BREAKING: EVA Air Hello Kitty Plane Getting New Pillow Covers

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It’s no secret that I’m basically a pre-teen girl. I love Hello Kitty, One Direction, and Taylor Swift (or TSwizzle, as I like to call her).

So naturally EVA Air’s Hello Kitty service combines two of my biggest loves in life — aviation and animated cats that lack mouths.


Last August EVA Air announced that they’d be inaugurating Hello Kitty service to Los Angeles, and I knew I had to be on it.

So last October I flew not one, but two, Hello Kitty flights. One from Tokyo Narita to Taipei on the Hello Kitty Speed Puff Jet, and one from Taipei to Los Angeles on the Hello Kitty Sanrio Family Jet.


I’m not sure which flight I preferred more, or if the Hello Kitty gate at Taipei Airport was the highlight.


Anyway, if you’re an EVA Air Hello Kitty Sanrio Family enthusiast, I know what you’ve been thinking — man, those pillow cases are drab.


Apparently EVA Air agrees, because they’re launching new pillowcases on the Sanrio Family Jet!!!!

The EVA Air Hello Kitty Hand in Hand Jet is now more colorful and cheerful than ever thanks to the introduction of new pillow covers featuring the cute cartoon feline and other Sanrio family characters.


Now that’s what I’m talking about! Now I’ll have to find a way to position myself to Taipei so I can fly to Hello Kitty-Con Los Angeles in style, come October.

  1. I will be flying Hello Kitty late next week. Will these cases be rolled out by then? Oh the anticipation!

  2. I honestly couldn’t care less about Hello Kitty myself but considering the appeal this apparently has for little girls and gay men I’m rather surprised that both JL and NH dropped the ball on this. Did they perform market research that indicated straight men might seek to avoid overly cute aircraft?

    Although I’ve found myself on various “special livery” aircraft over the years none of them actually bothered to augment the interior or enhance the service in any appreciable sense. In some cases I didn’t even realize I was on a special livery until I was disembarking.

    Is Eva Air just that much more forward thinking or is there a reason most airlines seem hesitant to explore the potential of collaboration at the service and amenity levels? Are there other airlines that focus on the on-board experience as well the paint scheme? Inquiring minds want to know.

  3. no news on matching duvets? i imagine they will be collecting the pillows prior to landing to avoid passengers from borrowing them for personal use 😉

  4. Ben – did u see tuxedo sam when you were onboard? On your photos i saw little twin stars, my melody and badtzmaru but no tuxedo sam or keroppi.

  5. I applaud airlines who make an effort to add a little flair and differentiation to air travel which is essentially a commodity product. Whether it is Hello Kitty, Virgin’s mood lighting/stars/bar, or a special Tomorrowland-themed flight, I think it sets a tone for the overall customer experience and says “Hey, we’re a little different than those other guys who take their cues from Greyhound Bus”. If I had a choice between a Hello Kitty flight to Asia and some mundane carrier like United, and the prices were relatively close, I’m probably gonna choose “fun” over “boring” every time. I’m certainly not a fan of Hello Kitty nor a member of the demographics that Dax mentioned, but I am a fan of a good memorable flight experience. If that involves a Hello Kitty pillow, so be it!

  6. To quote you on one of your recent posts “first world problems” indeed. I’m sorry Ben but scheduling a flight halfway around the world just to check out a new “Hello Kitty pillow” is a little over the top. Not that we won’t appreciate the review but why not go into more adventurous journeys, after all I do appreciate the fact that you’ve for out of your way to give us some great and unusual trip reporta recently. But hey man, if you really like Hello Kitty that much, do it. Whatever floats your boat mate.

  7. Lucky, you are too cute and the 12-year-old girl aspect of your personality is one of the things that makes this blog a pleasant read. Please ignore the shade throwers and keep including these fun little tidbits. Besides, who gon’ check you boo? 😉

  8. Maybe you can stop in BKK on the way there so you can expedite the sex change operation. That way your readers won’t get confused why a grown up male is looking to be/act like a girl….

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