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My United flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco was departing at around 8:30AM, and I got to the airport about two hours early. I reviewed the United Club LAX recently (which is pretty good for a domestic lounge), so figured I’d check out a new lounge.

In May dozens of airlines at LAX had to swap terminals, and as a result, many airlines have switched up their lounges. As part of this shuffle, Air Canada moved from Terminal 2 to Terminal 6 at LAX. I reviewed Air Canada’s old Maple Leaf Lounge in Terminal 2, though they gave that space to Delta, and opened a new lounge space in Terminal 6 instead.

There’s both good and bad news regarding this new lounge space:

  • Air Canada’s new Maple Leaf Lounge is no longer part of Priority Pass, which means a credit card with lounge access won’t get you in
  • Star Alliance Gold members (including United Star Alliance Gold members) can use this lounge prior to a United flight out of Terminal 7, and the two terminals are connected airside; so this is great for United flyers

Anyway, I cleared security at United’s Terminal 7, and then took the airside connector to Terminal 6, which was maybe a five minute walk.

Connector between LAX Terminal 7 & Terminal 6

Once through that, I found myself just past the Terminal 6 security checkpoint.

Terminal 6 LAX

To get to the Air Canada Lounge, walk towards the end of the terminal.

Terminal 6 LAX

Eventually you’ll see some escalators in the center of the terminal, and to the right of that is the elevator to the Maple Leaf Lounge. The lounge is basically on the opposite side of the escalator of the Alaska Lounge.

Elevator to Air Canada Lounge LAX

The Maple Leaf Lounge hours are daily from 4:30AM until 10:30PM, per the sign posted by the elevator.

Air Canada Lounge LAX hours

The lounge is one level above the main concourse. The entrance to the lounge isn’t especially impressive, as it basically feels like an emergency exit door that’s propped open, with no signage.

Entrance to Air Canada Lounge LAX

Just inside the entrance is the registration desk, and also magazines and an Air Canada 787 model plane (as an aviation geek, I love how many of these Air Canada has).

Air Canada Lounge LAX model airplane & magazines

At the entrance my Star Alliance Gold card was swiped, and I was admitted within a few moments. The lounge is way smaller than the old one, though the decor is quite nice. Just past the reception desk are some leather chairs facing one another, along with side tables.

Air Canada Lounge Los Angeles seating

Then there’s the largest part of the lounge, the centerpiece of which is a big “U” shaped couch facing a TV.

Air Canada Lounge Los Angeles seating

Air Canada Lounge Los Angeles seating

Air Canada Lounge Los Angeles seating

Air Canada Lounge Los Angeles seating

Along the wall is a wine display.

Air Canada Lounge Los Angeles wine display

The lounge has lots of natural light, and along the windows are leather seats with a pretty standard airport lounge setup, as there are two seats per “row” facing one another.

Air Canada Lounge Los Angeles seating

The lounge has great views of the ramp between Terminals 5 & 6.

Air Canada Lounge Los Angeles view

Air Canada Lounge Los Angeles view

Across from the windows and further into the lounge is the dining area, which features a few small dining tables, plus a communal table with high-top seating.

Air Canada Lounge Los Angeles seating

Air Canada Lounge Los Angeles seating

In terms of the breakfast selection, it was fairly minimal.

Air Canada Lounge Los Angeles food & drink selection

To eat, there was toast, cereal, fresh fruit, muffins, yogurt, and hardboiled eggs. I feel like they used to have hot options a long time ago, but that doesn’t seem to be the case in the new lounge.

Air Canada Lounge Los Angeles breakfast

Air Canada Lounge Los Angeles breakfast

Air Canada Lounge Los Angeles fruit selection

Air Canada Lounge Los Angeles breakfast

Air Canada Lounge Los Angeles breakfast

Then they had two Lavazza coffee machines (which I find to be really great, as far as machine coffee goes), tea, juice, water, and a beer tap (which wasn’t in use).

Air Canada Lounge Los Angeles coffee selection

Air Canada Lounge Los Angeles tea selection

Air Canada Lounge Los Angeles drinks

Air Canada Lounge Los Angeles beer

I spent about an hour in the lounge working. The Wi-Fi was fast, and I also appreciated how many outlets there were (including 110v and USB plugs). It amazes me how many new lounges open without much thought being put into the number of plugs, but that’s an area where this lounge excelled.

Air Canada Lounge Los Angeles outlets

On the far end of the lounge were a few more leather seats, as well as a small business center with two PCs and a printer.

Air Canada Lounge Los Angeles seating

Air Canada Lounge Los Angeles business center

The bathrooms were nice but small — there were no showers.

Air Canada Lounge Los Angeles bathroom

For what it’s worth, Air Canada is expanding the lounge this fall, so you can expect for it to get a bit bigger. However, even the current lounge wasn’t really crowded.

Air Canada Lounge LAX bottom line

Air Canada’s new LAX lounge is a beautiful space. In terms of design it’s a nice upgrade over the old space, and I look forward to seeing the lounge expanded. However, the food selection is the weakest that I’ve seen in any Maple Leaf Lounge.

This lounge is a great option for Star Alliance Gold members flying United out of Terminal 7, as this is just a short walk away. However, it’s a shame that this lounge is no longer open to Priority Pass members (though given how small it is, I totally understand why — maybe this will change when the lounge is expanded).

  1. If you got for lunch the food options have taken a serious decline. I visited a few months ago, when they were still in the old building, and they no longer had those sandwiches or gourmet salads. Not sure why but they took away a lot from what was a pretty decent priority pass lounge.

  2. The food selection for breakfast at the Maple Leaf Lounge’s have never really been that good in my experience. The selection in the domestic and trans-border lounges in YYZ for breakfast are very similar to this. It is during lunch or dinner times where the food in MLL’s outshine AA, DL or UA’s lunch and dinner time selections in my experience.

  3. Lucky has been a UA *G for a long time

    Any domestic segment will do for *G access to partner lounges – have done the LGA MLL LGA-ORD, the DTW LH SEN lounge DTW-EWR, etc.

  4. @AdamR, the international restriction is only for UA*G when trying to access domestic UCs. Non-UA *Gs can access the UCs even when flying domestically. Otherwise, any *G can access any *G lounge, which the MLL is. I think there are a few exceptions – the SFO SKL for one.

    @UA-NYC, I thought that Lucky can no longer participate in UA MP, so how is he *G with UA?

  5. Lucky never said he was *G with UA, most likely has this status from LH, just a guess based on his travel reviews

  6. June 4/18 my husband and I used the Maple Leaf Lounge T6 LAX. My pass was complimentary but had to pay for my husband $US 35. Agree with the comments that decor is nice etc however afternoon visits along windows is pretty hot. Had to ask to lower blinds. Food offered for late afternoon/dinner was soup, hummus and corn chips, edamame, and kale salad, apples and cookies. There is unlimited alcohol/beer/wine and coffee etc. In my opinion the food was not very good for a $35US charge. I would have preferred a sandwich of some sort or some type of protein to fill you up rather than offer unlimited alcohol with hardly anything to absorb it. That’s irresponsible. So we left and went to go buy something to eat. Probably won’t be going there again to pay as it was not worth it. I should mention neither of us drink more than one beer or glass of wine a day.

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