Aman New York Opening Spring 2021

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What will likely be New York City’s most expensive hotel is just months from opening.

Aman Hotel New York City opening soon

A few years back it was announced that uber-luxury hotel group Aman will be opening a property in New York City, and that’s now nearing completion.

It has officially been announced that Aman New York will open in the spring of 2021. The property will be located in the iconic Crown Building, on 57th and 5th.

The hotel itself will feature 83 guest rooms (on floors 7-12), which will be a minimum of 750 square feet (that’s huge, especially by New York City standards). Each room will feature a fireplace, which is a cool feature you don’t find in many hotels.

The property was designed by architect Jean-Michel Gathy of Denniston, and it’s said that the property will pay a “nod to the brand’s Asian roots.”

In addition to the hotel, Aman New York will feature 22 private residences (on floors 13-25), ranging from one to six bedrooms. Many will even feature outdoor terraces and some will feature private pools (one of which is pictured below). One residence will be a five story penthouse — I’m sure that’ll be super affordable. 😉 These will be the first urban Aman branded residences.

Facilities at the hotel will include an Italian restaurant (Avra), a Japanese restaurant (Nama), a wine library, a jazz club, a garden terrace, and a 25,000 square foot spa.

This will be the third Aman property in the US (after Amangiri in Utah and Amangani in Wyoming), and it will only be the second city Aman in the world, after Aman Tokyo.

We now also have some more pictures of Aman New York, which are cool to finally see:

Aman New York (Crown Building) exterior

Aman New York entrance

Aman New York spa pool

Aman New York garden terrace

Aman New York residence swimming pool (unfortunately not the hotel pool)

Aman New York residence

Aman New York residence

What will Aman New York rates be like?

While the hotel is months from opening, reservations aren’t being taken yet. I can’t help but wonder how much this property is aiming for in terms of pricing, as I would imagine this will be New York City’s most expensive hotel

Not only does the hotel not have many rooms, but each room is also massive by New York City standards, essentially the size of a suite.

I’d have to imagine that rates will start at well over $1,000 per night, and if I had to guess, I’d say that base rooms will start more in the range of $1,500-2,000. I certainly could be wrong, but I can’t see it being much cheaper, and then again, I also can’t see it being much more expensive.

I’d love to hear some guesses from others on this, just for fun.

This looks spectacular, but…

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Aman New York looks incredible, but to me city hotels will never be the essence of Aman. Only time will tell to what extent Aman New York can deliver on the Aman experience.

The only other city Aman property is in Tokyo, and suffice to say that service standards in general are different in Tokyo than New York.

Aman used to open properties in unique locations where no other hotel brands would ever dare. That has changed, as the brand has essentially sold out, with upcoming properties in Bangkok, Los Cabos, Miami, and Niseko. The only unique properties in the pipeline are in… Saudi Arabia.

Bottom line

Aman New York will be opening in the spring of 2021. It’ll be the third Aman property in the US, and the second city Aman property in the world. The hotel looks spectacular, and I’m sure the dining venues and spa will be incredible.

What do you make of the opening of Aman New York, and what are you expecting rates to be like?

  1. Hi Lucky,
    This is one hotel opening I am super excited about – glad they’re releasing more details as it was due to open in Winter 2020. I’m think you’re right – guessing around1200-1400$ x night.
    If you hear when it starts accepting reservations I’d love you to keep us updated! J

  2. No affiliated redemption/points program? its dead on the water for me
    I can do without it
    I predict 1200 to 1800 for a base level room depending when it opens
    If it were to open today they would be lucky to get 800 to 1200 per night IMHO

  3. Actually the 5 floor penthouse already sold for 180 million… apparently someone from Asia bought it.
    I’m seriously wondering as well about room rates. I think your guess sounds about right, but the thing is that the location truly sucks unless your goal is to shop on 5th Avenue, and so many stores have permanently shut down in that area. The St Regis and the Peninsula around the corner have both shut down until at least spring next year, etc… so it will open in a very interesting context. But living in NYC, I’d love to spend a night or 2 there for a staycation 🙂 .

  4. I enjoy international first class. It’s easy to differentiate a first class experience from a business class one… and, to me, it’s worth the extra points to maximize that experience. But I struggle when trying to differentiate the ultra luxury hotel experience (e.g., Aman, Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental, etc) from that of just plain luxury hotels (e.g., Ritz Carlton, St. Regis). Maybe I don’t know what to ask for, but I don’t see how maximizing the experience of those ultra luxury hotels justifies paying upwards of 3 or 4 times the price of Ritz Carlton/St Regis. What am I missing?

  5. @Clem,

    I think for a certain clientele this is a very desirable location. There are a ton of finance and entertainment headquarters and offices within 10 blocks where these price points wouldn’t bat an eye. There is a reason the other five star hotels are all right there.

  6. @AdamH – you’re absolutely right, and pre pandemic it would have been a sure hit. But with the corporate office landscape changed for the foreseeable future (if not forever) particularly in that area, it remains to be seen if those hotels will still be able to command those rates and fill up as easily as they did. Now the St Regis, the Peninsula or the Plaza are all iconic hotels, and Aman has enough of a cult following that it could still work out just fine for them, but we will see.

  7. On the one hand, it looks luxurious, as it should, but then there is nothing Aman about it. None of the decor look particularly New York (it would’ve looked right at home in some Middle Eastern city), so Aman definitely sold out to be just another luxury hotel chain.

    Park Hyatt New York nearby charges $1,000 for an entry level room during regular times, starting at 500 sq ft. I would expect Aman to start at $2,000 after COVID for a 750 sq ft entry level room. $1,500 would be a relative “bargain”.

  8. Is Aman Venice not considered a city property?

    Aman NY rooms better have good soundproofing for any hint of serenity at 57th & 5th…

  9. Ed – I’d be happy to borrow their wine for free, though I’m not sure they’d want me to return it. They should have no worries about me keeping it too long – I’m always done with it in no more than a couple of hours at the longest.

  10. $2000 I guess ( breakfast not included, obviously ). Hotel looks very good but personally I would prefer to stay in historic hotel like St.Regis or Plaza.

  11. MrC, I think it’s one of those things you have to experience before it makes sense. The ultra luxury hotels just have a level of service and care that is generally unmatched. I stayed at Amanjiwo some years back and it remains my best hotel stay to this day in part because the staff took such good care of me. That said, if that sort of thing is not important to you then yes, the price differential might not be worth it.

  12. Looks like demolition has started for a 62-story Skidmore Owings & Merrill highrise right next door at 10-20 W57…

  13. I adore New York, but it’s the last place I would go to relax in a resort-style hotel. Hope their windows have good soundproofing.

  14. @MrC …Aman has the highlight level of attention to detail/service. I’d say Ritz started its decline when Marriott took over. FS, St. R and MO is a toss up between properties/locations…If not interested in details and service then it doesn’t matter.

  15. “and suffice to say that service standards in general are different in Tokyo than New York.” If you are paying $1500 to $2000 a night for a base room then service standards sure as hell shouldn’t vary between NY and Tokyo. Only a sucker would accept subpar service at those rates.

  16. @Gene

    “Is the fireplace for burning more money after you arrive?”

    Well said. Even at an high quality from an absolute standpoint, the relative *value* proposition (product vs. cost) will be extremely poor. This wealth-burning “hotel” is for the 1%. Not the rest of us. Let’s move on….

  17. At pre-pandemic rates, I guess USD 2,000 during peak seasons and maybe USD 1,500 or something other seasons. It’s kind of hard to guess what the post-pandemic rates in NY would be like…
    I am mostly a leisure traveler who usually stay out of hotel during the day so it’s been always location, location, and location (as long as the room is at least Westin quality) but will one day try Four Seasons resort out somewhere…

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