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For our one night stay in Narita we decided to book the ANA Crowne Plaza Narita, which is an IHG property. In the past I’ve always stayed at the Hilton Narita, but I figured I’d try something new, just to compare. The rate for our one night stay was ~$120.

Our flight from Dallas was arriving shortly after 4PM, while we were flying the following morning at 11:20AM to Colombo.

As usual at Narita, clearing customs and immigration took a while, though it wasn’t as what I’ve dealt with some other times. The ANA Crowne Plaza Narita offers a complimentary shuttle service, which departs from bus stop 16 in Terminal 1, and bus stop 25 in Terminal 2.

So we headed straight outside to bus stop 25.

ANA Crowne Plaza Narita shuttle stop

For what it’s worth, here’s the current shuttle schedule for the hotel (we made the 4:50PM shuttle):

As you’d expect in Japan, the bus pretty consistently runs exactly on schedule, since tardiness is basically a crime in Japan.

The shuttle is actually a shared service with the Narita View Hotel, so first it’s about a 15 minute drive to that hotel, and then from there it’s only a short drive to the Crowne Plaza.

The ANA Crowne Plaza has a perfectly lovely lobby with lots of seating, but there’s something about the public areas that almost made me feel like I was in a hotel in Pyongyang. That’s not intended as an insult, but rather all the public spaces were consistently eerily empty, aside from the staff lined up waiting for guests.

ANA Crowne Plaza Narita lobby

ANA Crowne Plaza Narita reception

Our check-in process took quite a while, though eventually we were assigned a room. We were informed that we had been upgraded to a junior suite on account of my IHG Platinum status (you can get IHG Platinum status just for having the IHG® Rewards Club Premier Credit Card) — cool!

We were assigned room 1622, on the 16th floor. For what it’s worth, the hotel has a total of 17 floors.

ANA Crowne Plaza Narita hallway

ANA Crowne Plaza Narita room exterior

Inside the entrance to the room was a desk with an office chair.

ANA Crowne Plaza Narita junior suite desk

On the side of the desk was a coffee machine, kettle, two bottles of water, and the minibar.

ANA Crowne Plaza Narita junior suite coffee machine & water

ANA Crowne Plaza Narita junior suite minibar

For a junior suite this was quite a large room, though I can’t say it was especially luxuriously furnished. The furniture was just very… bleh.

ANA Crowne Plaza Narita junior suite living room

ANA Crowne Plaza Narita junior suite living room

There was a TV in the center of the room, and that could be rotated so you could also view it from the bedroom. The room was the size of a standard suite, except there was no door separating the living room and bedroom.

ANA Crowne Plaza Narita junior suite

ANA Crowne Plaza Narita junior suite bedroom

Well, at this point we found out that we had been assigned a room with two double beds. We had booked a room with one bed, but I guess we were “upgraded” to one with two beds — I feel like that would have been a useful thing for them to clarify.

ANA Crowne Plaza Narita junior suite bedroom

There was a large room with doors from both the living room and bedroom which had a vanity in it.

ANA Crowne Plaza Narita junior suite vanity

Then the door to the bathroom was in that room. It sure would have been nicer if they made the bathroom bigger, rather than just having this huge unused space (though presumably, that would have also been more expensive).

The bathroom had a shower/tub combo, as well as a sink and toilet.

ANA Crowne Plaza Narita junior suite bathroom

ANA Crowne Plaza Narita junior suite bathroom

Toiletries were in reusable containers, and at least smelled pretty good.

ANA Crowne Plaza Narita junior suite toiletries

Ford and I spent some time working, and the Wi-Fi was fast and free, which was appreciated. While we had aspirations of making it to the karaoke bar near Narita (mostly frequented by crew), we were tired, and instead just had an early dinner at the hotel before going to sleep. We ate at Cafe Ceres, which is the hotel’s restaurant on the lobby level.

There’s also a coffee shop just outside the restaurant, should you just want to grab a drink.

ANA Crowne Plaza Narita Cafe Ceres

The restaurant was quite empty, and the entire time we were there we just saw two other guests, and I’m pretty sure both were pilots, based on their familiarity with the staff at the hotel.

ANA Crowne Plaza Narita Cafe Ceres

The menu read as follows:

I made the mistake of ordering the vegetable curry, which I didn’t enjoy at all. It was watery and barely had any vegetables, and was significantly worse than what I had on my JAL flight.

ANA Crowne Plaza Narita dining

We also had a Japanese dessert, which was not bad.

ANA Crowne Plaza Narita dining

We went to bed after dinner and woke up at 3 AM, so decided to go to the gym. The gym is open 24/7, though you have to walk outside along the building to access it. We didn’t initially realize this, and given that it was below freezing, we weren’t properly prepared for that.

ANA Crowne Plaza Narita gym

ANA Crowne Plaza Narita gym

ANA Crowne Plaza Narita gym

After working out we figured we might as well head to the airport so we could get some coffee. I’d note that at check-out I was asked whether I wanted to pay in USD or JPY. You should always pay in local currency, though I appreciated the screen’s transparency in just how bad of a deal it is to pay in USD, as they acknowledge there’s a 5% markup.

ANA Crowne Plaza Narita current conversion markup

ANA Crowne Plaza Narita bottom line

Ultimately the ANA Crowne Plaza Narita met our needs — it had a free shuttle, was close to the airport, and it had a gym and functioning Wi-Fi. However, this hotel is outdated, and we found the restaurant to be pretty bad, based on the limited things we tried there.

I’m happy to have tried something different, but next time I’m definitely staying at the Hilton Narita instead (or just avoiding Narita overnights altogether, since it’s not like the Hilton is actually nice either).

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  1. Yikes on the shuttle frequency. I always think that airport hotels should run a shuttle a minimum of every 15-20 minutes. 30 minute frequencies just don’t cut it and can add a significant amount of time and annoyance upon arrival to what should be an efficient process. This is one of the reasons I always try to book an in-terminal hotel where available (I believe Narita does not have one).

  2. Lame that they don’t have an on-site sento bath like most of the competing business-oriented hotels do. The 24-hour convenience store in the lobby is nice, tho.

  3. Hi,
    I’ve stayed a couple of times at this property when the Hilton (my usual go to hotel) rate’s were too high.
    Your comment on the lobby – it really depends on when you are there. Later in the evening/night, it does get busy and of course during the early morning rush hour.
    As for the hotel deco/furnishing, indeed, it is old and not really up to date – but I guess can be said about the Hilton. This to me is very typical Japanese – if it ain’t broken, why renovate.


  4. Narita seems to have very mediocre airport hotels, mostly aging sub-standard 4-stars. Does anyone have an opinion on what the best airport hotel is there?

  5. Narita is very convenient for an overnight stay. Not these “airport hotels” in the middle of nowhere, but the hotels in Narita town. The town is a quick train ride away (one station, frequent departures; a lot more frequent than this airport shuttle) and you’ve got several hotels right next to the station. Those hotels are impeccably clean, as you would expect, and they charge a fraction of the cost mentioned here. In the mornings, they offer free shuttles to the airport, or you can take the train again.

    In Narita town, you’ve got a bunch of authentic Japanese restaurants, a nice shopping street and a large temple area at the other end of this street. It’ll keep you busy for a day if needed.

  6. the good thing about this hotels is they have Japanese style room which fairly priced and very good for family. Hilton doesn’t have that option so for a family of 4 we have to book 2 rooms

    This hotel also has a pool but someone was at the door to check people in and it close very early ( 8pm? ) so we didn’t get to use it. It should just open 24 hour like most US hotels.

  7. I’ve stayed here and it serves its purpose. No frills hotel to stay overnight when transiting through Narita. Hotel shuttle makes it easy. The rooms are def dated and hotel had a weird vibe as Lucky mentioned.

  8. Here is my experience with this property as a Platinum Ambassador: I booked a breakfast rate for 2 adults and 2 children (ages 7 & 10) for a total of 4 registered guests for one night layover. Total $176 all in. Spent $70 on a lousy dinner at the property restaurant buffet because it was too cold and dark to go anywhere. At checkout, they demanded that I pay for the children’s breakfast too. I pushed back as my rate was a breakfast one for 4 people. The FD caved in but they said that they will give it to us for free! It wasn’t much (about $25) but I protested on principal that I did not need their “freebie” and that I pay my own way. Others have told me later that this is the way it’s in Japan even if I stayed at the nearby Hilton. I disagree as Hilton Diamonds usually get lounge access and thus no need for breakfast rate. Overall nice property, airport shuttle, and good upgrade to a Jr. Suite with double beds as shown above, but useless vanity! The food (the reason for our stay there), as Lucky says, is not recommended!

    So, beware if you traveling with kids in/thru Japan!

  9. Richmond Hotel Narita in town is the best option. As Daniel mentions, quick and easy from the airport to get to town.

    Hilton is an overpriced dump!

  10. Hilton is just as bad. There is really no good option at Narita. I mean, none of them are horrible. Just basic and boring.

  11. I was here in January. Your room was a massive upgrade over the base room.

    I think you just ordered unfortunately in the restaurant. I had some really excellent udon and tempura.

    Overall I was happy with my experience here. Service was nice and room met basic needs. Day room rate was quite reasonable.

  12. Looking at that menu (and prices) is it any wonder that the restaurant was practically deserted?
    I stayed at the Nikko Narita just 2 nights ago, and I’m sure you would have enjoyed it more. I have stayed there twice now, and think it wins hands down for a Narita hotel.

  13. that vegetable curry does not enterprise the taste buds at all. definitely have not seen this in the many years living in Shanghai with Japanese friends and during travels to Japan.

    thanks for taking this one upon yourself, Ben! appreciate it 🙂

  14. I agree with glenn to stay nikko narita.
    The price, room, restaurant, shuttle bus, everything is better than Ana crown and Hilton.
    Especially breakfast.

  15. You were lucky to get an ugrade. I am a Platinum member for years and stayed a couple of times in this hotel (the Hilton always was much more expensive) and they have never ugraded me, yet.

  16. That must be pretty representative of ANA CPs in general. My stay at the one in Kobe was very similar. Dated interior, though perfectly serviceable stay.

  17. I stayed at this property for 3 nights (i.e. rooms 1615 and 1218), almost the same time that Ben’s stay. I had been extremely disappointed with the guest room cleanliness (i.e. including blood stains on the bed runners, multiple stains on the chair and intolerable dirty bathroom) and the general maintenance of the room. I feedback to the Duty Manager Yogi (he was present at my room and witnessed all disgusting issues and apologized several times); then to the FOM Minoru and eventually the GM Paul Tsuji, but no shortfalls recovery was accorded, merely verbal apology and explained that their housekeeping staff are all out-sourced and could not keep up to the required standard at times). I have found that it is unfair to any paying guest to accept these poor standards, I provided thorough written feedback with photos as evidence and emailed to IHG Customers Resolution unit, and the officer treated my genuine feedback seriously and both Customers Delight and recovery was immediately performed. My humble sharings. Tq

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