD $12,524
    EQM 85,756
    EQS 39
    My renewal offer to EXP is $2,495.

    But, by Dec. 9 I will be at:
    EQD $13,584
    EQM 96,080
    EQS 43

    It appears from looking through all the posts here that once you’re hit enough EQDs and are within 5k on EQMs for EXP, the price is $1,395. That is steep! I think I’ll go ahead and buy that first class ticket tonight for a mileage run as it will only cost me a little over $600 and take an extra 24 hours of my time.

  65. EQD $26,251
    EQM 71,706
    EQS 91

    My offer to Executive Platinum was $3,575…

    I paid $1400 last year when I was at 104 segments to upgrade. It was completely worth it as I was upgraded on 90% of my flights. Not going to pay over $3,500 for it though. That is crazy.

  66. Update from last week

    Now I’m at
    EQD of $17,088
    EQM of 96,303

    EP buy up offer: $1295.

    Ridiculous. Totally ridiculous for someone way over EQD and fairly close in EQM.

    I’ll make it by the end of the year but definitely wouldn’t buy up.

  67. $5604 EQD
    44,808 EQM

    Offer to retain Platinum $995

    I hope they update the offer I have a flight next week that will put me over for EQD but 68 miles short for EQM’s…

  68. I haven’t held status before, and was working towards Gold since I only started traveling somewhat consistently since July, and totally on east coast-west coast trips.

    Prior to my final two trips from east coast-west coast, my offer was $895, ridiculous! After the first of the two trips, my offer went down to $575…still way too steep. After my second trip posted, I was only 64 EQDs short, with the EQMs satisfied, with nothing planned for the rest of the year. Had I known when I started traveling that any status was going to possible, I might would have planned my EQDs more carefully, but live and learn.

    My buy-up offer to Gold after my last trip posted was $235, and since the cheapest mileage runs from my small regional airport to anywhere were hovering around $200, I took the buy-up. I was planning to do the mileage/EQD run, but I’ll eat the extra $35 and save my Saturday. Honestly didn’t expect the buy-up to be close to that price point, so it’s definitely worth checking as your travel ticks down. I know this is only for the entry-level status, but considering what I’ll save in seat selections alone makes it worth it for the just the first 3 months of travel I have planned for next year.

  69. I’ve been travelling a bit between Norway and Brazil. Two of the times I booked economy and bumped up to business (8 times I have paid 500 USD that has not been registered), plus one first class and some business class trips on vacations, but unfortunately I didn’t know that the EQD and EQM was based on the booked ticket.

    So now I am left with this:

    EQD: 4976
    EQM: 76 905
    EQS: 18

    They offered me to pay 1235 USD to keep my Platinum. I have a trip to Asia on biz from 2-12 February , but since my status expires on 31st January 2018 I will book a ticket with a Star Alliance Carrier instead. The whole EQD aspect is BS to me.

  70. Currently PLT
    EQD: 9810
    EQM: 72868
    EQS: 22

    Already been checking flights and it will take roughly $250 r/t and a day of my life to make the EQM nut for PP. My offer was $995. Pass…

  71. Bought up to EXP last year for the perks. I’m short hauler so:
    91 segments
    67,897 EQM
    $14,177 EQD

    I had an offer for Pro (@$1.2k I think) 2 weeks ago when I was just shy of Pro but had planned flights so made that level. Now when I check no offer avail to me.

  72. Interesting that Virginia’s offer was
    EQM = 10k
    EQD = $1400
    Upgrade to Gold: $749
    Upgrade to Plat: $1479

    I just received the same offer to retain Platinum ($1479) and I have:
    EQM = 27k
    EQD = $5133

    So – $1479 must be their highest buy up, but seems ridiculous the offer would be the same for both of us.

  73. I earned Gold for 2017 from my multiple Chicago – London trips in 2016. This year had fewer trips so stand at:

    $2,324 EQD, 15,567 EQM & 8 EQS.

    Offer to retain gold is $749

    Really don’t want to do it but will be traveling to SE Asia in 2018 a few times and may.

  74. Quick update.

    Had been at:
    EQD = $7,300.
    EQM = 52k.

    No Plat Pro offer.

    After a couple of recent trips, I’m now at
    EQD = 9,012
    EQM = 66,009

    Plat Pro buy up offer of $1,345. No thanks. Besides, I have another trip soon, that will edge me closer on EQM, and which should (?) reduce the buy up offer. We’ll see.

  75. Is anyone actually tempted to pay up? I have to check my exact numbers, but I’m currently platinum and am just under qualifying for gold.

    offer $699 gold
    $1299 platinum

    I was actually tempted to pay for platinum, but I’ve been told that’s insane.

  76. Currently at 52,739 EQM and 7731 EQD with a recent upgrade to Platinum, but no offer available at this time. I won’t make Pro by EOY, so I am hoping I get an offer to check out, at the very least.

  77. Currently platinum. For the last few weeks have been sent emails to “retain my status”- as of today my offer is $795 to retain platinum.

    My current stats :
    EQD $8790
    EQM 49,737
    EQS 25

    For me it would make the most sense to take a short trip for the 263 EQM short that I am rather than pay to stay at my status.

    I have one big trip left in December which will be 4 or 6 segments,and at least 10K miles which in theory should mean I end up getting a Platinum Pro buy up offer, and I would decide if/when I got such an offer if it was worth it to me.

  78. Currently Platinum:

    EQD $8,006
    EQM 68,407
    EQS 34

    Offer is at $1,345 to reach Platinum Pro…however it has gone down after each flight I have made (think it was $2,499 a few weeks ago).There also seems to be a couple business days delay between what is posted in my AAdvantage account and the buy up website. I have a flight scheduled in a couple weeks that will add $470 EQDs and 4,802 EQMs so I am curious if the offer will decrease any further.

  79. At Exec Plat for this year. Got an offer, but made Plat Pro in the mean time for next (wanted $1000), now no offer on the table, but won’t make Exec plat this year. Phooey!

  80. Here’s my progression over the last few weeks:

    (1) EQD = 7,300.
    EQM = 52k.
    Segments = 28
    Re-qual for Plat. No Plat Pro offer.

    (2)EQD = 9,000
    EQM = 66,009
    Segments = 32
    Plat Pro buy up offer of $1,345.

    (3)EQD = 9,500
    EQM = 69,750
    Segments = 34
    Plat Pro buy up offer is now (drum roll) . . . $1,345. What?? Still?

    Well, looking at some prior posts, with my EQD, my guess is that I wouldn’t hit the next “cliff” until maybe 71-72k EQM, which might reduce the offer to $995.

    And this is probably not news to anyone, but I called the Plat service desk to ask whether they are provided details on criteria/weighting and corresponding pricing of buy up offers. Nope. The agent only was able to relay that “over 300” factors are used in the algorithm.

  81. I’ve been AA Platinum since late 2014 (via a successful Platinum challenge).

    2015 EQM = 77K (one year before Pro was offered)
    2016 EQM = 55K
    2017 YTD EQM = 52K with $4,757 EQD ($1243 short)

    Platinum offer = $1299

    not real happy with the lack of loyalty from AA towards me but I’m not surprised

  82. Just hit P Pro with last flight of the year this week:
    9,008 EQDs (good- planning- eh?)
    85,300 EQMs
    Emailed immediately with and offer of $3,155 to go to EXP
    The value they put one one full move up.

  83. John Q wrote that: I’m at no status currently.
    EQD = $2845
    EQM = 16,910
    EQS = 24
    Upgrade to Gold = $395

    I am also at no status currently.
    EQD = $5846
    EQM = 19,641
    EQS = 22
    Upgrade to Gold = $495

    Wondering why, if I have more EQD and EQM, is my offer 100.00 more? Can’t decide if it’s worth it, I have no more travel planned this year, so it appears that this is my only option to obtain status. Anybody have any success in getting the offer changed/reduced? (is that even in the realm of possibilities?)

  84. In 2017, you earned 9,945 EQDs, 40,453 EQMs and 38 EQSs.
    Advantage Platinum Total Cost….$1,195.
    Ridiculously high considering how much I flew last year. I was Platinum.

  85. Just looked at mine.
    2,987 EQDs, 16,587 EQMs and 9 EQSs.
    I checked out the cost to Gold and it is $495. I will probably not purchase it for now, as apparently I have through January 2020. Will reconsider if the cost goes down another $200.

  86. I was Gold for the first time ever last year. No qualifying miles or dollars this year, but I will be travelling for vacation a couple times. Offer for Gold @ 699. I’m considering it, since my next flight I could upgrade all four of us.

  87. November 30, 2018 –

    I upgraded to platinum last year but currently have: 2381 EQD, 30,000 EQM, 18 EQS. I was offered $799 to gold or $1595 to Platinum. Decided to fly first class before December 31, 2018 to get to gold status before the end of year and hopefully they will reduce my platinum upgrade to a manageable amount.

  88. No overseas trips in 2018 has sunk me. Just can’t the shorter trips to add up.

    6341 EQD
    33,671 EQM
    31 EQS

    Cost to upgrade to keep Platinum $1,389!!

    I could fly AA 2 more times before the end of the year, but only will get to 41,500 EQM, so would still be $899 to upgrade.

    Now I am deciding to just fly United next week from DC to CA to get better itinerary, and next year probably look to get my status on United. Too bad, AA. If the offer had been reasonable you would have had $1,200 more in tickets before the end of 2018, a reasonable upgrade fee and all my business in 2019.

    I am so sick of this.

  89. $12,460 EQDs – 94,791 EQMs – 24 EQSs

    For those extra 5209 EQMs that they know I have paid for and I’m in the middle of a round trip where I will end up with $15,000 EQDs and 115,000 EQMs they want $1,799.

    The guys are crooked – I bet they would never pay back the money when I qualified.

  90. EQD: 4,400 / 3,000 (Met)
    EQM: 24,700 / 25,000
    EQS: 27 / 30

    Offer is $495 for gold when I have 4 full-fare first class segments ticketed to get me home for Christmas. (So they know I’ll hit the EQMs and EQSs anyway).

    I just travel for leisure (not work) and there are practically zero benefits to gold status: you can get the free checked bags with credit card, the 500 mile upgrades are impossible to use flying between major hubs (the few times I have booked economy fare I’ve have 20-40 people ahead of me on the upgrade list), and while my credit card also gets me Admiral’s Club access, that membership too can be purchased to not much more than the card fee.

    2019 is the year I’m cashing in all my AA miles for flights, cancelling the AAdvantage card and moving on to greener pastures. Adios, American.

  91. I have no current elite status.

    Currently have a boost offer to Gold: $335

    This was made on 12/12. This offer to upgrade to Gold was before my last trip of the year was completed.

    EQD: $2,641
    EQM: 16,288
    EQS: 21

    As of 12/31 I have:

    EQD: $3,178
    EQM: 22,395
    EQS: 26

    Will it possibly go down? I’m holding out but I am about to start weekly trips from DFW to ATL the second week of January..I’d hope to decide prior to that.

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