Pictures Of The New Amex Centurion Lounges In Hong Kong & Philadelphia

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There are two Amex Centurion Lounge openings coming up in the near future, in Hong Kong and Philadelphia. It looks like we now have more accurate information as to when these two lounges will open.

The Centurion Lounge Hong Kong opens October 2, 2017

As I wrote about a couple of days ago, the Amex Centurion Lounge Hong Kong will be opening in October, and it looks like it will possibly be the nicest non-US Centurion Lounge (in my experience the non-US locations generally aren’t as nice as the US locations).

We now know exactly when this lounge will open. Per a press release from Amex, the Centurion Lounge Hong Kong will be opening this coming Monday, October 2, 2017. Typically when I hear a lounge is opening in October I expect it to be October 31, so it’s nice to see that it’s actually opening early in the month.

Here’s how American Express describes the amenities of this 8,000 square foot lounge:

  • A premium buffet featuring both locally and internationally inspired dishes.
    • Example menu items include French toast with maple syrup and mixed berry compote, assorted Dim Sum baskets, stir-fried rice with eggs, mushrooms and vegetables, chicken congee, gnocchi with Pomodoro sauce, pan fried sole fillet with caper cream sauce, and vanilla mango panna cotta.
  • A complimentary full bar with custom cocktails created by renowned mixologist Jim Meehan and wine selections handpicked by renowned wine authority Anthony Giglio*
  • Private phone areas and a meeting room, plus a workspace outfitted with a computer bar
  • Restrooms and a private shower suite outfitted with L’Occitane amenities
  • A private area exclusively available for Centurion Members and their guests, which will offer access to a dedicated Member Services Professional to help with any specific travel, reservation or card services requests
  • The private Centurion area will also feature an a la carte menu designed by Michelin star chef, Lau Yiu Fai of Yan Toh Heen at the InterContinental Hong Kong.
    • Chef Lau’s menu will offer Cantonese dishes such as baked pork in puff pastry, crispy spring rolls with kimchi and pork, crispy fresh prawns with black truffles, braised wagyu beef cheek and turnip, barbecued pork with honey and steamed rice, and baked egg tartlettes with bird’s nest, among others.

Here are some pictures of the new lounge, courtesy of American Express:

The Centurion Lounge Philadelphia opens “in the coming weeks”

The looming question has been when the Centurion Lounge Philadelphia will open. Currently the US Centurion Lounge locations include DallasHoustonLas VegasMiamiNew YorkSan Francisco, and Seattle, and we were expecting the new lounge in Philadelphia to open this summer, though as usual, there are often delays when it comes to construction.

It looks like we have an update on that as well. The Centurion Lounge Philadelphia is expected to open in the coming weeks, by late October, I’m told. While no exact date has been given yet, I’d expect it to be right around the end of the month. It’s at least good to know that they’re targeting October, and that there aren’t further delays.

Here’s how American Express describes the amenities of this roughly 6,300 square foot lounge:

  • An Israeli-inspired food menu designed by four-time James Beard Award winning Israeli Cuisine Pioneer, Chef Michael Solomonov
  • A complimentary full bar with custom cocktails created by renowned mixologist Jim Meehan and wine selections handpicked by renowned wine authority Anthony Giglio*
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows with expansive internal and external views
  • Essentials for business and leisure travelers alike, including dedicated workspaces, power outlets, private phone areas, comfortable seating and access to high-speed Wi-Fi

Here’s a rendering of the lounge, courtesy of American Express:

Bottom line

I can’t wait to check out both of these new Centurion Lounges, which look promising. As a reminder, Centurion Lounges can be accessed by those with The Platinum Card® from American Express and The Business Platinum Card® from American Express. Each cardmember can take in two guests, and this benefit is one of my favorite perks of the card.

Do you plan on checking out the new Centurion Lounges in Hong Kong or Philadelphia soon?

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  1. I’m flying out of PHL in about 3 weeks, hoping to catch at least a soft open.

    Unfortunately it’s a hike from my gate, so I may only head over if I know I can get in.

  2. PHL looks like it’s going to be miserable. Not to mention the ugliest of the Centurion lounges I’ve seen with basically just tables in a square room 🙁

  3. Nothing will compare to to Cathay First Lounge in Hong Kong, yet PHL could easily become a possibility for domestic flights as I gave up on the United Lounges in EWR years ago.

  4. Where exactly will the PHL lounge be? That terminal has so many sprawling wings location is rather a critical factor in knowing how crowded it will be or just convenient to one’s gate. (Assume it’s in the “new” international wing where US had its main lounge for flyers leaving the country…other than commuter flights to Canada from the far off F wing.

  5. The HKG lounge is located at West Hall, just up from the train, next to the Plaza Premium Lounge.

    Pictures looks nice enough, but it will suffer from the same problem as the CX Wing lounges, United lounge, Qantas lounge and all the others located on the mezzanine level – light pollution from the concourse lighting, which is a bit too bright and makes ambience difficult to control compared to the lower level lounges, where most and the best of the CX lounges are now located (Bridge, Pier, Cabin).

  6. Does anyone know if I can use my apple wallet to access the lounge or do I need to bring along with me the physical card.

  7. I’ll get to check out the HK lounge on Sunday. Pictures look nice, but it’ll be hard to beat the CX lounges. This will be a huge upgrade whenever I’m not flying on Oneworld!! Since its close to the Pier, maybe lunch there then drinks at the Centurion Lounge.

  8. Looking forward to a nice lounge in PHL. The AA lounges are somewhat dated, I would rather sit at Chickie and Petes than the lounge. I am told the new lounge is in A next to or above the BA lounge. A is a long distance from B&C and you have to walk it not even worth the walk from D and E, Ironically F has a shuttle bus that should get you close. With PHL being home and being a Centurian card holder I will check it out as soon as I know it is open.

    Will also be in HK early December, hope I can find my way to the lounge.

  9. PHL lounge will be in A West near the BA lounge. I will check it out soon when they have media preview. excited by Chef Solomonov as Zahav has always been tough reservation in city to get for great experience and food. happy to check it out at the airport since the small BA lounge is always packed now and the AA lounge while large has horrible food options – I usually go to Chickies instead

  10. Currently sitting in the new HKG Centurion lounge. Entrance was granted by presenting my Plat card, boarding pass, and photo ID. View from the lounge is one of the best if you are into plane spotting. Food selection for the Plat area is, in my opinion, above average compared to other business class lounges at HKG, although I prefer the CX Pier lounge. The bar is impressive and probably the best stocked in HKG.
    The entrance to the Centurion cardholder section is in the back left and while I do not have access, I did see people coming in and out of it, so it must be open.
    Once the lounge becomes more well known, I can see seating being limited. During my visit, I’d say it was at 60% capacity. Additionally, a large share of seats do not have access to power ports. Other than that, I would say it is a very solid lounge and worth a visit while en route to the CX Pier lounge 😉

  11. I am psyched that they are finally opening a Centurion Club in PHL (it’s my home airport). I spend a lot of downtime there when flights get delayed so I will make good use of it. I’m hoping it won’t be crowded now that only AMEX Platinum Card holds can access it. All of the other clubs were getting ridiculously crowded. The Miami club has been so crowded with every AMEX card holder there with 4 guests and all their kids in tow. I am so happy they have restricted it so now it should be relaxing and not having to fight for a relaxing place to sit.

  12. Does anybody know the opening date? I’m connecting through PHL on October 31st and flying from terminal A east so should be pretty close to it. I hope it will be open! 🙂

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