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The Cheapest Flight I Have Ever Taken

Hello from London! I'm finally back after four months of traveling. I have a few debriefing posts about the trip I'll do in the next few days including my experience island hopping around the Caribbean. I've held British Airways Executive Club Silver…

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Dal A220

Delta Apologizes For Bizarre In Flight Dating Initiative

Last month Delta started supplying new Diet Coke branded napkins for passengers in flight. Nothing unusual about that, but what did raise eyebrows was the unusual instructions on and purpose for these napkins (beyond their normal use). They encouraged…

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Virgin Australia 777

Virgin Australia Announces New CEO

Last year I wrote about my frustrations with Virgin Australia as a long time, very loyal customer. I suggested that the current CEO, John Borghetti, had done as much as he could with the airline, and it was time for someone new to come in and take his…

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Ryanair 737

Ryanair CEO Changing Roles As Group Restructures

Michael O'Leary is the infamous and eclectic CEO of low cost carrier Ryanair, which by passengers carried is the largest airline in Europe (low cost or otherwise). Here's a standard image of him at a press conference: Mr. O'Leary has been in the role…

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Alitalia 777

Excellent Alitalia Business Class Fares From Paris To Tokyo

As I've written about before, discounted premium fares between major cities in, say, Europe and Asia are less common than premium fares between more obscure cities. You may be flying on a good carrier between two continents, but neither origin or destination…

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Air France Hop Business Class – 30

Air France Renaming Regional Airline, ‘HOP!’

Many airlines have regional brands that are closely connected to their larger 'mainline' brand. Qantas has QantasLink, Lufthansa has Lufthansa Regional, KLM has KLM Cityhopper, etc. These regional brands usually operate smaller aircraft than their mainline…

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Lufthansa First Class A380 – 35

When Should You Buy Miles?

You will often see posts here at OMAAT about airlines and hotels selling miles at discounted rates. Before I discovered OMAAT many years ago, I thought the only way to acquire miles was to earn them through traveling or spending lots. But selling miles…

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Bahrain Boeing Dive

Bahrain Submerging A 747 Underwater For Scuba Divers

I've been snorkelling many times, and always enjoyed it. In Turks and Caicos last month, I managed to see five sting rays and a turtle at once, which was amazing. I've thought constantly about taking the next step to scuba diving -- the only thing stopping…

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Air New Zealand Link Atr72 500 Zk Mcj Nz5202 Npe >akl Arr Akl

Air New Zealand Refunds Passengers After Severe Turbulence

If you fly regularly, you've probably experienced significant turbulence before. I notice it the most when ascending or descending through clouds, and it's usually over quickly. Even though I've taken hundreds of flights without incident, the experience…

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Paradee Resort Koh Samet Thailand Beach New 7317

My Five Favourite Beaches Around The World

I love just about nothing more to relax than lying in the sunshine on a beautiful beach in an exotic location. A lot of my travel for most of my adult life has revolved around seeking out some of the most beautiful beaches I can find around the world.…

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Royal Brunei (Re)Launching Flights To Brisbane

Royal Brunei Airlines is a small boutique airline based in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei. They only have 14 aircraft, yet are known, at least in Australian frequent flyer circles, for a few key reasons: -- Flying from Melbourne to London (their only two…

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