Amex Centurion Lounges Closing Temporarily

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Update: Amex Centurion Lounges will start to reopen as of October 2020.

It has been announced that American Express Centurion Lounges globally will be closing temporarily as of Saturday, March 21, 2020. We don’t yet know when the lounges will reopen.

Per an announcement on American Express’ website:

“As the health and safety of our Card Members and colleagues is our top priority, in light of the spread of COVID-19 we are temporarily closing all The Centurion® Lounge locations, starting on Saturday, March 21, 2020. American Express will provide notice here and on the Amex Mobile App when locations reopen.

We look forward to reopening our lounges and welcoming our Card Members back as soon as we can. We appreciate your understanding during this time and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.”

This comes just weeks after the latest three Centurion Lounges opened, in Phoenix, Charlotte, and Los Angeles. At this point Amex has a total of a dozen Centurion Lounges around the globe — other locations include Dallas, Hong Kong, Houston, Las Vegas, Miami, New York LaGuardia, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Seattle.

On top of that, a further four Centurion Lounges are expected to open in 2020 (though I wouldn’t be surprised to see the opening dates delayed).

  1. Responsible but makes me sad. They had the buffet shut down and were serving people one at a time on Sunday at DFW. Now how am I supposed to disinfect from the inside out without free top shelf liquor?!

  2. Makes sense. In about another week we will see a massive drop in air travel. No point in operating a lounge if their are no passengers.

  3. +1 Reed

    I had not thought of this – it would definitely give AmEx an out for what turned out to be a not-great (and extremely expensive) amenity.

  4. They will reopen these lounges eventually. They spent a huge amount of money to rent each space and to construct each one. There is no way Amex will let all of this money go to waste like this. It might take some time (each one will probably be case-by-case based on the situation and traffic at each airport.

  5. I wasn’t all impressed with the one in Oakland CA. The food choices for breakfast were cold and not at all appetizing…I watched as most people walked past them. The staff were great, however, which is so very important for the travel experience. I hope they are able to come back.

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