Air Canada Extends Altitude Status, Gets Creative

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Yesterday we saw Delta SkyMiles and United MileagePlus announce that they’d extend current elite status for members by 12 months (and more), and now Air Canada is announcing a similar initiative.

Air Canada is even getting a bit creative, so let’s take a look at what they’ve announced:

Air Canada Altitude status extended by 12 months

All Air Canada Altitude status for 2020 will automatically be extended to the end of 2021. If a member does reach a higher status tier before the end of the year, they’ll still enjoy that status, and will maintain it for next year as well.

Air Canada Altitude status can be gifted

This is where Air Canada is getting creative. Those who currently have status will maintain it for an extra year, but there’s a reward for those who earn status anyway.

If a member who had their status extended achieves that status for next year by the end of 2020, they can gift it to a friend or family member. What a cool initiative!

Earn Altitude elite miles for donations

Through April 30, 2020, Air Canada is offering something pretty generous to those who donate miles. For every five Aeroplan miles that a member donates to a charity engaged in fighting COVID-19, they will be awarded one Altitude Qualifying Mile (AQM).

This is limited to a maximum of 25,000 AQMs, which would be earned after donating 125,000 Aeroplan miles. That can either count towards your status this year, or if you already have status, can help you gift status to a loved one.

Bottom line

It’s great to see Air Canada not only extending elite status by a year, but even making it a bit more interesting than that.

I’ve long said that my favorite kinds of elite benefits are those that I can share with loved ones (it’s why I love Hyatt’s “Guest of Honor” perk, for example), and so I like the concept of being able to share status with a loved one.

Well done, Air Canada!

  1. Thanks Lucky. So American Airlines is going to be the last to the party apparently – if they even show up at all!

  2. Hey Ben do you have a link to the announcement. It seems decently fair, but as a SE100k you’d think they’d notify us of the changes.

  3. Sweet! Let’s incentive people to travel when they should be at home!
    Great idea! So CREATIVE!

  4. Yes, looking for the notification from Air Canada. I’m wondering if, for example, I’m 35K, but I hit 25K in travel this year — can I gift 25K? Or is it only if I hit my own threshold that it can be gifted.

  5. @Kevin, take a look at the Media Centre on their website. It’s the top press release there.

  6. Details are posted here

    Short answer to Sean Simpson is that as I read this you can gift whatever status you earn this year and if that is lower than your current status you still keep your current status whilst your nominee gets the gifted (lower) status. If it’s higher than your current status you and you nominee both get the new status for 2021. This is remarkable.

  7. Bite it Biz Guy!!! Find some other place to piss on people’s shoes….
    People still have to be responsible and not fly until safe, right?
    Thx Lucky…. 🙂

  8. @Biz Guy Just imagine your job is related to medical.So maybe you have to travel even more than normal time.And nxet year you find you can gift statu to a friend(if you have any).Isn’t it a nice way to reward your service?

  9. Air Canada is sending the notification by email. Everyone should be receiving it shortly. I just got mine a few minutes ago.

  10. I can’t be excited about anything Air Canada until they start listening to the DOT and issue refunds for (US-based) cancelled flights. They continue to refuse, and agents won’t even allow you to speak with a supervisor. They simply say there are no supervisors and stonewall, stonewall, stonewall.

  11. I think this is a good move by Air Canada. There will undoubtedly be at least a few frequent fliers that will earn enough to extend their status “the normal way”. Its nice they can do something with that. In the inevitable economic downturn that will happen on the backside of this pandemic, if this gives Air Canada even a small amount of revenue, I am sure they’ll call it a win. The potential good will it generates amongst its fliers wont hurt either.

    Next up – what will American do (if anything)?

  12. They also said in the email that starting next week they’ll be announcing more ways to earn status from home… this could be interesting.

  13. Does this extension apply to those that earn status from the travel at home promotions? My status still says it will expire Feb 2021

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