Wow: American Goes All-777 Between MIA & LAX

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This is hardly surprising, but also something I would have never expected to see a couple of years ago…

American beefs up Miami to Los Angeles schedule

Overnight American Airlines updated its schedule for May, and with this the airline has adjusted its schedule between Miami and Los Angeles. Between May 6 and June 2, 2021, American Airlines will operate 6x daily Boeing 777 flights between Miami and Los Angeles:

  • The airline will fly four 777-200ERs daily, featuring 273 seats
  • The airline will fly two 777-300ERs daily, featuring 304 seats

American will fly 777s 6x daily between MIA & LAX

What are the practical implications of this?

  • All business & first class passengers will get fully flat beds
  • 777s have premium economy, but American isn’t selling those seats as a distinct cabin; so if you book a Main Cabin Extra seat (which some elite members are entitled to for free) you can select a premium economy seat at no extra cost
  • The two daily 777-300ERs even feature a four-cabin first class product

Two daily flights will feature a first class cabin

Back in the day American sometimes operated one daily 777 between Miami and Los Angeles, typically supplemented by A321s. Then during the pandemic we’ve seen the airline operate several daily 777s between the two cities, given the lack of demand for these planes in other markets.

But this will be the first time we see American exclusively operate 777s between the two airports, so that’s pretty major.

Those aren’t the only wide bodies in the schedule for May out of Miami domestically, as American will also fly 777s to :

  • Boston (2x daily)
  • New York JFK (4x daily)
  • Philadelphia (1x daily)
  • Dallas (2x daily)

Get a flat bed to many domestic destinations out of Miami

The great irony of American adding capacity

While a moderate airline recovery is hopefully around the corner with the current vaccine timeline, this also so perfectly captures the state the airline industry is currently in. American is adding significant capacity in a transcon market where it’s also selling tickets for $50 one-way.

And that actually represents a fare hike, because for a while we saw ~$30 one-way fares.

This really gets at how upside down the industry is right now. Imagine being in a situation where adding capacity with these kinds of fares makes sense. Obviously not everyone is paying fares that low, but even so, this is (unfortunately) probably still the best option that American has for utilizing these planes.

Ultimately American has to fly its 777s somewhere, especially to keep pilots current. So the math on this route really comes down to the marginal costs like fuel, rather than an aircraft lease cost (the plane will be leased either way), the crewing costs (since pilots and flight attendants are on the payroll either way), etc.

Miami is WILD right now

It’s no wonder everyone is going to Miami, because there’s no coronavirus there (note: I’m being sarcastic, but since this has confused some people, I guess I should spell it out). I don’t know how Governor DeathSantis accomplished it, but it really is incredible to see a city like Miami completely beat coronavirus — there are no restrictions, 100% capacity everywhere, nightclubs open, etc.

It’s almost as impressive as how Tanzania beat coronavirus (except Tanzania’s solution involved some sort of lemon and ginger herbal thing, while I’m pretty sure Miami’s solution just involves way too much cheap cologne, or something).

In all honesty, I’m a Miami resident, but I haven’t been living there for the past several months (more on that in a post later on). I recently returned to Miami for a commitment, and was in disbelief at the state of things. I love how the CDC warns of the risks of travel to Mexico (when many places have very strict restrictions in place), when Miami is like Mykonos in the summer of 2019.

And it’s not just that Miami has no restrictions, but it’s also full of people who are specifically seeking out the city because of the lack of restrictions. Perhaps there’s some comfort in assuming that most of these people have already had coronavirus, and therefore pose less of a risk to others?

Bottom line

American Airlines has updated its May schedule, and will exclusively fly 777s between Miami and Los Angeles. While American has operated some 777 service in the market in the past, this will be the first time that American exclusively operates 777s between the two cities.

Are you surprised to see how many 777s American is flying between Miami and Los Angeles?

  1. I’m glad your parents are vaccinated Ben… don’t know why some people need to let loose now when the light at the end of the tunnel has never been brighter and will be here in two months. Getting my shot Tuesday and cannot wait

  2. @ CHRIS — I was there full time until last September. And then as I stated in the post, I was also there recently for a commitment.

  3. @ Alan — Woot, congrats Alan, that’s really exciting!! Indeed, the light is at the end of the tunnel…

  4. Typical one sided liberal, desantis afforded us the opportunity to make our own choices not put us in jail like lying cuomo did. The whole purpose of lockdowns was to ease the pressure on hospitals which are empty. Give credit where its due.

  5. Having visited S FL a few times in COVID, I do think it’s worth pointing out Miami Beach is a significantly different scene than the rest of the surrounding area. Other places are still open but it’s not the wild, clubbing until curfew vibe that is happening on the beach.

  6. Am I missing something? 1,000+ new cases in a day in Miami-Dade county alone = completely beating COVID?

    Imagine if the entire country of Australia grew to 1/10th of those numbers…

  7. @ Joseph — For the record, I’m not personally fully for lockdowns. For example, Germany has been in lockdown since early November, and the situation isn’t exactly going well. However, I think there’s a middle ground between locking down completely and not following science. For example, at a minimum, how about keeping a mask mandate in place, and not opening night clubs?

    Though I’m guessing you’re also someone who thinks masks don’t work, so…

    PS: DeSantis is up for reelection in 2022, not 2024 (and I can’t wait).

  8. @ AdamH — For what it’s worth I didn’t even go over to Miami Beach, so I can’t even speak to that. My experience was in Brickell, Design District, etc. I can only imagine how it is over there…

  9. Dont make this political no need for a comment on desantis, why didnt you make a note about lying cuomo when he eases restrictions on testing domestically? And i was referring to desantis for president 2024. We have a right to choose how we should live. I love how they say “follow the science” once cuomo got his federal money and allegations started it was all over.

  10. ‘Imagine if the entire country of Australia grew to 1/10th of those numbers…’

    @David we’d all be in lockdown and not permitted out of our bedrooms much less to go to a restaurant or bar. (I exaggerate somewhat.)

    That said, when the first cases happened in Brisbane yesterday after several weeks and in Sydney today after a gap of 55 days, there were no shut downs or border closures to other states. At least not yet.

  11. AA is using Lax/Mia to train and keep 777 pilots and crews qualified. Since AA is flying anyway, it helps to keep the flights full for true weight and balance.

    Miami is a winter warmer weather destination, and the low fares come as a bonus for the passengers.

    Now, if only the EQDs matched the other perks…..

  12. @ Joseph M — First of all, I’m not a huge Cuomo fan (and if the latest allegations are true, then I’m very much *not* a Cuomo fan). But in case you actually need to understand the difference:
    — DeSantis’ policies are the reasons that people are flocking to Florida right now, so it’s important context for why we’re constantly seeing more service added here
    — Regarding Cuomo, are we talking about the nursing home controversy? If so, I’m not sure that’s relevant for the purposes of travel and/or airline scheduling, or is there an angle I’m missing? Perhaps you’d also like me to throw in a note about Benghazi and Hillary’s emails while I’m at it?

  13. @Ben

    Looks like a lot of those jokes all flew over my head at once. Thanks for clarifying, I need my morning cup of coffee.

  14. @ David — Hah, you picked the best day of the year for the “morning cup of coffee” excuse, so you’re all good. I do it all the time. 😉

  15. @ David — Sorry if it wasn’t clear, I was being totally sarcastic.

    Ben, I picked up on the underlying sarcasm (or at least hoped that was what it was). Still, on this side of the Pacific many of us continue to shake our heads when the US has more cases every day, by some margin, than we’ve had in the whole year but y’all seem to be going ‘Yay, we’re over this’ when we still fret over every new community case. Florida is a mystery to me, but so are Texas and South Dakota.

  16. My point was you made it a point to call out desantis, i may not agree with his policies as well but if you are going to call him out then call out cuomo when you speak of NY. Its your blog do as you wish but you dont need to point out which side you are on. Be thankful the man opened his state and afforded many who needed to work the opportunity to do so.

  17. Still taking political shots? I’m so sick and tired of the myopic narratives presented by both R and D. No reasoning, someone with opposing view can’t ever have a valid argument and no window for discussion.

    How about we focus on the positive? Vaccine available to all adults by May 1.

    As a CA resident, I’d be curious to hear your opinion on Newsome. I much prefer Desantis approach.

    Overdose deaths up 30% last year – highest ever recorded. The mental health reckoning in coming over next 10 years. The lack of in school sessions has set back a segment of our most disadvantaged youth for years.

    The same people who cry about equality gap just widened it through no school and lockdowns (hurts low income minorities way more). Can’t tax our way out of this mental health crises.

  18. I’ve already flown the 777-300 several times in flagship first since last November and domestic first on the 772 a few times. Really boring at this point. I still haven’t been up to West Palm Beach to watch Trump golfing yet.

  19. @ Joseph M — I’m curious, if “may not agree with his [DeSantis’] policies as well,” why are you campaigning for him to run for president in 2024?

  20. @ Desperado — As I’ve expressed on this blog several times before, personally I’m not a fan of lockdowns, at least beyond the initial ones that happened when the pandemic first started in the US about a year ago. I don’t think the lockdown worked very well in California, and I also don’t think it’s working very well in Germany. It’s unrealistic — people are going to meet, so as far as I’m concerned you’re better off allowing outside dining (in California, not in Germany in winter, hah), rather than having people secretly meet in secret in their homes.

    And I agree there’s a huge long-term cost to this, in terms of unemployment, mental health, development for children, etc. (especially given the lack of a safety net in the US). Personally I’m all for opening with restrictions — let’s use common sense like requiring masks, let’s keep nightclubs closed, etc. There’s a happy medium, I think. And just as some think the “lockdown left” wants everything to remain closed forever (which I don’t at all think is the narrative), I find it ridiculous that so many others want everything to reopen but are so-anti mask and anti-vaccine, when those are two things that would allow a return to normal.

  21. Miami didn’t BEAT coronavirus, it has IGNORED coronavirus. I get my news from a nurse friend at Jackson (the local large hospital) and not only is the virus still raging, but the more-transmissible variants are taking over. Hoping vaccinations will beat it down because behavior isn’t doing it.

  22. Do you know if the 777s are going to offer the enhanced service that is usualy offered between JFK-LAX. Or atleast provide the bedding they do for transcons? And will they give lounge access that route for premium customers?

    In past when AA operated 777-300 and A321T between Miami and LA they operated them like transcons from JFK. But A321s were treated as normal domestic flights causing confusion. Would be great to see AA offer consistency and no project oasis to Miami.

    And not to get political, but I live in south Florida and will say Miami has much greater restrictions that other parts of the state i visited. All governors have upset people in this pandemic but in Florida we have been given the choice of what we want to do which is important.

  23. Look America should be using 787 instead of 777.

    My issue with this article is the line “there’s no coronavirus there”

    There is still 700+ people a WEEK DYING from COVID IN FLORIDA. Im not going to argue what should be open or not in Florida, but it is clear that the GOVERNOR OF FL IGNORES SCIENCE>

    FLORIDA SHOULD HAVE HAD A MASK MANDATE, no matter your thoughts on what capacity business should operate, MASKS WORK and it is an embarrassment to the world that people have made them Political in America

  24. @ Sharon — I thought it was pretty obvious based on the context that I was being totally sarcastic. But you’re not the only person confused by that, so I guess I should add a note in the story making that clear. 🙂

  25. This really isn’t all that surprising. American has excess wide bodies in service and a much, much reduced long haul intercontinental route network that likely won’t likely revive much this summer.

    As for Miami and Florida broadly, it has higher positivity rates than NY, high hospitalizations, and the vaccination roll out is a shit show, but DeSantis presumably drinks the same water as Trump and so the saying goes, if you test less, the positivity rate drops.

    Florida in summer time? No thanks.

  26. Been back and forth since Florida opened in September…. What a nice change from Cali. Keep it up AA!!!

  27. Meanwhile I watch Americans on social media, such as Instagram, posting about their trips to Puerto Rico and Mexico and various US states , frolicking in the waves , sunbathing and eating out , as if Covid doesn’t exist, whilst most the rest of the world isn’t able to travel.

  28. Florida has the second oldest population in the country and yet its Covid death rate is middle of the pack. It’s economy is among the healthiest in the country. Calling the governor “DeathSantis” is clearly biased and inaccurate. You may not like his choices but his track record is comparably strong.

  29. I’ll be happier when those 777s are flying international routes again, sooner rather than later.

  30. Lol. @lucky you must have known by writing this article and criticizing de Santis, some people will get rub the wrong way and come out to leave comments defending Floridian policy! Thank god that scientists were able to come up with effective vaccines so quickly, otherwise those freedum loving covidiots could possibly be lying in hospital beds regretting their choices. Maybe they prefer intubation than to wear masks and social distancing. Who knows? But I digress. My goodness, less than $500 on business class for transcon with flat bed? Sounds pretty good to me! But to Florida? Oh, no thanks. Not flying into that virus cesspool right now.

  31. Lucky stop bringing politics into this. DeSantis has been a GREAT governor and you’re just too ashamed (from social pressure) to admit that

  32. Ben your sarcasm was loud and clear. No need to clarify yourself for the few really dense people. Smh.

  33. sToP bRinGing pIlitiCs iNto tHiS

    It’s fascinating how easily snowflakes get triggered. Lucky is allowed to write whatever he wants in his own blog. If you can’t handle an extremely mild criticism of a stupid governor, then maybe the internet is not for you.

  34. @Ben I’m no DeSantis fan boy but how about some criticism for our own dumb residents and local government? Back in the summer, City of Miami made their own stricter rules to counter the governors orders. This was obviously smart: Miami and Tallanasty are polar opposites in almost every way possible. We in Miami needed stricter rules, and things were going kinda-smoothly then.

    Fast forward to the past few months and Mayor Suarez is now way too busy hanging out and taking Instagram photos with celebrities and tech execs 24/7. He cares more about bribing some big companies to move to Miami than he does about his actual residents and the COVID situation.

    The other major problem in Miami is the local residents. Sure, tourists are part of the issue right now, but actual Miami residents are almost worse when it comes to COVID safety. I know you moved here recently, but get used to the attitude you’re seeing now. I’ve lived here 15+ years, and the bottom line is that the majority of ppl in Miami only care about themselves. This extends to not only patrons of these restaurants/clubs, but also the owners and employees. They don’t care anymore and don’t bother at all to enforce any kind of safe COVID business practices, even if the law did say otherwise. Majority of police in this city also don’t care, so enforcement is non-existent.

    Heck, even my condo bldg in Brickell doesn’t care anymore. Hand sanitizer has been removed, elevator limits gone, and other residents/my front desk make fun of me for still wearing a mask. That’s the management company’s decision, not the governor.

    But yeah, it’s alllll DeSantis fault…..

  35. You guys are wasting your time with these easily triggered cult members. Their “news” sources have told them masks don’t work or are detrimental to their health, and their QAnon boards tell them that baby blood-drinking lizard people are using the “vaccines” to inject them with microchips.

  36. Lucky, back to the topic at hand, I think you left out one major factor…freight. Airline freight, particularly international freight, is booming currently. Those 777’s between Miami and LA are loaded with freight. My guess is passenger revenue, for the most part, is icing on the cake. I took the 77W between Miami and LA last week. We took every inch of the runway to take off, and didn’t reach 10,000 feet until well after Lake Okeechobee…very heavy plane.

    On the political front, I wouldn’t take the bait of a Trumpster/DeSantis supporter. I live in Aventura, and, for the most part, we Miami locals behave ourselves, social distance and wear masks. What the DeSantis supporters don’t understand is the fact that South Beach and other Miami tourist hotspots are huge, multi-day super-spreader events, that will likely be a good part of the cause of what Dr Fauci just today predicted to be a new surge. But wait, I forgot, I’m not thinking like a DeSantis supporter…those folks are other states’ problems once they leave here.

  37. Why can’t DL uses widebodies more domestically like AA and UA instead of flying the jurassic 757’s to compete?

  38. I thought the topic was American’s use of widebodies?

    AA doesn’t need to operate that many 777s in order to keep its 777 pilots trained.

    The biggest issue here is that AA is adding capacity even when fares are in the basement.

    But let’s remember that AA’s new best friend forever B6 entered the MIA-LAX. All of the supposed benefits from the partnership are being wasted in the capacity dump that is going on.

    This is what you get when you give American the better part of $10 billion in taxpayer money in less than a year.

    Delta is using widebodies domestically but for right now they are heavily seen in hub to SLC and DEN routes. They have been in some Florida routes. Remember, though, a 767-400 for Delta w/ seat blocking has less sellable seats than an A321 in normal times.

    and United has 50 777-200/ERs grounded and stuck in place all over the world, some of which may not ever fly commercial flights again.

  39. @Joseph M, “We have a right to choose how we should live.” Umm… Sorry, you don’t. You may think you do in your Narnia, Harry Potter mind, but sure, if you live in the middle of nowhere or a deserted island and have no contact with people, sure, by all means; if you live around other people and your choices and actions will affect others, then sorry buddy, you don’t have a “right.” We also have a right not to deal with you.

    I used to be all in favor or lock-downs, etc. Now I just think we should’ve let natural selection play out because there’s no way in trying to control people. People are lamenting all this mental illness, people with comorbidity, blah blah blah. Well… all those are weaknesses, and according to the laws of nature, those people are not supposed to make it. It’s survival of the fittest. And I apply this to myself as well. If it happened to me or my family, it is what it is. It’s nature. Part of the problem with humans is that we’re constantly trying to fight natural selection and cheat death and the laws of nature. Yes, yes, call me inhumane, cruel, å$$høle, whatever.

  40. Great to see so much capacity going to FL, and other places. Many of us have been traveling during this so called pandemic, both domestically and internationally. ALOT!!

    Many secretly I see, without saying a word 😉 Takes away from driving the narrative I suppose.

    So NO masks in FL, TX and most other Republican states (I am not a Republican) and yet covid numbers are tumbling. Hmmm. Sure you can say vaccines…. Funny how the major vaccine centers I have passed in several states, and some European countries are completely empty. Don’t get me wrong….fill em up I say, but no, empty. Just passed one, empty. What is going on?

    Light at the end of the tunnel? Umm, we have emerged from the tunnel, whether you all like it or not. These numbers are what they are. Most of you do not even know that these positive cases (a percentage are false positives) and that ALL frontline workers have to test daily. But real truths and statistics do not fly well on here, just fear, that is now reduced to sarcasm.

    AA and other carriers, will push capacity to the places where people wish to go.

    What an amazing time, for those who have taken advantage of this past year, in a positive way.

    Love to you all. Pro and anti-vax folks 😉

  41. Think Positive ! Test Negative !!

    I’m a recent transplant to Delray area (SoFL), from NYC/NJ.
    I think DeSantis & Co. have a few things to learn about managing logistics where product (vaccines, health care ..) needs to be delivered to people in various parts of this warm and sunny state. (ask me again during hurricane season;)

    I agree with you and many commenters that Politics does not belong in this blog.
    But the *Policies* they create that affect my ability to [live and] travel safely and conveniently are certainly fair game.

    Keep on bloggin’

  42. @Joseph

    You’re right. Personal freedom is a thing that went out the window in 2020. The only people who have a problem are those irrationally scared about a virus with a 99.999% survival rate. I fear the vaccines much more than a mild cold. I understand we were all played by government/academic/medical/media propaganda, but people need to be smart enough to see it was done for politics and there was no actual emergency.

  43. I’m sorry but what was the purpose of your post Ben, once again it has descended into a political foray, perhaps sarcasm is better suited to another day and another topic. I’m
    pleased to see that AA is utilizing their premium aircraft domestically why would anyone dislike this, if this is what the post is about

  44. @Jackson – enough with your 99.999% survival rate – nothing factual about that you stupid twat. 500K dead Americans and counting giving you the middle finger.

  45. CA would love your taxes, and if you think they are doing a better job/support the nanny state they’d welcome you with open arms. But you’ll have less money and less opportunity to travel and run your business.

    Florida has been good to you. You’ve saved a ton of money.

  46. @UA NYC

    This living in fear needs to stop. Don’t be afraid to go out and enjoy life again just be careful.

    My next trip to Miami is on an embraer what irony. Being dwarfed on the taxi ways by 777s will be entertaining.

  47. Ben, visit your website 5 times a day everyday. This is the most disappointing post in a while. Overtly political, and for what? You turned a post about 777’s into a political bashing of Florida and DeSantis

  48. I love how your liberalism shines through… **”I don’t know how Governor DeathSantis accomplished it”**. Anyways love reading the blog and have signed up for more than 2 dozens credit cards in the past 3 or 4 years based on your recommendations… HOWEVER I make sure to NEVER use ANY of your links so as to ensure you never profit on someone who might disagree with you politically (as I do). I continually marvel at how people on your side of the aisle seem to LOVE alienating people who might become a customer (I know the credit card companies enjoy the free promotion without having to pay the commission… to your ilk!)

  49. ” Between May 6 and June 2, 2021.” Are four week schedule announcements really that newsworthy?

  50. @AB

    “HOWEVER I MaKe sUrE tO NeVrR uSe AnY of YoUr LiNks sO As tO eNsUrE yOu NeVer ProFiT On sOmEonE wHo mIgHt DiSagReE WiTh YoU”

    I’m sure Lucky will most definitely cry about this the next time he boards a first class flight.

  51. @Justin… I am SURE lucky and other travel bloggers are doing so well during the pandemic (2020 must have been a financial blowout, worth celebrating!). But who am I turn turn down free info.

    **This whole industry should be built and maintained by those of us in this ecosystem (supporting content creators). However when it becomes political… take what you can for free and if they “blogger” goes out of business.. screw em!

  52. What’s with your political tone? There’s a reason people are going to florida. To escape their closed lives and live a bit. People in Florida like myself rely on tourism and hospitality to make a living. Wake up from your work from home laptop world.

  53. Well said @Leon!

    Answer to that is, that the comments and political articles bring home the Bacon more than a travel article about narrowbody to wide body up-gauging.

  54. @ Leon… Agree. DeSantis has to be mocked and attacked because he undermines the large blue state Govenors who by comparison have failed miserably in their approaches. DeSantis will slide easily in to re-election for those that are eager to replace him in 2022. Also tired of hearing the “Follow the science.” Shut up please. CDC had had been saying science says schools can be opened, yet they remained closed in many areas if the country at the behest of the teachers unions.

  55. I live in Miami.

    I’m flying this route as a mileage run for $55/return 7 times between now and the end of May. With my status, I’m able to seat in PE on all flights. I’ll be PP by the middle of May and I’m getting close to 2 million.

    Never let a good crisis go to waste…

  56. Florida’s death rate from coronavirus ranks 26th of the 50 states. That sounds merely mediocre until you consider that the state has the second oldest population of any state (number 1 is Maine) and that it hosts a very transient population and a constant stream of visitors. So, I’d say that your rant should be directed toward states that are actually screwing up the pandemic – such as California. Or New York with their unforgivable mandate that forced nursing homes to become Covid death chambers.

    While you’re entitled to your opinion, the facts and data do not support it.

  57. Agree @Izz, but there’s no clickbait in the title that would insinuate political talk. It’s not until you get midway through the article that Ben gets political and then he gets really bad in the comments section. I never understand the Left’s desire to alienate half of their readership by bashing other people’s beliefs. Like Jordan said, “Republicans buy sneakers, too.” But that’s the sad state of the country now. No area is safe now from politics or indoctrination

  58. @AaronP

    What do you do about EQDs?
    Better to just buy a first class ticket for $350-$500 no ?

  59. @D3kingg

    I have the Citi Mile Up card. I charge my estimated taxes through to make up the difference to the 30k…

  60. Florida has had similar Covid outcomes (infection rate, mortality rate) to California, and better than New York, with substantially fewer restrictions and a much older population. If you think that’s a reason to criticize Gov. DeSantis, go ahead. But there is a reason he has a positive approval rating (and substantial leads against likely opponents in the early 2022 gubenatorial election polling).

    More generally, the polarized views on DeSantis are a representation of our broader polarization. By any objective measure, DeSantis has done a good job. But half of the country cannot admit that (and the pther half is likely too complimentary).

  61. Agree w/Storm: worth asking what California gave up to acheive the same out come as Florida wrt COVID.

    Also worth asking why Desantis is up in 2022 polling, and why Gavin Nuisance faces a recall this year.

  62. I apploud our Governor. California has the highest. Covid death. And also the highest level of restriction in the whole country. So why don’t you mention that? Thousands of business owners suffering, people in the world unemployment.

  63. I came down to Miami and Miami Beach in early March for some commitments. I cannot wait to leave. Miami Beach is a COVID disaster and there will be spikes soon because of the flagrant disregard for the virus. Shocked at how many people are in denial about the pandemic here. Especially concerning is the lack of PPE in food service. Luckily I’m flying on one of these 777s next week to LA! Excited to see a transcon market flown on wide bodies!

  64. I’m glad AA went all 777 on Miami to LAX. American flew all widebody jets between the two cities until 1997,until some idiot bean counters started changing things. I would love to stick those bean counters in a coach middle seat transcon. I’m 6’ tall and weigh 210 lbs,so I’m a fairly big guy..I hate to disturb others when I need to get up and stretch on a transcon flight.I was suggesting to American for years it was high time to return to all widebody between MIA-LAX .I would like to see the same between MIA and SFO ,as well between JFK to LAX and SFO.

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