Amex Centurion Lounge Las Vegas Being Expanded

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All Amex Centurion Lounges have been closed since mid-March due to COVID-19 and a lack of demand, but that’s not stopping Amex from making some improvements to one of their popular lounges.

Amex Centurion Lounge Las Vegas expansion

The Centurion Lounge Las Vegas was the first Centurion Lounge location, as it has now been open for nearly a decade. Amex reports that they’ve recently signed an agreement to expand and redesign the location when full airport operations and activities resume, ensuring the health and safety of those involved in this work.

What should we expect from this expansion?

  • The Las Vegas Centurion Lounge is currently 9,000 square feet, and the plan is for the expanded lounge to be over 13,400 square feet, meaning it will be increasing in size by nearly 50%; that puts the lounge roughly in line with the largest in the network, which are around 14,000 square feet
  • The work on the lounge is expected to be completed in 2021
  • While the lounge won’t be getting a spa, it will feature additional multi-purposes areas, new private telephone rooms, newly designed reception, and workspace areas

The Centurion Lounge Las Vegas exterior

Three other Centurion Lounges are in the pipeline

Earlier this year we saw three new Centurion Lounges open, in Charlotte, Los Angeles, and Phoenix. There are three further Centurion Lounges in the pipeline, including in Denver, London Heathrow, and New York JFK.

While all of these lounges were expected to open in 2020, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the timeline slip in light of current circumstances.

The new Amex Centurion Lounge Charlotte

Bottom line

I’m looking forward to seeing the Centurion Lounge Las Vegas expanded by nearly 50%, given that it’s the original Centurion Lounge location. Travel is likely to be a bit lighter over the coming months and years, so it’s nice that the expansion work will be done by 2021.

The big question is what Centurion Lounges will look like in the future, given the significant changes we’re likely to see to the airport lounge experience.

Are you happy to see the Amex Lounge Las Vegas expanded?

  1. Needed it. Fills up almost as soon as it opens in the morning, with a line down the wall outside the doors.

  2. They need to work on keeping it clean as well. Every time I am in there, the restrooms are disgusting apart from being over crowded as a whole.

  3. I spoke with an agent at the LGA Centurion Lounge on Feb 29th, and she said that Amex is also building new lounge in the new Terminal B, which will be past security. It will replace the current lounge. She did not know if the new lounge would open with the new ticketing head house this summer, but she thought that it would open by the end of the year.

    This was before the coronavirus impacted everything (although it was a typical Saturday mid-morning with less than a dozen people in the lounge). This could change, and I am surprised that Amex has not mentioned the new LGA lounge in any of their press briefings about new lounges.

  4. Hows about they finish the one in Denver which has been delayed almost two years before they start expanding ones that are already open. I haven’t flirted with Chase Sapphire because of the (empty) promise of that lounge, but I’m about to.

  5. @Aw The Chase Sapphire won’t get you into the Centurion Lounge. You need an Amex Platinum or higher.

  6. This indicates high demand for lounges at LAS. AA and DL should have lounges. The UA lounge (originally a CO Pres Club) is always crowded as well.

  7. Good. Lounge is always beyond crowded and sometimes won’t even let you in. Unfortunately this lounge also has some pretty rude employees but maybe less crowding will help.

  8. @Jimmy I was just saying that the promise of that lounge opening is/was one of the things that kept me paying the annual fee on the Amex Platinum. If it’s never going to open, I may as well look at other cards with similar AFs.

  9. I usually go there in the afternoon, my only gripe is the food never changes. It is crowded but people don’t stay long. If its really bad the pp lounge is close by

  10. When AMEX lounges first opened they were like welcome glad to see you. Now the demeanor is much different. Now the demeanor is trying to keep people out. One weird almost laughable visit was for me in Las Vegas. I got there a few hours prior to the flight. The front desk told me I was 5 minutes ahead of the timeframe. They had me stand at the desk for 5 mins. That was laughable. I was told they could get in trouble otherwise. With Covid-19 I don’t see them getting very busy at least for a while. I think they will be crowd controlled and in the future, I see more restrictions and limits on using the lounges. It was going in that direction. With travel impacted now for a few years possibly, that might be shelved.

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