WorkSpaces By Hilton: 10K Points With First Booking

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We’re seeing the major hotel groups try to get creative in order to fill rooms, given the huge drop in both business and leisure travel. Hilton has just launched one such initiative, and there’s even a pretty nice incentive to give it a try.

The WorkSpaces by Hilton day-use concept

With the WorkSpaces by Hilton concept, select Hilton-family properties can be booked for day-use, with the intent of them being used as offices. Maybe you’re just looking for a quiet place to work from, and a hotel room could do the trick.

Here are some basic things to be aware of when it comes to WorkSpaces by Hilton:

  • This is available at select properties in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom
  • You earn Hilton Honors points and stay credits in the same way you would for an overnight stay, and can also take advantage of any promotions
  • Elite members, including Hilton Honors Gold and Hilton Honors Diamond members, can take advantage of elite perks including executive lounge access

How to book WorkSpaces by Hilton rates

To book a WorkSpaces by Hilton rate, just select an eligible hotel, and then enter the check-in and check-out date as the same. If availability shows, then a WorkSpaces by Hilton rate is available.

I see many hotels that seem to start at $55 per day for this rate.

The rate codes for this are SRP DU and 1DY, but those should automatically populate.

Earn 10,000 bonus points for your first stay

Through March 31, 2021, Hilton Honors members can earn 10,000 Honors bonus points after their first stay with the WorkSpaces by Hilton rate.

Now, I should note that the terms state that to be eligible you must have received the offer directly from Hilton Honors, but this offer literally shows up on the WorkSpaces by Hilton homepage, so I feel pretty comfortable saying that I would assume this is open to all Honors members.

This is potentially a great deal. I value Hilton Honors points at ~0.5 cents each:

While a stay with this promotion won’t likely be highly profitable for the points alone, it could be breakeven or let you come out slightly ahead. For some people this might be worth it, especially if you’re looking to get out of the house for a day.

Bottom line

Hilton has launched the WorkSpaces by Hilton concept, whereby you can book day-use rates at select hotels, with the intent of using them as offices. Personally I couldn’t see myself doing this regularly, especially as so many hotels have spent the past few years installing less comfortable desk setups in rooms.

However, many may enjoy giving this a try, especially with the current promotion for your first booking.

What do you make of the concept of using a hotel room as an office, and could you see yourself booking one of these rates?

  1. Id need a guarantee the wifi was worth a crap. Nothing more frustrating then getting settled in to work via VPN and the wifi is garbage.

  2. $69 plus warm chocolate chip cookies at our local doubletree. Plus I have the Aspire – so $69 for 44x points + 10K points bonus = 13,306 points for $69 at $0.05/point?

    Is my math right?

  3. Dumb question: does this give you credit for “nights” as well or just “stays”?

    If so this will mesh well with the ongoing double night credit promo, rollover nights and next year’s halved night requirements to earn Diamond.

  4. Loren – there will be some taxes in there, call it another $10. Also, 0.5 cents = $0.005. So, $79 * 44 + 10,000 = 13,476 points. I’d say the points are really worth about 0.4 to 0.45 cents on average, but let’s go with 0.5 cents. 13,476 points * $0.005 = $67.38. $79-67.38 = $11.62.

  5. Thank you Kyle! I might do this – at least some different workday scenery and let’s not forget the CCC’s!

  6. Even the dedicated website mentions only US, UK and Canada, I used yesterday this Day Use rate in Germany and got the 10.000 points already to my account today.

  7. This is great, some properties allow day-of cancellations until noon. I have a rough redeye to Florida coming up, arriving at 8am. If the Marriott property doesn’t want to let us check in, I’ll go to the Bahia Mar Double Tree for $93 +$12.09 in taxes, no resort fee, have a free Breakfast, earn 13,790 points ($68.95 @ 0.5cpp) + CC points + 2 nights for 2021. Most importantly, I’ll have a bed to catch an hour or two and hit the ground running. With a domestic redeye, I need that bed for a quick nap or the whole day is shot.

  8. @ BrewerSEA – Many properties have reduced breakfast hours or simply offered no breakfast right now during the pandemic, it seems this workplace rate is only valid from 9am-5pm, call ahead to find out if you will still able to get the breakfast.

  9. I have booked myself into the Zurich Hilton recently because I had in important workshop I couldn’t do in my office because I’m in open space and couldn’t do from at home because of the poor internet in the entire area. It was a nice experience and it would not hesitate repeating it.

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