Air Canada To Suspend All Transborder Service

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After cutting its overseas flights and sharply limiting service within North America over the past month, Air Canada announced today that it will be halting all flights to and from the United States effective April 27.

The move comes in response to an agreement between the Canadian and American governments to extend border restrictions to May 22, 2020. Previously (as of Wednesday, March 18th) the Canadian > U.S. border was technically closed  to “non-essential traffic” though flights were still operating between key cities.

As of today, Air Canada plans to resume service on May 22, but the date is subject to change if border restrictions are extended again.

Passengers affected by the service suspension can reschedule with no change fees. Based on OMAAT’s experience with almost all airlines during the COVID-19 crisis, we recommend trying to do this online first, as call centres have been overloaded almost beyond belief.

In the meantime, Air Canada Aeroplan has extended Altitude status for a year, and is making more of an effort to find creative ways to engage with members, and has made it possible to earn Altitude Qualifying Miles from home.

  1. Of course AC would cancel all flights the day after my booked flight. Done with Air Canada and United! Star Alliance is showing how awful it truly is!

  2. Sadly this makes sense based on the current financial crisis. I assume Air Canada has some slots at slot restricted airports that are protected for the future.

  3. @Andre:
    Are the other alliances really better? At the moment you have to take any airline that flies.
    My DL flight was cancelled: I just arrived at ORD from DTW on AA and will later fly to YYZ with AC to then fly to FRA with AC to then fly to ARN with LH. 5 flights with 3 different airlines/alliances what used to be two flights. I started yesterday in Arkansas and will arrive to Sweden tomorrow.

    Now fellow passengers are showing their true faces: always complaining and whining during this crisis instead of trying to understand airlines motivation.

    Yes, it is very unfortunate that AC is suspending transcontinental service as they offered a Good Option at the Moment to travel from USA via Toronto and Montreal to europe. But it is understandable because also their aircraft are getting emptier each day. Why should they pay so that we can travel on an almost private jet?
    If our travel is that essential our companies should and will pay for a private jet or look for alternative options.

    Safe travels

  4. @klaus —
    My issue is more with refunds for bookings that airlines can no longer honor. I booked my AC trip in January. A few weeks ago, one segment was cancelled. AC rebooked the other segment on an earlier flight which no longer makes sense because of the cancelled segment. Airlines are manipulating the rules to favor themselves. Granted, these are tough times, but to manipulate the system in order to avoid refunds show callous disregard for customers. The sad part is once this is over, most of us will forgive and rebook. I won’t. UA and AC no longer deserve my business. As for the rest of Star Alliance, guilty by association. I cancelled a LT itinerary to Warsaw-Prague-Budapest for the same reason. I have options, so why bother being loyal when they aren’t? Your situation is different, Klaus, and I respect that. I no longer respect Star Alliance and will take my money elsewhere.

  5. Why if you cannot get a cash refund for your cancelled flight you get a voucher instead. So let’s say I am supporting them with a interest free loan of my money. Fine I will book the same route and flight for next year so contacted Air Canada who want to charge me extra to do this its called having your cake and eating it or daylight robbery. Never going to fly Air Canada again.

  6. All International flights from and into USA and Canada should be on lock down for at least a year or so. We have to much to loose in North America to be tainted for a dollar from these rouge liberal countries.

  7. Fun fact: I am onboard AC from ORD to YYZ: we are a total of two passengers!
    I am from Europa (returning to Europe) and the other passenger showed a Chinese passport upon boarding.
    Thank you to all canadian taxpayers for still subsidizing these flights between the US and Canada.

  8. @Andre:
    Okay, understood.
    Even before Covid, I do not really have a choice because where I live, Star Alliance has the highest market share. The advantage is that I can easily gain frequent flier status as there is no alternative.

    I am happy with Star Alliance and not sure if the other airlines and alliances are better. But in the end it’s your decision and time will show if other alliances are better or if you come back.
    In the end, each flight booking is a decision between schedule, price and the willingness to fly or avoid a specific airline.

  9. @Bob Coulombe

    It is evident you are not clear on where the majority of the goods you consume come from. Have you heard of globalization? Do you even have a passport? Have you ever travelled abroad?

  10. My mom who is Canadian is here with me in LA. We did/do not feel it is safe to travel at this time. Guess what? Her travel insurance policy will bit renew, saying they will not cover covid related treatments. So they are basically making people fly home even if it is unsafe to do so? Risking herself and all others on the flight? How is that in the public’s best interest? The government should force the insurance companies to cover it.

  11. @Jennifer:
    Actually I do not understand your expectations from her travel insurance? Should they charter a private flight for her? Or should they pay a hotel room for her in L.A. until it is safe to fly back?

    If your mum wants to go back to Canada, please reconsider the current risks of flying. I would say your mom will be flying on an almost empty plane. If you are not convinced, call the airline and ask about how many people will fly on her specific flight. At check-in, she can once again verify that the plane is still empty – and if she does not feel comfortable, she can still cancel the flight. But then she has at least tried to get home and can stay in L.A. knowing that she has tried it. If she boards last, and reserves a front row window seat, the risk of meeting other passengers is further reduced. But she should make a decision quickly.

    Either way, good luck and safe travels to your mum.
    If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask them.

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