OMAAT’s 15 Most Read Posts Of 2015

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Several days ago I shared the 10 most read flight reviews I wrote in 2015. While many find international first class flight reviews on top carriers to be repetitive, interestingly they’re also the ones that generate the most traffic.

Continuing the list, I figured I’d share 15 of the most read posts of 2015. I’m excluding trip reports, and instead will include 10 posts which were written in 2015, and then five posts which were written in previous years but still generated the most traffic in 2015.

Here are the 10 most read OMAAT posts written this year, in order:

And here are the five most read posts in 2015, which were published in previous years:

What do I take away from this data? Ultimately I write about what interests me, because to me that’s what makes blogging so enjoyable day in and day out. I’ve been blogging for almost eight years and have published over 10,000 posts. What’s clear, however, is that traffic comes from three major sources:

  • Daily readers (you guys, who are reading this post!)
  • Google (people who are searching for specific things and stumble upon the blog)
  • Social media (where viral stories tend to spread like wildfire)

It’s interesting that the two most read posts of 2015 were also funny stories which I decided to pass on, which aren’t really central to miles & points. The posts generated a ton of traffic, as presumably others found the stories as amusing as I did.

What changes will I make based on this data? Not much. I write what I do because it interests me. That’s made up primarily of trip reports and tips on redeeming miles, though I also pass along stories I find amusing, which sometimes get a ton of traffic on social media.

Thanks for following along in 2015 — it was a hell of a year here at OMAAT!

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