Allegiant Air Will (Finally) Require Face Coverings

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Better late than never, I suppose?

Allegiant Air will require face coverings

For quite a while now, Allegiant Air has been the only major US airline to not require passengers to wear masks. That will finally be changing. As of July 2, 2020, Allegiant Air will require passengers to wear face masks at all times when traveling, including at the ticket counter and gate, during boarding, and while onboard the aircraft.

Why did it take Allegiant so long to add this rule?

Last week I wrote about how Allegiant Air was the only major US airline to not require face coverings during travel. Here’s how the airline justified the policy:

“We’re constantly evaluating our policies to ensure they best meet our customers’ needs. We strongly encourage passengers to wear face masks in all of our communications with them. We send reminder emails before their flights and make announcements at the gate and on board each flight. However, we find that most of our passengers have already adopted mask-wearing as a standard practice. We’ve also heard from customers with asthma and other health conditions who say they can’t wear masks. We want to ensure our policies accommodate them, as well.

As an extra precaution, we provide each passenger with a free health and safety kit as they board their flights. The kits include a mask, gloves and sanitizing wipes. Passengers tend to already have their own wipes and masks but they appreciate the extra supplies we provide.”

On the one hand, I can appreciate the challenge some other airlines have when it comes to enforcing face mask policies. I don’t love the fact that airlines have created face mask policies they can’t enforce, especially since many people rely on others to wear masks in order to feel comfortable on planes.

On the other hand, at least trying to require face masks to be used seems better than not requiring it.

Bottom line

Allegiant Air will become the last major US airline to require passengers to wear face masks as of July 2, 2020. Welcome to the club, Allegiant!

  1. Allegiant Air, the Wal-Mart of domestic airline travel. If you want to a taste of how much they “care” for the safety of their customers and staff, take a look at the 60 Minutes report on them. They make Spirit look like Singapore Airlines in comparison.

  2. They are the airlines for America’s right.

    Don’t think about flying them Lucky.

    Even spirit is far more safer and professional

  3. On my last Allegiant flight, absolutely no one (except me and my husband) had masks on. Hoping this will be enforced.

  4. @Adam

    What makes you think Allegiant is like Wal-Mart. If anything, I think Wal-Mart cares about their own more than Amazon does.

  5. I would NEVER fly them. They continue to show a lack of concern for safety. When these Airbuses are 35 yo like the MD-80s were they will be falling from the sky. What an awful corporation.

    Human life is more important than your bottom line Allegiant. . .figure it out.

  6. To anyone still brainwashed by the 60 minutes piece, please see Cranky Flier’s article on how biased it was with one sided conversations and cherrypicking of statistics. You think AA and United really “care” about your health that much more? No, it’s all about money, and the bottom line is going to carry the carriers out of the pandemic, some stronger than others.

  7. By the way , if you don’t like flying Allegiant, book another airline.
    And for those people saying they can’t wear a covering because of Asthma??? Really ???
    Think through your comment with common sense. If you get the virus, Asthma will be the least of your respiratory issues. You may be on a vent due to being high risk medical.
    Just a thought from an Public Health Rn

  8. I’m flying Allgiants in August & you all have me freaked out! Its the only airline out of the Destin area to KC straight without stopping. All others you have to go to Atlanta or Dallas for a connection!

  9. @sunviking82
    They got rid of all the MD-80s. They used to buy used airbuses, but not anymore. They actually just purchased quite a few new A320s from Airbus.

  10. Sun viking put the Crack Pipe away,,,, I’ve worked on Boeing, Mds and 20 years on A320 at Awa and JetBlue and by far the Airbuses are the best built and Maintenance friendly out of the 3! The MDs built in Lgb are GARBAGE and NOT user friendly for mechanic s! I had a phone interview with them when they still had that junk and told the guy,,,,U guys need to fly Airbuses and within 4 years they had NOTHING but Airbuses! They’re safe and efficient they just don’t have the V2500 engines that I believe are a MUCH better engine and efficient! Go Allegiant!

  11. I flew Allegiant in May and both flights everybody had their mask on, they gave everyone a cleaning towelette, a mask , hand sanitizer, i think they did a great job

  12. Glad to hear they’re finally onboard,flying with them in August can’t wait,I’ve never had an issue with Allegiant

  13. I flew Allegiant on June 25th 2020 and there were NO empty seats on the airplane. NO free kit was given or even offered. They allowed passengers to board 5 minutes after unloading the previous passengers. No temperature checks, no health screening questions. It was like any other pre Pandemic day. I am very concerned for my health and safety after this flight. Masks arent close to effective when sitting elbow to elbow with people. The recycled air and people talking loudly all around me. I even hear a couple sneezes. Not good Allegiant. Not good at all.

  14. Diana: I fly Allegiant frequently, including last month. I’ve only been on new planes for the last several years. Their service and professionalism are vastly improved over the last decade and I haven’t had an issue in a while. These planes use very effective filters and the air is replaced every couple of minutes. My one tip during COVID is to look at the seat map a couple days before your flight. I was able to purchase a seat in an empty row and I was able to maintain distance that way. Be smart and you will be fine.

  15. Thank you for your reply to my message. However I purchased my seat when I purchased my ticket front row aisle. I hope no one is seated next to me!

  16. @Diana

    Hoping empty seat next to you isn’t enough, you have to do more than that since you already paid a premium for that.
    IMHO, you should also board last and quickly deplane first.
    Don’t forget front row aisle means literally everyone else on board needs to pass your seat to get to their seat, all other 185 passengers.

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