Lufthansa Is Now Selling Access To Their First Class Lounges

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Airlines are increasingly creating an “a la carte” experience, not just in economy, but also in premium cabins. As one example, many airlines sell access to their first class lounges:

Well, Lufthansa has just announced that they’re selling access to their first class lounges in Frankfurt and Munich. However, there are a few important terms associated with it:

So, how much is Lufthansa charging Senator members for access to their first class lounges?

  • 249EUR if in business class
  • 299EUR if in premium economy
  • 149EUR for an additional guest in business class
  • 199EUR for an additional guest in premium economy

With that pricing I don’t think the lounges are at risk of being overcrowded (at least more so than they are right now). While Lufthansa has some great first class lounges, that’s some steep pricing, especially when you consider that these people already have access to the Senator Lounge.

To take advantage of this, eligible passengers should just show up at the lounge, and their credit card will be swiped at check-in.

This is being marketed as a “promotion,” though I’m curious to see if it’s expanded on a greater scale later on.

At what price would you buy access to the Lufthansa first class lounge?

(Tip of the hat to YHBU and FrankfurtFlyer)

  1. I’d pay that for FCT, but not ‘just’ their F lounge. Although I’m also not a Senator. Maybe if they open up to *G?

  2. These prices are ridiculous… I dont expect too many people will go for it.

    Emirates pricing and policy seems more sensible to me.

  3. This is a major waste of money IMHO. Why not spending them at a hotel or a very nice restaurant? And I really wonder who’s the target group with all these restrictions – must be Senator, not in FCT etc. In a nutshell: nonsense.

  4. It would be cheaper to buy access to the VIP-TERMINAL in Munich. The lounge it self may be only on Business class level, but you go through customs there and get driven to the plane.

  5. It’s not worth it in terms of value, but they’ll be some clowns that want the exclusivity of first class that fly on business class tickets (probably courtesy of the company) that will pony up for it

  6. The fact that they restrict it to senators means this is targeted at travelers on routes without first. For example if you where used to flying out of YUL with first, you might want to keep the F ground experience.

  7. As much as I love the FC services offered by LH, if I were in C, I don’t think I would pay those prices. Then again, I’m not SEN …. so I am not the target anyway.

  8. You got me all excited there for a moment, until I saw the prices (gulp)! Have spent some lengthy times in FRA in both the FCT and FCL. Even though they are very nice they won’t be swiping my credit card any time soon.

  9. Lucky, do not know where to ask this one, this might not be the perfect venue. Can you have La Premiere even if you only have Flying Blue Ivory (lowest of the low)?

  10. I guess it depends how much champagne and caviar you can hoover down in a couple of hours. For most people it cannot possibly be worth it, especially since you will get decent food and wine for free on board. But heck, I’d give it a good shot at getting my money’s worth – I can drink a lot without getting snockered and a couple of bottles of champers at $100 a bottle?

  11. T,

    Don’t know. Some F lounges do, but not in “all you can eat” mode anyway. I’ve had it on Emirates and JAL.

    I guess I’m just saying that, if I had to, I could get my money’s worth out of this.

  12. I never have seen caviar and accompaniments on the lounge menu. I have, however, had caviar sprinkles on my scrambled eggs in FCT.

  13. So useless. Who’s gonna spend almost 400 USD to sit in some lounge if you’re already Senator and flying biz. Sorry but there’s better ways to throw out money.

  14. So what if you are travelling on an intercontinental LH F award flight with the lowest LH Miles & Smiles membership? I’m guessing it would get you into an F lounge even in FRA? Would be mightily p****d if you didn’t !!

  15. How about going to the top restaurant at the airport and paying about €100 for a first rate meal? Save €200 and skip the shower.

  16. I think it is a greate offering.
    I travel often in First Class and miss the First Class lounge on flights with no First Class service (which are the new standard for LH).
    I would gladly pay for every flight and hope LH will make this promotion a permanent arrangement.

  17. Asking people here if they would pay for that is like asking people here if they’d pay retail price for F.

    The people who pay cash for international F don’t read this blog; the target market for that product aren’t biz passengers either… them folks are flying private jets.

  18. This could be worth it for a long layover connecting to a long flight while traveling with an SO. Drink lots of champagne, have a flight of scotch, take a shower, and enjoy the wienerschnitzel. It’s not too big a deal if you look at this like a fuel surcharge.

  19. If they had some live music in there–maybe a bassoon quartet, or a tuba trio, or something to get folks in there for that price. wowsers.

  20. I suspect the main audience might be people who are meeting other people who are already in the first class lounge. A couple hundred bucks to spend time with clients/customers who fly first class is probably well worth it. Or maybe your assistant flies business while you fly first class.

  21. Typical corporate arrogance from LH. No one in their right mind should pay 300 USD to sit their bottom down on a chair for an hour or so in their F class lounge when they can put that same bottom for free in the Senator lounge . I guess corporate is trying to reel in all those “wannabes”
    that may be out there. Well they are not getting my bottom.

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