World Of Hyatt Delays Peak Pricing, Adds Flexibility

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Update: World of Hyatt is now extending status and awards by at least a year; see here for full details.

In light of the evolving coronavirus situation, Hyatt has announced a more flexible booking policy, as well as some positive developments for World of Hyatt members.

Hyatt waiving change & cancelation fees

Hyatt is following the lead of Hilton and IHG with adjusting policies to allow for maximum flexibility:

  • All reservations (including advance purchase bookings) for stays between March 14 and April 30, 2020, can be changed or canceled at no charge up to 24 hours in advance
  • All reservations made between March 13 and April 30, 2020 (this is based on booking date) for any future arrival date can be changed or canceled at no charge up to 24 hours in advance
  • For advance purchase rates confirmed before March 9, 2020, and for stays through June 30, 2020, World of Hyatt members can opt to receive 10,000 World of Hyatt points in lieu of a cash refund (this was announced several days ago)

Hyatt has a more flexible booking policy now

Positive World of Hyatt developments

In addition to a more flexible booking policy, positive developments have also been announced for World of Hyatt members. Below are some of the highlights.

Hyatt suspending points forfeiture

World of Hyatt points are ordinarily forfeited after 24 months of inactivity, though this policy will be suspended through May 31, 2020. I imagine that suspension could be extended.

Hyatt postponing peak and off-peak award pricing

World of Hyatt was supposed to introduce peak and off-peak award pricing as of March 22, 2020. With this, Hyatt would no longer have consistent pricing within each category year-round, but rather pricing would vary by date.

Hyatt will be postponing these changes until 2021.

Hyatt isn’t introducing peak and off-peak pricing right now

Hyatt postponing hotel category changes

Not only was Hyatt supposed to introduce peak and off-peak pricing, but they were also supposed to introduce category changes as of the same date. With that, we were supposed to see 217 hotels shift categories, with 117 properties shifting to higher categories, and 100 shifting to lower categories.

Hyatt will also be delaying the implementation of that to 2021, with five exceptions:

  • The Park Hyatt Mallorca will move from Category 6 to Category 5
  • The Hyatt Centric Park City will move from Category 6 to Category 7
  • The Park Hyatt Shenzhen will move from Category 4 to Category 5
  • The Alila Yangshuo will move from Category 4 to Category 5
  • The Park Hyatt Ningbo will move from Category 3 to Category 4

The Alila Yangshuo is still changing categories

I imagine the four hotels still moving categories are having that done because the revenue impact is the greatest. In that sense it’s surprising to me that three of those properties are in China, where I would have assumed demand would be down, rather than up…

What about World of Hyatt elite status?

World of Hyatt has already extended status for those in Asia Pacific. For other regions, World of Hyatt acknowledges that adjustments will need to be made to elite requirements, but it’s too early to decide what those are (which I think is exactly the right way to handle this):

“Given the quickly evolving nature of the situation, it is simply too early to suggest revised elite tier qualifications and award expiration beyond members in Asia Pacific. However, we know that adjustments will need to be made, and we are committed to communicating these updates as we can.”

Bottom line

These are some positive developments from Hyatt, both for bookings and for the loyalty program. You can now book the advance purchase rate but still have flexibility, and on top of that award category changes and peak award pricing are all being put off until 2021.

  1. This is good news but doesn’t really help.

    What this does is helps those with reservations made before the Covid-19 pandemic. That is helpful. It helped me with one IHG reservation.

    What this doesn’t help is my future travel plans. I cannot help it if some business travel gets cancelled. One trip is very important and needs to take place but is postponed. All the bonuses in the world is not going to help. Some bonuses might help the leisure traveler who then decides to take a trip. It only mildly helps the near term possible business trips in that I know that there’s not a cancellation penalty but this Covid-19 thing is going to be with us for a minimum of one year. The cat is already out of the bag in Europe (and probably the US). China is tapering down but is starting to get reinfected by Americans.

  2. Does Anyone know if anything will be done to extend The expiration dates free night certificates ?

  3. @derek

    I don’t understand your post. What do you expect Hyatt (or any other business) to help you or do better with your “future travel plans”.
    Or you are just venting out your frustrations. Don’t we all?

    I think so far Hyatt is being fair and generous.

  4. I was interested in booking one of the 100 properties after shifting to a lower categories. I guess it won’t happen until 2021!

    Safe travels!

  5. I was also thinking the same thing like @Lucky @Jerry. What about the free night certificates? Would those get extended? Also, would the club access awards get extended, too? I mean Hyatt has probably been the most generous thus far, but one still could hope more for good news.

  6. They still are not extending free night certificated unless you live in Asia.
    I asked for an extension and was denied.

  7. So my status has been extended. My club upgrades expired on feb 28 2021. No change. My suit upgrades that expired on feb 28 2021. No change. My suite upgrades that expired on feb 28 2020 have not been extended. My status has been extended to 2022. I used all my free nights.

  8. Marriott has extended all free night certificates to Jan 31, 2021…. reasonable to ask why Hyatt is not doing the same.

  9. Lucky, where does it say on Hyatt’s official website/communications that category changes will be delayed? The email I received from them only seemed to mention peak/off-peak changes would be delayed. Please let me know if I missed it somewhere…

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