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This week is the launch of the new World of Hyatt program. I’ve been talking about some of the changes to the program over the past week. If you’ve followed along, you know that I’m not a fan. Be it the high qualification requirements given their small footprint, the swap of tiered-award nights for amenity points, or the diluted breakfast benefits, I just don’t think it makes a lot of sense. But it is what it is.

For better or worse, a lot of my travel so far this year has taken me to Scandinavia, a land completely devoid of Hyatts, so I’ve only recently been sharpening my pencil to determine if requalifying as a Globalist makes sense. Or will even be possible. That’s why I’ve been breaking down the program piece by piece this week, even though we’re partway through the qualification year.

Anyway, I thought it might be interesting to post my predictions for the World of Hyatt program. As you read this, keep in mind that these are just my opinions. I don’t know anyone at Hyatt. I haven’t been on any blogger conference calls. And I’m not speaking for Team OMAAT.

I’m really just a multi-year Diamond like many of you who is puzzled and a little saddened to see what was once a great program go by the wayside. And of course, this could all be wrong.


So with that said, here’s how I see things playing out.

We’ll have to fight for suite upgrades

The biggest selling point of the new World of Hyatt program, at least for top-tier elites, seems to be the promise of unlimited complimentary suite upgrades. At least in theory, Globalists will be upgraded to standard suites at check-in, based upon availability. That’s in addition to the four confirmed suite upgrades that they’ll also receive.

As someone who typically travels with his family where the three most important things are space, space, and more space, that sounds awesome.

The problem is that it’s very easy for hotels to play games with how they define suites, or determine availability. Many of us here at OMAAT have experienced this issue already when applying DSUs at various properties, so there’s no reason to think it’s going to change with the new scheme. In short, hotels can apply creative definitions to what they consider a standard suite to artificially deflate availability.

To get an idea of what we may be in for, let’s look at Starwood, where complimentary suite upgrades have been a staple of the program for years. Long time OMAAT readers will know that Ben often has to ask for them, fight for them, pull out his laptop and show that they are still selling them, and finally Tweet about them.

I don’t personally mind this all that much — I’m willing to ask for what I’m entitled to — but most of my friends don’t like the idea of confrontation at the reception counter. Do we honestly believe that it will be any different at Hyatt properties? 

Grand Hyatt Taipei Suite

On the flip side, Hilton doesn’t promise anything about getting upgraded to a suite. One of our loyal readers, however, insists that he gets upgraded to a suite more often than not just for the asking. I believe him for the simple reason that I am often similarly successful at shamelessly sweet-talking my way into a suite. I’ve also had plenty of times where I was proactively upgraded to a suite. That, of course, will continue as well.

So at the end of the day, I don’t expect much to change here. All Globalists will continue to get some complimentary suite upgrades, and a few Globalists — those willing to lobby for them — will get a bunch.

But it won’t be nearly as automatic as Hyatt claims.

[Edit: I wrote this post before I had my first stay as a Globalist. Let’s just say, this prediction is off to a good bad start.]

We’ll sometimes get a welcome amenity, just not points

Under the old Gold Passport program, Diamond members received a welcome amenity on every stay. You could choose from either a food and beverage amenity or bonus points. I think I always took the points, unless I was at an international property where that wasn’t an option.

But guess what? I’d occasionally get the food and beverage amenity as well. Not every time of course, but on sometimes a snack would show up in my room anyway. Or even a Hyatt Place will give me a coupon for a free drink in addition to the points

So I expect we’ll still get the occasional food and beverage welcome amenity and those properties that do so will start to stand out for going above and beyond.

Grand Hyatt Cannes Welcome Amenity

Locally, hotels will do the right thing most of the time

Following along that theme, I am fairly confident that individual properties will do whatever they can to make Globalists happy. After all, they are the ones that directly deal with guests and, for better or worse, will have to try to appease those who are disgruntled.

Unlike the airlines — where crews rotate around the network so you may never see the a flight attendant twice despite flying the same route week after week — hotel staff are mostly constant. So if you are a regular at a property, you may get perks even beyond what the program dictates. Since most hotels are locally owned and operated, they actually have a lot of leeway in what they can offer and I actually expect that to continue. In the end, the terms of World of Hyatt are sort of just a minimum level of service that you can expect, but the hotel itself can go way beyond.

That’s somewhat why I expect we’ll still see a welcome amenity on occasion even though it isn’t a published benefit. I also mostly expect that reasonableness will prevail when it comes to the breakfast benefit.

Make no mistake, restricting the published benefit from up to four registered adults to two adults and two children is a devaluation, but I expect more often than not the properties will do the right thing. The reality is that the marginal cost of providing four breakfast buffets instead of two just isn’t that high and I’m guessing many hotels will realize that.

Breakfast at Hyatt City of Dreams Manila

Hyatt will run a major promotion in Q4

It’s a common refrain among pundits to say that airlines (and hotels) have crunched their numbers internally and determined that devaluing their program must make sense. We’re supposedly not allowed to question it because they obviously have access to data that we don’t. And they’re smarter than us.

I’m sorry, but I don’t believe in the infallibility of corporations. Customer loyalty is a tricky business with a lot of moving parts. And a company doesn’t operate in isolation — you really need to model not only your business, but all of your competitors as well, if you are trying to predict how many of your customers will defect over a given change. But of course, that’s very hard or impossible.

Park Hyatt Melbourne Club Lounge

All this is to say that I think Hyatt is overstepping their analytics a bit and that the results aren’t going to match their predictions. My guess is that they’ll realize this by the latter half of the year and run some sort of promotion to bring disengaged members back into the fold.

I’m bearish enough on World of Hyatt that I don’t think a targeted nights count double promotion is out of the question, though perhaps some big bonus point opportunities is more realistic.

Grand Hyatt Amman

Hyatt will sell or acquire by end of year

Airlines and hotels make tweaks to their loyalty programs every year. That’s sort of expected.

But it’s pretty rare — at least outside of Italy— to throw the baby out with the bath water and start over. And perhaps that’s the part that I find most puzzling about this.

It really makes me think that something big is up with Hyatt. Perhaps they are looking to sell and think that World of Hyatt will make their financials look rosier than they otherwise would (while still claiming, at least for a year, that they have a large number of super loyal elites). Or maybe they are looking at a major acquisition which would make hitting the insane 60-night threshold more realistic. Either way, I’d be surprised if a year goes by and we don’t see some activity on this front.

Hyatt Regency Sydney

Bottom Line

I guess you could say that I have a mix of optimism and pessimism about the new program as I expect some things like complimentary suite upgrades to not work as well as advertised while things like the breakfast policy will be reasonably applied in many cases. Either way, these are my predictions. They could all be wrong, but that’s kind of the nature of these things.

At any rate, I think the coming months are going to be rather interesting in the World of Hyatt.

What are your predictions regarding the implementation of the new World of Hyatt program?

  1. My prediction: the stupid “Globalist” “Explorist” (type that in and watch your spell check change it to “explorer”) and “Discoverist” will give way to the traditional “Platinum” “Diamond” “Gold” titles…..those “ist” titles are LAME!

    Who’s idea was that?….fire them right away.

  2. SSDD.
    @lucky your readers would be well served if arrogant and entitled fools like Travis weren’t posting at all, let alone regular contributors.

  3. You would think the ranks of Globalist will thin out come next year because the people that qualified on stays are not going to make 60 nights – so then less fighting for suites by then. Last year was the first time I qualified on nights at 59. This year I’m actually shifting some of my conference stays away from the conference hotel to stay at a nearby Hyatt – which is so much more inconvenient.

  4. Maybe I’m just optimistic but I really believe the Pritzker’s don’t want to sell. Why set up the stock structure they they did if they didn’t intend to keep it family controlled for the long term? I think we’re more likely to see them make an acquisition then be acquired.

  5. @Captain Obvious
    What are you talking about??? “Arrogant and entitled fools” are OMAAT’s core demographic! 😉 Seriously though, I don’t really get why you think this post comes across as such. I found it an interesting educated guess as to what might happen.

    Point #1 is the most salient. I would add to his analysis that similar to the airlines, they will start pricing their suites more competitively so they can monetize them instead of giving them away. The supply of available suites will then shrink, and more people chasing after them, making it that much more difficult to get a suite upgrade.

  6. Suite upgrades will become easy 3/1/2018, after most of the Globalists are downgraded. I think that is the plan.

  7. Travis: I just found out a backlash with the new program. I used some credits from Delta to book a trip. I used Delta Vacations so I can use the credit before expiration, booking flight and hotel. Delta flight/ Grand Hyatt hotel. Up to a week ago, benefits would still be honored (at least my experience) when booking using a third party. Not now. I was told that the new program will not honor benefits if booked in a third party. Bummer, as I specifically booked Hyatt thinking benefits would be honored. Was told that benefits would only be honored when booking using Hyatt app/website.

  8. @Travis continues to misfire, after the evidence has been provided to him that he is wrong: “On the flip side, Hilton doesn’t promise anything about getting upgraded to a suite.”

    There is difference between what Hilton “promises” and what any other program promises. And, if you have not noticed, it is HGP that’s been disfigured into the monstrosity appropriately acronymed WOH that you have been railing against almost daily. Hilton Honors is doing just fine because they manage expectations brilliantly. They just introduced changes that I predict (since that’s the theme of this thread) will be trend-setting. I get plenty of suite upgrades as a Hilton Honors Diamond and that’s not because I “sweet-talk” my way in. If you have evidence to support your claim, then please produced or stop making the claim because it is bogus. I have not had to fight anyone for a suite upgrade because I do not feel “entitled” or believe there is a “guarantee” since the CONTINGENCY of AVAILABILITY makes all that no-op. Do you get that? Nothing can be claimed to me “guaranteed” or “confirmed” if there is a contingency — BY DEFINITION. It is why a “confirmed” suite upgrade or to claim to be “entitled” to a suite upgrade is utterly oxymoronic. However, that is part of the lexicon and it has led to poor management of expectations, and to some pulling out their laptops at check-in to confront hotels because they’d been told that there were no suites available for upgrades. That is simply not the sort of thing (spectacle, really) Hilton Honors loyalists will get caught doing. They’ve not misinterpreted the HH suite upgrade policy as “entitling” them. For years, bloggers misinterpreted the SPG suite upgrade policy as “entitling” Plats to suite upgrades. Why? They simply failed a simple English comprehension test. (BTW, did you read my erudite commentary where I shot dead the canard — French for duck — about the purported differences in complimentary suite upgrade policies? It also documents how the claim of being “entitled” led to a theater of the absurd and the ridiculous. It’s a must read piece…).

    Comparing various programs is fine, as long as it is based in reality and not on standards made up by bloggers who invariably claim benefits for their preferred programs that more expansive than even the loyalty programs that offer them know about. SPG, HH, MR, WOH suite upgrades are subject to AVAILABILITY, which is at the SOLE DISCRETION OF INDIVIDUAL PROPERTIES; and, all suite upgrades, ‘confirmed’ or otherwise, are capacity-controlled. That should be every loyalty game player’s baseline if one is to be able to manage one’s expectations — the inability of which is the basis of nearly all griping.


  9. All the Globalist members will have to print and laminate the T&Cs and carry with them whenever checking into Hyatts to get that suite upgrade ala DCS.

    @Captain Obvious, you are a douche.

  10. @Luis — If that’s not even an impersonation, with a fact-free comment like you just made about DCS, it is truly rich that you can call anyone a “douche”.

    Get lost.

  11. @DCS – not my words..

    “Basically, don’t make us be like our favorite Hilton HHonors fanboy who shows up at the front desk with a laminated card with the terms of the program, which he’s incorrectly interpreting.” – Lucky

  12. DCS has a worse memory than Jeff Sessions meeting the Russians, as he self-admitted a while ago that he carried said copy of the Hilton T&Cs

  13. @Luis — Well, you should’ve stayed away from words that are not yours because now you have publicly shown yourself to be gullible and clueless, for not having seen the following in this very post by @Travis:

    “Long time OMAAT readers will know that Ben often has to ask for them, fight for them, pull out his laptop and show that they are still selling them, and finally Tweet about them.”

    Consider the source that, allegedly, said those disparaging words about DCS, who’s never, not once, pulled a laptop or tweeted at check-in to a fight for a suite upgrade.

    See why you need to both shut it up and get lost?

  14. BTW it is beyond hilarious that DCS claims:

    “For years, bloggers misinterpreted the SPG suite upgrade policy as “entitling” Plats to suite upgrades. Why? They simply failed a simple English comprehension test”

    when the third mo**er fu**ing bullet on the SPG Plat benefit landing page is

    “An upgrade to best available room at check-in — including a Standard Suite.” Oh, and FWIW Hilton has no equivalent on its Platinum page.

    The intellectual dishonesty he continually shows is frankly disgusting.

  15. I travel for business 5-6 times per year. Not that much. But enough, in the past, to qualify for Diamond through stays, meaning I’m Explorist for the next year. This year I’ve hit 9 nights, almost to Discoverist for 2018. Here’s my new plan:

    –SPG Gold via AMEX Plat
    –Hilton Gold via AMEX Plat
    –Discoverist via 10 nights
    –Marriott Platinum Challenge (match to SPG) is still being considered…it’s ironic that Hyatt has a better presence than SPG where I travel for work so my SPG focus just hasn’t been there.

    My employer won’t pay for full service hotels so the Diamond Amenity Bonus is what I’ll miss the most in the future. But I won’t be crying over that either.

    Needless to say I just became a lot less loyal to any hotel chain.

  16. I see 2017 being a bumpy year for World of Hyatt. A brand new program means a steep learning curve for everyone (customers as well as employees). Couple that with an inflated pool of Globalists (likely to become normalized next year), and that doesn’t leave me with super high hopes beyond maybe the first few weeks “honeymoon” period for WoH. I think the exception will be properties who have always gone above and beyond the minimum requirements. If they exceeded expectations under HGP there’s no reason to think they won’t under WoH. But other than those scenarios I think 2017 will be a challenging period, particularly for those who don’t like the confrontational aspect of politely asking for suite upgrades at check-in.

    That said, I’m almost certain WoH will look different next year than it does today. In particular, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the 120-day expiration on free night awards being extended to 1 year. I DON’T see the breakfast benefit reverting back however. Yes it’s a net-negative, but too many people were abusing the benefit (i.e. inviting locals to breakfast simply because it’s free).

    Bottom line: It’s best to keep expectations fairly low this year and qualify for Globalist if you can. Keep a longer-term view of Hyatt/WoH in mind and you’ll likely be rewarded in 2018 and beyond. Also, unless you enjoy gambling, don’t sandbag your stays in the hopes of a huge Q3/4 promotion. Yes, you MAY be rewarded for that, but if a promotion doesn’t materialize then you’ll have a heavy lift to maintain status at the end of the year.

  17. Not that Hyatt cares but I can guarantee you they won’t see me in any of their properties on a paid stay.

  18. Hyatt does not seem to care. I wrote to the CEO about a customer service issue about a year ago and did not even get a form letter in reply.

  19. I travel the world extensively. However, apart from North America there are hardly any Hyatt properties around. Hilarious to call the new top status “globalist”!
    (I have now been demoted to “explorist”).
    Oh well, never mind.
    Let’s see what happens to my lifetime SPG Platinum next year?

  20. Just got off a long call with a very pleasant World of Hyatt agent. She said that they had been getting a lot of feedback regarding the free nights disappearing after 120 days, and she understood how frustrating it would be if, after earning the free nights early in the year on a business trip, they wouldn’t be available at the end of the year for a family vacation.

    She also had another pointer. I had a long stay at the Hyatt in KTM that started in December of 2016 and continued into February of 2017. Given the 2016 check in, and 2017 check out, all the night in 2016 go into the 2017 totals, thus inflating my 2017 World of Hyatt stays to 78 nights so far. So she went out of her way to maximum the nights available given my stays.

    Regarding space availability upon check-in suite upgrades, she said that the duration was at the discretion of the property, while for the time of reservation guaranteed upgrades, each award was for 7 nights.

    I’ll try this out in the Hyatt in Delhi, and again in Kathmandu.

    The agent was certainly well-informed on all the details, how the old plan compared with WoH and so forth. It was a good call.

    Over on the SPG side of things, I’ve been cheerfully upgraded to enormous suites upon arrival at properties in DEL.

    So I’m pleased with the results of my status with either program…. and it sounds like Hyatt is listening to feedback on some of the WoH details.

  21. What is this? A weblog posting about Hyatt w/o any reference to the Chase Hyatt Visa? I’m shocked, shocked I tell you. Is this really Boardingarea?

    But it is not a Hilton thread, why is DCS here polluting it?

    @Ramon that is an interesting data point. That is a pretty big change.

    @yanyanlr I don’t expect it to happen, but if it does, look out for our comrades from the People’s Republic. They are on the prowl to acquire what they don’t have. 😉

    As for me, they can take my “Globalism” status and shove it. I’ve moved my stays to Marriott, and I’ll take a “wait and see” approach to Hyatt. If Hyatt would like me to wade through this new, inferior program, they are welcome to throw bonus points at me.

  22. Since March 1, I’ve gone 3 for 3 on upgrades – at the LAX Hyatt Regency, the Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Sha Tin, and the Grand Hyatt Sanya… BUT I had to be proactive each time by asking what room they were planningn to assign me and then asking “Do you have any suites available?” Each time, the agent typed away for a bit and then said “Yes, a suite is available and since you’re a Globalist, I can offer you a complimentary upgrade.” I did *not* get the sense I would have been upgraded at any of those three properties had I not asked.

  23. @Joseph: “But it is not a Hilton thread, why is DCS here polluting it?”

    DCS is here “polluting” because he was referred to in the post. Now, what’s your excuse for not just polluting, but for also bringing the cesspool with you?

    @SB — Loneliness and trolling are when one’s mind is so empty the only thing it can do is attack those who are not as completely free of the “ravages” of intelligence. Keep on trolling, bro’!

  24. “@SB — Loneliness and trolling are when one’s mind is so empty the only thing it can do is attack those who are not as completely free of the “ravages” of intelligence. Keep on trolling, bro’!”

    I.E… DCS is intelligent, therefore he is not a troll. Everyone who disagrees with him is wrong, therefore less intelligent. Thus, everyone else is a troll.

    Got it?

    This guy is in a house full of people who’ve enjoyed HGP extensively the last several years (or even decades). He constantly attempts to refute their “preferred programs” by comparing benefits, when the reality is the benefits are only half the battle. My experiences, limited as they may be, have lined up with the bloggers. And I’m always going to trust those who do this for a living over a supposed college professor who sounds more like a desperate Hilton manager. It’s really a shame that Lucky and Travis should pay him any attention.

    I will grant a couple things: Hyatt does a terrible job of managing expectations indeed… they’ve always gone far and above them. Sustainable… DCS has always said no. With the WOH changes it looks like he was right. I’m inclined to move my business to Hilton in the next few years less Hyatt revamps WOH.

    But his argument was that loyalty programs need to be “mature”. Why? Why would I or anyone else want to sacrifice better hotels and better treatment just because it was unsustainable in the long run. As HGP becomes WOH I’m not regretting choosing Hyatt over Hilton all these years. I’m convinced I got more out of it than I would have choosing the more “mature” Hilton, and extra convinced that the hotels I chose to stay at were nicer than the Hilton alternatives.

  25. @Joe – sound reasoning…and yes, “we” all agree with you.

    But honestly – why choose Hilton over Marriwood if you are going to make a change? I can’t think of a single thing better about Hilton:
    – no lifetime status program (so not like you’re giving up years of nights already spent with Hilton)
    – minimal guarantees for top tier (no guaranteed late checkout, nothing on the Diamond page even referencing suites…they’re not trying hard to give them to you, etc.)
    – no good airline partnership
    – not much in the way of unique other partnerships like Uber
    – their high-end/luxury offering frankly sucks (at about 1% of the total hotel count), if you’re looking for more special stays
    – if you’re a 100+ night a year guy, Hilton has nothing like the Ambassador program SPG does and Marriott will have

    But hey – you can use your points at Amazon now!!! So Hilton has that going for it.

  26. Correction – I see Hilton has a lifetime status for Diamond (though it’s of course the hardest to get relative to other chains), and there is no lower tier lifetime status. Doesn’t really affect my suggestions though (but I guess if you’re halfway or more to it, I can see why it would be tough to switch now).

    (FWIW – one sign of rationality in discourse is being able to see when you’ve made an error…something some could learn)

  27. Ben (@Lucky) and folks at OMAAT — Do you really want these people to keep making a mockery of your site?

    What this is about is intolerance of people anyone, which now increasingly includes this blog’s host(s), who happen to express opinions or views that they disagree with. However, rather than squarely challenging whatever they disagree with (i.e. message), with facts and figures, they target the commenter or poster personally — the classic loser’s “shoot the messenger” ethos or, rather, pathos.

    They know very well that a “troll” I definitely ain’t, but here’s a challenge to @Joe, @SB, @”Mike” or anyone who thinks that DCS is a troll: I dare you to put out posts like the ones I am going to link to below on your own and then link to them so that we can, for a change, see the basis of your ideas, unfiltered by the cacophony that you seem to come here to make in order to drown dissenting or reasonable voices (not just DCS’s because others get affected) that frequent this travel blog and others to have an honest exchange of travel/loyalty-related ideas. Here are some of my greatest “hits”, let’s have yours:

    — March 2, 2017: “Hilton Honors C+P Awards Just Went “on Steroids”: A Quantitative Analysis of Potential Implications”: https://goo.gl/LAFmpe

    — February 13, 2017: “Year-end Asian Escapade: Anatomy of a Big-Time Redemption – 2016 Edition”: https://goo.gl/weMd4S

    — December 13, 2016: “No, SPG upgrades policy does not “entitle” platinum elites to suite upgrades…”: https://goo.gl/2aQM0S

    — December 10, 2016: “Earn up to 8 points/dollar on the Chase Sapphire Reserve by double dipping!”: https://goo.gl/YXr4Ub

    — September 30, 2016: “UA MileagePlus and the Chase Sapphire Reserve Visa: The Loyalty Game’s One-Stop Shop”: https://goo.gl/MWluRA

    — December 20, 2014: “[Hilton Honors] Diamond Suite Upgrade Reports”: https://goo.gl/4K457B

    — Febuary 14, 2015: “HHonors “Diamond Force”, Even for Award Stays, is Alive and Well, and Better than Ever”: https://goo.gl/0PBswF

    If those posts strike you like a troll’s rather than the reasoned ruminations of someone who is passionate about travel, then that’s YOUR answer to the ‘riddle’ that’s DCS.

    Put up or shut up.

    From now on, I will not address any comment(er) that purposely gets personal instead of addressing the content of my comments. If the cacophony becomes deafening as it just got in here, I will simply re-post this challenge until you PUT UP or SHUT UP.

    Have a nice life

  28. I will have a nice life, thank you.
    No, I will not spend 5 hours reading through your quantitative analyses– because honest to God, who has that kind of time?– and without reading them I will take your word that they are not “troll” posts.

    This has always been personal, as you are posting the facts of your experiences (and those people who have similar experiences) in response to the opinions of Lucky/Travis on HGP vs HHonors. But you treat the facts of your experiences as hard and fast and undebatable.

    Hence when you say: as far as this being a problem with “intolerance of people anyone, which now increasingly includes this blog’s host(s), who happen to express opinions or views that they disagree with.” you are most definitely incorrect. At least on my part, I haven’t been intolerant of anyone’s disagreement on OMAAT WOH/HGP or HHonors related posts- save for yours…. and if you really have the kind of time you seem to, my “Challenge” to you is to find a comment of mine that shows otherwise.

    I’m inclined to believe you are a college professor, who else uses words like “cacophony” in the real world? But you have a catalogue of your own posts and you just referred to yourself in the third person- you are arrogant (takes one to know one), you are a douche (again, can’t say I’m not). And really, with the amount of time and energy you spend on this, “passion” is not the appropriate word. “Passion” would mean sharing your own experiences in a positive manner, not knocking down other’s experiences.

    I appreciate you not responding to me. Now maybe just stop responding to everything here on OMAAT, and we’ll be set.

  29. My prediction is Hyatt will lose 1% to 3% of its occupancy/earning in the first year of WoH

  30. Anyone posting on here and not willing to receive critique has a motive….looking at you “Joe”

    My own bias is simple: I am a long time Diamond that will not longer receive as much of a value when staying at any Hyatt property.

    Hyatt is changing for a reason, though I am not sure what that is yet.
    Is it as simple as just increasing profit margins? or a sale?

    The bottom line is that after year the bean counters will find who the winners are. Was it worth it flipping a highly valued loyalty program upside down in the end? My prediction…..*drum roll*….. Hyatt will loose loyalty. This will be felt more at the corporate level.

    Update on my WOH stays. No complimentary suite upgrades received yet after two different stays. It feels oddly like Gold Status with Marriot. With HGP I would have at least received two welcome amenities or choice of 2,000 points this week. I am already feeling the reduction of value that is the “World of Hyatt.”

  31. @DJ… can’t disagree. That’s the same thing I’m arguing with DCS about. Frankly, given the amount of time he spends on it, it seems like his real career is defending Hilton. I post a lot, to be sure, but I’m not on every single Hyatt or Hilton post in the last month.
    Find me a Hyatt or Hilton post lately that doesn’t have his smart-ass in it though.

    What motive are you suggesting I have?

  32. @DCS: Echec et mat… wow. Just wow. The irony in putting that up is that it applies itself to what I said- you are a douche.

    You write things you know others will not understand to convince yourself of your own intellect and superiority.

  33. I have been a PAID Platinum member for years and have been brand loyal due to excellent service and properties. No more- customer service takes several minutes to connect and room availability with points has just about disappeared. They do not help much when a month ahead a king bed requested is “sold out” and they push unwanted queen doubles. Yet, as you may know, the KING is available for an upcharge. I was always treated well prior now a cardholder is the bottom of the pile.

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