Amazing Qsuites Fare From New York To Kiev

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As I’ve said before, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with planning travel way in advance, given the deals that are available. However, if you’re going to do so, go into it with the expectation that the trip may not materialize, as we don’t know how the current situation will evolve.

Well, Qatar Airways has brought back one of the best business class fares we’ve seen in a long time — it was available in early March, and is now back at an even lower price.

As far as I’m concerned, Qatar Airways offers the world’s most well rounded business class experience. Not only that, but thanks to their membership in oneworld, flying with Qatar Airways can be a great way to earn elite qualifying miles in your preferred program (American AAdvantage, British Airways Executive Club, etc.).

Qatar Airways Qsuites cabin on the A350-1000

Qatar Airways is currently offering the cheapest business class fare I recall them offering from the US in years. I’m not sure it’s necessarily the most useful fare at this point, but it sure is good.

Amazing US to Kiev business class fares

You can fly roundtrip Qatar Airways business class between New York or Philadelphia and Kiev for around $1,600:

  • There’s availability for this fare throughout the schedule, with plenty of availability from June onwards (though personally I’d book further out than that, given all the current restrictions)
  • There’s a seven day minimum stay requirement
  • You need to travel outbound Mondays through Thursdays, and inbound Sundays through Wednesdays

Qatar Airways’ website is pretty good for actually searching availability, though if you prefer you can use Google Flights or ITA Matrix. You can potentially have the fare drop a bit further by booking through Momondo, though that comes with some risks as well, which I personally wouldn’t want to take right now, given the uncertainty.

Save even more with the Amex International Airline Program

The Amex International Airline Program, which is available to those with The Platinum Card® from American Express (review) and The Business Platinum Card® from American Express (review), offers further discounts when booking through

For example, with those discounts the fare goes down to well under $1,600, which is even better.

Best of all when you pay with your Amex Platinum you earn 5x points. I value those points at ~1.7 cents each, so to me that’s the equivalent of a further 8.5% discount (knocking down the “real” cost to ~$1,430).

How many miles do you earn?

The New York to Kiev itinerary covers a distance of ~17,513 flown miles, so if crediting to American AAdvantage you’d earn:

  • ~26,270 elite qualifying miles (150%)
  • ~17,513 redeemable miles (100% for segments in the “R” fare class)
  • A 120% mileage bonus if you’re an Executive Platinum member
  • ~3,503 elite qualifying dollars (elite qualifying dollars for 20% of the distance flown)

Qatar Airways Qsuites seat

Bottom line

This New York and Philadelphia to Kiev Qatar Airways sale is spectacular. I don’t remember the last time we saw a Qatar Airways business class fare this low out of the US.

That being said, this is the most useful deal, at least on a widespread basis — there’s quite a bit of backtracking involved, there are potentially long layovers required in Doha, there’s a one week minimum stay requirement, etc.

Add in the general uncertainty right now, and the potential that many airlines are just outright extending status, and this is even less useful. But I still imagine some people will find this to be worthwhile.

If you need to travel between the US and Ukraine later this year, then by all means consider this. But otherwise I’d sit this one out until there’s less uncertainty.

Anyone plan to take advantage of this incredible Qatar Airways fare sale to Kiev?

(Tip of the hat to Witthuus)

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  1. The times are terrible. Takes almost 24 hours each way with very long layovers in Doha. Would you rather fly coach and be there in 8 hours or pay $1000 more for business class and take 24 hours each way with very long layovers ? There is no value in that.

  2. @Ryan

    1) A long layover is only needed on the outbound (check the other flight options)
    2) You can take advantage of a free 5* hotel courtesy of Qatar Airways if you’d prefer to stay the night in Doha rather than hang around at the airport.
    3) You should bear in mind that a lot of people who read OMAAT and blogs like it just want to try out various premium cabins and aircraft or simply rack up easy redeemable miles and credits towards elite status, so just because you see no value in this deal doesn’t mean that other readers will not.

    To answer your question: I’d take the long QR Business Class route (for $1,000 more) over Economy Class direct to Kyiv every time…unless I had a pressing engagement that I needed to get to Kyiv for.

  3. I remember the last time QR had a sale like this: LAX-SIN for $1700 in J. Now THAT was a steal.

    But this is pretty amazing too

  4. Pretty clear from the Qatar itinerary you posted that the city is now referred to as Kyiv. Get with the program.

  5. @JD-With Latin letters it can be written either way. And it sounds the same with either spelling.

  6. Looks like a pretty good deal to me. Connection times are actually great – on the way there you can do some sightseeing in Doha, on the way back enough time to take the 8 pm free tour of Doha at night and then enjoy the lounge without feeling rushed. One week in Ukraine in August is not too bad either – Kyiv is a great city, you can also go to the Black Sea in Odessa. Or you can add a short side trip to Central Europe.

    Yes, lots of backtracking – but you are in QSuites, not in a penalty box. And as others are saying, if you don’t like spending time in QSuites, why are you reading second page of comments on this blog? 🙂

  7. Hmm. I’ll look into this. Haven’t been to Doha or Kiev so seems like a good deal for people who are interested interested in visiting these places.

  8. $27 hotel stays in Doha (Westin, Grand Hyatt, Marriott Marquis, etc.) are only available if your connection time is over 12 hours.

    Probably change around flights and make your connection over 12 hours (cheap stays, sponsored by Qatar Airways) or under 5 hours.

  9. Jetaway, not true. Kyiv is the Ukrainian way, whereas Kiev is the old, Russian version.

    As it’s now part of Ukraine, Kyiv is correct. Unless you also claim that with Latin letters you can equally call the Russian city Leningrad instead of St Petersburg.

  10. And those of us living in Doha have to pay around that price just for a return from DOH-LHR in economy!

  11. seems ridiculous to fly way past your destination and then take a connecting flight back. I have to agree with ryan. Why not just fly a European airline and connect along the way. Get’s you there much sooner. Flying business just makes the flight more bearable, would still rather be out of the plane and out of airports as soon as possible.

  12. I booked one of these. I just lost my OW Sapphire status, and that stings. With just this one itinerary (and 4 short BA segments) I can be BAEC Silver/OW Sapphire.

  13. @Bobby, your ignorance is showing…

    Kyiv is an awesome city. It is culturally rich and vibrant and the people are exceptionally welcoming.

    Odessa is a pit. This once grand city is quite seedy. Awesome if you want casinos, nudie bars, and decaying architecture.

    The real jewel is Lviv. It was the center of Silesia in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and is an awesome contrast to Kyiv, the first great Slavic Orthodox city. There is a wonderful night-train between the two.

  14. I’m actually planning to fly to Kiev in early August already.
    I pay for J

    Being based on the West Coast of the USA, it almost doubles the distance compared to PDX-AMS-KBP.

    I’ll pass on this.

    Personally: I wouldn’t even backtrack if I was based in JFK. Who has time to fly extra distance and hours of time?

    I never understand how anyone in the US could use one of the ME3 for Europe. It’s just… too much time wasted (and yes, I’ve flown Emirates J/F and all that, though not Qatar).

    I want to spend as little time as possible on a plane, and it needs a bed.
    Everything else is secondary.

  15. Kiev/Kiyev is not a destination for everybody, it is depressing soviet era architecture, gloomy people and other social unrest as well as the civil war is not something you would want to see even if you use Qatar business class to get there:)
    No, thanks.

  16. For some of us the holiday STARTS with the flights. Sitting back with a glass of lovely champagne and a nice meal is so relaxing. 14 hours in Doha is not so great. We stopped over in February on our way from Bali to Lisbon and used the recliners in the lounge, carefully setting our alarms so that we wouldn’t miss the connecting flight. Way better than the 6 hours in the scummy Philippines lounge in Manila.

    When you fly European then half your flight will be in the 3 seat/ 2 seat “business” class at the front of an A320 – who in heck would want that for 4 hours?

    We were in Kyiv two years ago and it is a wonderful city. Seriously looking at this offer but getting to the East Coast is a problem and the financial and health uncertainty is probably too much at the moment. Agree that Odessa was not so great and that Lviv was wonderful. The entire country deserves another visit so I hope that this offer is available in a few months when things stabilize. The trip to Ukraine was a nightmare flying via Zurich one way and Frankfurt the return. “Business” on Ukraine Airlines (or any European carrier) is no better than basic economy. I would take the Qatar routing in a moment if I was flying from JFK.

    As long as there is a good lounge and a great inflight then I’ll backtrack till the cows come home. Flying Toronto-Valentia a few years ago we flew Turkish via Istanbul. Way cheaper and of course the Turkish lounge in Istanbul is not to be missed!

  17. OK I’d Bite to savor Qsuites. I visited Kyiv recently and took in the city square and Courageous people.
    The best part of my visit was the Ex-Russian, now Ukrainian Aviation Museum, close by the domestic Air Field. The Staged aircraft were a combination Of military and passenger craft..
    Some cockpits were open, interesting if one knows the Russian Alphabet..
    Able to get up close to Bear Bombers, Hind Helos, All manner of Sea, Land & WWII Fighter Jets as well as The More recent Versions….Well worth a stop while in Kyiv…

  18. How are deals like this found? I’m always fascinated how people come about such rare finds!

  19. @Ze is another ignoramus

    Anyone who equates Kyiv with depressing Soviet Era architecture 1) has never set foot in Kyiv and 2) knows nothing about either architecture or Soviet art movements.

    I would never describe Ukrainians as a group as gloomy. I am sure there are gloomy ones, but it certainly didn’t apply to the people I met. The cafes and bookshops were full of young people eager to interact with visitors.

    The civil war is hundreds of miles away. Such utter nonsense to even bring it up. Much cooler to focus on the great tributes to the Maiden protests scattered across the city.

  20. Being one whose AA account was closed, I’d need to find a use for the Qmiles elsewhere. But I might well book this flight later on if conditions look favorable.

  21. Ukraine is looking at 80% of their population potentially being infected right? That up to a quarter of those people will need to be hospitalized and that they don’t have the medical infrastructure to handle it? I can’t imagine travel will be viable to there for well over a year or more. After a vaccine is developed. Certainly a risk to visitors because this virus is not going to just vanish. Not to mention issues you might run into with quarantines when stopping in DOHA or going to New York.

  22. Reading the ignorant comments on here makes my heart bleed. Why are Americans so stupid and thick.

  23. @John

    The WHO expects that between 60-80% of the WORLD’S population will eventually be infected by covid-19. The trick is to flatten the curve and hope that a vaccine will be available sooner rather than later.

    President Trumps pushing of an untested drug is ignorant.

    Our recent visit to the Ukraine suggests to us that their health care system will be as capable of withstanding covid as the US, for example. Their low population density will assist in controlling the spread.

    The Ukraine’s April 6 health alert has one of the most stringent and robust controls possible. I wish that Canada would adopt them. Actually would feel safer there than here. The US, of course, with the oncoming Easter disaster will be a nightmare.

  24. Trump’s advocacy for the drug is to get it tested, since it has shown some positive effects. Saying that it’s ignorant is an easy slur. If a better treatment is discovered then this one can be ignored. Until then I see no reason not to try it out, given that it’s generally safe for other ailments. Determining safe dosage for anything new will take a good deal of time.

    As for Ukraine’s health system and its ability to respond, time will tell.

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