40% Bonus On Purchased Hyatt Points: Diamond Members Only

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Update: The email I received suggested this was just for Diamond members, though it seems the offer has been extended to some Platinum members as well. Please report your eligibility/status below.

Through August 18, 2014, Hyatt is offering Gold Passport Diamond members up to a 40% bonus on purchased Gold Passport points. The bonuses are tiered, as follows:

  • Purchase 5,000 to 19,000 points and receive a 20% bonus
  • Purchase 20,000 to 39,000 points and receive a 30% bonus
  • Purchase 40,000 to 55,000 points and receive a 40% bonus


If you max out the promotion and purchase 55,000 points you’d receive a total of 77,000 points at a cost of $1,320, which is ~1.71 cents per point. Hyatt recently increased the maximum number of Gold Passport points you can purchase per year from 40,000 to 55,000.


While it’s targeted, this is one of the best bonuses we’ve seen on the purchase of Gold Passport points. Some recent offers included:

I value Hyatt Gold Passport points at ~1.5 cents each, though they can definitely be redeemed for a lot more than that. I just think that’s a “fair” number. In this case there are some circumstances under which it can be really lucrative to purchase points.

For example, at the rate of ~1.7 cents per point, you can purchase enough points for a free night at the Park Hyatt Maldives (which is a Category 6 property, making it 25,000 points per night) for ~$430, while paid rates are $1,000+ per night.


You can potentially get even more value out of your points by using Hyatt Points+ Cash redemptions.

As a Gold Passport Diamond member, Points + Cash redemptions are especially awesome because:

  • Confirmed Diamond suite upgrades can be applied on Points + Cash reservations
  • Points + Cash reservations are eligible for elite stay & night accrual, as well as points accrual
  • Points + Cash reservations count as qualifying nights for the purposes of promotions


Using the same Park Hyatt Maldives example, pending Points + Cash availability (which is capacity controlled), you could redeem for a free night for just 12,500 points plus $150. The 12,500 points could be purchased for under $220, so that’s like paying ~$370 for a night at the Park Hyatt Maldives.


On the other end of the spectrum, it can also make sense to purchase points for some lower category hotels. For example, I’ve stayed at the Grand Hyatt Santiago, which is a Category 2 property going for just 8,000 points per night.

That means you could purchase enough points for a free night for under $140. Meanwhile sometimes paid rates at this hotel are more than double that.


As is always the case in this hobby, you should crunch the numbers and see if this promotion works for you. If you’re a Diamond member but don’t have a huge stash of Hyatt points (or Chase Ultimate Rewards points which you can transfer to Hyatt) then it could make sense to purchase some points, assuming you have time to redeem at some of the better value properties in the near future.

As a reminder, Hyatt points purchases are processed by points.com, so wouldn’t count as hotel spend for the purposes of credit card spend.

  1. Hi Lucky,

    I just tried logging in and noticed that it gives paypal as a payment option. In the UK amex accepted for paypal with no extra fees (is it the same in the US?) so that’s an extra source of MR…

    All we need now is a UK card or transfer partner…

  2. @ Denny — Interesting, the email I received suggested it was just for Diamond members, but it seems that may not be the case. Thanks for the data point.

  3. My wife got the offer (Platinum), and I did not get it (Diamond) but was eligible. Another account I have access to has no status and was not eligible. So, it appears it is only for their elite members. Kind of like My Elite Rate for points. 🙂

  4. Hey,

    If I use the Hyatt credit card, will It register as Hyatt spend? Will I get 3 points for dollar in other words?


  5. If one adds in the opportunity cost of earning Hyatt points (based on using a Hyatt credit card too), what is the approximately net cpm value of these redemptions?

  6. I’m a lowly platinum and I got it. Have one had one Hyatt night in the past 2 years so I could certainly not be considered elite.

  7. @ stvr — On the fence. I have a ton of Hyatt points already, so need to crunch the numbers with my planned hotel stays.

  8. Hi Lucky,

    Cash+point counts toward elite qualifying nights? (doing hyatt diamond 60 days trial right now)


  9. I’m a Platinum member and DID NOT receive any email. However, when I logged in into my Gold Passport account and selected “Purchase Points” I got the promotion you got via email. Not sure if I should buy or not.

  10. @Lantean: how easy you can get 77,000 UR points other than getting a new credit card or spending money? Looking at the UR Portal you can get 15 points per/$ on eBags.com but that means you need to spend over $5k there to get 77,000 UR points (the maximum you can get with Hyatt).

  11. @Santastico: However if you buy gift cards at Staples and convert them to BB you could get the same 77k miles for about 1/3 the price

  12. My account was upgraded from standard (Gold) to Diamond today but when I follow the link or try to buy points through a link in my account it’s not showing me the promo. Perhaps it’s only for those that were Diamond (or some Platinum) at the time the promotion started? 🙁

  13. @ Ivan Y — Could be that only those that were Diamond at the beginning of the promo are eligible, or otherwise might just take another day or two. I’d give it another shot in a couple of days, as it might just take a while for your account to update in that system.

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