Asiana A380 Seatmap And Destinations

About a month ago I wrote a post about speculatively trying to lock in Asiana A380 award seats. We knew Asiana would take delivery of their first A380 in the second quarter of 2014, though knew nothing beyond that. I speculated that they would first fly their A380 to Tokyo and Hong Kong for training and familiarization flights, and guessed that their first longhaul A380 destination would be Los Angeles, since it’s the only destination to which they currently have twice daily service.

Anyway, while we still don’t have concrete dates, there’s a Wall Street Journal article quoting Asiana’s CEO about their future A380 plans.

Asiana will take delivery of a total of six A380s — two in June of this year, two next year, and two in 2017.

Their first longhaul destination will be Los Angeles, and that service should start as of July (though we don’t know the specific date yet, whether it’s the beginning or end of the month). So if everything goes as planned, I’d say if you’re booked on OZ201/202 in August or later you’ll almost certainly have the A380. Their future longhaul A380 destinations will include New York and Frankfurt. However, it will likely be next year before we see A380 service to one of those cities, and 2017 before we see A380 service to the other.

I would expect before they begin service to Los Angeles, they’ll be doing some flights to Tokyo and Hong Kong with the A380, specifically the ones that are currently operated by the 747.

I assume a lot of people redeemed miles for Asiana first class right before the United MileagePlus devaluation, so award space isn’t amazing on the route at the moment, though there are still some first class award seats.

Asiana-A380-Award-1 has also posted Asiana’s A380 seatmap. The plane will consist of 495 seats, including 12 first class seats on the lower deck, 66 business class seats on the upper deck, and 417 economy seats (106 on the upper deck and 311 on the lower deck).


First class should be the “First Suite Class” product, which is a fully enclosed suite, as the name suggests.

Meanwhile business class should be the “Business Smartium Class” product, which features fully flat seats with direct aisle access.

So, anyone booked in Asiana first class between Los Angeles and Seoul in August or later? 🙂

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  1. And yes, Jimmy from Points Pros booked us on OZ ex-LAX for the fall. YES! Whatever you’re paying him, it’s not enough. 🙂

  2. Booked on OZ 201 in October in First Class using UAL miles and will keep my fingers crossed that is the A380.

  3. FYI. Infant/child under 7 years old traveling unaccompanied, or any adult traveling with an infant/child under 7 years old, cannot redeem a First Class mileage ticket (including upgrade) on Asiana.

  4. Hi, I’m new (as of this weekend), and love your blog… may I ask the website you got the award availability screen grabs? Thanks!

  5. Booked To LAX in mid December in F with UA miles. Fingers crossed. This is my back up flight in case the EY deal from last week CMB to DFW in F doesn’t pan out. If it does tough decision.

  6. Booked 2 First Class seats via United for travel in November to Phuket via Seoul. Have flown Asiana 747 First several times…really hoping this time the A380 will be my aircraft.

  7. We’re booked on OZ201 in August in F. Redeemed UA miles before the devaluation in hopes that this would happen. Now let’s hope things stay on schedule. 🙂

    Thanks for the heads up!

  8. My wife and I flew last November the First Suite Class from ICN to JFK. Amazing product, service was great, and food was very good.

    @Papa Smurf: yes, but the suite on our B777 experince was not completely enclosed as it did not reach the “ceiling”.

  9. @Papa Smurf, sorry for my previous, it is not like the SQ if you are thinking about having a king size bed for the 2 of you. The sats are divided.

  10. Assume they’ll also operate some short/mid haul flights as well once the LAX service starts? That’s a 12-13 hour flight, which means it requires 2 aircraft, and possibly up to 11-12 hours on the ground in ICN if it’s only operating ICN-LAX-ICN… Easily enough time to do NRT, HKG, PVG, PEK, etc

  11. Yep-booked 201/202 for October (before devaluation), based solely on your (likely correct) speculation. Plus, I want to try the PH Seoul.

  12. Per @Justin’s comment, isn’t it possible this will actually only be on certain days (maybe 3x weekly?) due to the impossibility of turning one plane around? Is Asiana really getting two A380’s delivered by then?

  13. @ Ben Hughes — I believe they should actually have two A380s by June, so they should be able to do the route daily by sometime in July.

  14. Ive been watching the Incheon to JFK flights and in November there appears to be an equipment change to the 777-200 instead of the 777ER300 they are using with the suites. Guys on FT were speculating that this was because they were going to move the service to the LAX route while they transitioned to the A380. Now they are saying they will have the A380 up and running by June. I wonder what that means for the JFK route. Also I wonder which of the two routes is Asianas flagship route to the USA. It has to be LAX from the volume but maybe not?

  15. Ooooh.. I really hope they do NRT-ICN on the A380. I’m booked in F on the 747 on that route September 24th, connecting to 77W OZ Suite ICN-JFK. I can only dream of deplaning a A380 short-haul Suite only to board a 77W long-haul Suite…

  16. Is there some trick to choose seats on the asiana site, we are on first class lax/tpe/hkt in sept, and so far no luck viewing out choice of seats on the asiana site.

    maybe our last chance to fly on a 747 for the lax/tpe segment.

  17. @David I’ve been watching JFK-ICN as well, and I believe that it will stay with the suites. When I originally booked that flight, UA was showing it as 777-200 non-suites. However I looked at it recently and now that flight is showing as 777-300ER on united and ExpertFlyer seatmaps have been updated to reflect the suites configuration (new biz).

  18. Interesting. I’ve got nrt-icn in C booked for early July. It was a UA 777 but now a UA 738. I’ve also had a schedule change and was thinking of trying to get on a similarly times OZ flight, maybe it’d be really worth it!

  19. Used award booking service (Matthew is AWESOME!) to get on OZ flights LAX-ICN and back in October, two adults in F, two in C.

    Can’t recommend enough, have tried ALL the other booking services (even Lucky’s) and none could do what he’s done for me, particularly the swift response times.

  20. What’s the best way to access OZ F now that Chase UR and United miles have been devalued? Any way besides spending the ridiculous UA partner award miles?

  21. @ V — Using Ultimate Rewards that’s your best option, since United is their only Star Alliance transfer partner. While it wouldn’t utilize those points, maybe consider buying Avianca Lifemiles the next time they have a sale, as they have reasonable redemption rates on Asiana and don’t impose fuel surcharges.

  22. I booked 2 one way tickets to Burma on Dec 30 with 2 stopovers ( less than 24 hrs):
    LAX-ICN (OZ201) Asiana, spend newyears eve in Seoul. Continue on Jan1 : ICN- HKG on Thai (business,777-200) and HKG- BKK on Thai (first, 747) spend the night in BKK, and Jan 2nd BKK-RGN on Thai (business).
    70,000 UAL miles each plus $11.70 in taxes.

  23. FYI, looks like there is 1st saver space on OZ201 on July 31st – possibly the inaugural LAX-ICN A380 flight! Someone take it!

  24. @ MikeY — They haven’t yet made the A380 service official. Once they officially load it into the schedule I’ll post again.

  25. I just got off the phone with United reservations rejiggering my award flight to Asia later this year to get onto OZ201 F from ICN to LAX.

    For the outbound flights, we got LH441 J from IAH to FRA and then TG931 F from CDG to BKK.

    I’m crossing my fingers that space in LH first opens up so that we could compare Lufthansa, Thai and Asiana A380 first class products in one trip.

  26. According to OZ’s website, starting from Aug.15, OZ will operate OZ201/2 with A380 instead of 744 and the departure time has been changed to 14:50. However, they haven’t posted the official seat configuration yet.

  27. Tommy

    thanks for the info, we are on oz201 on 30 sept, the reservation via the united site still shows 747 at 13:10.
    maybe it is still in the planning stages

    I am excited to try the new a380, but still a bit sad it would be our last change on the 747

  28. Yes! We are booked to DPS by way of ICN on OZ in first class on 19 Aug. I have already been notified by OZ that there will be a change of aircraft and we will be up front on the lower level in suites. I had No idea I would end up in a 380. Lucky break. Got the tickets in January. Thanks for the seat map! Mark in LA

  29. Yup, Im on OZ202 in Dec ICN-LAX booked on United, switched to A380 a while back. Looking forward to trying the First Suite!

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