First Picture Of American’s New Business Class Seat

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Earlier I posted about how American officially confirmed that they’d be using the B/E Aerospace Super Diamond seat for the business class cabins on their Boeing 787-9s, Airbus A350s, as well as some retrofits of existing planes. These are the seats found on Qatar Airways, Virgin Australia, etc.


At the time American hadn’t yet revealed a picture of the new seat, though it looks like we now have our first one. Per the Star-Telegram, here’s the first picture of American’s new business class seat:


While the seat has some pretty neutral finishes, it looks fantastic. As a point of comparison, here’s American’s 777-300ER business class seat, which was licensed from Cathay Pacific:


The seats are very similar, so I still find it puzzling that they didn’t get the same seat for all planes. It apparently had to do with the cost of licensing the reverse herringbone seats from Cathay Pacific, as they were originally only licensed for the 777-300ER. Regardless, the new seat looks great, and I can’t wait to fly it.

Now we just have to wait for details on the installation timeline, seat count, etc.

What do you make of American’s new business class seat?

  1. I just learned something. Even a product such as first class seatings can be licensed or changes according to manufacturer. I always assumed it was the airline company choosing the design on their own according to their needs or plans.

  2. Same seat China Airlines have installed on their 773s. I disliked the tray table sliding down from under the monitor. Otherwise a very nice seat.

  3. i find it interesting that you are SO KEEN to try this seat with AA despite the fact it is already readily available in other airlines which i assume you have already used, either you are have countless $$ to burn or miles but find it puzzling, note you still have to deal with the poor food and their well-aged airline staff which have already caused you brief last week in LV.

  4. Looks like the same problem with Cathay’s business seat – too narrow across shoulders in lie flat position. WTH is the matter with the buyers of these silly seats? They have the space to make them wider but they choose aesthetics over function.. Blithering idiot design.

  5. i think it looks awesome! it does have a small shield which will add to the privacy of the seat. Are they having problems with first class? is the first class seat manufactured by Zodiac? if they are replacing the first class on the 777-300ers then i hope they will make it at least a bit more private…

  6. If AA’s J class seats are like CX’s, then they are narrower than a coffin. At least look that way. BTW, I hate CX’s J class seats.

  7. One very serious threat for qantas and possibly virgin australia travelling across the Pacific.
    I would take AA over QF now.

  8. Looks beautiful. Simple but stylish. Haven’t flown AA much this year but this would be a product I would like to fly once they implement it into their fleet. Thanks for sharing Ben!

  9. The area is not complete until you throw in a an old bitchy flight attendant to serve you crappy food in your ‘new seat’.

  10. This is exactly like Taiwan based China Airlines Business Class on 77W (and 350 later this year). Like @AdamR, the design of table is not ideal. Other than that, it is a fine product.

  11. About the licensing… CX owns the rights to the Cirrus herringbone seats… AA doesn’t want to pay CX.. does that mean other airlines with the same seat (Air France, Eva air etc..) are all paying CX for the rights to use this seat?

    Sorry, I’m just a bit confused over the matter…

    Thanks !

  12. I’m not actually a fan of this seat style – flown it on Virgin Australia and the position of the table when stowed made the area around my knees very tight while sleeping. It meant I couldn’t easily roll around from one side to the other with my knees bent or lie down straight with knees up.

  13. Ben (and Cody1484), the switch was made due to Zodiac constraints, not seat licensing costs.

  14. @John, I meant to ask… why AA isn’t using the CX seats that they use on the 773’s… I’m confused why they introduced a new product to begin with, and what control CX has over the Cirrus seats..

  15. @Cody1484, the cirrus seat is a off the shelf seat from Zodiac, CX customized the seat partnering with a 3rd party design company, AA on the 773 is using CX’s customized version

  16. @Jacob McCarthy, Thanks for that ! I’m curious though, why would AA simply buy CX’s seat and not come up with something on their own in the first place….. isn’t that the point of competition…

  17. Ben, why do you refer to “licensing fm Cathay Pacific”, when other airlines like AF, DL, US Air, Eva Air and a handful of others have that same seat ? If I’m not mistaken, US Airways and DL had these seats before Cathay, so why the need for AA to have licensing from Cathay. Can you pls elaborate ? Thanks.

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