A state of pure bliss…

So yesterday I had my fastest ever IAD-TPA flight, getting in 30 minutes early. Before that the earliest I’ve ever been was about 15 minutes, so I was shocked when we were airborne at our original departure time from IAD and touched down so early. I knew two of the FA’s aboard, although the past few days that seems to be pretty standard for me.

I got home by around 3:15PM and was asleep by 4:30PM. I slept until 8:30AM, which is 16 hours. I don’t know how I do it, but it only works after a redeye. I’ve tried it under many other conditions, but it never works.

Let me tell ya, nothing is nicer than waking up after 16 hours of sleep. At first I could hardly move but once I got up, brushed my teeth and had a bottle of water, it’s the most refreshed I could feel. I haven’t yawned once, rubbed my eyes, or felt tired, something which is rare for me.

I’ll be enjoying my two days off before being back in the air on Saturday, again bound for the west coast with a relatively big FlyerTalk dinner set up near SFO on Saturday during a four hour layover.

As much as I enjoy flying (and especially my mileage balance as of this morning), it’s nice to be on the ground once in a while.

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