Hilarious Video From Akbar Al Baker, Qatar Airways’ CEO

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Qatar Airways’ CEO, His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker, is the most prolific guy in the airline industry. He’s never afraid to share how he feels, whether it’s about his airline’s work practices

…or Airbus delivering planes on time.

But if there’s one topic Al Baker is passionate about, it’s how horrible of a person Delta’s CEO is. Al Baker has gone so far as to call Richard Anderson weak, unpatriotic, and unethical.

Anyway, as some may recall, last month Richard Anderson made the claim that Delta was being offered used 777s for $10 million. This surprised investors and just about the entire industry, since that’s a huge departure from the list price of ~$170 million for a new 777.

Anderson sees a big bubble in the used market for 777s soon, which Delta seems keen on taking advantage of. That’s potentially pretty smart, given that the 777 is fairly efficient, and with the low cost of fuel they’re much better off buying a 10 year old 777 for $10 million than a marginally more fuel efficient plane for $150+ million.

I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise, but Al Baker has opinions on these statements. I just stumbled upon a video from earlier in the month of him chiming in about Anderson’s remarks, and suffice to say he has no shortage of thoughts on the situation:

I’m not sure what I love most:

  • The grin of the guy standing next to him for the entire time Al Baker is talking
  • Al Baker’s typical $hit grin right at the end, which he seems to have every time he has a strong opinion on something
  • That he’s shaming Richard Anderson for making record profits (in this part of the world that means he’s doing his job correctly, Akbar!)
  • Akbar saying he doesn’t want to comment about Anderson’s dubious remarks… after commenting on them for 45 seconds

Goodness, I love Al Baker! Please let the “historic moment in American aviation” be a debate between Al Baker and Anderson… I’d redeem all my SkyMiles to see that!

  1. He’s kind of like Donald Trump, a WWE attraction and the PR minister of Iraq (2002 version) all rolled into one.

  2. Guessing Akbar meant to say “767 & 757” not 787 for $10 million. Maybe he’s the one having a senior moment after all.

  3. Baker is actually able to give his honest opinion. And he is right about the prices – if Qatar charged the same as delta, they would be making record profits. Their planes and service is far better than any american airline

  4. Love the video! Can somebody create a petition in change.org. Both Mr Al Baker and Mr Anderson should be in a match, any match. MMA, boxing, riff off, whatever …. Hell, I’ll take lip sync battle between the two!

  5. lol dunno why ben’s post come off as hater-ish… if anything, you should be his biggest fan. al safwa and al mourjan lounge amazing! cant complain at all about free-flowing krug, billecart-salmon & pol roger rose 2006… how are them lame skyclubs doing?

    about the planes – worlds apart. much rather fly QR’s A380, B787, A350 biz class – which is the worlds best biz class, not BA F like you say 😉 … and their F class is pretty dope too, having recently flown em. QRs prices are on point as well, part of the reason why awards are more or less readily available. becoz they dont charge an arm and a leg for superb customer service, great products onboard and a great on-ground experience…. screw delta, screw anderson, he maybe doing his job like a corporate lawyer, but I dont own any of their stock so I could give 2 shits how much profit they are raking in. they need to step their game up big time w newer planes, better cabins, reintroducing F class and reviving their retarded frequent flyer program. then they’ll have any room to talk about the airlines that are actually doing something customer friendly.

  6. Are you seriously that uneducated? Akbar is next to Ray Conner, the CEO of Boeing Commerical Airplanes. You think you know everything but you don’t.

  7. I love “they have all the rights they require.” Hmmmm. According to who?

    @james, gee, that’s one big chip you have on your shoulder. Get over yourself.

  8. Actually he’s a liar, it’s true they have to get permission.
    I know many people who work for QA and told me so. Qatar is a small country. Easy to find out if something is true or not!

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