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Yesterday I wrote about how Qatar Airways and Airbus are supposedly at an “impasse” over the delivery of their A380s. I’ll keep this short and sweet, rather than rehashing what I wrote in that post.

YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS VIDEO of “His Excellency” Mr. Akbar Al Baker being interviewed over the A380 delivery:

I mean, this guy is truly, truly, truly nuts beyond words:

  • His Excellency proactively brings up the issues he’s having with Airbus
  • His Excellency tells the reporter three times that he should ask Airbus what the problem is
  • His Excellency then interrupts the reporter to say “but you tell Airbus to tell you the truth because tell them if they report something wrong the CEO of Qatar Airways will correct it”
  • He then goes on to say that he won’t yet tell the truth, with a massive smirk on his face


All that in a 90 second clip!

The video itself isn’t even the best part, though. The best part is this comment that Emirates left on the Qatar Airways YouTube video:


Now that’s abso-freaking-lutely brilliant, Emirates!

  1. It is a fake account. Click on the name and see the username for the account is actually “blusky1107” vs the official “emirates”. Still funny though.

  2. Why is boarding area.com suddenly ask for my “current location”all the time — VERY ANNOYING!!!

  3. I don’t know Ben…if I have BILLIONS of dollars in multiple currencies (other than my spare change from returning from lots of places), I think I would be sort of “eccentric” myself. By that I mean I would probably expect unreasonable things just so I could compete with the totally reasonable things on other airlines already have like apartments in the sky or showers. I mean really what can’t Airbus get the darn hot tub working already…I mean…ask Airbus what the problem is since I have no comment other than to tell you to ask Airbus!

  4. Well, in this case “His Excellency” is the not-so-excellent blighter who refused to honor many tickets legitimately purchased on his carrier = from HKT, BKK, PNH and so on.

  5. He’s also classy:

    Answering a question about what would be one of the most exciting things about traveling on a Qatar Airways flight, Al Baker said: “To receive unprecedented hospitality, comfort and in-flight service with stewardesses [whose] average age is only 28 years old. You got the message?”

  6. I’m with Daniel. I don’t understand why this is news. Yeah the video is funny, but I don’t think Akhbar did anything wrong in the interview and was polite enough. If Airbus was screwing me over and hurting my bottom line after my company was paying them billions, I’d be a little miffed too.

  7. @ Sean — Well and if that’s the case and Airbus was hurting their credibility with delays, wouldn’t you tell the media what the problem is, rather than smirking about it?

  8. +1 on Dan’s comment.
    @Sean, I understand if Airbus is not keeping its end of the deal, I’d be as pissed as the Qatar Airways CEO. However, one thing that I found odd in the video is how he’s being secretive. If he’s upset and is public about it, I think it’s completely ok to tell the public what’s wrong with the A380. In fact, it would have been better if they brought the Qatar A380 to the air show and show the public exactly what Airbus has done. 😉

  9. @lucky, sometimes the lesser said the better. No need to go all out making pronouncements in capital letters. 😉

  10. Cant expect a guy who runs an airline in a country with slave labour and dictator like mentality, the guy has to rationalize it somehow, not surprising that hes a kook.

  11. Goodness me!

    On a more serious note, do we know what IS the issue ? Airbus seems to acknowledge there is an issue that will ‘be resolved by the end of the year’ but I haven’t heard any reliable information on what that issue is.

    Is this related to cabin fittings? It’s unlikely to be airframe related or it wouldn’t selectively affect all the Qatar A380.

  12. Here we go. Are these issues really that important for such a long delay? And it seems to me like Airbus is the one picking up the bill.

    “In another A380 debate, Leahy says that Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker is complaining about “cosmetic issues” such as slightly imperfect colors and gaps between cabin walls and passenger information stickers. “There is no reason why a different airline would not have taken the aircraft,” he says. He believes that Airbus could have insisted on Qatar taking the aircraft, while the small remaining issues could be addressed during the next maintenance downtime. But with the airline being as important a customer as it is, the manufacturer is still aiming at an amicable solution.” Via Aviation week.

  13. First – does that guy live in Detroit? I could swear I bought a used car from him a few years ago.

    Second – Never buy anything from the French, especially for millions of dollars… what did he expect?

    Third – Yes, that comb-over is absolutely fabulous!

  14. The longer Reuters video was better but all of this is not raising anyone’s opinion of Al Baker.

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