American Airlines Breakfast Musings: Avocado Toast, Egg Enchiladas, And Sadness

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This post isn’t intended to rag on American Airlines. Quite to the contrary, I’m a happy enough American Airlines frequent flyer at the moment. I’m a Miami hub captive, and my flights on American have been on-time and have had functioning high speed wifi, and that keeps me flying with them when they’re the best nonstop option.

American’s domestic first class food has been terrible for as long as I can remember, and American isn’t alone in that regard — Delta and United aren’t much better, in my opinion. However, I had two musings based on a visit to the Miami Admirals Club followed by a first class flight this week.

Admirals Club Avocado Toast At Last

One unique Admirals Club feature that American touts is how they offer custom avocado toast in the mornings and custom guacamole in the afternoons at select locations over limited hours.

Believe it or not, I’ve actually never been in an Admirals Club when the avocado toast station was available (at least knowingly). That’s despite the fact that I almost always fly American in the mornings.

Well, I finally tried the avocado toast, and wow…

First of all, there’s a line for the avocado toast station. You’d think they were giving away tickets to Ellen’s 12 Days Of Giveaways.

Look, as a proud millennial I know a thing or two about avocado toast. I actually consider myself to be a bit of an avocado toast connoisseur. I order it far too often. Thick chunks of sliced avocado, a nice crisp bread, chili flakes… mmmm!

Unfortunately what American serves hardly passes as avocado toast.

Basically they put a guacamole spread on a piece of what looks like multi-grain Wonder Bread.

In fairness, they do offer to put a lot of toppings on the avocado toast.

I recommend getting all of them, so that you can forget about the quality of the “avocado” and “toast.” The salmon was nice, and not something you’ll usually find in Admirals Clubs, so that was the highlight.

Maybe this is one of those gimmicks where we should just be happy they offer it at all, though at the same time I wouldn’t be happy if I were served this in a restaurant, so if you’re going to advertise a “fresh” station, I feel like they could up their standards.

Maybe I’m alone in feeling this way, based on how long the line was for avocado toast…

Back To Kosher I Go!

If I’m going to eat breakfast on American Airlines, I usually just order the kosher breakfast. This is consistently just a plain omelet that’s good enough. It’s not oozing with cheese, and it doesn’t have any gross airplane sausage.

I decided to try American’s egg enchilada for breakfast on this flight, which I hadn’t seen on the menu before. In my imagination/french vanilla fantasy I pictured a nice crisp tortilla with some fluffy eggs. I know, I don’t know what I was thinking.

Below is what I was served.

My seatmate and I hadn’t talked the whole flight, but we both selected this as our breakfast choice, and we exchanged looks when it arrived.

This dish is repulsive, in my opinion. I understand catering budgets are limited, but what is it with American’s obsession with dousing everything in unnecessary amounts of the most processed cheese imaginable?

I reached out to American to ask about the nutrition contents of this dish (what can I say, I was curious?). For anyone else who is wondering, here’s the info for the main dish:

That’s obviously not good at all, though it’s at least significantly less caloric than I was expecting, to the point that I’m skeptical and I might doggy-bag this dish next time and send it to a lab.

Bottom Line

On the plus side, I now know that I’m not missing out every time I see the avocado toast station closed. Furthermore, I also know that the kosher breakfast on American is still the way to go, if you do plan to eat.

To fellow American frequent flyers, I’m curious how you feel. Do you like the Admirals Club avocado toast? If so, do you actually like it, or just like it in a “well it’s free so why not” kind of way? Has anyone had the egg enchilada for breakfast and enjoyed it?

  1. Anything over 20% of RDA for sodium is bad. That is 49%.

    Isn’t there a Flagship lounge in Miami? Why not go there instead? They’re actually very good.

  2. Toast yourself a bagel with cream cheese and ask for the salmon only. I make myself a lox bagel often when I go through in the mornings.

  3. The avocado toast isn’t bad when they run it through the toaster twice. The quality sort of depends on the attendant but I think you’re expecting too much for a standard Admirals Club with the type of cretins I regularly see stuffing their faces with whatever is available.

    Overall, I’m mostly just happy to have something semi-healthy to eat besides hard boiled eggs and cement-hard carrots with plain hummus.

    Regarding the inflight breakfast – yeah, not great. But I’ve enjoyed the Niçoise salad option they’ve added. So there’s that.

  4. Ben, so true. The avocado toast served in the Admirals Club is disgusting, absolutely horrid.

    @ Tom, as executive platinum with AA I believe Ben can’t access the flagship lounge if flying domestically.

  5. The biggest problem with that enchilada is not the calorie content, but whether someone has already eaten it before you…

  6. As someone who can’t eat dairy, I second the “why does AA feel the need to douse every meal in disgusting cheese?” comment.

  7. I had the same enchilada a couple of weeks ago. It wasn’t much to look at but it was tasty I thought. I ate the whole thing. It was better than the breakfast I received in “Flagship Business” on MIA-LAX on the 77W. Can’t say anything about it being healthy though!

  8. Estimates are that 40 million Americans are lactose intolerant.

    Serving so much cheese does a disservice to everyone on the plane

  9. When at the avocado toast station, I tend to toast a bagel slice, then ask them to put the stuff in that instead of the bread they offer. Tastier, in my opinion.

  10. Potentially time for a longer post about odd/excessive behavior involving “free” food/alcohol – some ethics and behavior tips. I was at a Delta lounge recently and a scrum formed around the staff changing over from breakfast to lunch – they were going to get their shrimp from the pho bar and they weren’t afraid to use a few elbows to get those damn shrimp. SHRIMP! Lucky has a high profile in this community and could use his influence to help people calm down a bit.

  11. The enchilada tastes fine, the problem if the solid chunks of corn in it. Totally throws off the texture. You’d think a Texas-based company would be able to pull off a TexMex dish well. They ought to partner with Taco Cabana or Whataburger to get it right.

  12. @Alex: Did you pinch this line from me? Royalties pls… 🙂
    Although I prefer my wording for it: “May have been good when it was eaten for the first time.”.

  13. @Alonzo – new here? This blog is dedicated solely to first world problems.
    Wait until you read about (lack of) air nozzles.

  14. I believe they re-utilize the morning “Avocado Toast Bar” as the “Nacho/Quesadilla Bar” later on in the evenings in some locations – saw it in Denver a while back. The fixin’s are exactly the same. Just swap multigrain bread for tortillas and tortilla chips and add some shredded beef. That would explain the guacamole nature of the avocado.

  15. As someone else mentioned, I usually will toast a bagel, spread some cream cheese, and ask them for a couple slices of salmon to put on top if there’s no line. I just don’t get the people lined up for half an hour for some crappy guacamole, though. It would be great if they made it self-serve, but I guess they don’t for the same reason it’s rare to see pour-your-own drinks in the US–so many people are gluttons.

  16. I think it’s disingenuous to mash up that enchilada dish and then go on endlessly about how horrid it was. My five year old niece could similarly mash up a Le Bernardin entree and have a similar photographic outcome with the “repulsive” description. More to the point, I find it comical that you have such unrealistically high expectations of airline and lounge food.

  17. I am a flight attendant for a US based carrier and I never eat first class meals unless it is a last resort. Any meals not eaten are available to the crew to consume. I don’t care what airline it is, it is all terrible for you. Not blaming the carrier – on the contrary, with the budget and limited resources the food is tasty and a good option to have if short on time to get something in the airport. But in general, for any airline, avoid the first class meals as much as possible. The amount of fat, salt, and preservatives is through the roof. Working in the industry for years now, I see first class meals as a perk but not something to look forward towards. Friendly service, comfortable seating, and a decent place to get some work done or close your eyes should be expected but thinking food will be high caliber is just setting yourself up for disappointment. Sometimes it’s a hit, but many times it’s a miss. Even when I travel first class for personal use, I pack my own food.

  18. @LM at least LAX>NRT and HND>LAX “Asian Vegetarian” wasn’t available. I ordered “Hindu” and got a fairly tasty Indian dish both times, but it was not vegetarian. Also, get ready for very (not so) subtle confused looks from flight attendants if you order this and don’t look Indian…

    In any case, if you think the standard meals are bad, never special order a Child Meal, which is basically three desserts and a juice box. I got one for our daughter on this last trip and it was pure sugar. The tray had disgusting chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, Oreo Cookies, Cake, a piece of Chocolate, and Apple Juice.

  19. I had this exact same enchilada breakfast and, save for that gnarly piece of mystery sausage, I thought it was pretty good!

  20. I skip the guacamole toast and run from the overcooked scrambled eggs. All mediocre! Instead I take a deep breath, toast their imitation bagels and hold my nose.

  21. @Alonzo said “first world problems”

    IMHO the most useless phrase in the English language. Sorry you can’t relate but I really don’t give a crap about 2nd or 3rd world (or really anyone else with very limited exceptions). If I have an issue it is important. Doesn’t change life for others (and it never will) so why make such a stupid comment? SMDH

  22. Avocado for avocado toast should be ripe avocado spooned right from the avocado onto firm toast (plus a generous pinch of chilli flakes) with a little salt. The optional extras are an American thing.
    Agree that the enchilada, with cheese and more cheese, is disgusting beyond words, and should come with a health warning.

  23. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, I don’t understand why every meal has to be a highly spiced out of the mainstream dish. The last time I had a good AA F/C meal was years ago when you could choose a hamburger. Simple, broad appeal and hard to screw up. It’s not just AA. UA does the same thing. I loved when CO was soup and sandwich or soup and salad.

    I am flying to SJU next week and the breakfast choice is the egg enchilada, not even a simple choice like corn flakes and fruit. I planned on bringing something aboard but after reading this thread, I’ll try to get the kosher meal……thanks!!

  24. The avocado toast was a nice touch (had this at the Admiral Club in SFO over Thanksgiving) was quite good!
    It was a welcome change from the usual ho-hum offerings for breakfast.
    Maybe it wasn’t up to gourmand tastes but gotta give them credit for spicing things up.
    Extra pluses go to the lounge at JFK which offers a very nice spread as well as sit-down service if traveling in first class

  25. Pretty much anyone who complains about “first world problems” I have news for you. Any problem you have there is a 99% chance that the class below you calls your problem first world problem as well because where they are your position looks pretty good. About the only one who can justify that phrase are the bottom of the rung in society who I can pretty much tell you don’t have a cell phone, internet access or water.

  26. Mark S – The pre-landing snack in J on my Delta One FCO-ATL flight this past summer was a customizable burger. Of course it wasn’t the tastiest beef patty ever, but as you said, it was simple and had broad appeal. Even better was that they brought the entire burger to you deconstructed, so that someone such as myself with a dairy intolerance didn’t have to add the cheese on top.

  27. I recall some years back on JAL (Premium Economy) I was presented with a DIY hamburger pack. I noted that the ‘Use By’ date for the beef (?) patty was some years into the future! It was novel, but certainly not tasty.

  28. “I’m a Miami hub captive.”. Let it go. Ben is an AA status junkie and no how egregious the service, Ben cannot quit AA. Proven for the life of OMAAT no matter where Ben lives.

    On a US carrier when avocado toast in a lounge not to mention first class nutritionals are your priority, I question your credibility. Hard product comfort and elite status service trump petty things like “sodium content”. Jet Blue Mint excepted, feed yourself before during or after the flight. Since 2001, the US airline industry does not give a damn about your wants or needs. Whine with that cheese?

  29. I had prawn dish for lunch in first class . . And it was delicious AA JFK – Mia !
    Better than the delta new elevated cabin service . Terrible food and dirty service . Flight attendants at delta so tired they dont even come up to clear the mess .

  30. Add to the list another one who doesn’t eat cheese. Why all of the carriers insist on smothering every meal with cheese is beyond me. Even Qatar has lately gotten into the habit. On my last flight with them every single entree had cheese. I spent a lot of time scrapping the gooey mortar off of each meal. Ugh.

    Like Lucky I usually order the Kosher breakfast on AA. At least the meal is then edible. But getting them to load it in the first place is another story.

  31. I abandoned American, and food was one of the main reasons why (I eat a lot of airplane food by necessity, and some of it is super-delicious, not on American).

    You should do the same.

  32. Honestly…AA is in the transportation business. If you want a good meal and nice dining experience, go to a restaurant.

  33. What Ralph and others are saying. It’s like going to Jiffy Lube and complaining about the lousy cup of coffee you had while you were there for an oil change.

  34. Americans take the lazy way out and use tons of salt and cheese for flavoring their over processed food. (And yeah, I’m a US citizen.) Sadly other countries are slowly going this way as well.

    And WTF is it with avocado? Is that the latest fad food?

  35. Avocado is a source of many nutrients and healthy fats and in general a good thing to work into your eating plan. And this Xer is glad how the millennials have spread avocado toast far and wide because I hate cooked eggs, don’t eat red meat, and find most other American breakfast foods to be sicky-sweet. When done correctly or even in a mediocre way, avocado toast is awesome.

  36. In recent weeks I have been in an Admirals lounge at both Philadelphia (terminal F) and Charlotte (the huge lounge for terminals B and C). In both cases they had no English Breakfast teabags, no one to get any more and at Charlotte hardly any tea of any sort. My wife and I do not drink coffee or soda = as many people do not. When I asked about more supplies it was a blank look, a shrug of the shoulders and no help. They ran out of tea because people drink it. How hard can this be to keep some stocks in? They need to listen to their customers – these lounges are not cheap!! I now carry my own supplies as this is not the first time experiencing this. Sad but true.

  37. I love the enchilada for breakfast and the one they serve for lunch/dinner. I think AA is miles ahead of DL when it comes to domestic meals in F. I haven’t flown United, so I could not comment on that. I will continue to fly delta, even if PHX is dominated by AA.

  38. AA EXP for 20 years, mostly 400k a year for j to Latam and Asia.

    The last two years-
    I eat less than 10% of what I’m served on the plane – Of that about 1 out of 10 times I lose that meal in the lavatory before setting up the bed for rest in flight.

    Before that it was fine. Not sure why they went for fancy and easily mis served food. Was better when they couldn’t mess it up and it tasted the same every flight.

  39. I usually order the diabetic meal when flying long haul. Did so on a flight from DFW to NRT on Friday, wasn’t bad at all for airplane food. Never tried the Guac Toast, but their afternoon guacamole station is decent.

  40. Avocado toast? hopefully not extended with all sorts of emulsifiers we find in the grocery store variety. You were lucky. Most of the time that club has packaged snacks and cheap grocery store garbage.
    The styrofoam plate you showed is classical.

    The best guacamole should be prepared , but not served on the spot. Those are gimmicks.
    Wait until flavor sets in, then serve it.
    You cure it with pure lime juice, never lemon juice.
    And Since you live in Florida, try it with a mix of key lime and lime juice. A nice tangy flavour.

    Now that egg…..looks like something my dog wouldn’t eat ……or vomit.
    The half -eaten picture isn’t that gracious either.

  41. Really Ben? I literally am trying to avoid you. All you do is rag on whatever. I’m so sorry that you can’t find anything nice to say. I bet that someone with half the skill can have a successful blog…. something along the lines of happiness. For f’s sake you’re annoying, but I guess it makes you somehow popular to the whoever’s of the world. Lol

  42. Ok, I’m back, and gonna state a few facts. Yes, if flying international or to LAX, MIA does have a flagship lounge. You’ll find this down across from D30’ish. The Guac toast is a try at being thoughtful, relax, it is ok in most books, and better if not near your critical arse. I agree, the breakfast on a plane (any airline) sucks……did you honestly think it would be good?? I mean, come on, Ben……..this is a joke, right? You are critiquing everything anybody does, in sectors that not much at all is expected. Is this honestly your life’s work?

  43. For the last thing……you are apparently a talented person, use your still for good. Uphold someone or something to better that entity. I truly believe that you have the skill to do better without ripping apart every small thing that I hold onto. I hold onto these things (as dumb as they are) because it’s my family……. Let me explain, on 9/14/20 I was desperately trying to get home….it was the day my 2nd son was born. If it wasn’t for a common human bond (@ ORD none the less) I would not have been on time. It was an emergency, and all of United, American, and Delta folks got me home. So…..I know you have a job, just try and tell the beautiful, amazing, and human things that happen to everyday travelers. With this I leave you….’Life is like a box of chocolates’!

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