Brilliant Consumerist story

Check out this awesome Consumerist story about a guy that chose to voice his displeasure to a rude passenger in a rather unique way. Kudos to him for actually confronting a rude passenger. I try to do the same thing. Once in a while I’ll even take it upon myself to enforce the “quiet room” rules at the Red Carpet Club. šŸ˜‰

(Tip of the hat to Nadia)

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  1. On a very crowded flight the man in front of me dragged a very oversized bag and left it on the floor. I don’t know why he was allowed to board the plane with it. He demanded that the flight attendant store the bag. She told him it would have to be checked, and please take it to the front of the plane. He refused. Several flight attendants dragged it. The delay was about 15 minutes, causing the pilot to have to submit a new flight plan, delaying us even more.

    After all of this was done, I told the man in a loud voice that I didn’t mind this, since I had no connecting flight, but I hoped that he did. Several smiles from other passengers ensued.

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