Amex Centurion Lounge Charlotte: Opening Soon

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2020 is an exciting year for Amex Centurion Lounges, as a total of six new lounges are expected to join Amex’s network.

Amex Centurion Lounge Charlotte

In this post I wanted to specifically talk about the Amex Centurion Lounge Charlotte, which will be opening in just a few days.

Centurion Lounge opens Monday

While this lounge was first announced back in 2018, it will finally become a reality shortly.

The Amex Centurion Lounge Charlotte will be opening as of Monday, February 24, 2020. This will be the 11th Centurion Lounge to join Amex’s network.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport is one of the biggest airports in the US, with 46 million passengers per year, so it’s a logical place for Amex to expand to.

Centurion Lounge size & capacity

The Centurion Lounge Charlotte will be more than 13,000 square feet, with seating for more than 250 people. This makes it one of the larger Centurion Lounges.

Centurion Lounge location & hours

The lounge will be located after security on the top floor of the airport’s newly expanded “The Plaza” area, between Concourses D & E. The lounge will be open daily from 5:30AM until 10PM.

Centurion Lounge dining

The lounge’s Executive Chef will be Joe Kindred, who is the chef and owner of Kindred in Davidson, NC, and Hello, Sailor in Cornelius, NC.

Here are a few of the items you can expect on the menu:

Buttermilk Fried Chicken with a fresh and tangy Carolina slaw, Grilled Cauliflower Steak topped with a pistou sauce, Milk Bread French Toast using Kindred’s infamous milk bread, and Country Ham Biscuits spread with a red eye sorghum butter.

Centurion Lounge amenities

You can expect the following amenities at the Centurion Lounge Charlotte:

  • A complimentary full bar with custom cocktails created by renowned mixologist Jim Meehan and wines selected by wine authority, Anthony Giglio
  • A custom mural by local artist, Amanda Moody
  • Shower suites to keep travelers refreshed while on the go
  • Family rooms designed as a respite for parents and kids alike
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows with sweeping airfield and downtown skyline views
  • Essentials for business and leisure travelers alike, including dedicated workspaces, power outlets, private phone areas, comfortable seating and access to high-speed Wi-Fi

Centurion Lounge pictures

Here are some pictures American Express has shared of the new Centurion Lounge Charlotte:

Centurion Lounge access

There are a few ways to access Amex Centurion Lounges:

In all cases, Centurion Lounge access is limited to three hours before departure. The exception is if you’re connecting, in which case you can access the lounge earlier (should your connection be more than three hours).

On top of that, those with the Amex Centurion Card can access Centurion Lounges, and they can use the lounges on departure or arrival, with no time limit.

Centurion Lounge Charlotte bottom line

It’s exciting to see that Charlotte is getting a new Centurion Lounge on Monday. The airport desperately needs more lounge capacity, so this will be a much needed improvement for the airport.

Anyone excited to check out the Centurion Lounge Charlotte?

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  1. And I was wrong again, thought ORD would be next…

    Hopefully there would be one in the new “Global Terminal” plan.

  2. Can someone please tell me when their will be one at ORD I have been waiting to get the card just for that

  3. i haven’t seen every . . . single centurion lounge, but i can honestly say the HKG one was so underwhelming i actually left it and ran back to the HKG United Club (yes, THAT bad)

  4. I frequently transit through CLT, and for the times that I’ve passed through, the Admirals Club at both B/C gates has been crowded and the departure gates and corridors overflowing as flights come and go. The expansion is good news, and I’m hoping it will alleviate a lot of the pedestrian traffic as it can be quite chaotic at peak travel times. I’m glad that Centurion Lounge is opening – I imagine that it will be very popular in CLT, as it has proven to be in other locations. I’ll be there, for sure.

  5. I was consistently mocked in these comments when I suggested that Charlotte was a logical place for Amex to build a lounge. Everyone said that AA controls CLT and would not allow it.

    This is huge news for southeast AA flyers. Tough decision now to either stick with my AA Executive card or ditch it for the Plat. I am sure the Centurion lounge will force AA to up their game at their CLT lounges and will lead to less than crowding at the Admirals Clubs.

    What decision would you make?

  6. Yay! Charlotte doesn’t have any lounges for non premium cabin passengers (unless you like Minute Suites from Priority Pass) so this is a huge benefit!

  7. @henry LAX: I still don’t understand the Hong Kong lounge, considering that every other lounge in that airport is amazing so the AmEx one just seems ordinary. The AmEx lounges in the US, however, are on par with the Hong Kong lounge, which equates to significantly better than other club level offerings in the US.

  8. CLT is a virtual bus terminal, not much better than the old CVG remote terminals.

    I’m with plenty of the other commenters – why would AMEX chase the crappy former USAir stuff in Charlotte and not be doing something in a serious place like Chicago?

    I actually chose another airline just last month flying back from Europe rather than fly AA into CLT.

  9. This is great news for me a CHS based flyer. I generally avoid American because I don’t want to connect through CLT. This will allow me consider American as an option. Fare wars also sometimes make driving to CLT to catch a Delta or United flight a possibility.

  10. Best benefits of AMEX? How untrue. These lounges are packed with ravenous people interested in copious amounts of free food and drinks. They are anything but a good experience. That will be the case in CLT too.

    Instead of opening new lounges AMEX need to develop a strategy to keep people out and do more to limit their time hanging around While they have tried various policies such as outbound only passengers 3 or less hours before departure, current efforts are not working.

  11. Anyone here got the Centurion card? I have been invited but not sure I should consider it. Currently having Platinum

  12. @ ron check it out:

    Not that much better than the platinum, but it will cost you quite a bit just to get it once invited. The most useful is automatic platinum medallion with Delta, but not useful if you do not use Delta/SkyTeam or you are already platinum, diamond, or diamond 360. Although, you get Hilton diamond, but it would still cost less to get it with the Hilton Aspire Card and AMEX platinum for almost the same benefits and perks. My friend has it and he does not feel any special with the AMEX Centurion charge card.

  13. @Stanley

    Thanks for that. Seems not worth the extra fee. Delta would be interesting if I used it but I don’t. Platinum FB and quite satisfied with it so no reason to change.

  14. Just came from several hour layover in SFO — any chance Centurian can similarly find a place to locate in CLT where the majority of eligibles can’t get to it?

  15. Poor argument about Plat cardholders having access to SkyClubs, only the cardholder has that access while there’s a better guest access to the Centurion lounges. Calling it a good benefit is misleading.

  16. @Peter: I would stay with the AA Executive card. Despite Lucky’s love for the Amex Plat card, I think the AA Lounge network is much bigger and better, not to mention that when you go to an Admiral’s Club, you have better access to AA rep during IRROPS.

  17. Although I think Amex Lounges are far too generous with access (should only be one guest), the Delta access with no guest is pretty poor and I don’t think comparable.

  18. I live in Charlotte and got the card because of perks. What really pushed me over the edge to get the card tonight was the fact that the lounge is coming. Just in time for the Cape Town trip. Yes!!

  19. I’m flying through CLT on Monday evening so will report back on the new location.

    Having used the Centurion lounges at HKG, DFW and MIA where the airline provided options (Flagship Lounges and The PIer First Class) this is the only one I’m excited for. The others have all been horribly busy.

  20. CLT needs this. The AAdmirals lounge there is like a cross between the Judge Judy green room and a Roy Moore fundraiser.

  21. Kindred is a great restaurant, one of the best in the CLT area, so that was a good choice. I used to commute CLT-SEA twice a month. Now the lounge opens and the AA-AS partnership is fixed. My life would have been so much easier! 🙂 (First World Problems!)

  22. Always tried to avoid connecting in Charlotte. Not anymore!

    But come on… LAX open up already!
    And ORD. 🙁

  23. @Mike

    What’s the point of the lounge if not food and drinks?
    If they allowed to-go containers that would really help overcrowding!

  24. This is exciting news I will be passing through there a couple of times next week and a bunch of times over the next few months.

  25. @Mike is exactly correct, ditto from this Mike. AMEX has a huge problem on its hands which they need to resolve before opening new spaces.

  26. Here’s one reason ORD isn’t a high priority for Amex, IMO: The terminals are disconnected airside. Regardless of the terminal that would house a Centurion lounge, passengers from the other 3 terminals would be unlikely to use it. Having one there would be great, as my employer is HQ’d there – but only if it’s in AA’s terminal. That’s why I’ve never been to the PP lounges over in the Intl terminal…too much hassle.

  27. Nine CLT connections out 12 trips last year even though I try to avoid CLT. This is a game changer. I’ve had the chance to visit all of the domestic Centurion lounges and always had a nice time. Overcrowding and loud-talkers may plague the CLT location too but still worth it.

    Massages? I did not see that mentioned in this post. I’ve got 3 hours there next weekend. I’ve only once had enough time for one.

  28. @Jamie

    The updated Sydney lounge is good! I just miss the views.


    I would love a Centurion Lounge at HNL!

  29. ”I’m with plenty of the other commenters – why would AMEX chase the crappy former USAir stuff in Charlotte and not be doing something in a serious place like Chicago?“

    Chasing crappy former USAir stuff?

    Are you calling us ”deplorables”?

  30. The AMEX lounge starts off great. Then the hordes of people show up, overwhelming the place.

    Its really simple. One membership, one person. No guests, period. You can bring your entire gang of workers, you can’t bring your extended family. If you spouse want to come, buy a FULL membership.

    The concept is a business lounge. Not a day care center, not a cafeteria, not a place for hipsters to spread out 20 laptops and take over entire tables at a time.

    One person , one membership. Time to pay up.

  31. I’ve been a big fan of Centurion Lounges since they originally started. I was an early fan of the MIA one. But I have to say, that more and more, I find myself going into other places, such as the Admirals Clubs at my hometown airport of MIA. The reason? The Centurion Lounges offer great food and drink, and a really nice decor. But it’s LOUD, and BRIGHT. It’s not a pleasant, quiet, and comfortable place to be. Specifically in MIA, it’s so loud in that place, that the main concourse tends to be quieter and more peaceful. The place is not set up to be a retreat from the chaos of the airport. It’s also extremely BRIGHT, especially at night. It seems like every three feet there is another 100watt flood light blasting down. Particularly in the evening time, there is no need for that much brightness. It’s as though they are trying to light up a baseball field at night or something. It’s seriously far too bright in there.

    If I’m on an international flight, I’ll generally skip the Centurion and go into the Flagship instead which is much more comfortable. On domestic flights, I find the Admirals is quiet, calm, not covered in flood lights and a peaceful place to be. I may just grab a quick meal in Centurion, but rarely stay in there long.

    In Dallas, the new Centurion is not at all impressive in my opinion. The previous one was much nicer. It offered varied seating areas and was a nice place to be. I used to spend a few hours in there and found it to be a very nice place to be. Now not so much. The new one is one big lunch hall and is noisy noisy noisy.

    I visited the LAS one and it was ok, but that was first thing in the morning when it opened. Can’t adequately judge that one. Dallas – total pass on it. MIA is much bigger now, but needs to calmed down.

    I’m glad they are opening more, but not sure what the goal is. Clearly it’s not a calm peaceful place to be.

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