Should I Give This Perfectly Good Uber Driver A 1-Star Rating?

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I’m quite conflicted about whether I should give a perfectly fine Uber driver a 1-star or 5-star rating for the ride I just took. Let me explain.

A few things I’d like to acknowledge about Uber first

Before I share my specific situation, I’d like to acknowledge a few things:

  • I realize Uber drivers depend on a good rating to make a living. If their rating falls below a certain number they get kicked out, and I certainly don’t want that to happen (unless they’re actually bad)
  • When Uber first started there was absolutely no expectation of tipping. However, over time they’ve softened their stance, and now it has gotten to the point where many drivers expect tips. I’m not opposed to Uber adding in-app tipping, though I find it so annoying that the only option for tipping is in cash, since I rarely carry cash. It’s sad that taxis provide more of a cashless experience than Ubers do nowadays.
  • In many markets I think UberX is too cheap, to the point that I almost feel guilty. For example, in some markets an UberX is about a third the price of a taxi, and in many cases the drivers probably aren’t even making minimum wage if there’s no surge or incentives in place.

Why am I conflicted about how to rate an Uber driver?

Yesterday I took an UberSELECT in a market where UberSELECT is priced more than 2.5x as much as UberX (it was a fairly short ride and I had a credit to redeem, so it didn’t really “cost” me extra). So I actually didn’t feel guilty not tipping, since I thought the price was fair to begin with. As a matter of fact, one of the reasons I ordered an UberSELECT is because I didn’t have cash on me, and without surge pricing, I would have felt like I should have tipped an UberX driver.

The ride was fine, and I’d like to think that I was being a good rider:

  • I was waiting outside for the driver as he pulled up.
  • When I got in the car I thanked the driver and asked how he was doing. He wasn’t very talkative, so I got the hint.
  • I didn’t make any phone calls, didn’t take anything out of his car, and just quietly sat there looking at my phone.
  • When I exited the car I said “thanks very much,” and closed the door gently.

I’m super careful when it comes to how I behave in others’ cars, and I don’t think there’s anything he could have faulted me for in terms of how I acted as a passenger. However, I didn’t tip, primarily because I didn’t feel it was necessary.

Just recently Uber made changes to their ratings system, and now your rating is very clearly displayed in your profile, so you don’t even have to search to find it. Before I took this ride I saw my rating, something I noticed specifically because it was the first time my rating proactively popped up in my account.


Then when the ride was the complete I was going to rate the guy, but on the same page it also showed my rating. I wasn’t even going to look at it, but I noticed that it had dropped by 0.01 stars. Now, I’ve taken at least a thousand Uber rides over the years (if not more), so I know he didn’t give me five stars, and I suspect he probably gave me one star.

So I’m conflicted. On one hand, the ride was fine, and unless something goes horribly wrong, I give 5-stars. But I also know that he gave me a bad rating, so why would I give him a good rating? I suspect he did so because I didn’t tip, in which case this all seems like a vicious cycle. I think I was being reasonable by not tipping in an UberSELECT, but if he thinks not tipping is unacceptable, then I’m not sure he’s someone I’d want to ride with again (and clearly the feeling is mutual).

Maybe I’m being petty and even vindictive here, and that’s not the intent. However, I suspect this will become a much more common experience, now that passenger ratings are prominently displayed. For me the concept of Uber is about mutual respect, and if a driver is trying to punish me for Uber’s policies, then it seems like that’s a one-way street.

What say you guys — if an Uber driver gives you a low score for not tipping, do you give them a 5-star score anyway, or…?

  1. This just sucks all around. Personally, I would let it go. You can sleep better at night knowing you did the right thing. You received good service. Rate on that. Don’t let the asshole driver taint your good judgment. The world will return the favor both to you, and correctly pay back the driver. Good things happen to good people. And the opposite is also true 😉

  2. He’s a butthole. 1 star him. I don’t want him as my driver–time to thin the herd.

  3. Give him the 1 star. I agree with you, do not incentivize his behavior by giving him 5 stars.

  4. This is more of a UBER problem, than a driver issue. Based on the services rendered I would give the driver. A rating of 3 stars.

  5. Give them 1 star. That’s what I always do.

    I think it’s somewhat ironic that Uber introduced prominently displayed ratings to try and improve rider behavior to make life easier for drivers, and instead, it’s making it incredibly obvious when drivers rate you down for not tipping and making it easier for you to penalize drivers who do that.

    I find some drivers rate me down for having a lot of luggage too, as if that were something I was easily able to control; I suppose those drivers would prefer I take a taxi if I have a lot of luggage but is that really in their best interest?

  6. A one star rating is merited. This $5 for 5 stars is out of control. Über’s original business model was that there is no tipping — just get out of the car. Nobody is holding a gun to the drivers head and saying they have to work for Über. If they want more money, there are plenty of other jobs that pay more.

    I’ve seen drivers (when taking ÜberPool) give 1 star ratings, “…because he/she was ugly.”

  7. @Lucky – I don’t know how Uber specifically calculates the rating formulaically but lets hypothetically say he didn’t rate you (as we often tend to forget to do as riders). Does the “denominator” that they use to divide by to get your rating increase because it goes by trips taken and total potentials for ratings or just instances where you were rated? (I’m assuming the latter, that would be unfair if it were the former as not rating someone would be like giving a 0 rating).

    No real way of knowing what he rated you but, sounds like he might have given you a low rating.

  8. A rating system in which every single ride out of thousands weighs the same would be poorly constructed. I would expect more recent rides to be weighed much more. In which case your assumption that your rating went down by 0.01 must mean he had rated you 1 star is flawed.

  9. “I also know that he gave me a bad rating, so why would I give him a good rating?”

    What is this logic? I know you’re a good passenger (because you say so), but let’s say that you’re a terrible customer with an excellent driver. Would you give that driver one star because you got one star? Here was I thinking that people rated drivers based on… you know… the ride.

  10. Absolutely leave a 1 star…don’t be weak…that’s the only way to deal with people like that.

  11. Whilst I don’t have a specific opinion on whether you should give a 1 or 5 star rating, I highly recommend an episode of the British series “Black Mirror”, namely Season 3 episode 1. I think you’d enjoy it. Really makes you think about a dystopian world with ratings-based interactions (in a way our current credit scoring system is already similar)

  12. I had a similar experience. I was a good passenger acting very similar to how you describe yourself as a passenger. I always tip with lyft but usually refuse to tip with uber because I feel it would be quite easy for them to write the code so I can tip in the app like lyft and I don’t carry cash. I did not tip the uber driver and doing the math (easy to do because I’ve only used uber 8 or so times), it was clear he gave me a 1.0
    I have heard of drivers downgrading to a 4 if they don’t receive a tip but this was ridiculous. I should also add I was being dropped at my grandson’s Jewish preschool (in a synagogue so it was obvious we were going to a Jewish place of worship). I have no idea whether it was the lack of tip or anti semitism; either way, I gave him a 1.

  13. I think 3 or 4-stars is a good rating for the driver in this case. Maybe he only made a mistake when rated you. No hard feelings. =)

  14. He “invited” a low rating from you by giving you one. I wouldn’t hesitate to retaliate.

  15. I too am starting to feel that the price for a five star rating is a $5 tip. In markets where the pricing is close, I have started going back to taxi cabs. This Uber tip thing is turning into a mess.

  16. One star is due here. If Uber asks why, explain with a link to this post. Uber used to be one place not yet infected with the tipping disease, and now it succumbed to it too.

  17. I recently had a similar thing happen. We got in the Uber, rode for 1 mile, got out of the car, and my rating went down! The entire model is now flawed!

  18. Do you have any indication that the lack of tip directly correlated with your estimated 1 star rating from this driver? How about be the adult in the situation instead and rate your experience appropriately to the service provided? People have bad days, let it go.

  19. Can you be certain it was that trip, and that the rating in your app updates instantly? I could imagine a delay to prevent these retaliations. Like with Airbnb, where you don’t see what you were rated until both sides have submitted.

  20. The problem is, I don’t think you can conclusively say this driver gave you a 1-star rating. As someone else pointed out, if your overall rating goes down by 0.01, it’s entirely possible the driver didn’t rate you at all, thus increasing the denominator while leaving the numerator unchanged. Or Uber only takes so many ratings into account, and an old 5-star rating fell off and was replaced by a slightly less old 4-star. If he really did give you 1-star for not tipping, then by all means, return the favor (honestly the tipping thing is why I’ve largely ditched Uber in favor of Lyft these anyway). I’d be hesitant to do so without direct proof, though.

  21. I never tipped and will never tip Uber drivers. Let my rating go to hell and I don’t care.

  22. Absolutely a 1 star. This is a trait the next guy won’t want to run into in an Uber driver so you are doing the people after you a disservice if you don’t punish the behavior.

  23. I’ve started doing this in London. I had a series of absolutely normal rides (I always go out of my way to be friendly and helpful) where I noticed my Uber rating had dropped a bit after; I don’t have 1000s of rides so could only put it down to a one or two star rating from the driver. So I now wait until the driver has rated me (which is then reflected in my rating in the app) and review accordingly. It’s disappointing and certainly a vicious cycle but I do find it unacceptable that drivers are doing this more and more. Never ran into it in the US but I almost always tip when there. The negative review though is definitely not a tip related thing over here, since no one tips really to begin with!

  24. See? I knew it. This is exactly what happens when you go to places life Fogo. You enter a young, good looking guy and come out a cranky old geezer. I just know you edited one of the juices you had at breakfast- prune.

    Be the bigger person. Give him 4 stars. He wasnt engaging and did not do anything out of the ordinary.

    The arabs have a saying – Never let the camels nose inside the tent- and this is a pegect reason. By now accepting tips, the purpose of tge rating system is useless.

  25. If you had a really crappy driver, would you still give him a 5* rating just because he gave you a 5* rating?

    If you had proof that he definitely gave you 1* on account of you not tipping, then he definitely deserves a 1*.

    But you don’t have proof so I’d say just rate him based on his performance and not on your perceived slight.

  26. I probably take one or two Ubers a week and this whole being scared of your rating dropping so you tip-toe around the driver each time thing is ridiculous. It’s a free market – the drivers choose to offer a service to me for a free via Uber. If they go out of their way and do something spectacular, Im happy to tip them. If not, I do not and I have taken Ubers in loads of countries all over the world.
    I’m not abusive, or rude , or a slob as a passenger but I also don’t sit there as timid as a mouse trying not to do anything that might affect my rating. If I want to take a phone call in an Uber I do. If I want to listen to music I ask the driver to please turn it on (they should have asked when the trip started).
    My Uber rating is about 4.7 and I could not care less whether it goes up or down. It’s a free market. If Uber kick out enough customers because of their ratings system another company will come along to pick them up. The concept that people should tip in order to maintain a high rating goes against everything uber stands for. By the way, that would be a bribe, not a tip.

  27. Ben, I think it’s more about what sort of person you want to be in the world. You’re not 100% sure he gave you a 1-star rating. You’re not sure what his thinking is or what’s going on in his life. If you compare your life to his, even if he gave you that one star, you get to travel the world (over and over again) for a living, and he’s stuck chauffeuring people around. You could either be the vengeful person who gives him a 1-star rating (an eye for an eye) or you could cut him some slack and focus your intention on finding new ways for us to use our worthless AA miles 😉 I completely see the logic of everyone who says to give the guy a one star rating. But I think it comes back to your own personal philosophy of how you want to be in the world.

  28. Lucky,

    Ratings are not updated right away after that exact trip. As a Driver it was obvious ratings were about 4-5 trips behind.

  29. Too much assumption on your part. I use Uber elite exclusively. Actually, i’m a big tipper. But I never tip the Uber driver. It is one of the advantage s of Uber – you never have to reach for your wallet. Still, I have a very high rating. It would probably still be perfect if I didn’t have an associate with me for three rides. Too much to drink, he never stopped talking to the driver and asking stupid questions. There goes my perfect 5.0 rating.

  30. A 0.01 drop doesn’t necessarily mean he gave you a 1 star. Could have been a 4 star. Looking at the comments, people give drivers 1 star way too often for minor things.

  31. It’s extremely cool and good that you posted the guy’s face and name, instead of redacting it.

  32. Sorry, but I’m on the side that says you rate him based solely on his service. That’s what the rating is for, not to rate how he rated you. Just based on the description you gave I’d go with a 3.

  33. Fuck tipping. I’d leave negative five stars if I could. Tipping is completely out of hand. If Uber doesn’t figure out driverless cars fast enough then it’s going to go under because it’s slowly just becoming a damn taxi company.

  34. This is one of many reasons I switched to Lyft exclusively a few months ago. I used to not like Lyft, specifically because they had tipping. Then Uber changed their tipping protocol and Lyft’s tip integration won me over. If I’m going to have to tip, I at least don’t have to struggle with cash, since I generally don’t carry much.

  35. How do you know it was this specific driver that lowered your rating?
    Drivers don’t have to rate you right away. It could have been a driver from a week ago.

  36. 1 star for sure. I use uber because it is easy, and designed around the idea that anyone can have a personal driver. I never would tip hired staff (except a sizable holiday bonus for doormen and the like), and therefore wouldn’t even consider tipping Uber drivers. It’s time for riders to take a stand and not acquiesce to this slippery slope of tipping. The riders made the conscious free enterprise choice to join the company and it’s an internal issue if the economics aren’t working out for the drivers, not the customer’s.

  37. I hate to say this but I’d 1-star him if only to make up for the rest of us that got dinged by the drivers and couldn’t really prove it. I took a regular Uber but it was fairly long (burbs where my mom lives in Florida to the airport) but they knew the destination before accepting the ride, I even texted to make sure they knew. I did not tip and my rating went down (in the old method I had to search for it) even though I rated him 5-star.

    Would be nice if Uber had a reason code if you go under 3 stars.

  38. There is no evidence he specifically gave you the 1 star rating. There may be other factors why your point was dropped by 0.01. Sorry but this article purely seems to be an assumption.

  39. So you’d wreck someone’s livelihood over an intangible like a *possible* one star rating? No one like asymmetric warfare. The harm you’d do to the driver is far worse than what has happened to you.

    I do agree that there should be a “please don’t give me this driver/passenger again” option separate from the stars. It would be nice to have a way to part that wasn’t so hostile.

  40. @Boco; I couldn’t agree more. If you’ve taken Uber “over a thousand times”, then the occasional 1-star rating (for whatever reason) isn’t really going to matter.

    Personally, I would let this one go.

  41. “As a matter of fact, one of the reasons I ordered an UberSELECT is because I didn’t have cash on me, and without surge pricing, I would have felt like I should have tipped an UberX driver.”

    This, Lucky, is where everything starts. No one should feel bad for uberX drivers because the price seems lower. It defeats the whole purpose of uber and eventually makes it more expenaive for the rest of us. They chose this job and this is a part of it. They can always choose to not drive when there’s no surge pricing. And I never tip uber drivers. If I would have wanted to use a transportation method where I want to tip the service provider, I’d take a taxi.

  42. I would give them a 4 or a 3. The rating is there to protect and alert future riders, and if you give a 5 you’re opening others up to the same discrimination and hit to their rating.

    I don’t think drivers should punish passengers on their platform for not tipping in cash when the entire benefit of the platform is a cashless transaction. I tip generously where it’s appropriate, but I’m not going to tip in an uber until it’s an added feature in the app and I think many agree.

    While I agree with the posts above that it’s an uber problem not a driver problem, the driver started the tiff by offering you a lower rating in the first place. An eye for an eye I say. The majority of the clientele does not carry cash. If you hurt my rating for that, you’re not playing the game fairly either.

  43. The whole point of Uber is cashless ride. I was under the impression tip was included. I never tip nor do I plan on tipping in the future. I am generally a good tipper. I make a point to take care of the device industry. I do not feel important about tipping Uber drivers. If my rating falls I do not care at all. If it starts to effect me, I will switch companies.

    And yes, if he gave you a bad rating for no reason.. return the favor for sure.

  44. 1 star is the way to go. If this continues tipping will be mandatory. And uber drivers will want tip even if they didn’t have a superb service, just as taxi driver do. Tipping should be for extraordinary work.

  45. As others said you should be very cautious in assuming that it’s this driver’s fault. It could have come from an older ride that rated you later, and maybe scores don’t update right away.
    Either way, it’s also mostly Uber’s management fault and the way they’re treating their drivers. I use Lyft whenever I can, and I even had some Uber drivers telling me I should do so because of how bad Uber is treating them.

  46. 1 star for sure. This has happened to me twice and I believe this is becoming a problem.

    Uber’s “anonymous” ratings policy opens itself up to all sorts of abuses by passengers and drivers alike.

    Uber is only concerned about having drivers on the road. Until the rating system becomes more transparent i believe a tit-for-tat approach is highly appropriate.

  47. Lucky, do you really care about your uber user rating? Leave the guy the stars based on the driving and let it go. No point in policing, guessing about your rating or worrying about ubers underlying internal woes on a small scale. You’ll combust.

  48. You should always leave a tip. People rely on tips in these kinds of jobs to live. The base rate isn’t nearly enough, and you know that.

  49. It is possible he gave you 4 stars and that was enough to change your rating, since maybe before your rating was 4.6050000001 and then it went down to 4.604999999 and rounded down to the next .01. The rating has to be able to swing at some point.

    Though it does sound like you behaved like a 5-star passenger, in the Uber world anyway.

  50. How do you know he gave you a 1 star?
    He could have given you a 4.
    I think you’d be a terrible person if you give him a 1 just because he gave you a 4.

  51. 1 star for sure!
    I always give the driver a 1 star if my rating drops. I got a 4.8 rating consistantly and im allways polite and on time, also giving tip. So if i see my rating drop 0.01, i give a 1 star. A couple of times i added a complaint to uber if the ride wasnt satisfactory.

  52. I don’t think you can assume he gave you 1-star. For example, I’ve often heard that drivers will give passengers 4-stars on an otherwise 5-star drive for not tipping. It’s entirely possible with rounding that the driver gave you 4-stars and it just so happened to nudge your rating down 0.01. Besides, the repercussions for low-star drivers is much more severe than passengers. If your driver had outright solicited a tip and SAID he would give you a sh!tty rating, that’d totally be a case for a 1.

    It might be worth sending a message to uber outright asking what the rating was, saying you noticed it dropped your rating and you’re concerned it was because you didn’t tip. Worst they’ll say is, “we’re not going to tell you.”

  53. 1 star.

    Same thing happened to me last week, except I believe he was slightly more generous and gave me 3 stars. I have him 2 stars. Until tipping becomes possible through the app, this new thing where uber drivers are trying to “educate us” about tipping is absolutely unacceptable. Don’t feel guilty at all, you can sure as hell bet that he didn’t feel the slightest bit of guilt when he gave you 1 star. We’ll see who blinks first…

  54. First of all, this grade inflation is ridiculous. 5 should be an A and 4 should be like a B. I could see a driver giving a 5 for a tip and 4 for no tip, but no other problems. That seems fair. The fact that people treat 4.5 rating or below as bad is just stupid. I give uber drivers 1’s for unsafe driving occasionally. Otherwise it is 4 or 5.

    I’ve never tipped an uber driver and I don’t plan to in the future. My rating is 4.74. I’ve never had a problem getting picked up, which is the only thing that really matters. Recently, I use Uber once a month for my $15 Amex credit and use Lyft the rest of the time.

  55. Lucky
    Many years ago eBay allowed sellers to provide feedback ratings to buyers
    What wound up happening is a buyer would not be happy with the merchandise and instead of the seller resolving the issue they threatened the buyer that if they leave them negative feedback they will do the same eBay finally illuminated the seller from being able to leave negative feedback for a buyer. A seller can only leave neutral or positive ( which both don’t effect their score ) for a buyer. And this is how it should be
    So the drivers threatening riders with low score I’m sure won’t last long. Because it will only lead to losing out issues.
    You’ll see
    Perhaps you should
    Leave nothing and complain to Uber about this new driver rating feature that doesn’t encourage good customer service. Only revenge

  56. You don’t really know for certain the driver lowered your rating. I assume that just like riders, drivers are able to go back and add ratings for rides when they have a free minute later. It’s entirely possible that a driver from a previous Uber ride, if you ride frequently, was the one who gave you a lower number. Or that Uber’s systems are quirky and the average rating just caught up with updated data from previous week.

    Anyway, you shouldn’t go through life wasting time on this kind of nonsense. Just rate the ride or don’t rate the ride, and move on.

  57. @CR – The Uber driver app requires the driver to rate every rider as part of completing the trip. The rider rating is NOT optional for Uber drivers it is mandatory. The same is true for Lyft.

    I suggest that everyone take that extra 5 seconds and rate your drivers.

  58. Why did you post his name and picture? It added nothing to the story and only serves as a sort of “revenge” for you.


  59. 1 star, you’re not supposed to be bullied into giving someone a tip, especially not in an UberSelect!

  60. @ bluecat — That wasn’t his name or picture. That’s the generic picture Uber put in their press release to show how ratings are now more visible.

  61. @lucky, Okay, I didn’t think of that. Glad to hear “Willie Grinnan” won’t be getting hate mail from your fans.

  62. As others mentioned, you really don’t know if he gave you one star, you only know what you had a small drop in your rating. Is that .01 percent going to put your chances of an uber driver accepting your fare in peril? Because you do know that a number of 1 star ratings can cause an Uber driver to lose their jobs, which is fine if it’s actually warranted …and not stemming from a petty “I’ll show him”.

    And I always tip, but I agree…the fact that it has to be cash is a pain in the butt.

  63. A similar thing happened to me this weekend. It’s dumb of uber to make the rating so easy to since since you can tell when the driver rated you badly which in turn compels you to rate them badly. A bad rating affects me more since I ride only a handful of times per year and they are rated multiple times per day. Uber needs to rethink this one…

  64. After years of using Uber, I started using Lyft a few weeks ago. I hadn’t had any problems w/Uber’s service, but all the press about how Uber treats its female engineers (I have several female programmer friends), as well as the whole Greyball thing, made me decide to switch.

    It felt weird at first to be using a different app, but it’s been fantastic…it’s cheaper (sometimes as much as 20-25% cheaper), the service is just as good, and so far I haven’t run into any stupid bullshit issues like what you’re describing.

    So the answer to your question: switch to Lyft! 🙂 (Or at least try it out)

  65. Rate him based on the total service (pickup, driving, cleanliness, direction, etc.), but not guessing what stars he gave you. First of all, FUBER (F is for your imagination) rating system is crap, and whatever logic it is built on is flawed at best. So Lucky, don’t be alarmed and blame the driver completely. You will always get a ride no matter what your rating is.
    I am a part time driver (Uber and Lyft) in NJ for about 2.5 years and a frequent rider wherever Uber is available (in many countries). My driver rating is 4.84 and my rider rating is 4.75.
    As a driver, I used to give 5 *s for most rides in the beginning and then realized how my rating started going down even after providing the best service anyone can imagine (in my immaculately clean Volvo XC90). So, these days I give 4*s for average trip, 5*s if tipped, and 1* for showing impatience or arrogance. I have changed the rider rating up or down depending on how I felt about the passenger later, even after days.
    As a rider, I have always (yes – always) tipped the driver, made conversation whenever possible and shared experience as a fellow driver, and rated 5*s no matter what because some of them driving is the only means of earning.
    @Tommy Trash, @BrooklynBoy, @Donna, and @Jay – your suggestion for 1 * for the driver is because you feel privileged using Uber paying the cheapest for a First class ride, receive 5 *s for your Royalty and for saying Thanks to the driver. I am sure you have never tipped a driver.

  66. I am never going to tip an Uber driver. The whole point of convenience for me is to not have to worry about tips or exchanging money with the driver. If they don’t like what they get paid by uber, then do something else that makes them more money. I would give him a 1 star without hesitation.

  67. 1 start for sure. I only use UberBlack, and I never tip but will be watching the ratings now and if they ask for or give a low rating for not tipping I will do the same. Kind of dumb on the drivers part, they lose their job if they fall too low…me I’ll be fine either way so it would behoove them to stop this nonsense.

  68. I always think of the Uber rating as a “social” credit score. Drivers and riders evaluate one another based on their level of sociability / engagement / humnity. I’ve found it’s always best to remind yourself that at the end of the day you are riding around in the backseat of someone’s car. Perhaps you are paying them, but remember they are the one giving you a better option than a yellow cab at 4am as you head off to the airport. Last month, I had the most amazing uber driver take me to LAX for a redeye. There was an insane amount of traffic heading into the airport, ie backed up past the In & Out (LA people will know this is bad). I told him i’d miscalculated and was running late. He found a shortcut that saved us 20-30 minutes waiting in traffic. (Like through a parking lot, wrong way on a oneway, left turn into a right turn only).It was insane, exciting and really touching that he cared enough to do that. I had no money to tip him, but I wrote him the nicest review and thanked him from the bottom of my heart.

    I have a list of things I do when I ride that i think make the ride more pleasant:
    1). Ask “How’s your day been?”
    2). Ask “When did you start working?”
    3). Ask “How long have you been driving for uber? Are they taking care of you?”
    After this point if the driver doesn’t want to continue talking then I usually look at my phone.
    4). When I arrive at my destination, I thank them and say ” Stay safe out there.”

  69. God….the whole tipping culture in America is insane….you’d never come across anything so bizarre and customer-hostile anywhere else.

    It does more to put people off visiting US than anything else.

  70. @Lucky, any chance you could put together a simple survey/poll question that allows all of your readers to vote on a simple 1 to 5 scale on how they would react in the same situation? This is actually an extremely interesting topic, and any sort of effort to apply at least some sort of rudimentary analysis to this question rather than having to scroll through dozens and dozens of comments would be much more interesting and convenient! I’m very curious to see how most people would react…

  71. Shame on you for wasting people’s time with this. And for all of the people who care and comment. I would hope there are more important things in your life the worrying about this. For the love of god.

  72. @Brian shame on you for making assumptions. This is actually the second most important thing going on in my life at the moment. The only more important thing going on in my life is trying to figure out a way how to use my $30 in Uber credits each month from my two AMEX Platinum cards…. can’t let a free credit go to waste.. so stressful to think about.

  73. Keep your integrity… rate what you feel is right for that specific ride/driver experience.

  74. …if the driver give you a 5-star rating without tipping, what would he give a passenger that tips? same as you? is that fair?

  75. If you’re confident he gave you one star, and it was obviously because you didn’t tip, he’s not using the rating system properly – which means you should … by giving him one star.

  76. You have an affirmative duty to one star this guy, as does anyone else who suffers such indignation. This is mafia-style attempted extortion. These types of drivers want riders to hand over cash out of fear for their rider rating-pure and simple. In so doing, these scum are endeavoring to ruin the very business model which Uber created- a cashless and tip-free experience. These driver’s who are too stupid to voluntarily quit driving for Uber if it doesn’t pay well enough for them need to be involuntarily drummed out by low ratings. Personally, I would file a complaint in addition to the one star.

  77. The system should work like the following:

    1. You pay for the ride.
    2. The tip should be an option in the app.
    3. The driver rates you.
    4. You rate the driver.
    5. The driver only sees the tip AFTER he rates you.
    6. You have to rate the driver BEFORE you can see any rating adjustment.

    Maybe allow 24 hours for everyone to get rated before anyone can see anything.

    You need to remove the grudge factor from the process. He is mad about no tip, then you are mad about getting an undeserved rating. Everyone loses.

    I don’t understand why companies can’t use common sense when coming up with ideas, processes, etc. Is everyone brain dead now?

  78. Judge the driver in terms of the service that he provided. What he thinks of you or the issue of tipping is irrelevant to the evaluation.

    He could have made a mistake in his evaluation of you. He could be having a very bad day and you became the focus of his frustration. Why worry about what he thinks of you? Worry about how he drove you from point A to point B.

  79. A driver who rates a customer 1* for not tipping is a 1* driver. That’s TRUE. Any other rating would be dishonest.

  80. It just shows what a bonkers system this is – compounded by the whole stupid tipping concept coming into it too.

    Have you watched the latest series of Black Mirror? This shows exactly the sort of future we could be looking at where everyone rates everyone else!

    I also don’t see why it should be 5* or 1* – what’s the point of having so many options if you only use either extreme? What guidance is there for each rating level? Surely they’d be better to learn from Netflix and just offer thumbs up or thumbs down??

  81. As a driver for Uber myself, I always rate my passengers 5-stars. My thought is if I get you there and you haven’t been abusive and I haven’t had to ask you to exit my vehicle, you get 5 stars, regardless of tip. I have been using a tip jar but am conflicted about it. I don’t ever expect tips, but I do appreciate and want to encourage them. I know there are drivers who base their ratings on tip, but I find that petty, especially in light of Uber’s consistently anti-tip culture.

  82. What the hell is with all those people saying you have a DUTY to give the driver 1 star?
    How could you tell if he gave you 1 star or 4 stars? All you know is he didn’t give you 5 stars.
    Or are you saying he deserves a 1 star just because he didn’t rate the passenger 5 stars?

  83. Uber needs to get rid of the 1-5 star model and switch to thumbs up/thumbs down like Netflix did. This kind of situation, where the one star rating is a huge “hammer”, is Uber’s own doing. In the Uber world, where less than a 4.6 rating can get the driving extra attention, there’s only one positive rating (the five stars) and several variations of not-positive. The one-star rating can be a huge hammer, and no one passenger should have that much of an affect on an Uber driver and VV.

    And yeah… I’m starting to prefer Lyft over Uber.

  84. Riders rating are an average of their last 100 trips. Drivers, the last 500 rated trips. (some markets they are experimenting with 100 for drivers) The driver gave a 4*, each* has a value of .01.

    Select drivers have mote expense. What the OP fails to recognize is the same ride from a car service in a similarly classified car would cost him 2 to 3 times as much. same as uber x vs a cab, tjey are getting tje shaft just the same as X drivers… Select drivers pay 28% commission. So if your fare is $20.00- $2.00 (booking fee) -28% =12.96. $12.96 on a $20.00 fare.

  85. I see a lot of people here with little to no understanding of what drivers have to put up with from overly entitled passengers.

    Uber has LIED to you as the passenger and mislead you to believe that tips were included in the fare and only after a class action lawsuit, did they change their wording and policy and allows drivers to solicit tips. Drivers have asked to have the feature added to the app but it has fallen on deaf ears.

    Meanwhile Uber has conditioned the passenger to believe that tipping is not necessary.

    Uber released a statement saying that YOU, the passenger, are sexist and racist and that is the reason why they don’t add the tip feature. Because passengers are more likely to tip a white driver instead of a driver of color or tip a pretty female driver over a male driver. (

    To make matters worse, Uber has allowed this new dynamic of pitting YOU the passenger against the driver and vice versa over tipping instead of offering it up in app like their rival Lyft does.

    Uber is an unscrupulous company that is facing lawsuit after lawsuit for their poor treatment of drivers in addition to their hostile environment at their headquarters.

    I see many of you posting how you are good tippers, but you refuse to tip Uber drivers. Uber drivers are just like taxis, even better in most cases. Drivers are in the service industry, just like waitstaff, bartenders and doormen. If you tip taxis drivers and don’t tip your Uber driver, then you are the problem.

    You all seem to overlook how Uber has changed the way that you go out now and how much you rely on the service. Ask Austin what it is like without Uber and how bad it was after they left.

    To those of you who that don’t care about your rating, you will see how difficult it will be to get an Uber as your rating plummets. Many drivers refuse to pick up low rated passengers and will cancel on you.

    Drivers talk about you in groups and pass on information about the most egregious offenders, so think twice before you slam the door / ask to go to a drive thru / try to cram too many people in the car / try to take your kids with car seats / ask them to pick up unaccompanied minors / order a car when you are running late / throw up in the car / etc.

    The viewing of your passenger rating is a wake up call to those of you that treat drivers and their cars like shit and expect platinum service for cut rate prices, you know who you are.

  86. I mean this in a nice way, but your article shows you are part of the problem here. Because some people are tipping uber drivers more frequently, they are trying to foster and grow the expectation of tipping. Your driver is just reinforcing the trend that you are contributing to.

    The solution is to handle tipping entirely ratings are given like in Lyft, and stopping in-person tips is a way to get drivers to push for that in addition to customers.

  87. I agree with Gary Leff. A driver who rated you 1* because you did not tip is a 1* driver

  88. Are you for real? You would really give someone a rating that could very seriously affect their livelihood, based a bunch of assumptions?
    You don’t know for sure how the rating is being calculated (if I had to guess btw, I’d put my money on him giving you 4 stars) or even that the calculation is correct (given the directions uber maps gives to drivers, I’d say the apps backend is not necessarily big free)
    There is even a (remote) possibility that you said or did something that the driver found a bit offensive. These things happen.
    You had a pleasant ride, he obviously didn’t ask you for a tip or made you feel awkward. Give him 5 stars and move on with your life.

  89. @Lucky “It was a short ride” . On top of that if I’m not in a good mood or having a good day I might have given you a 1 star. It happens. Don’t take it personally. On any other given day I may have given you 5 stars.
    You take thousands of rides no big deal.

    YES, regardless of the driver giving you a one star you should give him 5. But again, one bad rating won’t do anything to a driver.

    There is no tipping in Uber. I expect you to load and unload your own bags to and from LAX.
    If I help you with your bags and it’s alot of stuff then a tip might be appropriate.

    Again, why did you take this experience so personally? You must have been jet lagged. Get outta here.

  90. Uber could improve the rating system by making a mandatory reason for low ratings, if low ratings are given without any reasons then the ratings should be invalid. Everyone’s standard and expectations are different therefore it’s reasonable to provide the rating with simple reason of why.

  91. Don’t be so petty or stoop down to the negativity. If he did in fact 1 star you for no good reason karma will come back to bite him, you on on the other hand should just rate him based on service rendered which didnt seem like a 1 star service. Maybe a 3-4 star range…..and keep on trucking with the wonderful life that you have.

  92. In addition to letting Uber (and fellow passengers) know which drivers are bad, the a low rating also ensures that you will never be matched with that driver again.

    Therefore, if you do not condone this drivers retaliatory rating behavior and do not wish to be matched with him again, simply rate him a 1 star. You do not need to justify your rating. These drivers (and most riders) have a large enough sample that one rating will not destroy their average, unless it is a consistent behavior on their part.

  93. I’d give him one star without hesitation I had a driver recently tell me if I wouldn’t tip him I’m only Worth three stars I had no cash and was disappointed by the surge pricing and the $15 ride at least he was honest I gave him one star when u saw my rating drop after the ride no reason for anything less then 5.

  94. I wouldn’t mind 1 star ratings. His behavior was out of line if you feel pretty certain he rated you poorly. Tipping is not required, and these guys make a chunk of the money you pay per ride. I love uber for three reasons: it’s available in many countries where I travel, it’s cash-less, and I don’t have to worry about tipping every single time I get in the car.

    Also to an extent, you are punishing uber, which is fair. Instacart screws over their shoppers and expects them to rely on our tips, and by not tipping, they have been forced to pay their workers more. Uber should get the same hint. I’m already paying for the ride. Why would I tip a driver who is already getting paid for the service he gave me?

  95. Tim “the a low rating also ensures that you will never be matched with that driver again.” This is not true, the only way to not be matched with a driver again is to request not to be matched and this does not always prevent a match.

  96. Shouldn’t you figure out definitively that he 1 star you? After all, it could be a rounding error in the software, sync issue etc. At the very least you should wait 48 hours. I have a software background and I am horrified at how poorly designed uber’s app is from day 1 of their existence to the public to even a few months ago. It has a variety of design decision problems and technical issues. For a company that size, they should be far more tech savvy but they are not.

  97. I’ve had this issue twice recently, and both times it seemed unrelated to the ride I’d just taken. Uber’s official answer is that ratings aren’t updated in real time, and one shouldn’t presume the rating dropped because of the most recent driver. Still, when one has gone a few days not using Uber, then uses it once, and has a rating drop, it’s hard not to presume it was related to the most recent experience. I actually hadn’t thought of non-tipping as a reason and presumed it was because drivers didn’t want to go where I was going (across the Bay Bridge) and took it out on me. I’ve recommended that Uber do like eBay did long ago and eliminate the possibility of retaliatory feedback by scrapping the passenger rating system in its current form.

  98. Agree with those saying one star. This affects him far less than you; no matter how many rides you take you are not obviously coming close to the number of ratings per day a driver generates, so the effext is asymmetrical.

    As many have pointed out this tipping issue is ruining Uber – literally the WHOLE POINT of the app was to make a seamless, cashless experience possible and now they have wrecked that. Drivers who expect 5 bucks for 5 stars need to get out of the market.

    In many cities I find myself trying to avoid UberX entirely where possible and using local cabs again. For airport transfers where I used to use Uber Black/Uber Exec I am using Blacklane instead which I would recommend to anyone. Better cars, better driving, no tips.

  99. joe, it wasn’t a 1. it was a 4. riders ratingd are based on the last 100 rated trips. Drivers have to rate each rider after the trip is completed.
    Drivers its the last 500 rated trips, riders do not have to rate drivers.

  100. Europeans love Uber in USA cos we don’t have to tip so 1 star the hell out of him too.

  101. Tipping in America is a mess. Uber is not a tipping service, its a car service where you dont need cash to pay. If they dont have in app tipping, you dont have to tip the driver. They know it, you know it. So be it.

  102. Give Blacklane a try next time you’re going to/from an airport. I’ve found service to be superior (they park their car and wait for you at baggage claim).

    It’s a lifesaver at LAX when I would have to wait 10-15 minutes for the driver to make it to the terminal and tips are expressly included.

    Price is also competitive if not superior to UberSELECT during normal hours.

  103. @bob, you are right. It is however true for Lyft (which is what I was thinking of). With lyft, if either party gives a rating 3 or lower, they are not matched again.

  104. I’m using Uber from the airport a lot. It’s simple, if they get out to help load/unload my suitcase they get a tip, if they don’t they don’t.

  105. It’s disheartening to witness the level of ignorance and entitlement displayed in these comments. Do any of you actually read the actual news? Do any of you actually know the gift you are receiving by having subsidised on demand limo service provide door to door transportation at less than 40% of the actual operating cost? These drivers are exploited beyond comprehension. Most of these drivers are new immigrants who HAVE TO drive to eat. The taxi and limo industry they were in was gutted by these TNCs giving you practically free rides just to buy your loyalty. I don’t think any of you actually understand the operating costs incurred by these drivers. They are destroying their personal car daily for what amounts to a payday loan.
    Travis Kalanick’s criminal skirting of laws and his disdain of his most necessary “commodities” have recently been well documented. His removal of the custom of gratuity was done when the rates were quadruple what they are now. This is why cash tipping has returned as the norm. It at least helps these marginalized drivers pay for emergency car repairs. What entitlement and intolerance to deny these workers these earnings.
    BTW, dispatching a SELECT driver for a short trip actually costs the driver. The expenses driving SELECT are far greater that X. Just driving too you, and from your destination cost more than the near minimum fare. You also tie that driver up and cause them to miss actually profitable buisness. Shorter fares are why X exists. To not tip is like not tipping a waiter because the restaurant was expensive. Then to assume a specific driver dinged your rating and not considering the myriad of glitches in the Uber app might be at cause is just odd.
    I mean, be prepared. Fares will go way up  when it’s time for these companies to profit and pay their investors. Driverless cars aren’t the answer either for al long time. By the time driverless cars are actually mass produced and operating large scale, you all will have adult grandchildren.
    Shame on you for being the problem.

  106. So this just happened to me today. Currently in Mexico where Uber is apparently illegal. As I got in a vehicle and we drove off, a taxi driver that I had inquired pricing about earlier threw a rock at the Uber driver’s car. It was a short trip and the fare came to less than $5, since I felt bad for the driver’s door getting hit, I tipped him $5. I even checked his door for him on my way out and noticed no damage and told him as such. But my rating dropped from a 4.79 to 4.70, so I know he rated me low. For what reason, I do not know, but I rated him a 1 as well.

  107. Uber was talking about holding back a few ratings an randomly adding one of the held back ones when you get a new one. So there wouls always be a pool of 3-5 trips not in your average. ypu may have rated him a 1 fpr no reason…

    nice job!

  108. Sheesh, its .01 or some such reduction in your rating. Stop obsessing about it. Or else reach out to Uber and seek a clarification. Slow day at the office? 🙂

  109. I received this text from an UberEats delivery driver who stopped for 20 minutes on the way to my house:

    “Learn how to tip asshole”

    How do you think he knew my email address included the words, “totalasshole?”

  110. Just give 5 stars as you were planning to based on the ride! Do what is right even if others don’t, and don’t do something for “retaliation” is what I say… Plus benefit of the doubt – you don’t know for sure that he rated you 1-star

  111. I never tip Uber drivers. That is why I started taking Uber in the first place. If they want a tip, I’ll go back to cabs.

  112. You people are just as bad as Uber and morally bereft. Your cheap and petty behavior makes you culpable for the mistreatment of drivers. You KNOW that drivers make next to nothing based on your Uber receipt.

    Skyymann…please, go back to using cabs, I dare you.

    Losingtrader, quit being a cheap ass and tip your delivery driver, otherwise go get your own food.

    Jerm, unfortunately the instacart lesson can’t be applied to Uber. They flat out refuse to add the tip option to the app or pay drivers better. The treat drivers like sweat shops do and keep the prices so low to stifle competition.

    What is sad is that you people KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING IS WRONG, but you don’t care about anything except the cut rate prices. Shame on all of you.

  113. How about not giving a shit about your rating, and not being a jerk? Your attitude remind me of typically geek trash of Silicon Valley with their skinny jeans, beards, and start-up bullshitting (I don’t watch the HBO show, I live it).

  114. If not giving a tip now allows a driver to mark you down, Uber should say so!

    If Uber does not permit a driver to mark u down because u did not tip, but the driver went ahead to do so anyway, the driver is violating the company policy and hence 1 freaking star is what the driver deserve together with a coffee session with the management team and discuss if he needs a new job that allows him more tips. He does not need to be a Uber driver, if he must see tips all the time. If he views tipping as an entitlement, he should consider other companies that has policy that state so to their customers.

  115. Definitely NOT 1 star. But not 5 star either.

    If you live your life guided by the actions of others, it is a very negative world. I agree with the very first comment (by Scott Cate).

    However, I would not rate your experience as 5 stars because it wasn’t GREAT. It seems more to have been Average to Good. So I would rate it a 3 or a 4 star (based on your experience and not a retaliation for the **potentially** bad rating you got).

    Also, about the maths. Off course the calculation methodology is not known so it is all conjecture.
    1. I have to agree with the comment about weighting more recent trips higher.
    2. It seems logical that only trips that were rated are used in the denominator. So if you’ve completed 1,000 trips but only 700 were rated, then the denominator should be 700. If you’ve completed a trip then your trip count is now 1,001 but your number of rated trips is still only 700 until the driver rates you and it moves to 701. Hopefully Uber’s rating did not change based on your completed unrated trip.

    But, my short answer is rate the trip honestly on your experience and not on your perception of his rating. And on a side note, maybe reserve 5 stars for exceptional service (just my opinion).

  116. I think you’d have to be sure he gave you the one star because of not tipping. I think there’s a chance, but I’m not convinced. I’m probably not obsessing over my rating dropping by 0.01 stars either. I guess the larger point of the article is the tipping culture and how Uber plays into that.

  117. One thing to keep in mind is that as a driver, I cannot give a tipper 6 stars. 5 is the highest. How do I differentiate a tipper from an otherwise good passenger? 5 is reserved for tippers. 4 if good passenger and no tip. And seriously, HOW FUCKING HARD IS IT TO GET SOME CASH TOGETHER, PEOPLE? It wasn’t that long ago that you carried it. Uber has given y’all carte blanche to be the entitled little pricks you always were before the advent of their bullshit ratings system and lying about the tip being included in the fare…HELLO!!! GRATUITY MEANS SOMETHING EXTRA….NOT INCLUDED.

  118. Flyingfish, you are making up Uber policies. Have you actually read their TOS for drivers? It’s available on the interwebs for us riders.
    A driver can rate you whatever they want for whatever reason. Uber specifically does not tell drivers how to rate riders as that would interfere with a drivers autonomy as an Independent Contractor. Ubers language on tipping is quite simple. A rider is welcome to tip, and a driver is free to accept. The original no tipping policy was reversed a few years ago as it infuriated drivers and riders (with the exception of entitled and selfish millenials who lack real world experience.)
    Skyymann, please go back to cabs. Enjoy paying triple the cost of Uber to sit in an decommissioned Crown Vic police car from 1991 without AC, but with the smell of cheese.

  119. All you CHEAP BASTARDS deserve your one’s including you Lucky. For a ride which was priced fairly (according to you), I can’t believe you can’t spare a buck or two which means A LOT more to your driver than to you. Plus, “I don’t carry cash” is the poorest excuse EVER for just being a cheapo–with little or no care or consideration to the conditions of your servants, which is essentially what your uber driver is. (What do you do with doormen and valets?) In my book, the preferred calculation would be whether you can brighten someone’s (even a stranger’s), day (as long as the service was not HORRIBLE) with a cost that you will not notice in the long run. But, hey, that’s just me. . .

  120. A view from the other side:

    I know this article is about an Uber Select ride and I only drive Uber X but the reasoning is the same:

    First lets clear up a few misconceptions. A rider never gets booted from Uber for a low rating. Just this week I got a ping from a rider with a 2.6*. They will have a hard time getting a ride thou. Depending on the area the driver drives he can be deactivated when his rating drops below 4.7*. That means for a driver anything other than a 5 star rating is trouble.

    Drivers don’t work for Uber. They are independent contractors. In other words they work for themselves. Their goal is to maximize profits. Back in the day when the rates where three times what they are now, it made sense for the drivers to offer perks like water and phone charging cables, to keep their ratings high to get more rides. As Uber raced to the bottom with their rates, the drivers had to find ways to make a profit. Tips are a part of that.

    At the current Uber rates a rider should expect a SAFE ride from point A to point B. If a driver shows up in a clean car and get’s you to your destination in a safe manner then you should give him 5 Stars. If he shows up in an old car that is falling apart……downgrade him. You are communicating with your fellow riders on what to expect from this driver. At 87 cents per mile don’t expect perks. You get what you pay for.

    Drivers rate on a whole different criteria. I have driven all types of people, From multi-millionaires to drug dealers and hookers, and everything in between. I don’t judge people on if they take a phone call while on the ride. I don’t care if you are talkative or quite. As long as you don’t damage my car the only thing I rate you on is was the ride profitable. My rating communicates to my fellow drivers, letting them know if they are going to make a profit on your trip.

    The article didn’t give me enough information to determine what rating this rider should get. It says it was a fairly short ride. Was it a minimum fare ride? If so, how far away was the driver when he accepted the ride? Let’s say the driver had to drive 10 minutes to get to the rider and then this short ride took another 15 minutes because it was in the city. So for 25 minutes of work the driver makes a grand total of $3.75 after Uber’s fees. Not very profitable. The driver rates the ride as 3 or 4 stars because the passenger was fine but the ride was not profitable. Now let’s say the rider throws the driver a couple of bucks…..It’s still not a very profitable ride but the riders shows that he realizes this and appreciates the fact that the driver was there for the ride. He get’s 5 Stars.

    So if you take a ride on a 2x surge don’t feel like you need to tip. If you are taking a minimum fare ride that takes a while….Show your driver some respect and throw him a few bucks.

    And tipping isn’t an option in the app because of one person. TravASS Kalanick. And for one reason only…..Because TravASS can’t get a cut of the tip.

  121. if cashless tipping is a worry switch to Lyft. Very simple to add a tip in the app. But then you wouldn’t get to use your “free” Uber credits from whichever credit card.

    I had no problems dumping Uber. Their whole corporate culture sounds like it’s totally messed up. I don’t know that Lyft is all that different but you certainly don’t hear about it in the news. And the drivers seem happier

  122. What a hilarious post from RD Truitt! You clearly don’t understand the concept of paying a fair wage (or in this case fare) for a job. Tipping should not be necessary – sure if someone does something absolutely amazing then you can obviously reward them, but I fail to see how driving a taxi (or Uber), serving a meal, etc deserves any extra recognition. If the pay is insufficient then don’t do the job – if enough people won’t do it then wages will rise. The current tipping situation is frankly ludicrous. Australia manages it well – good basic pay, no need to tip – excellent customer service.

  123. @Lucky — I pretty much agree with @Tam. You’re inferring that he gave you 1 star, but what if he gave you 4 stars or 3 stars? Or what if Uber’s software (hypothetically) changed their rounding algorithm? It would be nice for Uber to show specific ratings by each driver, so you can match it with each ride/trip you took, but oh well. If you want to retaliate, give him a 3, and in the comments say that you think the driver dinged you for not leaving a tip. If you are right and he gave you a 1, your rating will still hurt his rep. If you were wrong, your 3 shouldn’t do too much damage and your comment is hopefully something both he and Uber will reflect on.

  124. Alan, tipping is NOT necessary, it’s just the right thing to do (except of course when the service was horrible). People in these kind of service jobs very often depend on their daily earnings to eat, something which may come as a revelation to you. And even if you are aware of it, you may have no sympathy for people in this situation (in which case I have no sympathy for you). Your Australia information concerning the higher wages there, as you concede, is not relevant to the US, and there is no need to hide behind macroeconomic theories to hide basic cheapness.

  125. Nope, totally disagree RD Truitt – it is a broken system that seems designed to let the person tipping feel they have the power in the interaction by having ‘cash to splash’. People should be paid a decent wage for doing their job and by tipping you’re perpetuating a system where employers get away with pretending to customers that they have low prices. Time to call a halt to this antiquated system. Have a listen to this excellent Freakonomics podcast on the topic – Or for a more light-hearted taken on things have a look at ‘3rd rock from the sun tipping’ on Youtube

  126. I am an Uber driver and I never expect a tip. I appreciate it when someone does, but I certainly don’t expect it. I would never rate a fare down because of not tipping. Uber is adding a tip feature within the app in the near future, I suppose to compete with Lyft. I’ve only given a one or two star ever, and they were both older drunk men who made me feel extremely uncomfortable. One was so bad he actually made me feel unsafe enough to report him to Uber. The other guy was rough with my car, almost broke my radio, and made the whole thing smell. I drive drunk people all the time and I know its part of the job, sometimes they are annoying but I never rate down unless they cross a line. I’m still fairly new to driving ride share, however I have done over 100 fares, and as I said only rated down twice. It would be really unfortunate if drivers are rating down fares for non tippers, you know going in that tipping is not currently a part of the Uber system. I’ve heard of drivers being rude to customers and being entitled and I hope those people do get weeded out because they give the good drivers a bad name. I don’t think you can know for certain that he rated you down though, if the ride itself was good I would rate on that rather than an assumption. And if he did actually rate you down for not tipping then that’s his karma.I personally would choose to be the bigger person.

  127. I’m a driver and a rider on both Uber and Lyft. I always tip when I ride unless there’s a serious issue with the driver and their vehicle. A safe, comfortable ride from A-B is going to earn a 5 rating for the driver.

    As a driver, I won’t accept ride requests from riders whose rating is less than 4.0 To drop that low there must be a history of multiple issues resulting in low ratings from many drivers.

    The highest I rate non-tipping Uber riders is 4.0. Tip something and if there’s no other issues you get a 5 star rating. I provide non-cash tipping options to riders who don’t carry cash. I also don’t carry much cash.

    Any Lyft riders who I recognized from a previous ride and didn’t tip on it are also limited to a 4 rating on future rides if there are no issues.

    The driver ratings for passengers incorporate profitability information. When a driver gets mere seconds to decide whether to accept a ride request, we don’t see the rider’s destination. If I figure out a passenger 1 starred me for my 4 rating, I can change my rating of the passenger to a 1 after the fact via support. This will also ensure that rider will never be matched with me again.

  128. As an aviation expert one of my favorite things about being an Uber driver in LA is when I get Airline employees as passengers. Yesterday I had two senior Captains from Avianca that fly the 787. Another time I had an upper level KLM executive. Very exciting rides.

  129. You justify not tipping because you took a more luxurious and expensive ride. Whether you choose to ride in a rickshaw or a limo, the driver is someone you tip. And you tip based upon the cost and quality of the service. Would you justify not tipping at a high priced, 4 star restaurant simply because the food is more expensive than, for example, an Applebee’s or Denny’s? No. Or at the very least, you shouldn’t. Give the guy a good rating, and take it as a lesson learned.

  130. Lucky, this EXACT situation happened to me today. I monitor my rating very closely and I know exactly what rating I get after each ride (I tracked my ratings on an excel spreadsheet since the first ride). Drivers will NEED to give the passenger rating before they can pick up another passenger, so I will monitor my rating before the ride ends and after the ride ends.

    Being in NYC, I never let my driver wait, always being courteous by greeting the driver and thanking them when the ride is done. I never engage in any conversations or try to create trouble during the ride so I expect a 5-star from the driver unless I have done something wrong. I ride with Uber because I DO NOT want to deal with cash and I DO NOT tip (unless you have offered and helped to carry my luggage).

    Uber drivers that expects a tip should stop driving for Uber and stop complaining, because most of the passengers use Uber because of its “TIPPING NOT REQUIRED” and cashless system. I have seen drivers that give passengers 4 stars or lower because they do not tip, please do us a favor and drive cabs if you want the tips (we do need entitled Uber drivers like you).

    Before anyone labels me a rich greedy b*stard, end of the day, the US tipping system is broken, I am not tipping you for doing your job (don’t complain about low wages or Uber charging high commission fees, you can always switch to a different job).

  131. The vast majority of society agrees that tipping is both a social lubricant and a way to show in a positive way how much you value another’s contribution to your ease and comfort. In this you are basically an outlier.

  132. @RD Truiit – in America perhaps, definitely not worldwide. In the USA it has also lost any clear relationship with the actual quality of service being provided and is just expected regardless, even when service had been poor. Is this situation it just becomes an unseen and regressive tax on consumption of goods and services.

  133. If your rating goes down .01 that is indicative of a four star rating not a one star. A one star rating would drop it far more than that. In addition, it may not have been the previous ride. Sometimes there is a lag for an impact on ratings, sometimes there isn’t. In addition, drivers can go back and change ratings after the fact. We have figured out that passengers retaliate and the smart ones do it that way.
    I’m a part time driver. I give every passenger 5 stars unless he is ridiculously demanding or messes up my car. I won’t even ding for being really late or getting the location wrong if he acknowledges the gaffe. I don’t expect a tip, but giving me a tip will erase some bad behavior in my reckoning. If someone deserves less than 5 stars I make a note in my phone and change it a week later.
    So no, you are not at all justified in giving the driver 1 star if the service was good.

  134. I’m both a driver and a rider, so I feel I need to explain some things about how the process works. Your rating is the average of your previous 500 rides. You can easily go from 4.86 to 4.85 with just a 4 star rating, if it replaces a 5 star rating that was 500 rides prior. Look at it this way, say you have 450 5*, 35 4*, 10 3*, 3 2*, and 2 1*. You’re sitting at a 4.856 rating that rounds up to 4.86. Now if you change one of the *5 to a 4*, you now have 4.854, which rounds down to 4.85. You really can’t tell what he rated you, since a 1* would give you a 4.848, which still shows up as 4.85. So you really can’t fret over what exact rating you got, it could have been a 4*.

    Now if you still are thinking about giving a driver who gave you good service a 1*, when you have no idea what happened, you are being pretty vindictive and petty.

  135. I’ll add that I have a SELECT quality car that also responds to UberX requests. Like you, I feel the pay for SELECT amounts to a living wage and I never expect a tip for the ride. Same with UberX during Surge fares. Requesting one of them already amounts to a tip in my opinion. Automatic 5* unless the rider was truly awful.

    But UberX fares are so damn low that stiffing a quality driver is kind of messed up. In some situations, the driver actually LOSES money on the ride. Carry some cash for when you come across a driver that provides a nice service (clean car, has water/gum/mints/chargers, doesn’t mind pit stops, etc).

  136. Everyone stating automatic retaliation 1* are malicious dolts and the scum of the earth, and you posting this shows how pitiful your true morale is as a human. Passenger ratings are based on your last 100 rides as you get rated on every ride, and you received a 4* on an unknown ride which lowered your rating by 0.01, could have easily been from a ride you took a week ago, the day before, or this ride in question. So lets just say it was this ride, you believe you are the greatest passenger ever and you deserve a 5* rating no matter what happened during the ride even though something could have offended the driver, you assume that not tipping the driver got you a 1* rating when in fact it was a 4* rating, your response is then a retaliation 1* to hurt the driver and potentially get him deactivated even though he provided good/great service to you which should warrant a 5* or 4* rating for services provided. How do you justify this as being okay? You get free credits so this ride was free, how hard is it to to throw him a few bucks for a tip? Oh you say you don’t carry cash, then how do you tip service people who you aren’t directly paying them with a CC? Guess they’re just assed out right. How about trying this out next time since you aren’t paying for the ride anyway, when you get to your destination tell the driver you want to tip but since you don’t have cash on hand to go ahead and drive a few more miles before ending the trip. Problem solved and it didn’t even cost you a penny. Rate this driver according to the ride, stop fretting and getting worked up over your passenger rating, stop showing scumbaga how to be more devious, and seriously get a life if this is what keeps you up at night.

  137. A 1 star review could cost him his job and it does not sound like he is a 1 star driver . Did he get you there safely? Was he a good driver? On time? It sounds to me like he was. Rate him on the service he provided to you not on what you feel he may have rated you. The rating system is on the drivers preformance not to act like a 13 year old throwing a fit “he didn’t may be like me so maybe I won’t like him.” You’re an adult act like one.

  138. It’s sad but unsurprising that you and the majority of commenters here would try to get someone fired based on nothing more than suspicion and petty vengeance. You are the worst kind of person, but there are so many of you that it must seem pretty normal.

  139. They call it a evil evil world but they’re only evil evil people. By reading most the comments here I guess assuming and retaliation justifies it all. I’m sure drivers also “believe” they don’t do anything wrong to receive negative ratings, so image how would it be if they (drivers) start doing the same? Keep in mind low ratings ONLY affect the driver’s NOT the rider in any way, shape or form. I personally tip my hat off to all the drivers just because of the fact they’re willing to pick my cheap ass up and drop me off in their personal vehicles for only peanut. And as long as they do it safely and with respect they may not get a tip $ (Just like most of you I’m a cheap A’hole too) but they SURE get a 5 star from me ( Its the least I can do). And if they want to vent by give me a low rating for not tipping so be it, because again at the end of the day it has no negative or ill effects from it other than to just stroke my ego as a rider, so care less (Can only image what you’ll do if it did). And the truth of the matter is, if great service was provided although not required they do deserve a tip. So knowing the FACTS the OP wouldn’t ONLY be ugly and so wrong but… “Very Petty and vindictive here”. But I guess that’s why the world is what it is today, we all want the BEST services for nothing but of course that’s only and unless we’re the ones providing the service. Driver or rider… I wonder who’s the true scumbag here?! May God bless and have mercy on the souls of all those who believe giving a 1 star rating is the right thing to do. It goes to show the type of person you are.

  140. Earlier this week, I took UberPOOL with a 4.2-rated driver. I was somewhat grimacing about the fact that minimum UberVIP ratings don’t apply to POOL. (But $2.99 home from the airport is just hard to resist.) But here’s the thing: during the ride, his rating went up to 4.8! I’m guessing that meant someone else rated him a five, and that replaced an earlier rating. Yet he could’ve presumed that came from me or another recent rider if he looked just after I got out. But who knows? Things happen.

  141. Seriously? How ignorant to rate someone and not actually know what the ratings will do and what the consequences are for the driver. For the rider – NO CONSEQUENCE, except a hit to your pride (maybe). For the driver – He could potentially lose his livelihood and in many cases, the car he’s driving (if he used uber’s program). Some of you who subscribe to this blind retaliation should have a complete stranger take away YOUR livelihood just because they ‘suspect’ some nonsense about a rating with no consequence. Your parents should be ashamed of all of you and they would be, if they knew who you really were. Sad.

  142. Geez ….a one star???.even my worst customers have never gotten a one star. That’s the problem with the rating system.. people have to go to extremes over an issue and then dole out one star ratings as if their grandma was being smacked around during the ride. Everyone needs to chill out . Leave a three or a four. But a one star?.lok

  143. Bad service, driver, xp, fine rate 1/2 stars. But speaking as a driver, i go out of my way to provide excellent services and amenities to my riders at my cost (free water, chargers, music etc). If you receive this good service or enjoy your ride… TIP YOUR DRIVER. the money we make is near minimum wage after expenses. Besides name me any other service industry that doesn’t get tips for good service? Plus any that use their own vehicle, gas, insurance, business licenses, taxes, car maintenance, depreciation. Uber DOES NOT pay as good as they claim! $1500 a week? Not happening.
    I am just a squirrel trying to get a nut (pay a few bills).

    Bad service then yes, low rating and no tip…

    Do you tip your wait staff, bartender, barber, valet, pizza driver? I DO! HOW IS YOUR GOOD RIDESHARE DRIVER ANY DIFFERENT?

    Stop being cheap people, the rich rarely tip us, but the service industry tips us the BEST BECAUSE THEY KNOW HOW IT IS!

  144. eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. But here’s the real deal, drivers can change a passengers rating well after a ride. So a smart driver will 5 star you then change it later. Been like that for years.

  145. The fact that you would even consider such a petty move is beyond me.

    1) It is not the driver’s responsibility to provide you conversation. He is there to drive the vehicle. If you want to have a meaningful conversation, engage, don’t “take the hint” then complain later.

    2) If rider ratings are anything like driver’s, than it is rounded as a percentage of your last 500 rides. The 0.01 drop could have been the result of a 4 or 3 star rating replacing a five star that you took 500 trips ago–assuming that this particular driver gave you one star to account for your (insignificant) rating drop is just plain dumb.

    3) Why do you care about your rider rating? It;s not like your fancy friends can see it. Ratings are designed to not be reciprocal and drivers are encouraged to avoid making them so by being like “I am giving you 5-stars!” to their riders. Your rating will not affect your life as a travel blogger so why be so petty?

    It is shameful that so many on this thread have the “knee jerk” reaction to punish the driver and/or question his intentions or performance based solely on an unsubstantiated, assumed slight.

  146. If there was an economic equivalent to body shaming, this would be it. Customers aren’t responsible for ensuring service providers make a decent wage, that’s the company’s job. Tipping is optional and should be reserved for outstanding service not because someone doesn’t make much. I would much rather these people be paid a fair wage and, if the price goes up, give me the option to utilize your service or not. But to unscrupulously shift that responsibility to me and then shame me when I don’t give in is beyond low.

  147. Always Always TIP!!! What kind of a person doesn’t tip their driver?! They’re using their cars their gas their insurance and their putting horrendous miles on there vehicle and unless they work more then 10 hours a day theyre not making good money as it is! Uber drivers are way better than taxi drivers! Dont take advantage of them & don’t be a cheap assh*le. There is no excuse its an insult not to tip. If a driver was pleasant and got you from point A to point B safley! 5 stars & a good tip is a must dont mess with peoples work!

  148. I’m an Uber driver. I give everyone five stars unless they are a total nightmare. I have been given one star ratings for stuff I feel I did not deserve like the conduct of fellow passengers on Uber pool. However, I also should add that tips are not expected and when I get them I am extremely grateful. I signed up for Uber being well aware of the tipping policy so I can’t get pissed at the riders for it

  149. I am an Uber driver, i do Uber Eats and an an Uber rider in Las Vegas with a family to support and the comments on here are sickening to read. 1 star vs 5 stars? Really? Not wanting to tip the driver?
    I am a 4.92 rated driver with over 400 ratings and I ALWAYS puy my best foot forward. I have many “badges” and positive comments on cleanliness, conversation, cool car, above and beyond and the whole nine yards.
    The question is this, even here in Las Vegas, how does a driver work 9 houts (with a great rating) be online for 9 or 10 hours and earn less than 70 a day (within the app not including gas, wear and tear on the car, cleaning supplies, water and such) most times unless there is Surge pricing? When you deduct costs, which don’t include taxes or keeping up a business liscense in our state, i earn about $5.00 or less an hour. Our minimum trip here is $3.75 so if you do 20 short rides in a 3 to 4 dollar range (deliveries are the same) how much are you earning in a day? I have driven 20 mins to pick up a delivery, waited 8 to 10 mins for the order to be ready and delivered it 6 minutes away to earn 3 or 4 dollars.
    What is not understood is that these drivers may have this job because they need it.
    I work 2 jobs and come home to my family tired hoping I can get my daughter a dress for graduation.

    I would never give 1 star for not tipping. Most of my riders have a 5 star except for extreeme rudeness, messes (vomit, urine, and you dont want to know) in my car or obscene behavior/loud foul language.

    Do we not deserve to be compensated for our hard work.

    I ride Uber because of the convenience. I dont have to wait 45 mins for a fast driving taxi that could very well scare the life out of me before I make it home.

    All im saying is yes. There are some bad drivers out there as well as bad riders, every person should be rated on your experience with the person and/or the ride.
    Also, a little understanding would be helpful. The current changes are a bit of an adjustment but simple mutual respect and kindness should supercede any harshness or unseemely behavior by both parties.
    Remember, riders appreciate the service and drivers, contrary to popular belief needed a job.

  150. Uber driver here, with a 4.95 rating. What’s all this talk of tips? I very rarely receive a tip. So rarely, that it catches me off guard when I do get one. I usually give 5 stars as long as you leave the car as you found it. I even gave 2 pukers 5 stars, as they hit the bag I supplied and took it with them.

  151. U dnt have to do a rider anything to receive a one star…buttholes r every where stop being so sensitive..he probably gave u a one star because he thought u were hovering over him on your phone riders do that hover over the drivers if they mss one turn its a problem…they hoop in the car a watch there navigator waiting for the drivers to so something stupid jus to make a report an give them aone star..jerks come two ways riders an drivers rati gs r not a true reflection of who u r..

  152. I drive uber on the weekends and have had my star rating change mid week. Im not sure that ,as a passenger, your rating change was a result of that particular ride or uber had just happened to recalculate your rating in general at that time. I’ve given loud, annoying customers who made me wait 5 minutes while they rounded up their friends a 5 star rating. I figure if they don’t puke in my car or make a mess, its all good. I feel drivers who get you from A to B safely and are polite and efficient should get a 5 star rating. We drivers get docked pretty heavily due to petty passengers giving bad ratings because I’m not rolling out the red carpet and getting the door for them or wouldn’t allow 7 drunk college kids cram in my car thus forcing them to call a 2nd uber. So yeah, if your driver got you safely and effeciently to your destination then rate on that.

  153. Like it ha been said before, you really have no idea if this driver is the actual reason for your rating going down by .01% As a driver I personally give all of my riders 5 stars because I have, so far, not had anyone make a mess, be disrespectful, or puke. I also do not expect tips and I’m surprised when I do receive them and I always say thank you. But why would you retaliate for something you aren’t 100% sure is this drivers fault? Why rate him at all? You can simply go on with your day and never thinknof this driver again.

    P.S. uber is now rolling out an app update that allows for tipping in the app. Not available in all cities yet but it will be coming.

  154. Here’s a solution. Take a standard taxi. The vehicle will probably be older and dirtier. The driver will be unfamiliar with the area. The cost of the ride will be twice as much. Then, don’t leave a tip and see how the driver reacts. People never cease to amaze me.

  155. I am an Uber driver. I also do UberXL and UberSelect. I never expect tips because Uber encourages a cashless experience for its passengers. Do I agree with Uber? No. But that is not the fault of the passenger. Any driver who expects tips and rates passengers poorly when they don’t is wrong. And UberSelect is enough of a bonus. However, I would suggest you not lower yourself to the level of this driver.

  156. 125 areas no have I’m app tipping as of today… all US cities will have it before the end of the month.

    No longer can people use no cash as an excuse or claim “the whole point is not to tip”

  157. Honestly all riders are gonna get a damn 1 star rating from now on, no matter how the ride was. Uber drivers put in real effort that you don’t see and you just sit there in the back waiting until the ride is over. Oh, you had a crappy day? Take it out on the driver with a 1 star rating. Oh, we kept up with traffic on the highway? Give us a 1 star rating. Oh, we were stuck in traffic and made a U-turn to take a different route? Please give us 1 star for that! .. Coming right back at you.

  158. I’ve noticed this, too, and, since the tipping feature began, I’ve noticed my rating fall, from 4.85 to 4.82, with each incremental drop occurring after a tipped drive.

    I tip $1 for every ten spent, unless the driver is someone unusually exemplary. Issue is, the three default tip options, in the app, start at $2, so that is what drivers will expect. By comparison, Lyft starts default tip options at $1

    For every driver who drops my rating based on the tip (I have had NO other occurrences which would be considered issues- I am very polite and respectful to my drivers), I rate one star.

    It should be noted you can change your trip ratings from your profile’s trip history. SO, you can first rate a driver based on the actual trip, then, if you notice they’ve been vindictive about the tip, you can change their rating.

  159. You’re rating is calcualted based off the average of anywhere from the last 500 to the last 100 rides (they’ve recently changed this which is why I’ve mentioned the range). If you do the math, there is absolutely no way that the driver gave you a 1 star if your rating only dropped by 0.01 points. Also, drivers do not have the option of not rating you so any consideration of a changing denominator without a rating can be disregarded. Most likely he gave you a 3 or 4 (depending on the averaged amount). In my opinion this does not warrant a 1 star rating. There is a range for a reason and very few drivers truly deserve a 1 star rating. Going overboard with your emotions is definitely a petty thing to do. I suspect however that you’ve already done whatever it is you were going to do. Just adding my thoughts.

  160. I’m a fellow Uber driver. I work 18-hour days my day starts at midnight I drive uber and have to be at the office at 8 so I stop off at 7:30 a.m. I go home take care of my husband, he is disabled and cannot work due to a spine injury. I work these hours on two jobs, my main office job and my Uber job. my Uber allows me to be able to pay for groceries, power and a few other things and maybe go out to dinner once a month. My ratings I depend on, all of my passengers are going get five star unless they are destructive, talk down and are just flat out rude. I’ve had my doors damaged I’ve had my windows scratched I’ve had my window vents broken my door slammed where the weather stripping is now flat. Hockey sticks out dents in car and one drunk tap dance on the top of the car. I’ve had to cover these cost of repairs from passengers who got five stars. I’ve got 1% of 1 Stars I believe that I’m at 2% 3 * + 4 stars. I’ve had no issues with my driving I have a 10 year safe driver.
    One day I could be at 98% acceptance rate with a 2% cancellation rate the next day I’m back down to 95% and a 5% cancellation rate and I have not missed a ride or canceled rides. My ratings have fluctuated my percentages of acceptance and cancellations have fluctuated and continue to fluctuate on a daily basis. Each driver drives quite a few drives each Rider maybe one or two unless they are traveling for business or personal reasons who knows. We are known to drive 10 minutes to get to our passenger and sometimes it’s a 50-50 chance you may get a short ride you make it a long ride it’s the roll of the dice.
    The only thing that uber X drivers want and I am an uberX driver is respect, respect our car don’t talk down to us don’t belittle us and don’t treat us like your servant we’re out here doing you a favor and everyone else a favor in our community by getting you from A to B in a safe manner we’re watching the traffic around you, watching it behind us and front of us to your left to your right we’re taking a look at the traffic ahead so that way we know where the traffic jams are and try to save you money from sitting in that mess we’re not out to ask you for every dime in your wallet, consideration we are asking for. If your driver is driving 10 minutes to get to you that means we’re the closest one that means he is driven at least five miles to get to you there’s some drivers that won’t even look at it and then there are those who do.
    Back to the point of giving your driver a one-star because you feel it as retaliation because your ratings drop is not right, this is his livelihood he may be in a situation like I am we’re dependent on it.

    If you did give a 1 star if hope you get some of the worst drivers in the future so then you will know the difference in QUALITY.

  161. You don’t actually know he gave you a low rating since your rating can be changed later, so it could have b3n any of your previous drivers, and ratings take time to appear on your score.

  162. Plus, just because you got charged surge rate, does not mean the driver got paid that rate. More likely he got paid straight rate. Ubers new pricing model shows the rate you are being charged and has no bearing on driver pay. You can find endless examples of this with screenhots on the uberdriver subreddit.

  163. Please be aware that your rating does not update automatically and immediately after taking a ride the same happens for the driver if you rate them a4,3, or 5 it does not automatically show immediately for the driver it sometimes takes days to update a rating, the rating that you just saw that affected yours could have came from a driver days ago. You don’t know for sure that uber updated immediately don’t take it out on the driver assuming this rating change is from that immediate driver it could be from a previous ride you took. Again remember the rating system does not automatically update that fast it takes sometimes a whole day for it to be updated and servers to populate themselves from previous rides by just giving them a one if it truly was a five ride you may never see them again and you get stuck with somebody truly rated A 1 driver

  164. I’ve had the same thing happen and if you read uber driver boards online there are a few uber drivers who will ding your rating for not tipping.

    As a result, I now tip more. However I will go back and change a 5 star rating I gave a driver to something lower if he dings me for not tipping enough or not tipping.

    Tipping is not compulsory. If it is, then put it as part of the fee. I never understand why massage therapist and hair stylists get tips on their $60-$120 services but people who bag your groceries or fast food workers don’t get tipped. Was so happy to see cabs/taxis go tip less and now here I am, back to carrying small bills so I don’t get dinged in my ratings.

  165. OK, a few things:

    1.) I always tip, unless the service is ABSOLUTELY horrible. What I addressed is when they feel you don’t tip what they expect they deserved. Also, this has nothing to do with surge rates.

    2.) Many of us are also trying to get to work, or otherwise manage our lives, same as you. Ratings affect how well we can do that (through Uber, as a transportation resource). Don’t expect affecting that out of some sense of entitlement would come without a response.

    3.) Following on item 2.), you’re not unique because you’re in the service industry, and having that chip on your shoulder isn’t adequate to treat others however you feel. Most of us are indentured servants to some employer or another, out of forces beyond our control. Unless someone is so wealthy they can afford to live outside the rest of society, most people you encounter are also working and supporting themselves and their families. Also, we’re paying for a service, so, no, you’re not “doing us a favor” (as one of you put it).

    4.) Calling someone petty, while tossing so much vitriol their way, is, in itself, incredibly petty, not to mention hypocrisy, so save it.

    5.) One of you decided to furnish your entire life story, here. While I can empathize with your situation, you’ve chosen the wrong battle, with which to address it. The cost of living, in many parts of the U.S., these days, is too damned high. The cost of healthcare is too damned high. EVERYONE, who is not incredibly wealthy, deals with this. It’s not unique to Uber drivers, and many passengers are simply trying to get to work, or otherwise deal with their own situation. Most of them are not going to be able to solve your problems, which are actually well beyond the scope of that which we’re discussing here.

    6.) NONE of the above is an excuse for expecting your behavior should come without repercussion. AGAIN, not unique to being an Uber driver- if you act in a certain, it’s simply not realistic to assume others won’t respond in a certain way.

  166. I think riders that leave a one star rating, especially with no reason listed are kind of dicks. I got one tonight. I had a perfect five star rating and the last two people in the car were totally drunk and right after I dropped them off, ding, one star. For what, exactly? I got there quick, got them safely home, I was courteous, still got one star. Most of us who do this for a living would really like to follow up with these people and find out what was so terrible they had to give us one star. I think it’s because Uber gives free rides for people who complain, but think about it: the more you complain the less drivers there are. Less drivers=longer waits and higher prices. How is that good for riders? I personally think riders who rate one star for any reason should be automatically blocked from that driver. That way the more you do it, the less likely you’ll get a ride.

  167. Ok so I am both a driver and rider so the rating system is based off your last 500 trips on both platforms. So I also have been dropped by .01 in my driver profile I have 138 rated trips have 1 2 star trip that I got a low rating over something that wasn’t my fault and 2 or 3 3 star trips all over stuff that people are putting their expectations way to high. Also what was your rating prior to this trip because if it was 4.97 and it dropped to 4.96 why are you complaining? If he gave you a 4 star which is lower than what your rating was then your score is going to drop a bit.

  168. Ok, we’re arriving at that point at which folks aren’t actually reading, anymore, before responding.

    Also, I suppose, the point is now moot, as Uber have removed the rider rating from the app, so the rider can no longer see their rating (which, I must admit, seems a bit disingenuous, but that is Uber, for you).

  169. They did remove the rating, for a few days, it seems (or maybe there was a bug).
    It appears to be back, now.

  170. From what I’ve read in other blogs
    No rating = 0.00
    4* rating = 0.01 Drop
    3* rating = 0.02 Drop
    2* rating = 0.03 Drop
    1* rating = 0.04 Drop

  171. It’s a mathematical average. Total stars/total trips, if under 100 trips. If more than 100 (for riders) than it’s your last 100 trips. At 100 trips, your ave will fall .01 for each star lost. For drivers itd the last 500 rated trips. 100 in a few markets. So, you are correct for riders with 100 or more trips.

  172. I my self am an uber driver and I have to say uber does have the in app tipping now, and you are never required to tip cash or on the app. So uber does have the in app tip option. Personally for me I don’t care either way as long as I was able to provide you with a safe friendly trip from point A to point B of you trip.

    Now from a driver stand point I rate everyone of my riders 5star but that is me. The only way I will rate lower would be if the rider did something to justify lower rating. I have been very lucky to have nothing but great riders and never once had problems. I greet everyone very friendly and always end every trip friendly.

    I think that Uber’s star rating system is messed up because if someone doesn’t rate you I think your rating drops ever so little but not to sure on this…

    so that is just my opinion coming from an uber driver as I didn’t see any drivers commenting..

  173. In NYC, I’ve definitely noticed Uber drivers getting dumber and dumber. Yes, I look at my rating before I rate my trip or tip. I get at least 2 or 3 below 5 stars in every 10 these days and it’s quite obvious. Things like taking a short ride, having a chatty child with me, going to Brooklyn from Manhattan, all earn me 1 stars before I even have a chance to tip. Uber took off because yellow cabs routinely tried to cherry pick rides and redline neighborhoods. Now Uber drivers think they can get away with the same garbage using the rating system. I see my rating dip, 1 star and no tip. It’s deserved for downrating because you don’t like the destination or don’t make as much money as you wanted on the trip. Ironically, I notice it happens more with lower rated drivers, which tells me the idiot drivers that downrate for B.S., are getting the same deserved retaliation and probably don’t have a clue.

  174. Your rating is a mathematical average. Total # of stars ÷ total #of rated trips (up to 500) A trip not rated doesn’t count for or against you. For riders it’s their last 100. As far as tipping goes, I feel that rider who so tip shpuld be recognized. Two riders both are fine. One tips one doesn’t, shouldn’t the one who tipped have a higher rating? For me, how I rate, it depends in their rating before the trip. No tip and tjey are 4.9X I drop tjem. Did they are 4.7X and no tip. I’ll probably give a 5… I’d like to see no tippers in the 4.7-4.8 range and tippers 4.86-5.

  175. Uber now bases a drivers rating on the last 100 trips not 500 as in the past. As a driver, I give everybody five stars unless you smell, or are rude. If you don’t want to tip, fine by me. I get lots of tips and have earned my 4.9 rating. I provide great service by going through my process A-Z EVERY TIME! opening doors, walking to the door to get luggage, welcoming them to the ride, telling them they can control their air, asking if they have a radio station they prefer and by driving the speed limit. I don’t run yellowish/red lights and come to a full stop. I don’t accelerate quickly or break hard. To me that’s a 5 star ride every time! To end a trip I thank them for being a 5 star rider and tell them to have a great day!

  176. I’m not sure if you are aware, but Uber clearly states in their rating policy (at least on the drivers’side) that ratings are not reflected on the same day as the ride / trip took place, sometimes even days to a week later. This is to prevent drivers and passengers knowing who did the rating, so it really would not have dropped based on this driver you have mentioned. It was Due to a ride you took several days prior.. Hope this helps.

  177. Uber drivers can change a drivers rating at any time. Obviously the driver gave a lower rating, but he can change it if he erred.

    Drivers do not even have to rate you at trip end, they can close out the app and rate you at a later time, or not at all.

    You give him a one star, he requests uber give an even lower rating to you as passenger and I think your attitude where you mention 5 stars barring anything catastrophic is just being the better person.

    App is also a bit off at times, you have to be careful to make sure you give riders 5 stars, and have no platform to review if 4 starts or lower was given in error when 5 was intended.

    I like the be the better person attitude, if you think the guy should be terminated and want other passengers to see he has a one star rating and should be shunned, give the one star.

    What was his driver rating btw ? Maybe he’s already on his way out because 4.6 driver rating starts the demise of uber drivers partnership, and he/she had their partnership terminated.

  178. You actually compelled me to go thru my emails and rate the uber drivers that I neglected to when I initially began utilizing the service.

    Like any occupation, sometimes corporate is not entirely fair to employees given fare cuts, etc and is just glum.

    His overall rating will tell if he’s on his way to no longer partnering with uber

  179. I drive for Uber and they tell drivers that when you rate that the rider can not tell who the rating is from. I always give my passengers five stars unless it was bad behavior or inappropriate conversations in front of me. What I don’t understand as far as the tipping , if you took a taxi instead of a Uber are you not inclined to tip. Would you except that your taxi driver is expecting a tip? So why and how has Uber made it okay to take away extra money to support or families and put food on the table by saying you do not need to compinsate your driver for excellent services?

  180. Hi I am a uber driver
    Let me tell you guys how this work
    Bad rating is bad for a driver and is bad for a rider as well but is worse for the driver one because the driver will get deactivate so the rating is so important. now tips if the driver treat you good come on. tip hem ur paying for the ride not to get maximum attention don’t get me wrong I always try to make my customer happy so I can get good rating and tips is like a waitress she or he expect tips you know uber is cheaper than a cab so think about it when u do 1 star or 4 start non of them are good 5 starts is what will benefit a driver and rider I always give 5 start even if the customer was a dick

  181. There is a delay in seeing the rating precisely for thus reason. Your rating dipped because of an earlier driver.

  182. I am a driver. I’ve driven for 9 months. I’ve given over 2,000 rides. When a ride ends, the driver must rate the passenger. It’s not optional. The driver cannot pick up any new riders without having first rated the passenger that just left the car. So once you get out of the car you have been rated before even entering your home.

  183. I will state this again: A driver must rate the passenger. The rating happens when the ride ends. The driver cannot accept any new rides and cannot close out the ride without having entered a rating.

  184. 1 star ALL THE WAY. I check my rating before I order uber and after the trip has ended. The rating does get updated right away bc every time after the trip the rating changes. Is this a coincidence? unlikely. It pisses me off that uber drivers think they can give you a low rating bc you don’t tip. GUESS WHAT if you give me 5 stars and the trip went well I will always leave a tip but I am vindictive and petty so if you ding my rating I will always give a 1 star rating and I will COMPLAIN about the driver. It’s a losing battle so drivers need to smarten up.

  185. @sarah you jewish american princess ofcourse you dont tip and getting 1 star has nothing to do with whether or not you tip. you get 1 star because of the following 3 things
    1) you have an attitude
    2)your going a short distance
    3)i waited 5 minutes for you

    improve those 3 areas if you want a better rating. ratings mean nothing anyways. good for you and your ego .

  186. Wow. For one…ratings for riders mean nothing. You can have a one star rating and still get a damn ride. There will always be a driver that will come get you even though this driver sometimes will drive up to 25 minutes to get you and make $3.50 off your ride after spending sometimes AN HOUR on that ride. That’s less than a server…only he used HIS/HER vehicle, gas, and insurance…and your cheap ass couldn’t cancel the ride and get a closer driver…or you know…LEAVE A TIP TO MAKE IT WORTH THEIR TIME! But if a driver goes below 4.7 they get deactivated. I’m a 4.8something star driver. I have only rated low for not tipping if a rider was rude, late, or shoved trash in between seats, etc. I get sometimes people don’t have the money to tip. It isn’t required. If I make a decent fare and you were a good rider I don’t care about the tip. If you make me lose rides because you’re taking forever in Sheetz getting food at bar close time costing me money…and I wait…and I make three dollars. When I could have made 100…you bet I’m having dreams of going back to your house….

  187. What Uber needs to do is permanently block riders from any driver they give a low score to. A lot of you are just dicks. I get paid a third of what a taxi driver does. They use crappy cars. I use my car which has every option. I give out free water and gum, have chargers, aux cable for your tunes, but I’m still supposed to focus on entertaining you instead of getting you safely where you’re going. I just had two Indian guys in the car. I was nice, got them home safely, bam, three star from them when they got out and my overall score went down. Deactivated drivers means longer wait times and higher prices. It’s like you want Uber to charge taxi prices. The solution is to ban pairing when there are issues. This way people being dicks just because they can will wind up waiting much longer for a ride and we’ll be able to focus more on getting you home safe for a great price instead of performing and giving you free stuff we have to pay for.

  188. Yes definitely give him 1 star. That’s incredibly rude of him. I recently learned my rating was a 4.73. I was annoyed. I drive an S class Mercedes and I’m very cautious with my own car so I’m sensitive that these drivers are using their personal vehicles and treat them as I’d like to be treated. To know I had a poor score along the way is mind boggling. I’ve given 5 stars to polite drivers even if they honk and make hand motions at other cars even though I thought they deserved 4 or less … to think someone has the nerve to rank me low because of no other reason than the tip has brought me to the conclusion that I’m watching my average score after the ride before I rate them. If they rate me a 5 I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt unless they’re awful. If they don’t and especially if it is because of a tip amount then I’m going to nail them too.

  189. You sound like a tool! 4.74 isn’t EVEN bad Espesially for a non tipper. We drive to make make money you dumb ass, tipping is part of out income. Why would you expect a 5 if you dont tip. Jackass

  190. Please note, as been discussed in this blog, the ratings are adjusted on a delay. Your current trio’s rating will be applied within a week, so you actually would not know who rated you, unless you only take one trip with uber per month or less, that’s the only way to pin point who rated you with a lower score. Another thing to keep in mind, if you were to be rated by any waiter/waitress, cab driver, bartender, etc, they would rate you lower for not tipping, so why would you not tip an employee of an industry that has always been known to live off tips, as their hourly pay is in $3 range,way below minimum wage and has been as such for decades.

  191. Not true! Drivers must rate rider immediately. However the driver can change the rating later on…which is what I do.

  192. Yes the drivers are required to rate immediately , HOWEVER these ratings do not appear/apply to the rider’s account until several days to week later, same goes for rider to driver rating….specifically designed this way to avoid this exact issue of SPITE rating. This is stated on the uber site, however not many people bother to read the info and policies before using the app to ride or drive.

  193. I drive for Uber and Lyft. I enjoy it and do not expect tips. My biggest frustration is driving 30 minutes and 15 miles to pick someone up and drop them off 3 blocks later in an area where I will sit for 2 hours before getting another ride. I had to drive a long distance to give that ride and I get $3. If you cannot see how far I came for so little and offer no tip, should I give you a 5 star rating? I do but worry that it is not honest to the next driver. If I drive 2 miles and deliver you 3 blocks the $3 is sufficient. People this whole rideshare thing is supposed to be easier, cleaner and friendlier. Some people are easy to talk to, others not so much. Some riders like to be backseat drivers to the point of being unsafe. Some riders smell and I have to turn down the next ride so I can tidy up my car. Some riders use foul language to the point of being rude. I usually give them all a 5 star rating because at the end of the day its just a job and you take the good with the bad. Anymore, I consider a 5 star rating a great tip because it seems there are a lot of people who just give a bad rating so they can get a free ride? I have 225 5 star ratings out of 234 so the one person that gave me a 1 star rating because the app sent me 3 houses away (correct address, wrong location) seems a little too entitled but sooner or later no one will want to give that person a ride. It goes both ways and retaliation rating will hurt all of us.

  194. Well sir it’s riders like you that are giving us riders a bad rep. A) you must not have ever had to work for a living, saying someone who did their job, delivered a riders safely from a to b, should be fired, B) as been written on this forum dozens of times, ratings do not show up for several days to week from the time the trip took place, so the writer’s lowered rating came from another driver who rated them poorly in the past. Speaking of abuse…giving a driver a 1 just for spite is definite abuse of rating system, so according to your suggestion, the rider should then be deactivated and taken off the uber platform for the abuse. The driver has every right to rate the passenger lower if they passenger did not tip, since that is the passenger’s responsibility in the society where service industry is tip based. Just as the waiter or bartender should give you a 1 for not tipping. You need to start treating these folk better, otherwise the industry will suffer and you will be riding the bus, or the 5x higher fare cab. Good luck.

  195. Jo8Well sir it’s riders like you that are giving us riders a bad rep. A) you must not have ever had to work for a living, saying someone who did their job, delivered a riders safely from a to b, should be fired, B) as been written on this forum dozens of times, ratings do not show up for several days to week from the time the trip took place, so the writer’s lowered rating came from another driver who rated them poorly in the past. Speaking of abuse…giving a driver a 1 just for spite is definite abuse of rating system, so according to your suggestion, the rider should then be deactivated and taken off the uber platform for the abuse. The driver has every right to rate the passenger lower if they passenger did not tip, since that is the passenger’s responsibility in the society where service industry is tip based. Just as the waiter or bartender should give you a 1 for not tipping. You need to start treating these folk better, otherwise the industry will suffer and you will be riding the bus, or the 5x higher fare cab. Good luck.

  196. @Rider, I agree somewhat with what you are saying, but some of I do not, a rider is NOT required nor should EVER be expected to tip, tipping in some countries is considered disrespectful or rude towards the person who provided you the service. The problem is the way our companies in the US run, they pay their employees low and expect customers to tip so they don’t have to pay them what the employees truly deserve. It is not the customer’s responsibility to pay more because of businesses that are cheating their employees.

    I think you should just rate on the experience, because its an assumption that he rated you a 1 star, especially because like rider stated, I too have seen it multiple times that the rating don’t populate right away. I may seem a bit bias here since I am a Uber Driver, I personally do not expect any tips, However, to be honest, I am very grateful to those who do tip, but that will never influence my rating, I rate right away after each trip, this makes sure I don’t rate wrong because of mixing up rides or anything like that, I want to rate based on the experience I personally had, and personally never had a rider that has caused me any trouble so I have never rated below a 5 either, I wish I could say the same to the riders that have been in my car, I keep my car very clean, never speed, never cuss, always try to be considerate to the rider, always try to start a conversation because trips with no talking can feel awkward, or boring, and try to take hints when they don’t want to talk, and I always offer help if they are loading stuff into my car, I do this because I am try to be a very considerate person, unfortunately I still have had a few 3 stars and 4 stars, which honestly kind of is disappointing, not so much because the I believe I should of had a higher rating, but because of this rating system overall. I believe its complete utter crap, a higher rating is nice to see, and a lower rating helps you understand that there is things you could work on to make a rider more comfortable, or at ease during the trips, but the problem is that this system makes you afraid of the ratings, a 3 star rating devastated me, not because I believe I did or didn’t deserve the rating, but because Uber is very new to my area so I don’t have a lot of rating, which lowered my overall rating close to the 4.6 cut off point where they can terminate your contract.

    I am at the belief that you base your rating on the service you received, and if there is a problem speak out, let the driver know, because we can not fix what we do not know is an issue.

    I am also in belief that a rating no matter if its a 1 star or 5 star should require a reasoning, because it helps both riders and drivers. For example if I was a rider and saw a driver with a lower rating, I would question why, and would like to know what the reasoning for the lower rating is, if the driver speeds excessively I would not feel comfortable taking a ride with that driver, and would rather avoid that driver all together. Like wise if a driver has a perfect 5 star rating, I would like to know what sets them apart from other drivers, what makes them have a 5 star rating.

    Now to finish up, I would like to say, any riders who read this, I ask you to be fair on the rating system, and if there is a problem let the driver know, so they can address the issue, if you feel uncomfortable, express that to the driver, the only reason I would say to ever give the driver a 1 star is if they truly deserved it, for example they were doing 20 over the speed limit, they were swerving in and out of traffic, they were rude or disrespectful to you, they had an attitude overall, please do not give a driver a lower rating based on trivial things or assumptions like this article is going on. I have read so many times that riders are giving low ratings on simple things that are not a big deal, or are out of the driver’s control, like having to break because the person ahead of them did, or the driver didn’t have the music you liked on, or something of that nature, if you do not like the music that is on and the driver did not ask you if you wanted different music, you can always ask to change it, and remember that drivers are also humans, they make mistakes, forget things, they have what they like and don’t like, they have their own opinions on matters. Basically all I am asking is to base your rating on the service you were provided, that is the way it is intended to be used, basing a rating on anything else is pure abuse of the system, now I understand this goes both ways, and drivers have to do the same, base their rating on how the rider was as a passenger, nothing more nothing less.

  197. Most of the comments here are left by scum. The kind of people I constantly call out in real life only to watch them coward. This is all very simple, rate the driver a rating that coincides with your experience. Period. This isn’t some second grade “well he did this so I’m going to do this” BS. We’re all grown here, and mature enough to understand you rate on your experience end of story. What’s more amazing is that you took the time to actually write a story about this posing. And what’s more amazing than that is that I actually took the time to read it and respond. and just to clarify Uber original business model was not no tipping there actually was tipping originally, it was changed because of cheap aholes like most of your readers. Believe me, drivers do not expect to get tipped, because most riders don’t tip. Theyll spend all kinds of money tipping there waiter then there bartender then there barista and then the guy who brings luggage to the room, and hop into an uber and pay $3 for a $15 taxi ride, not tip and slam the door on exit. Scum.
    -Uber driver with a 4.92 rating

  198. I agree on some of yours as well, but as you said, in other countries tipping is sign of disrespect….yes I am aware, as I am from 2 different countries aside from the US. And am not talking about tipping overseass, but in the good old US of A. Just as waiting tables and bartending are tip industries here well known and have been this way for quite some time, same goes for the cab industry. This wouldn’t be such a hot topic otherwise. The question has always been, why do the riders tip their cab drivers on top of the higher fare rate associated with taking a cab, but do not tip the uber drivers, who are using all their own resources to drive, like car, gas, vehicle maintanance, etc. They are also expected to provide better service than a cabbie and provide anenitites!

  199. ratings him less than 5 stars would be stooping to the same level you’re criticizing… besides… lower passenger ratings are meaningless.. lower driver ratings are not… my only 1-star rating was a girl that got in my car.. I said “how are you doing?”, she said snarly, “Awful”… I said”I hope your day gets better”. Nothing else said until until she was leaving,”hope your day gets better”… 1-star! The other thing is the delay in rating drivers… that can happen if someone just leaves it on the screen… so it may not have even been that driver…

  200. @Lucky if you get in my uber at LAX don’t talk to me and want to go to West Hollywood. That’s a five star rating. If you get in my uber and go to el segundo or playa del rey then you’re getting 1 star. Nothing else matters. How much is the rider worth to me? I’m driving to make money.
    I get endless streams of annoying millenials going out to dinner and they get 1 star.
    If you ever get into my uber though i would be star struck and not charge your for the ride 🙂

    As a driver ; ratings mean nothing. I’m a safe responsible driver and keep a clean car. When some rich entitled kid gets in my car and gives me an attitude I dish it right back. That’s when I get one stars .

    As a rider why you should care about your rating ? because during peak hours im not picking you up with a bad rating. longer wait time for you and even stupider drivers than me to come get you.

  201. You tip a waiter who might spend 2 minutes with you and don’t complain you tip the guy that handles your luggage for one second without complaint yet a driver that risks his life every day to take you to your destination on time for almost the price of a bus, who finds the fastest route , constantly monitors traffic drives as safe. As possible despite all the Crazy insane drivers around him and puts your life in his hands and may spend 45 minutes with you constantlt attending to your every need while keeping you entertained at the same time and you complain about tipping ?? You know how many actually tip? Like 5%! Drivers do not give passengers a low rating because they don’t get tipped! tips don’t even show up till much later after you have already rated the passenger and you can’t go back and rate a passenger again later! Also passengers are the ones that rate the driver low sometimes just because they don’t like them or worse yet complain just because they want a free ride imagine that? A drivers rating gets to low they lose their livelihood ! Nothing nothing happens to a passenger that has a low rating! I have seen passengers at 4.0 or lower. But a driver who gets below a 4.6 they Are gone ! You call that fair? I am so sick and tired of seeing passengers claim on places like this that drivers abuse this or that not true! Passengers are the ones who usually have the upper hand they are the ones that most often abuse a driver! Ive read horror after koror stories about good drivers being deactivated, nice word right, because of made up stories by passengers cause they just wanted to feel superior or wanted a free ride! And Uber always listens to their passengers over the drivers ! Can you imagine the fear you have as a driver every time you pick up a passenger is this the one who is going to get me fired? Are they going to think I’m driving to fast or to slow are they going to complain I talked to much or was to quiet? Are they going to complain I was to friendly or not friendly enough? I had to stop quickly because somebody cut in front of me are they going to complain I’m a bad driver now? There is suddenly bad traffic or an accident that the GPS didn’t see are they going to complain I took a bad route? The road is bumpy are they going to complain I was an unsafe driver? How dare you how dare you say give him a one star just because you thought with no proof that the driver one starred you! If you got a one star as a passenger you risk nothing a driver getting a one star may end up not being able to feed his family and end up homeless just because You wanted to be a petty dick and seek revenge, I understand if the driver was rude to you or called you names or drove like a maniac on sidewalks etc but other then that you have no right to one star a driver. Please think for once not just about yourself and your entitlement and privelage but about other people to just for one second is that so hard?

  202. Ratings are NOT real-time. Driver’s that rate below a 5 are jerks. Rider’s that rate below a 5 are jerks. Who should hold the power over someone’s livelihood after spending 5 or 10 minutes with them? For the lady that always rates 1 Star – call cabs. Their livelihood doesn’t depend on ratings. Most drivers drive to be able to make ends met while working a full time job. Give them a break, please. They are not trained, or paid, to be professional chauffeur’s – those people will cost even more money. Did they give you a safe ride to your destination? Clean car? Rate 5 Star. Driver’s: Did they promptly meet you and not stay inside while playing a game? Did they leave your car the way they found it? Were they polite and say thanks? Rate 5 Star. Simple stuff and everyone leaves happy. Negative breeds negative – Positive breeds positive.

  203. I have read a few comments. One thing I’m not sure about is whether the ratings are updated real time. My feeling is they are but I came to this page looking for clarity on that. On this gentleman’s experience: Assuming he and others are being factual about their conduct in Uber (courteous, timely entry and exit from car, appropriate and reciprocated conversation ec etc) then why would I driver give less than 4? As an Australian, tipping precious rarely (we actually pay people decent wages, even for crap jobs) so this never an issue for a driver. We all understand giving a driver sub 5 scores may be detrimental to their livelihood. But why reward a driver who has flagrant attitude problem! Why should this driver continue to get jobs when he/she treats riders with utter contempt? What more, these drivers are mollycoddled in comparison to their contemporaries of yesteryear. First world issues plague their take on what constitutes ‘a good passenger’ I will be rating now with 1 eye on my driver’s rating and encourage others to do the same.

  204. According to uber and some simple research, again, ratings aren’t in real time specifically to prevent this type of poor rating system based on spite. Stop assuming and just rate for the job done, not on whether someone liked you, your personality, or the way you chewed your gum. Passengers and drivers alike. We aren’t fortunate to live in a place where service industry is paid minimum wage or more, so is a standard to trip for services that are as such. Don’t like it, stop using them, or move to another country where waiters are paid a reasonable wage, drivers, etc.

  205. Rating aren’t always updated real time, so there is no real guarantee that the driver’s rating caused you a lower rating. Uber recently instituted a policy where you would see the rating update only after you rate the driver. Be an adult, and rate him/her based on the service you received and not based on your hunch how they rated you (apparently they are supposed to be anonymous). Karma will cycle back to you 🙂 Also, keep in mind that not all the 5 star ratings you got as a passenger were not because of your merits, but some of those drivers being nice to you too 🙂

  206. Your rating should not be influenced by how you were rated. This demonstrates the core weakness of Uber’s rating system.

  207. Im a Uber driver and I always give a 5 star. The customer is what keeps Uber moving.
    It gets me mad when a passenger slams the door. There I rate lower than five. But dont remember eber rating 1.
    Tips are good. But I would never rate base on tip.

  208. Man, far too many of you are truly awful people. Almost none of you have any idea what the job is like or how truly horrid the pay and treatment is.

    In nearly every market Uber (and Lyft) pay well below the actual fair market value of what it costs drivers to provide the service (any of you bother to look into the actual costs drivers incur?), let alone make a profit. Because of this thousands of drivers in the US are now reduced to living in their cars (look it up, there are multiple articles on the subject; KCRW, Bloomberg, Vice, MSNBC and others have covered it) until they can get out from under their predatory leases and loans and/or find a better job, of which there is an ever shrinking supply. Any driver doing this job for a living (which is hundreds of thousands of them globally) are working dangerously long hours (some up to 17+ a day, 6-7 days a week) which constitutes an immense public safety hazard for everyone. In London alone it was recently divulged that more than 3000 drivers are working more than 60 hours a week. What this article failed to mention is that the Uber and Lyft apps fudge the hours dramatically and do not log “deadhead” miles or the time drivers spend waiting in their cars for high demand flashes (“playing the surge” is the only way drivers make anything anymore; it’s pretty damning of consumers to attack drivers for capitalistic tactics yet laud corporations for doing the same; cognitive dissonance – and just plain old fashioned hypocrisy – reigns supreme, eh?).

    Because Uber and Lyft refuse to comply with drug testing regs it’s a sure bet that many drivers are relying on whatever chemical means they can to stay awake on the job so they can eek out their meager existence.

    Self-employed? More like serf-employed.

    And you “geniuses” are trusting your lives to these criminally wretched companies and their immensely exploitative practices just to pinch every penny possible, meaning you don’t place much value on your lives. Peculiar.

    What’s more is that the for-hire driver industry has the highest workplace homicide rate – by far – in not just the US but in nearly every country that the industry exists. Drivers are twice as likely to be murdered on the job than cops and 20-60% more likely to be murdered that workers and professionals in literally every other industry.

    The majority of comments here are so typical of those who live lofty lives and have no idea what it’s like to work in the US’s largest industrial sector: service. Upwards of 80% of the US job market? Hmmm… you mean like Greece? And how’d that go again?

    For such “worldly” and “educated” people it’s shocking how stunningly ignorant about nearly everything y’all are.

    Intelligence without maturity, empathy, sympathy, and, most importantly, broad experience, is like a flame thrower in the hands of a chimp.

    Bunch of chumps.

    By all means, keep flinging your poo.

    And shame on you cheap, heartless apes.

    Adam Smith and David Ricardo twist in their graves.

  209. Uber drivers rate rider immediately after ride and cannot even get to the fare/tip screen until that is done so your rating was not based on whether you tipped or not…

  210. If you don’t tip a good ride, the best drivers will fall off the platform leaving the worst ones! If you camt afford to keave a tip, you cant afford to order a car, call your friend cheapskate!

  211. I’ve been driving for Uber for over a year now. 1000+ trips.

    Everyone gets 5-Stars from me. I don’t have time to think about any of you. When you close the door, you are forgotten. Good or Bad. But I have noticed that I rarely get 1-Starred for shitty driving. I’ve driven over medians, accidentally run red lights, I’ve missed exits, I’ve made illegal turns, I speed on the regular, I’ve done hard stops that I easily could have avoided. I make people laugh, 5-Stars. But; Too quiet 1-Star, too talkative 1-Star — Conspiracy theories 1-Star. Politics 1-Star. Religion 1-Star. NOT telling women passengers that ‘water finds its own level’ when they complain about male attention in downtown on a Saturday night, 5-Stars.

    When I get 1-Star, I don’t take it personal (even though it probably kinda is), I just call it karma. Like I am well aware that I fucking suck at this job. I deserved that 1-Star at some point and didn’t get it. It just took this long to catch up with me.

  212. I drive for Uber and will tell you that once we drop off a pax, we HAVE to rate them before we can go on to the next trip. Unlike passengers, we do not have the option to not rate a pax.

    Regarding tips, people rarely tip if ever on Uber. I have a 4.91 rating with over 1,500 trips and I get tipped every 20 rides. Uber set the stage on day one that tips are not necessary and their customer based loves to hear that and has latched on to that. In Chicago we are about 40% less than a cab would be and 75% less if there are 4 passengers in the car. Uber does not charge for extra passengers like cabs do. So what baffles me is that people who have taken cabs for the past 20 years and tip on probably every ride, find an alternative that is about 50% cheaper and don’t tip a frickin dime. Seriously, I don’t get it.

    Lastly, I drive for Uber Eats. For the past 30 years of my life I have tipped delivery guys anywhere from $5 to $10. I literally NEVER get tipped when I deliver food for Uber eats. So the question is….why not? What makes us different from any other delivery service? I’ve had people tell me that “the tip is included in the price”. That is 100% false.

    At the end of the day, I decide to drive and nobody puts a gun to my head to do it, so I’ll continue to suck it up and just drive.

    P.S. We really don’t care about your rating. We are paid to get you from point a to point b efficiently and safely. We are not there to have a deep conversation, entertain you, etc. Stop making it so complicated and just give your driver a 5 and be happy you saved 50%.

  213. Im a driver and we are required to rate the rider before we can continue to use the app… in other words, we can’t see if a rider tipped until we rate the rider. I always rate 5 stars unless the rider is rude, mean, and abusive to my vehicle. I started driving before there was tipping, so I never expect to receive one. I provide excellent service at a pre-negotiated rate. I will never rate a customer purely based off of the financial aspect of the trip.

  214. Hello,
    First of all, the rating is very slow, let me explain: sometimes it takes two weeks to show up in your account, meaning if you get a bad rating it doesn’t mean you got it from the last driver. The way to do it is rate based on the service, so if the driver is good enough it is ok to give a 5 stars, but make sure you rate either a 5 or 1 cause a 4 wouldn’t help a nice driver, and when leaving say “I will tip on the app”
    Drivers rate 5 or 1 , so you either are a nice client or an asshole.

  215. Wow amazing all the sleazly passengers there are on Uber!….
    It says in the very first line they were a perfectly good driver… That is what you should rate them on. They drove you around for nearly free( and Uber takes 1/3 of what you paid them btw). They are working for a living and did you a huge favor and helped you out and you question wether or not you should try and take their job away?

    What a heel of a human you are, just because you are a privileged sleezball and have options in life doesn’t mean every else is in your shoes. Your driver didn’t talk to you? Maybe it’s because they were busting butt for the last 13 hours trying to make the rent or child support and took abuse from lousy privileged riders all day? Maybe you pulled them in from 10 cities away? There are a thousand possibilities you couldn’t account for. You can’t assume some bs about tips. Even if it was the case that’s the driver fighting with the Uber system it doesn’t have a single thing to do with you other than earning you a boat load of bad karma by encouraging others to give other drivers the same low ratings to a thousand more drivers.

    If you actually follow your rating it will very just on the math more or less trips get averaged and fluxuate the percentage number. The driver probably rated you 5 stars and that small change was adjustment in the math nice work.

  216. All this is poor and cheep people discussion. You are provided service – tip the driver! Why do you tip waiters, hairdressers and other people involved in servicing? Driver can not see right away if you have tipped him (unless it is cash). So, the rating he gives you can not possibly be based on whether you gave him a tip or not.
    Clearly – people here saying to rate the driver 1star just because their rating has dropped by 0.01 point, have a lot more problems in their lives:) And Uber driver is someone they think they can take off their failures. Really disgusting to read all these comments. Don’t call Uber if you want to fight for your right to not tip. Walk. Call taxi. And keep your poor judgement and negativity to yourself!

  217. I think you have it all wrong. An Uber driver can change his rating at any time with a simple message to Uber Support. So, Uber drivers typically rate a passenger 5 stars and after much thought and deliberation go back and change a rating when they feel the situation warrants. That rating could have been from a trip days or weeks in the past. The driver does this to protect his privacy.

  218. Mike you are wrong that may have been policy at one time but it is no longer an option for drivers now. I have tried multiple times with no success even though passengers have very much warranted negative ratings.

  219. You tip for a service. Unless you were poorly brought up. If the service is more expensive that’s not a reason to not tip, it’s the reason you tip more. If you can’t afford to tip, you can’t afford the service. Get a bicycle schmuck.

  220. Regarding tipping:

    I tip generously in restaurants, my morning coffee place, hair stylist, etc. Where the focus is on providing me with what I want and making me happy. (That’s what my barista does when he spends a full 5 minutes on my pourover. He deserves a 20% tip.)

    Uber, a different situation. I commute round-trip 3x/week via Uber, and the norm for those trips and for every other Uber trip I take–and I take lots–is 30-60 minutes of having the driver’s choice of music inflicted upon me, of the driver *expecting* me to listen to the music (or worse, talk radio) they’ve chosen to make life pleasant for themselves while they struggle through their day. Most drivers don’t even show the courtesy of adjusting volume so that the sound is coming from the front speakers, not the rear. Those rear speakers are usually right behind my ears. Yes, I could politely ask the driver to not inflict their music on me, but drivers don’t want that. Read any Uber driver forum and that’s evident. Their expectation is that it’s their car, they’re sharing it with you, but still it’s their car, and their choice of music.

    Which is fine, but definitely not a gratuity situation.

  221. ^^^^^^ See people this is what the drivers have to deal with on a constant basis?… Exactly why tips are was gratuity situation! Mouth breathers like hal greer take hour long rings in a drivers personal car just sucking up the air getting ready to huff and puff on the internet about how horrible it was they had to listen to music or worse the radio. All while waiting for the chance to spend half an hour in line at a coffee shop to give the monkey that pours water on some beans (that already makes a fair base rate) money like they did something that was hard to do… Or like they literally had Greer’s life in thier hands.

    Greer don’t be a moron just the driver whatever whiney bsproblem with the radio you have. Instead of trying to take away the person’s livelihood with a one star rating

  222. Agree with Jere and Chris. As an Uber driver now myself. I never turn on music without asking first. I always offer water and ask if they want to take a specific route.

    We have to pay for tolls upfront, our on gas and taxes. Its also wearing our car down massively by driving all day. Uber is a good 20% less than a cab – that fact that somehow can’t tip 2 – 3 dollars is beyond ridiculous since the passenger mostly likely has more space than a cab and probably got free water.

    If your ride is 25 mins or more not tipping is offensive. I drove a woman from the airport in NJ to CT at midnight in the pouring rain – to this lavish mansion and she didn’t tip. The trip was almost 3 hours each way. Beyond disgusting!!! A day of driving and she couldn’t fork over a few dollars.

    Just saying the work thank you followed by ‘soooo much’ doesn’t cut it. I’ll never ever drive someone out of state again.

    Even if someone missed the turn and it takes a bit longer the prices is pretty much still the same.

    Passengers never turn on their locator, most are never ready when you get there so you waste gas, if they are at a business they list only the address versus the name as if you should know where every business or store is in every city in the state. Reading some of these passenger responses one has to question how were you raised.

    Honestly, drivers shouldn’t have to rate the passengers to continue and here is why:

    I had a passenger the other day (after I waited at her house for 10 mins because she wasn’t ready) have her kid in shoes standing on my leather seats, jumping up and down and screaming. After the ride was finished I noticed they left a half eaten cracker on the floor and an empty bottle of water. If I didn’t notice it and someone else got in the car there goes my rating for having a dirty car. To all the passengers on here talking about 1 star. You’re way out of line.

  223. Hey, I completely understand as I’m personally driving for yber/lyft for extra money while I’m In college. As one who personally over Conentrates on my rating as a driver I absolutely respect this although there is one major flaw with your article. No matter if you have taken 1000 trips or a million your score is based off of your last 100 trips. The calculation you can use is for every rating less than 5 stars you can expect your rating to go down by 0.01. Therefore since yours went down by 0.01 it can be concluded with certainty that you were rated 4 stars by your driver as opposed to 1 star as you predicted.
    Have a great day!

  224. Look at you cheap ass people. Do u top your servers? Your doormen? Pizza deliveries? Tips are what these guys’ are working for you dicks. Uber is a shitty company to work for in the first place. Dealing with entitled ass pieces of shit like most of u is even shittier. What good is this post for anyways? Get it right, if u don’t tip your driver, you’re a cheap, selfish and most likely so broke that u can’t afford to tip a dollar and shouldn’t be taking Uber anyways. There’s no argument no debate. The driver is doing your spoiled and entitled ass a service. No different than a server, or delivery. Man I hate you people. You deserve no stars. Hop on the bus with all the other broke folks. I’d hate to pick your dumbass up I’m my own car, turning up my heater and changing my radio station just for your bitchass to not tip. Go jump off a bridge. I’ll tip u for that.

  225. Lyft and Uber drivers use their own vehicles to shuffle people around at 1/3 of what a taxi driver would charge. You may pay 15 bucks for the ride but the driver may only see 10 of that. When you add in gas you might see why tipping is important. This driver is no different than a waiter or bartender. You don’t say “Well I spent enough money on drinks I don’t think I’ll tip today.” Do you honestly feel your 0.01 change in rating is worth this guy losing his source of income. I’m sorry but I really don’t understand cheap not picky people like this. Next time just leave an extra 2 bucks and call it a day….

  226. You were a good passenger up until the part where you mentioned shafting a hard-working driver by NOT TIPPING him/her. In Uber Select I assume the car was more expensive for the operator to maintain and fuel. What sort of jerk would not tip a service provider based on the price of the service, just because they took a pricier option? Try that in a nice restaurant on a $100 dinner and the server would chase you out the door. Shame on you, and you deserved the 1-star, not the driver

  227. This discussion is really pathetic! It is not about the Uber driver that you don’t want to tip for whatever reason! It is about YOU – how grateful you are for something that YOU have received! It doesn’t matter how many stars the driver has given to you (you are not perfect!!) By giving a tip you are actually helping yourself. The only way to live this life and to receive more is to be grateful for what you have and been given. Give and you’ll be given!
    The person who just commented that nobody tips where he is from – time to move from that poor place!:))

  228. This post comes up a lot in my search engine. I’m an Uber driver. 1) ~90% of people don’t tip their driver for passenger drop-off or delivery and about half of the people who say “we’ll tip you” for doing some extra thing for them, never do. 2) most importantly, as of May 2018 when I started, you have to rate the passenger before closing the trip. It’s impossible to know if you got tipped before you give your rating. I imagine that feature has been around for a while. Maybe at one time uber drivers could rate down for not tipping but not anymore. This is still possible on lyft though.

    However, so few people tip, that when I do get a tip, I’m surprised and when I don’t, it doesn’t phase me. If I could down rate everyone who didn’t tip (which I can’t) and if I did, I would not have any passengers left because uber won’t repair us with anyone we give a low rating to. There would be no passengers left if I took out the nontippers.

  229. Anyone who engages a service worker and doesn’t tip for good service is cheap AF. All the other stuff is simply to distract from your cheapness.

  230. First off, the fact you are even blogging about this is ridiculous. Secondly, you clearly have zero clue how the rating system works. A rider and passengers rating is based on their last 100 total rides, not how many rides they’ve taken in their lifetime. Which means a drop of 1 star means he gave you a 4 out of 5, not a 1 out of 5. Lastly, the fact you are even thinking about being vindictive giving him a 1 star makes you and all the other commentators below fucking assholes. This is someone’s job, and if they did nothing wrong, then penalizing them (a 1 out of 5 is a huge deal for drivers who needs to stay above a 4.7 to stay employed) is just disgusting. I can’t believe the number of people on here who would even consider rating someone like that. 1 – 2 stars is meant for an absolutely horrible ride, not to be threatening drivers with for random shit you don’t like. 3-4 stars is also just as unnecessary unless the driver truely had some issue that wasn’t working. It is also ridiculous that many riders will never rate a driver a 5 just because. You need to be thinking backwards here, if a ride was good, then it should be a 5 star every time.

  231. Uber says that you don’t see a reflection on your rating before you rate the driver to make the rating system fair. Your rating might be less by 0.01 stars than you thought because of the previous driver, not the last one. Uber system also askes to rate a rider immediately after dropping off. A driver can not see if a customer left him tips before he rates a customer.

  232. What? How do you know he gave you one star? The ratings systems do not update instantly. The rating system is based on your last 100 rides, so you have no idea what rating he gave you. In all honesty, based on your described experience and, being an Uber driver myself, I would be very surprised if he didn’t give you 5 stars. Don’t mess with someone’s livelihood based on your faulty and uninformed assumptions. I have three- hundred 5- star ratings and one 1- star rating, and I have no idea how the fuck I got it. Now I know it was probably you. You or Laurel^^^^^, that is.

  233. 0.01 he rated you 4 stars or so not 1. 1 star and your ratting would be alot lower. Stop being cheap and tip. You tip for most service things including taxis. If you have cash to use a luxury then you should have the cash to tip. Paying someone to do something for you is a luxury. I 1 star people for not tipping. He had every right to one star you and did not. He did his job sounds like picked you up and got you to where you needed to be. So you owe him 5 stars and a tip.

  234. It blows my mind how ignorant and cheap people are… what the heck is a couple extra dollars when you are already in an uber select? Or any uber for that matter? These people are trying to earn a living..not driving u around, wasting their time for fun. It’s just common curtesy and respect for someone trying to make a living. Uber takes a chunk of the fair u are charged, and the fair is already lower than taxi rates.. therefore tips really make a huge impact… just stop being petty, and be a better human

  235. I’m guessing you’ve never had to work hard for a living? Born with silver spoon?? Most uber drivers take that on as a 2nd or 3rd job .. food for thought

  236. This is the most ubserd thread ever. Would you not tip a server? Like servers Uber drivers arent working for the fare or hourly wage. This is so indicative of the modern times. Expectations regarding service and technology perfection have become unrealistic. Be a decent fair human. Rate high and tip. Stop being so critical.

  237. This is very disturbing.

    People look at your receipt to see how much you paid to have your own personal chauffer at your beck and call 24/7.

    And some of you people demand mints, water, encapsulated in a climate personalized for your tastes, and of course your preffered music.
    One poster even alluded to the fact that the driver should ask about what kind of music he should play upon passenger entering the vehicle.
    The no tipping was okay when drivers were getting paid over 2 dollars per mile, but the pay has gone down every year to where it is now.
    About 79 cents per mile, before fuel, tires, brakes, insurance, oil changes, car depreciation.

    The IRS did an extensive study and found out that it costs about 54 cents per mile to run a typical vehicle.
    Hence the 54 cents per mile standard deduction.
    The IRS is not stupid or nieve, they don’t hand out money for free.

    Uber is preying on the financially vulnerable or financially inept to perpetuate this fraud.
    That is the only way anyone would agree to drive and take all the abuse and shoulder all the risks and costs involved in being an Uber driver.

    I have the view from the auto repair side, we have many drivers that drive for Uber.
    I witness first hand what is being done to these drivers finances when they get these huge repair bills.
    Its easy to rack up 50k miles in a year, the average usability of most Uber car seems to be a little over a year or two before their repair bills destroys the drivers ability to continue driving for this sham company.

    This is not a real job, it is a advance payday loan on their cars value, that is all it is.
    The financially challenged don’t realize this until it is too late.
    And the desperate may know it but have no other options.

    The ones that really get me are the people that claim they are great tippers, but would never tip a Uber driver because some Silicon Valley Billionaires said no need to tip the drivers, because we speak for them and know what is in their best interest.

    I have been a life long Republican, and am very much pro business, but this is company is a flat out predatory scam.
    It makes me appreciate labor laws that are in place to keep this crap from happening.
    Uber however has found a way around these laws.

    That is the genius of Uber, getting people to work for childrens wages, and getting people to not feel bad for their servants, I mean their Uber drivers.

    The people that are aware of this scam, tip their driver if service was good.
    The people that don’t know, don’t tip because they think the driver has the same type of job as themselves, if not great at least halfway decent.

    Then is the special breed of passengers that know about this fraud named Uber,but don’t care.
    They believe if someone is stupid enough to accept this payday loan on the destruction of their vehicle than who are they to care.

    Oh driver I need to listen to some Bruce Springsteen somewhere around 42 to 45 decibels, and I require a temperature of exactly 68.5 degrees.
    And oh driver, I always tip for good service, except for people like you, because a rich CEO says you don’t deserve a tip.
    Oh and driver, I did not plan properly so now I am running late to my meeting which means this is now your problem.

    There are plenty of good, honest people, but as a species we are absolutely pathetic.

  238. Wow Jon you are absolutely correct. I can’t believe there can be such narcissists in our society who think they can destroy a driver by rating 1. Drivers dont even see their passengers eating until they accept the ride. Passangers ratings dont matter to anyome because they are paying the Uber company anyway. The drivers ratong is the one that matters. It is just heartless that you would be so vindictive to give a 1 star back. There is firnula uber runs on. There are algorithms that bases everything just in favor of the multi billion dollar company called uber. Maybe this is just gods way of testing you. Karma is a lady dog. Can come back to bite you. Right now you think youre god by flipping rhe phone on your driver. Maybe down the years someone else will do the same for your son or daughter.

  239. I love it when a customer says I’ll tip threw the app then never Does it why even say that that’s just rude

  240. I I’m an Uber driver. You are not allowed to see the effect of a certain drivers rating on your rating until you have rated that person to avoid this sort of situation altogether… Vengeance rating. your rating went down due to the rating of the driver before the one you’re wanting to give the low rating to. You don’t see the effect of the prior driver until the next ride is finished. The driver you’re wanting to give a low rating to very likely gave you a 5 star. It was the driver before that they gave you the lower rating and they probably gave you a 4 if you are rating went down that minutely. Uber does this to prevent vengeance rating. It’s all listed in your terms of service. You’re wanting to hurt somebody who did nothing to you.

  241. I am an uber driver, and we have to rate riders as soon as we close out the ride. It is mandatory and therefore we cannot give a low rating based off of tip. Also, tips often don’t show up for us until days later, so, again, there’s no vengance on lack of tip.
    Also, you can rate drivers without tipping, and vice versa. Both riders and drivers cannot see ratings automatically. Giving a low rating to a good driver, basically anything less than 5, effects their pay and status… to those of you who give a low rating because you weren’t allowed to do substances, subject the driver to verbal abuse, or otherwise dint get everything you wanted out of the driver. The reallity is, 5 stars should be equal to a point a to b, safe, and mostly clean ride, nothing more or less!

  242. I drove UBER for two months. The money wasn’t worth it. I drove in an area where there were no other drivers so most people were very appreciative and I’m a cautious, safe driver. But the low pay and attitudes from customers outside my regular service area ruined it for everyone. It’s just not worth my time. It’s great to thin the herd until you realize you’re in the middle of nowhere, drunk and can’t get an UBER home. Realize that we can see where we are picking you up but not where we are dropping you off…so you might be able to get somewhere that’s out of the way but you might not necessarily get back. ‍♀️

  243. Man oh man…First you are mistaken if you think you were able to see the rating before you rated the driver. Uber does not allow the driver, nor the rider to see the rating the other has given until you submit your rating. At least that is what Uber stands by. Uber expects drivers to get only 5 star ratings. Even a 4 or 3 makes a big dent in the driver’s rating and Uber always punishes the driver by providing either many short trips, or driving long distances to get the passenger or making the driver wait 40 mins for a pin. So giving a one star for a trivial issue like this one is really low. Actually giving a one star rating can make the driver not make enough money or even lose the driving privileges with Uber if he already does not have a high score. So all of those people who would not think twice to give a one star rating just because you did not like the driver too much, think twice because you are affecting that person’s livelihood and means of paying their rent/mortgage and bills. Be kind to each other people!! Plus if you got a one star as a passenger is most definately not the same as getting a one star as a driver as you can delete the account and start a new one with brand new ratings.

  244. Needless to say from what UBER says, it may not have even been that driver. It could have been another driver that went back and changed your rating hours or days after the ride. See this is why the ratings is BS. The driver cant say that you didnt tip because UBER sometimes is not giving drivers all of their tips honestly! So this is why the driver and the rider should be rating on the service that they received instead of the tipping factor. There has been passengers that have left a tip before leaving my vehicle and it doesnt show up with UBER until after I email in about it telling them that I saw them leave the tip and sometimes even days later. So you cant trust that UBER themselves are giving you the accurate information. In my opinion if you received good service you should rate the driver from the service that you received and not out of retaliation because you actually dont know where the negative score came from.

  245. Needless to say from what UBER says, it may not have even been that driver. It could have been another driver that went back and changed your rating hours or days after the ride. See this is why the ratings is BS. The driver cant say that you didnt tip because UBER sometimes is not giving drivers all of their tips honestly! So this is why the driver and the rider should be rating on the service that they received instead of the tipping factor. There has been passengers that have left a tip before leaving my vehicle and it doesnt show up with UBER until after I email in about it telling them that I saw them leave the tip and sometimes even days later. So you cant trust that UBER themselves are giving you the accurate information. In my opinion if you received good service you should rate the driver from the service that you received and not out of retaliation because you actually dont know where the negative score came from. And another thing UBER needs to require riders to rate directly after as they do with drivers because I get so sick of drunk people rating after theyve left the bar or club and dont know what the hell they are entering or cant remember what type of service they had before they got drunk only to lower your score for nothing. I hate that! I can tell you one thing… UBER doesnt give a damn about what reason it is to damage a drivers score, they will allow it even if it is one of the reasons that they say wont affect your score.

  246. Alot of cheapscakes and pricks in this comment section. You expect a 5 star rating because you’re entitled to it? So a passenger who tips should get the same rating as ok be who doesn’t? Would you expect to get a 5 star rating from a restaurant server if you stiff them? It’s a service industry, and drivers depend on your tips. The logic that riding in an Uber select means you shouldn’t have to tip is flawed. The drivers who drive for Uber select have to pay more maintenance and fuel for their cars so it’s reasonable that they get pay a higher rate, so you should still tip of their service. It’s petty for you to punish your driver because you were too inconsiderate and cheap to tip him. It takes about 30 5 star ratings to offset a 1 star rating. Shame on your for being so petty that you would hurt someone’s livehood just because you rating went down a tiny fraction. Your fractional rating decline means nothing. His rating decline can cause him to be deactivated as a perfectly good driver just because you thought he may have rated you anything less that perfect. You expected him to rate you 5 stars when you admitted that you stiffed him. Quit being an entitled jerk.

  247. I’m new to uber and have only driven about 10 hours over 3 nights. I consider myself friendly and try to engage my passengers in a conversation. Additionally I’m a cautious driver. I have 12 5 star ratings and a one star rating. I do not know who left that rating but they also left a comment that good drivers will check for climate comfort and ample leg room. I typically do ask these questions but I’m sure I missed a group or two in the 25 groups I’ve had. I agree a 5 star rating isn’t appropriate since I failed to ask but a 1 star?! Its not like I refused to adjust the heat or the seat back. Not a great start with Uber’s rating system.

  248. Just some points I want to make to address some comments made here. As an Uber driver myself (as well as for Lyft), I never know where one is headed to, as neither app tells us until you are in our vehicles and we swipe to begin the ride.

    Secondly, I give almost every rider a 5-star rating. The rare occasion that I do give someone less than that is if they were extremely rude, disrespectful, racially insensitive, etc. Most of the time I don’t even have the time to rate people because I’m already thinking about picking up the next rider as quickly as I can. I could not care less if you have “extra luggage”…it’s insane to me that drivers would even rate poorly for this.

    Third, you have no idea the lengths I’ve gone through to make people happy during my rides. I don’t care if you’re loud, drunk, take phone calls, swear (as long as it’s not directed at me). As several people in the service industry (riders, friends alike) have told me when I’ve told them that not very many people tip me, I should be tipped for the service I provide. It was one of the very first things my mother taught me when I was a kid. Someone mentioned earlier that he’d switch to a taxi service if he wanted to tip. Well, we as Uber/Lyft drivers have to do a plethora of things that should at the very least warrant a kind gesture of a tip: we have to keep our vehicles clean, keep them well maintained, have them up-to-date with scheduled maintenance, be properly insured, provide customer service, assist the disabled or elderly in and out of our vehicles, wait sometimes excessively during stops, go through drive-throughs when you’re hankering for a Big-Mac, lift your heavy luggage into our vehicles, be your sounding board when you’ve had a rough day, have multiple charging cords to fit a variety of cell phones. So it pains me to no end and truly hurts when I see how many people in fact do not tip. We are no different than your pizza delivery person, a taxi cab driver, a waiter/waitress, a bartender.

    Fourth, I have ZERO idea if someone tips me or not. I find out WAY after the fact…With that being said, the 5-star rating I give you is because I’m glad for your business (again, provided you’re not rude). My rating a driver is not contingent upon whether I’ve been tipped or not because again, I don’t know that at the time.

    So, I agree with the VERY few of you (how unfortunate) who have said to rate the driver based on your experience with him/her and if they got you to your destination safely. I don’t think the fact that he wasn’t talkative warrants a bad rating.

    And that’s another thing…I gauge conversation based on the rider. If you’ve got your head stuck in your phone, I get it…I’ll leave you be. But don’t fault me for it. And you want some tunes…all you have to do is ask. We’re all human and forget from time to time to ask. I try my best to accommodate everyone’s needs.

  249. The drop you saw (or believe you saw) could not have been from that rider because Uber doesnt factor in your rating for that ride until after you’ve rated the driver. Look it up. This entire article was written for no reason..

  250. You are all sounding a bunch of yuppies. Tip your drivers, waitresses etc. this is your responsibility as a customer. By not having cash means you are a poorly prepared. Stop debating to justify your idiocy Just TIP!!

  251. all of you saying you don’t tip your drivers don’t realize that When uber first hit the market us drivers were compensated enough to make it ok not to tip, but now they’ve lowered our pay more and more every year. Now it’s really hard to make a profit in this business without living in your car. I live in San Diego, and in my market the rate is 85c a mile and 22c a min. Gas prices being over 4.00/gal and we’re not compensated for the inflation. Tip your drivers, and rate them fairly. Additionally the wear and tear on personal vehicles and other expenses, such as maintenance come out of our own pockets. If you’re going out drinking, and you got home safely without harming yourself or anyone else, and didn’t end up getting a dui with fines of over 4000 dollars I think you can afford to tip on top of your 10 dollar ride.

  252. I am a driver. After reading these comments, I now understand why even though I have a 4.95 rating, I occasionally get an extremely low rating and wonder what in the world happened. There are some misconceptions on your part and others that have commented here. Most people won’t read all of these comments, so if you would update your initial post with this information, I would be grateful. First, while you are not required to rate your driver, every driver must rate you. We can’t move on to our next ride without doing so. Second, your current driver did not lower your rating. Uber does not update your rating with your current driver’s rating of you until AFTER you have rated them. This means that your drop by .1 was not caused by the driver you just had. It was caused by a previous driver or a mathematical rounding up or down by Uber. You just punished the wrong driver if you rate them lower based on what you thought they rated you. Please ask your readers to think carefully before they give a driver a rating below 5 stars. We have to maintain a rating of around a 4.6 or so and above to keep driving for Uber. That means that even getting a 4 star rating from a rider is a FAIL for the driver. If everyone did that, we would be kicked out of Uber and not be able to drive to earn money. Of course, it’s not your fault or the driver’s for how the Uber and Lyft rating system works, but please take this into consideration. 4 stars is a FAIL and not good. Imagine the damage a 1, 2, or 3 star rating would do! Thanks for your post so that we can get some accurate information out there and let me know if you have any additional questions. I’ll be happy to answer them.

  253. It must be driver response day, as I too am a driver and would like to respond. I am ultra concerned about my rating and score in the top 2% of Uber drivers with a 4.95. I am very conscientious with my customers, and treat them as a paying customer should be treated. However, the responses here show that there are some misconceptions about how the drivers rate the riders. First, we do not know if a rider has left an app tip ride until after the ride is over and the driver is not currently active on a call. At that time we can pull up a ride summary showing the days stats and in the ride details are line items showing a tip. Uber does send us messages throughout the day indicating whether we have received tips or not, but is not anywhere near real time. So, at the end of each ride, when the driver is doing their ratings, they don’t know whether the rider tipped or not, or even what score you rated the driver. My experience has been that only 10% of people are going to leave tips anyway, so our expectations are that you aren’t going to leave one, so that has never had a bearing on what score we give our passengers. I for one, don’t give my riders anything except 5’s unless they are very late showing up at pick up, or have been very rude or disrespectful to me. However, I do LOOK at rider ratings and will pass on riders that have below a 4.7 or so, choosing not to ride them…..Uber may get mad, but no sense in asking for trouble.

  254. I am a long time rider and a fairly new driver. I’m retired from the Air Force and work as a real estate agent and uber driver. I like driving for uber as I mostly pick up tourists taking them to nice rental properties and great restaurants. I enjoy the usually great conversations or music. However, I really only make money when people tip. Suprisingly I only get about 45% of the fare on short trips and about 65% of the fare on long trips, so the return on my time is usually much better on long trips or if there is a surge. I get about 15% tips, but that comes from about 30% of the riders. In my first 500 trips as an uber driver I’ve found a few likely trends. People that really need Uber’s (drinking) rarely tip. Most folks I pick up after 9pm don’t tip in cash, don’t tip in the app that night and don’t tip days later. I find that trend very odd. I don’t like picking up anyone with below a 4.7 after 9pm because usually they are a loud or obnoxious drunk or they want you to go through the drive thru or stop for beer or cigarettes. So far I’ve always stopped, but it costs the rider about .09cents a minute but it costs me about .40cents a minute by waiting with you instead of getting my next ride, it’s even worse when it’s a high demand time. My only fix for this is if you want your driver to take you on stops, you should tip in cash before the ride is over because 90% of the folks that say they will tip you in the app won’t. Remember the drivers aren’t actually making that much and when you don’t tip I think it’s worse than screwing over your waiter or waitress but I think a lot of folks are just unaware. Lastly, my biggest pet peeve is having to wait for you or being generally unconcerned that I’m waiting by not answering my texts or phone calls to help the pick up. I have a 4.99 rating and actually like the service as a driver and rider but 1/2 the folks just to be better at getting picked up and 3/4 of the folks need to start tipping. I provide extra stuff but I only get tipped by the same 25% that we’re gonna tip me anyway because they work or worked in the service industry or realize we are slightly underpaid. Retorts? Bitches/Gripes/Complaints???

  255. And I forgot to answer the thread, you should maybe have given him a 4 or 5 in 2017 and in 2019 probably a 5 with the new in-app tip ability. All the folks that said give him a 1 are either mean, confused or even worse….

  256. People do not realize that people ate dealing with apps. A lot of times drivers do not get a chance to rate passengers because the app will rate and close out the customer and ping the driver another pick up. When a driver complains about the app rated a customer a low rating..customer service listen but hard to communicate with language problems. Yes, customer service does not speak English.

  257. im hoping someone mentioned this by now, but when you rate someone, whether it be driver or passenger, that rating wont show up for days or even weeks after, that way this situation doesn’t happen. i also must say, what the fuck people, if the ride was good, rate it good, dont get revenge just because you THINK he may have underrated you. when a ride is over a driver slides the button, clicks the 5star and finishes, you have to really be a dickhead to make a driver click less than 5stars simply because it takes more effort. we dont know if you tip until long after the ride typically, so he didnt rate you based on not tipping. rating a driver under 5stars is fine when justified, but getting even is something you do in kindergarten, not as a grown ass adult. grow up

  258. I think that if he gave you a good ride you should write him a five star for one thing anything less than a five star will get him fired if he has too many rating less than five stars because people like you want to get revenge because you ended up giving that person anything but a five star if you don’t want that person to pick you up anymore Uber has a system that You can call and say I went on a trip with this guy even though I gave them five stars I do not want to ride with him anymore it’s just like if I go to your job and you treat me really well but later on I decide to go to your boss and tell him I don’t like this guy because I had a bad day. And as far as you Jewish guy I’m pretty sure the Uber driver was not being anti-semantic because you’re Jewish that’s in your little Jewish head.

  259. I’m late to this one, but as an Uber driver myself I say 1-star to your heart’s desire if you noticed they gave you 1-star. Drivers shouldn’t expect tips. I would say that probably about 1/5 of my riders leaves a tip and I have a 4.97 rating with nearly 2000 trips. I don’t even stress about it because honestly, an extra 5-10 dollars isn’t going to make or break my day. The riders who leave good tips ($3+) almost always tip you in cash as they exit the vehicle anyways.

  260. LOL you people crack me up ….

    Booking Fee: $2

    Mileage $0.96 per mile (in my market)

    Time: $0.18 per minute (in my market)

    So you take a 15 Mile trip that takes say 20 minutes. That comes to $20 for the total. But .. don’t forget Uber takes 25%. So your driver gets $15 for the entire ride.

    So sick of riders who expect a limo for Uber rates and then on top of that expect the loading/unloading your 15 tons worth of crap.

    You guys should try driving for Uber before you start whining and bragging about how you never tip and screw the driver.

    We are NOT required load and unload your crap.

    You have the worlds most powerful entertainment device in your hand, why prey tell do you need me to entertain you for a 20 minute trip? Our job is to drive not be your own personal Jester.

    And last but not least …. did it ever occur to you that that particular driver may have been Deaf or HOH and perhaps thought it more important to hear directions instead of Juggling for you.

  261. Wow, you guys are really harsh. It appears that other Uber drivers don’t even know, but the Uber system does not show your rating until AFTER you have rated each other. As I driver there is nothing my app will allow me to do once I end your ride until after I rate you. I can’t see my earnings, I can’t see if I got a tip or anything until after I rate you!

    I almost never rate a passenger 1 star unless they are terrible. Common this is common sense. Why would Uber allow you to rate someone after you found out if they tipped you or not? As a passenger, I can’t even SEE your rating, at least in the Chicago Market. I have NEVER ever seen a passenger rating unless they have shown me themselves. The whole reason that system exists is to help passengers feel motivated to be nice, because everyone likes to be rated nice.

    For those of you who think you have figured out the algorithm and encouraged her to rate “his ass 1star”, take a look in the mirror and make sure there is not actually a donkey’s butt attached to your backside and realize you are probably a horrible person. If a passenger gets a one star, not a huge deal. If a driver gets a one star, they get contacted by uber, it damages their ratings, which actually indirectly affect their earnings. It’s a big deal.

    However if you driver is rude, feel free to rate them poorly, however, I would say 1star should be reserved for drivers who are unsafe, drive as they came from a third world country, break traffic laws, hit on or harass you (it is against Uber’s terms of service) or are just complete tools.

    Retaliatory ratings are juvenile, especially since you have no idea who rated who until you both have rated each other. I have never seen who tipped me until at least 10 minutes after I have finished a ride and NEVER before I have rated you.

  262. I find it absurd they can rate us at all. They’re not paying me. Obviously report abuse by a passenger but if the passenger stayed in their seat and minded their business and paid the fare, the driver shouldn’t be able to rate them. Period.

  263. I used to be just a passenger and now that I drive it’s easier to see both sides of the story. Some passengers are hard to find, put in the wrong address, don’t answer their phone, wasting time costs the driver money. If you are hard to find or not ready to leave at least apologize and you’ll probably still get 5 stars. Also some drivers are poor and should be rated accordingly, but knowing a rider is rated lower let’s drivers be aware of possible bad behavior or not pick them up. Although the rating system could be better I find it useful and surprisingly accurate!!!

  264. Next time you are at a restaurant, tell the waiter that you are not going to be tipping. See what happens (it might be hard to swallow)l Well, Uber drivers work for under minimum wage, receive NO benefits, are constantly exposed to hazards, impolite behaviors, insulted if they refuse to take too many passengers (ilegal), have their cars soiled by disrespectful riders, etc. By not tipping, you are making it impossible for them to continue working. Keep on no tipping them, keep rating them at 1 star, so you loose perfectly good drivers, and end the agony of Uber unfair pricing scheme. Go back to paying Taxi fares, receiving Taxi service and feel free not to pay tips anymore.

  265. Pamela, your elitist and holier-than-thou attitude really is ugly I bet you’re a really jerk to take on a trip. In case you didn’t know, the reason you have two ratings is because it encourages both parties to be on their best behavior. Until you have driven strangers around in your own vehicle, taking all the risk, using your own fuel, own wear and tear, etc… you might understand and be a little kinder to drivers. And not be so entitled sounding. You have no idea what some passengers do or how they behave. And you obviously have no clue about human nature. People will behave badly when they have nothing to lose. Add to the mix alcohol and groups, and well, you get the picture. Drivers get the shaft in this business, that’s for sure. People have no idea and yet they have such strong opinions. It really is sad.

  266. Manuel Espinoza is 100% correct!. People tip waiters, bartenders, hair stylists, golf caddies, and every other personal service transaction. Yet only about 20% of people tip their rideshare drivers (if that). It’s a fascinating look into the darker side of human nature. When it’s anonymous, when you get out of your car you never see the person again and you didn’t have to directly not tip them. Half of the riders don’t even rate, let alone tip.

    I must say, my opinion has changed completely after having driven for a couple of months. Passengers are really bad. Don’t even get me started on the people on the weekend nights who drink and are in groups. It’s really a disgusting job. And the sad thing is, it doesn’t have to be. The passengers (with Uber’s help) make it that way. So many people who have posted on this page are “those people”. Those completely disgusting ***holes who are proud of being disgusting ***holes. Nothing like being dumb and mean and willfully ignorant and proud.

    I can’t wait until we go back to stinky taxis that cost a fortune and have crazy risky driving. Keep it up, jerks, some day you’ll wish you were cooler to those lowly uber drivers.

  267. What im not really understanding in your article here is why just because you took an UberSelect that you felt a tip wasnt required. Also, you hint at if surge pricing was in effect then you dont usually tip. First of all UberSelect is more expensive because your driver has a nicer “more expensive” car for his or her customers. That means a highly likely large weekly or monthly payment for the car on top of a very large insurance bill every month. In addition, when a Hyundai needs a new fuel pump compared to lets say a Mercedes, which one do you think is waaaaaaaaaay more expensive to replace? The thing that is evident in your article is that you have never worked in any type of service industry in your life. When you take a taxi, an uber, have food delivered to you at work or home, or whatever other service, you shouldn’t be looking for a reason NOT to tip the individual. The bottom line is most people who don’t know the service industry do exactly what you’ve been doing your whole adult life which is considering every little factor in your head that you “think” you understand and have falsely calculated as a way to justify not giving someone an extra measly few bucks as an appreciation for a job well done in providing a service to you. What you must not know or understand either is whatever money your being charged by Uber is hugely ravaged by Uber before being deposited into our accounts as payment for your ride. Uber is extremely devious in this regard because ive had rides where they took about 25% then other rides up to 80% being taken before i see a dime. When i ask Uber how this works they give me the typical corporate script bullshit answer that basically says its based on many factors and which you dont have any need to know as to what these factors are. Its almost like its based on what their goal is for profit that day will be achieved no matter what and its just taken by them from customers payments before given to drivers. So, My suggestion in the future is from now on stop being so cheap by trying to rationalize reasons for NOT tipping a driver by trying to estimate how much money you think we’re making and do the right thing and tip the person based on whether the service provided was exceptional or if it was only average. The amount can be based on your financial ability but i will end by saying people have no idea how important the extra few bucks is for your ride in making the difference for whether a driver will be able to pay their bills at home and also be able to pay for all the expected and unexpected costs of operating a clean and dependable vehicle for you the customer.

  268. How on earth can you know what the other person is experiencing. You got your rating for a reason, move on, stop complaining for getting to where you need to go for sooooo cheap. Or just start taking taxis, they don’t rate you and they EXPECT tips. I drive UberX and don’t expect anything from riders except to leave a smell or some trash/debris behind. BTW I rate all passengers 5 even if they don’t deserve it, cause that’s the kinda person I am, unless you hurl in the car.

  269. To the guy who says he’s a good tipper (you must tip over 25% for this to be true (general tipping)) but never tips Über because he thought the top was included: When did they ever say tips were included? Never. How would tips be included in a product that is, on average, half the cost of taxis? Impossible, especially as Über takes 40% now.

    You are not a good tipper.
    Good tip guide: restaurant: 25%+
    Any delivery service:$5+

    Average tips actually earned: restaurant: 10-15%
    Any delivery service: $3 for an order below $20, $5 for orders $20+
    Uber: $2

    These are what the people earn for the service they provide (by personal experience) so the population can be lazy.
    I’m lazy too, but I appreciate the people that enable that laziness and I tip proper

  270. Pizza delivery guy gets tipped 90+% of the time, and he’s also making a wage for his time. Uber driver, who uses all his own resources (time, insurance, gas, mileage/depreciation, etc) and takes all the risks, gets tipped maybe 20% of the time.

    How the f did this happen? You can drive six complete drunk assholes who even know they’re drunk assholes and apologize for it during the ride and they don’t split $1 between them, hell that can’t split a quarter between them and give the driver $1.50 for all his trouble??? Hell, they often don’t even rate. They can’t be bothered. It’s amazing.

    I really look down on people who don’t tip. If my partner or friend didn’t tip I would tell them it’s not right. The fact that the reason is probably because once they are out of the car they don’t even have to look into your eyes and say, “yeah. I’m going to f you. I won’t even do $1”. Which makes them pussies. If you’re going to screw someone, man up and do it to their face. People suck so bad, I’m very sorry to say.

  271. sharing is caring. Anyone performing a service should be tipped. Most employees don’t make much and if each person they served just gave them a little extra in their pocket that they’d never miss itd add up for the person. Have some compassion.

  272. Uber does not let riders see how the driver rated them until after they rate their driver. For this very reason. And drivers have to rate riders immediately without any chance of seeing how the rider rated them.

  273. I think a meal is fairly priced, so I’m not going to tip the waiter. Does that seem right to You? Unless he/she is a dick, tip your f*cking driver. There your bad rating for a ride is solved cheap ass.

  274. I’m a driver for Uber so figured i’d chime in with my 2 cents. It shouldn’t matter what class of Uber you take. Tip something. We are out there sometimes waiting 2-3 hours with no passengers (Atleast I am right now.) And just because you selected the more premium ride and paid more for it, We don’t see all that money. Uber takes their cut. We don’t get paid for journey to pick you up. Only once you are in the car does the miles start ticking. Not even a tiny incentive to drive out of the way to pick you up. We are on the road offering you a seat in our personal vehicles to take you to wherever you needed to go. We are paying our car payments. We are paying the gas. We are paying the insurance. We are putting ungodly amount of miles onto our vehicles for you to not even tip a penny. If you were going on an hour long uber ride I can understand not tipping, It can get quite costly and the money we make on rides over 40 minutes long make it more worth it. But stop to think how de-moralizing it is to be sitting in a parking lot for 2 hours. Finally get a passenger and find out they only want to go a few blocks down the road. The rider probably paid around $5 for such a trip. However we only see $2 of that. And if it takes 10 minutes just to get to your location. That just barely pulls in a few cents over what it took in gas for this tiny trip. When people start tipping bad, The good drivers leave. When the good drivers leave, You’re stuck riding around town in a beat up corolla that smells like cigarettes. I go above and beyond what I should for my passengers and I have a 4.9 Rating. I offer Mints, Cold Water, Chargers, Crackers, Tampons, Advil, Puke bags, Moisturizer, Perfume, Tums, Makeup remover wipes and a mirror, all for free out of pocket hoping it’ll encourage someone to tip. Not to mention letting you ride in my new 2019 car running it to the ground to make ends meet. If you can’t spare a few extra bucks to THANK your driver for taking the time out of their day to cart you around town in their personal vehicle, Just take the bus. But even the bus usually has a tip jar. If we were running it strictly on our own and received all the fare it’d be slightly better. But our rates just keep dropping and our pays just keep getting worse. You would normally tip your waiter and your old taxi driver. McDonalds employees receive better tips than us. So please, Tip your drivers unless they are bad or have offended you in some way. You can always let them know you will be tipping through the app if you don’t have cash.

  275. I think you should give him 1 star so that he does not do this with anyone else in the future. If i was in your place I would do this forsure.

  276. It’s not always the rider or driver who gives the negative rating. To protect people ratings can be held so it could of been a few drivers ago. Its a big problem for drivers when we get a low rating without context as to why. Most of the time low ratings have b.s reasons. Last 2 I got was for dirty vehicle I get my car detailed regularly to the point were its mentioned in comments from passengers. So sometimes you have to just ignore the haters they gonna low rate no matter what.

  277. All you people that make rude comments about drivers should try driving for Uber for once. Many of you think we are losers yet the reality is that we are very humble and if it wasn’t for us you’d have to take other less comfortable means of transportation and pay MORE! Ive never had a bad experience as a passenger because I am respectful to them and I know what it’s like being an Uber/Lyft driver. I can put myself in their shoes unlike many of you people that make ignorant anti-driver comments. Most of you are probably privileged assholes that were born with a silver spoon in your mouth.

    By the way, many drivers have other jobs some very good jobs too. We just don’t shout it out so the world can hear us. Again, because we are humble. Instead of treating us like crap you should treat us with RESPECT. But you probably grew up in a home were they didn’t show you respect and they let you do whatever you want.

  278. I don’t ever leave a passenger a bad rating because they don’t tip because sometimes I receive the tip a couple of hours later. I don’t know right away if they are tipping me or not. The only bad rating I left is for the guy who farted in my car right before he got out. Seriously … who does that?? My very first day as an Uber driver, I made $17 in tips. The next day, I only made $4. It tends to bum you out. Today a guy tipped me $10 for taking him 1 mile from his house to the auto parts store and then right back to his house. So I guess it balances out in the long run.

  279. Your livelihood is not affected by his rating. And you have no proof it was him. Riders and customers sometimes don’t rate right away. It happens. I’ve gotten ratings or tips in days I have not driven for days. So no. 2 weeks I got a $5 tip on a Monday after not working Friday and Saturday. He doesn’t deserve 1 Star if you don’t have definite proof it was him.

  280. There’s no way you will know which driver or rider gave u bad rating as sometimes the rating shows up after few days or next week. I am uber driver and I just received 1* without any explanation. Should I guess which rider gave me bad rating? Or perhaps give 1* to every single one? Sometimes the riders are great when u see them but then where they’re leaving the car they give u bad rating. There’s nothing we can do about that. From driver point of view I think some people r two faced. They will have bad day so they rate 1 or 2*. Next day they r fine. So my question is if the rider will give me 1* even if everything was fine should I give him/her bad rating? It all depends on person. U want to be the same as the person who rate u bad? Be above him/her. Show them that u know ur worth and don’t give a damn what they think. Life is easier

  281. First you said in your article there was nothing wrong with the ride or the driver. Personally yes I’m an Uber driver. First thing if it was a 1 mile or 100 miles. If the guy did good and was courteous and you were as well should have tipped him. You felt it wasn’t warranted for a tip on the trip so that’s just being a cheap ass! I have many who don’t tip and I don’t rate them low of the ride was good even though they don’t tip. That’s up to the rider but I feel if I do an awesome job I should be tipped not because I don’t make much but because I did a good job. Now if I rated you a 5 and you rated me a 1 the next trip you get from me would definitely be a one then I’d note why and I’d also note that because you rated me a 1 on the last ride you get a one just for being a cheap ass in that ride and the current ride! You said the ride was on a credit anyway and the ride was good just my opinion you’re a fucking dick. Free ride AND it was good AND you didn’t tip yeah I’d rate your ass a 1 too

  282. The rating system is so unfair. See the passenger can tell when a driver gives a bad rating and uber always says that it’s anonymous but if the driver has to rate after every ride again DRIVER HAS TO RATE but the passenger gets a week or two to leave a rating. And Some don’t even rate drivers. So it’s not anonymous at all if passengers could see the rating drop and has a week or two to rate a driver. Not fair…

    Also drivers have to rate after the ride in order to pick up next passenger and to be able to see if passengers leave a tip and we can’t see the rating a passengers leaves.

    I have heard from all driver and even select drivers and people living in New York that the rating done by drivers is unfair. If you don’t leave cash tip they give 4 stars or less. If you request a uberpool they give a bad rating.

    (Uberpool are horrible for drivers not beneficial at all unless it’s surging or passenger leave tips. It’s already cheaper why not tip. Plus when you go to a restaurant you tip right. All the server did was bring you the food well all the uber driver did is use there personal cars to take you in a comfortable car home safe…. let that sink in and now tell me if you still think tipping is not necessary).

    Drivers also say if they have to drive 10-15 min to get to you to only take you 3-5 min away is a quick way to get a bad rating or if driver has to driver 5-15+min to get to passenger pickup location and then passenger is not ready. (I don’t think this is unfair rating if passenger is not ready because the app says request when your ready).

    But no matter what the rating system for uber is unfair on both ends the issue is a driver gets deactivated if they fall under a 4.5 rating. But I am a driver and I’ve seen passengers with a 1.5 star rating and nothing happens to them. And some seem like they don’t deserve such a low rating but then I met a few that you could totally see why they got a bad rating.

    My reasons for giving a bad rating is fair. Smells is my # 1 reason. I don’t want to sound rude or racist but there are some culturales that don’t use deodorant and that smell at least for me is disgusting and I sometimes flat out refuse the ride and try to be respectful about it. The other smell is marijuana I don’t like or care for that smell in my car. It’s legal to smoke it where I live but it’s still illegal to drive and when that smell is left in my car the next passenger could give me a bad rating or assume I am smoking and unfairly rate me or worse report me. Then last is food smell like fish or Creasy smelly foods.

    Next reason bad habits.

    When a passenger opens window without first asking.

    When passengers touch the radio without asking.

    And if people start eating in my car. I’m ok with you bringing food if it doesn’t smell horrible but don’t eat I’m not a restaurant and I don’t want to clean up your mess.

    I don’t give bad ratings and I’ve asked many drivers if they give bad ratings if a passenger is talking on the phone. Most say they don’t give a bad rating unless the conversation is to loud or if passenger ask driver to turn radio off. That’s the reasons I give bad rating. Sometimes if it’s a long ride I tell them I’m sorry but I can’t put head phones on because it’s against the law so feel free to use yours because I’ll lower the radio but I won’t turn it off also if you like I could end the ride and you could get someone else your choice.

    And last reason for giving a bad rating. When passenger Standing at a bus stop or a sign that says no stopping anytime or passenger unwilling to cross the street to make it easier for me or when I drive to pick up location and your not outside waiting for me. Those all are sure ways to get either denied a ride or given a bad rating. I would deny a ride if your at a sign saying no stopping anytime or on a bike lane or a bus stop. I could get tickets for each one of those. So if I drive up the street and you don’t want to walk to me then I’ll collect my cancel fee and move on. If you happen to walk to me and get upset with me or question me why I made you walk 90% of the time I will explain my reasons and if they still give me attitude I deny the ride and kick them out because that way they can’t rate me because experience taught me That when I educate a passenger for there mistakes I get rated unfairly. So I rather not chance it and deny the ride and if I don’t take the ride I give a bad rating and they report it to uber why I gave my rating. Plus I have a dash cam because if I ever get deactivated for false claims or a passenger accusing me of being rude or anything I let the truth be told with the video and depending on how long I get deactivated for the false claim I introduce my lawyer.


  283. Look, I drive Uber occasionally on a weekend if I wanna accelerate a savings goal (vacation, brithday, etc…). I have never rated anyone down for not tipping me except once when a couple vomited on my body and my seats AND DIDN’T TIP. That’s a high bar. They were apologetic and I know driving drunks is part of the weekend gig so I wouldn’t have rated them down if they DID tip me after puking on my hair, neck and arm. If any driver is tipping a rider down for something that isn’t extreme, fuck that driver. There needs to be a reasonable bar: trashing the car, behaving unsafely, fighting with each other in the back seat… these are things I’ve experienced and I gave them a 3 star (well, the fist fighters got banned). The good news is Uber has a qiock and easy way to get your negative ratings reviewed and expunged if they were unreasonably given and they also record when someone is an unreasonable rater. For example, someone gave me a low score because we were trapped in rush hour traffic. Uber not only removed the score but flagged that rider at their headquarters as a chronic “low rater” so they could easily remove her ratings when she does this to other drivers in the future. I am sure it works both ways. Let Uber know what happened.

  284. His job is to get you there safely and comfortably. You are somebody paying for a service. He cant see if you tip him or not. That info shows up after he rates you and clears the ride. He probably figured you would give him less than 5 stars so he got you first. Fuck ratings. Sit down.shut up. Ride .. …n…

  285. I drive uber and also ride uber I can tell you it hurts riders on a 1 rating than for drivers. Drivers get 100 rides a week so even a 1 wouldn’t lower them that much. You ride and being rude customer you bet I would give you a 1 star and unless you ride 100 rides it’s going to hurt. In your case he probably gave you a 4 star. I had that one time I knew the idiot going to rate me lower even the ride was perfect and he questioned me for following the route to airport I helped him with the luggage I don’t care about tip but I smell a cheapsake and did other drivers a favor for getting him a 3. It’s a two way street you want respect from others you give them respect.

    Now Uber can ban passenger for life with poor rating so more drivers are taking it more seriously.

  286. I am an UberX/UberSelect driver and I rate every passenger with 5 stars unless there is the very rare occasion of rudeness or other issues. I treat passengers nicely and drive them safely and let the chips fall where they may in regards to rating and tipping me. I admit I ramp up my level of courtesy to Select passengers as they tip more frequently and in higher amounts than X passengers. In my opinion , this driver was not very friendly even before you did not tip him so who knows why he rated you low but I agree you should rate him low due to his unfriendly demeanor.

  287. I’ve only ever taken 8 Uber journeys in my life and until my 8th I had a 5* rating. I don’t know if it changes immediately as I didn’t open the app again until the following week and didn’t pay attention to it when leaving my own rating at the time, but I certainly know it was that driver that gave me 4*. In the grand scheme of things, 4.88 is still a great rating and won’t change anything for me, but it still annoys me. I wasn’t indeed waiting outside when they got there; however, in my defence, I am young female and it was 3am and the car had stopped moving minutes ago with still miles away from me to the point I was worried they weren’t coming at all (I was catching a flight, so of course I was up and ready to go) – so I wasn’t just going to stand in the middle of the street waiting for a car that might be stuck somewhere. It took me maybe a minute to get to him after I’d received the text and I literally showed him how his car was still miles away on the tracker to explain. He didn’t really seem to understand, but whatever. Held the obligatory small talk conversation for two minutes, sat silently on my phone for the rest of the 10 min and was happy with my drop off point, though it was a good 100m off my initial request. He didn’t help me with my (cabin sized) suitcase, I wasn’t drunk or rowdy, don’t smell of weed or cigarettes, I didn’t comment on the driving, bang the doors, take any phone calls and there wasn’t even any traffic. Yet, I got a 4-star rating? For what? For not tipping? Firstly, I understand the drivers don’t see the tip anyway before leaving a rating reading this thread. Secondly, I would only tip if the service has been outstanding – and this extends to any kind of service offered and is not limited to taxis – if they’ve been helpful with my luggage, they’ve got a cable I need to charge my phone, they offered me some tips on the location. Literally anything out of the ordinary. But just driving safely from point A to point B is a job you’ve accepted and get paid for by Uber; if that pay is too low, it’s time to search for a different job. This job, a particular passenger or long route – you’ve chosen all this yourself as driver, so don’t come rating me down cause you thought I wasn’t going to give you a tip. It’s a competitive market and I will choose the best offer, but if that best offer is going to force me into tipping, I may as well go with a more expensive option that comes without guilt-tripping. It’s the drivers who’re going to lose in the end with this trend. There’s always going to be another provider, but clients will move elsewhere if the service they receive is sub-par.

    And unless I am shouting, I should be allowed to take a phone call?! Or, politely ask you to lower the volume on the radio (maybe I’m having a migraine?) for that 10-15 minutes that most journeys are, without losing a star. What kind of a petty logic is that?!

  288. This is a reply to princess chessu. You totally deserve your 4 stars. I would give you 2 stars for opening your mouth here.
    Tipping an Uber driver has nothing to do with the job this person has chosen and why. The driver drove you safely at 3am(!!), he provided you with the service you needed, so mind your part – say thank you and tip the driver. Be thankful and grateful that there was such a person on the street willing to take your complaining and judgemental bottom part to where it needed to go. Ridiculous.

  289. I would have given you 5 stars, but you sound more like a 4.7 passenger, not bad but not great, if you want 5 stars just apologize to the driver if they have to wait and give them a $2 tip and you’ll always get 5 stars.

  290. You use uber-x knowing the drivers are making less than minimum wage while subscribing to a ratings system that exploits the driver and reduces your ride to a passive aggressive pissing contest.

    Your bourgeoisie rating is 5 stars

  291. Ok let’s hear it from an Uber driver who is rolling on the road for three years and have 5k trips with 4.89 rating at this point of time!
    I don’t rush to pick my passengers luggage unless he or she is a senior citizen or a person with a some sort of condition. That way I won’t make my passenger feel obliged to tip me since I touched their luggage.
    I greet my passenger and let the passenger initiate a conversation first! and a good healthy conversation always gets a 5.
    If a passenger chooses to duck in right behind the driver seat and make me feel uncomfortable, that’s a 3.
    If I ask the passenger how are you today and in return I wasn’t being asked how’s my day? That’s a 4.
    Door slammers 3
    Loud passengers 2
    Politically incorrect comments 1.
    I wouldn’t hesitate to give 1 star to a passenger who by any chance leads me to believe that he will hurt my ratings. For example a request in the rush hour to 7 Eleven or liquor store on his way home especially on a short trip and even by politely declining the request at that point of time it makes me feel that my ratings is at risk. and nothing hurts more if I give 5 to my passenger and I get bluffed and get below 5. So as a proactive approach or not to feel hurt I go with my gut feel and trip experience and put him somewhere from 5 to 1. And at times I literally gave some passengers the taste of their own medicine and sometimes I misjudge! For as who I’m as a driver and as a human being my approach is always positive unless it gets to teach someone a lesson and I’ve some techniques to filter passengers that may make my day miserable. It just comes with experience. Just like every other trade has its own little secrets!
    Furthermore I don’t offer any water bottle or chewing gums to make my passenger obliged to tip me.
    Someone’s positive attitude towards me and my service is a big tip!
    I drive Uber by choice and lead a minimalist life to pay by bills! To make big bucks I can choose other professions where income is better not to expect my passengers extra change.

  292. Did you get good service?
    Did you tip?
    Did you get a 4 star instead of 5 star?
    Does your ego hurt for the .01 loss of stars in a meaningless passenger rating system?
    Do you understand drivers get permanently deactivated at 4.6?

    Reflect deeply on your personality, its strengths and flaws. Find out why your feelings are so hurt to retaliate with a ONE STAR rating… FIND OUT why in your head it is either a 5 star or 1 star… most of the world lives in the grey area… black and white thinking is a thing that needs… whachamecallit… therapy.

    Good luck.

  293. U entrusted this driver to give u a safe ride and they did their job. Leave a tip and a 5 star rating next time. Otherwise call ur mom to pick u up if u don’t want to tip u selfish prick

  294. To the author first. If he rated you 1 star for no tip immediately after he dropped you off that makes no sense. As a driver, I am prompted to rate pax’s as soon as the trip ends and I can’t get away from that prompt until I leave a rating for them. Maybe you had B/O and stunk up his car (happens sometimes) or maybe he was tired or not really looking and he hit the 1 star by accident. Who knows? As to his demeanor, maybe you were taking a short ride and he’s sick as fuck from all the short trips he’s getting that day. Second, to all the asshole pax’s here who say they never tip and complain about the “tipping culture” let me ask you. Dont you almost always leave a tip for a cab driver? In my area rideshare drivers are considered a taxi service. Take note that driving for uber consists of a lot of short trips. I had someone go only 1/4 of a mile, it was like $2.85 and no tip. Now what happens is, as a driver, you go into a que and your next ride might not come for 30 minutes and you most likely are missing out on a more lucrative ride. Congrats! In the eyes of your uber driver you are an asshole pax and deserve that 1*. Now that you know this dont take very short rides unless its an emergency and tell the driver as much, Im sure they will understand. Also, its not always so easy to just find another job where you set your own hours and have some freedom in your working life. Rule of thumb for a pax should be: Always tip if the trip is less than 3 miles and your driver was excellent to awesome, even $1.00 is appreciated. Longer trips not always necessary but hey we wont turn them down 😉 and again if your driver was excellent to awesome leave a tip but also we appreciate positive feedback as well. Be mindful, people do this for a living and they may not have the education or experience to land a higher paying steady income job, its tough out there. Above all, be nice to each other and understanding. Manners are so underrated as well.

  295. Hello-
    You must rate the driver first before you see what rating he gave you, only 5 stars shows up immediately. Also, when rated below 5 stars (this apply to both driver and rider) UBER won’t show the negative rating until few days/weeks or 100 rides later. Your rating is the average of your last 500 rated rides.
    Why UBER does this? To prevent retaliation! You have my license plate # if you get deactivated because of my rating, you can find me and retaliate. The same goes for a driver who gets deactivated and cannot pay rent because of your rating, he knows where to find you.

    Here is my driver rating
    *4.95 UBER rating
    *5.0 Lyft rating

    1. I always rate my customers 5 stars just for giving me the opportunity to drive them.

    2. I don’t really care about star ratings or tips. I cater to my customers it’s part of the job.
    3. I know I deliver excellent service, even UBER calls and email me to know how I do it so they can tell other drivers. Positive feedback/comments blah.. blah I don’t care.
    4. No one is perfect, what is teall important to me, when a customer rate me less than 5 stars is to leave an honest feedback that would help me do better. If you rate me 1 star without feedback then I’ll just move forward knowing that in 5 weeks the low rating will go away 🙂

  296. As an uber driver I can tell you that we have to rate you the minute you get out of the car or the ride is completed. He would not have known that you didn’t tip him. If he didn’t deserve a 1 don’t give a 1 but give a 4 with communication as the reason. If you rate a driver as a 1 you cannot match with them again so could run in to difficulty in the future. Especially for those of you that live in less populated areas.
    For drivers saying they give 1 stars over body odor or not liking the short trips.
    That can fall under community guideline violations so be careful.

  297. Was your ride a 5 Star ride? That’s what you rate on I wouldn’t give a 5 Star to someone who didn’t leave a tip. Without tips It is not worth it for Uber drivers to drive. You know they are underpaid. Same reason you tip waitresses/waiter. Do you think a waitress/waiter would give you a 5 Star as a customer if you didn’t tip? No.

  298. I was an Uber driver. In this situation i would give a rating based on the ride which sounds like 5 stars

    Uber drivers do NOT know if you tipped them until after we rate you.

    A lot of times Uber doesn’t update ratings until the next day or few hours after for both passeneger and rider.

    So I wouldn’t blame the driver because, at least if you were in my car and acted courteseously I’d give 5 stars. I would not know you tipped until later. Frankly I value a good rider more than a $1 tip. It’s a stressful and low paying job that’s why I quit with my 4.98 rating! Ha Ubers loss

  299. How do you know it was THAT specific driver that 1-starred you? It could’ve been a driver from the night before, week before, etc. You cant tell which driver it was, just like us drivers cant tell which passengers rate us what. Sometimes it’s easy to determine but nobody definitively knows who did what. Its people like you that make me want to not drive anymore. Go hail a cab or ride an electric scooter or something dude.

  300. You do not know if it was that specific driver who rated you, I’ve gone into my uber app a week later after i was done the ride to rate drivers, there is no time limit as far as I’m aware. Rate according to the trip, nothing else.

  301. I’ve been driving for Uber/Lyft for over 2 years.

    I find ratings annoying due to the fact that passengers are not required to rate their driver while at the same time, it’s mandatory for a driver to rate their passengers. I mean seriously, a driver cannot end a ride without leaving a rating and we can’t change it later either.

    I don’t know if passenger ratings are calculated based on the average of the last 500 rated rides as it is for drivers, I just give all my passengers a 5-star rating unless something went really bad, like getting cursed out for no reason or what not.

    It takes alot for me to give a bad rating. I don’t blame people if they get sick. In my opinion, it’s just something that happened. I’m very hospitable and do anything I can to make a ride comfortable for the passenger.

    I would like to think most people are reasonable but that comes into question when I get a bad rating with a report about “car smell” without any specific comments about the situation.

    This happened to me earlier this month and the only instance I can recall is when I happened to drive through an area where a skunk had sprayed and the odor got into my car. What I don’t understand is how that’s my fault….

    I’ve also gotten numerous low ratings with reports concerning “service quality” again with no clarification of what exactly was lacking about the service. I treat everyone with the same level of service/hospitality. I am left clueless as to what it was the passenger expected and didn’t get.

    Do they just have unreasonable or unrealistic expectations?

    Did I say something wrong? I have Asperger’s Syndrome and try very VERY hard not to say or do anything that could be construed as inappropriate. I’m not perfect. Never claimed to be. I have trouble with social situations at times. I can’t help that God made me this way.

    Again, without any clues as to where the dissatisfaction came from, I don’t know how to prevent it from happening again… or even to determine if it truly was my fault at all.

    Some people would say stop agonizing so much about ratings. I can’t really help it though because it’s the only way I can tell if I’m doing a good job or not. This is actually important to me and feel unfulfilled unless I do the very best that I can. People’s opinions have a powerful effect on me and can either give me good vibes or depress me for a week or more.


    I had to get all that out. It’s just something I have to deal with and it can be very frustrating.

    My opinion on people who rate a 1-star is that everyone is entitled to an opinion. If you just didn’t like the driver or the car for whatever reason, you’re entitled to choose to never get that driver again by rating a 1 and leaving an honest comment as to why.

    If you got rated a 1, then you don’t have to worry about ever giving or getting a ride with that person ever again.

  302. From a driver that has given over 7000 rides I find some of these comments very uninformed!

    Uber only counts your last 500 trips in your rating so you may have just replaced a 5 star rating with a low rating from months ago! NOT NECESSARILY YOUR LAST RIDE.

    Tipping is optional not a requirement but is polite if you consider distance to pick up time of day traffic that you have a cart full of grocery’s or heavy luggage. I wish we lived in a world where corporations would care about their workers/contractors. WE DON’T!!!!!! Service jobs are notoriously underpaid and tips make the difference.

    For the guy that likes movie quotes try watching the 1st 10 minutes of Reservoir Dogs you cheap prick!

    I never rate based on tipping except that if you were going to get a bad rating and you tip it may raise your rating. So if you are rude drunk make the driver wait ask for unscheduled stops then TIP. YOUR DRIVER.

  303. Oh and if you get charged a cleaning fee for making a mess in my car giving me a 1 star rating is below despicable! You make mess in a drivers car you should give them 5 stars pay them directly and apologize!

    Uber riders have no respect 10% of the time the rest of you are a pleasure!

  304. In all honesty I’m a driver and I give everyone a 5 star regardless of whether they give me a 1 star. Because for like ever 80 rides I give there’s 1 1 star, 3star or 4 star. I am a good driver 95 percent of those times and out of the few bad reviews I did receive I can say I was probably deserving of 2. But who knows maybe people needed you to speak or not to speak maybe he accidentally rated you one star. I would let it go if your eating is still high who cares that just refers to the saying everyone isn’t going to like you and sometimes you don’t know why but it is what it is don’t stress over it.

  305. Most comments reflects a bunch entitled prick that think for some reason are better than the guy that drive them and expect first class service for peanuts . Don’t forget , in life , you get what you pay , and you are not paying much for UBER .
    How quickly most of you forget having to ride a cab with a terrible driver on earpieces speaking loud on a Firesign language an paying triple the fare .
    UBER DRIVER are not slaves . They are there to EARN . If they provide you with useful service . They should be pay for it and you can make a difference with only 1 dollar tip
    It is that too much to ask . Every time you got into an UBER tip as minimun 1 dollar
    Do it on the app , but FUCKING DO IT.
    In the end of the day , if every pax tip 1dollars , more likely the driver Will offset the fuel cost .
    On the rating , pax and driver are calculated different and there is no way to know that this particular driver rate you low . I it just a average on the last number or rides and that can change rating at any time .

  306. I am an Uber driver. I have been told by Uber support that an Uber driver can be kicked off the platform once they reach a 4.75 rating. However, passengers can go all the way down to a 0.01 rating and still be able to order an Uber. This is an unfair playing field. The passengers have nothing to lose by giving a poor rating to the Uber driver, but the Uber driver has everything to lose, including their only source of income, if they rate the passenger badly. Also, I think it is unfair that the Uber driver has to immediately rate the passenger as soon as they get out of vehicle, if we do not we cannot continue receiving calls. However, the passenger has an entire week to rate or tip the driver. Therefore, the driver has no idea who rated them poorly, but the passenger knows right away if the Uber driver rated them poorly. It is not fair to the drivers especially since it is their only source of income that is at risk. There are bad passengers out there and we need to be able to warn other Uber drivers through the rating system that this is a bad passenger. And one more thing, earlier I said that the passenger has an entire week to tip the Uber driver if they so desire. You are not rated badly because you did not tip because the Uber driver knows he can receive a tip within a few days of driving you. Your Uber driver probably got a bad vibe from you oh, because you weren’t talking to him, and thought that you were going to rate him poorly.

  307. Hi, 5.0 star Lyft and 4.95 Uber driver here, here are my 2 cents.

    Some important points:

    • Uber Drivers, in general, could use some training in driving etiquette, image presentation, and customer engagement. Even if they aren’t talkative, there is always a way to make the passenger feel comfortable or appreciative on their own to initiate the tip.

    • Have I ever rated someone 1 star? Yes, very few occasions, like when a woman lets her child walk all over my back seat, and left with a huge gum stain that took hours to get out, and ruined my premium leather seats. Yes, I’ve politely asked her to sit her child down a few times.

    • Some people hold no respect for other’s personal cars, how do you know? It’s obvious when someone takes exceptional care of their car, then it would be kind to tip the driver, to cover the daily interior cleaning costs. If the car is dumpy, no tip is expected.

    • Vice versa, some readers commented, that Uber drivers can get another job if they don’t like the tipping system or the ride-sharing culture. Truth be told, yes, but let’s be compassionate towards one another, “I want to grow up to be an Uber / Taxi driver!”, says no one. It’s a means of survival. Be the bigger person and show some compassion for those who are less fortunate.

    • With Mutal respect, everyone will get along nicely, and make the ride-sharing experience all-together better for everyone. I’m a living testament to this philosophy and take great pride in my work when I get behind my steering wheel.

    Happy riding everyone.

  308. I don’t think driver ever had no tipping customer from his Uber. If you think he doesn’t deserve tip so he might think you are not deserved a star. Easy logic!!!

  309. I can’t believe I’m resurrecting a old thread but this has just happened to me. Goto the uber forum on reddit and these guys actually try to 3 star-1 star people that don’t tip and never pick up people under 4.7 because they are generally non tippers. They are trying to thin out the herd of when we need to get picked up.

    Customer is always right, we are the ones paying money, we are the ones that keep the business going, but at the same time the drivers are important. Drivers should NEVER expect a tip, like how waiters and waitresses should never expect more than 15%, if they wanted to make better money, please do not get a job where your livelihood depends on the generosity of other people. The american tipping culture is so horrible. After living in Europe and Asia without tipping, with some even REFUSING tips, it makes me wonder about the ”shame’ culture we developed here regarding tips. Employers should be paying a fair wage and the employees should be getting angry with them, not us, the customers. We are poor too.

    I tip only when the service goes beyond the normal: non chatty, take me to point A to B without drama. I used to wait in college as well,but I never expected tips and I know when I did a real bad job. DON’T DEPEND ON THE GENEROSITY OF OTHER PEOPLE as your job if you can’t handle not getting tipped!


  310. Hey Ben,

    There could me many factors that contribute to his side of the story, in that possibly he didn’t mean any harm from his end. He could have had a bad day. Who knows. Also, uber doesn’t work the way you are thinking with ratings in that you will know right away if someone rates you a one star. You are being rated by many many drivers over time and they calculate this using a calculation that cycles over the last group of drivers. For instance, say uber averages ratings every 10 rides. Then, 10 rides ago would’ve been that ride that affected your score, not the man who just dropped you off. It’s the same with us uber drivers. I won’t know how the last rider rated me until I keep track 500 rides later to see how my average is affected. So just because you assume something, doesn’t make it true. Also, maybe it was quite simply an accident, who knows again. Possibly could have been a glitch, those happen. But more importantly, let’s assess the core of this situation and what you could learn from this.

    I was taught to always give people the benefit of the doubt until they prove otherwise. Karma really is a…b word, but it can also be a blessing. Just treat others the way you’d want to be treated, and try believing that people have their bad days, some more than others. Maybe his wife just handed him divorce papers that morning. You really never know how people are doing in their heads/lives. When someone takes out their anger on me on the road, for example, I can evaluate the situation as this: obviously that person has some pent up anger and unresolved issues that makes him or her want to continue to roll that snowball at every little minute thing and at any moment they are about to roll off the mountain. Prevent that snowball from getting bigger and just be kind, ignore the petty negativity, and I guarantee you won’t ever need to post questions on the internet about Uber star rating; plus, you’ll stop questioning yourself and feel really good about the person you are becoming. It really is a little petty to question so much over a 1 star rating, but I can also understand anyone in this situation, as I was once very invested in my own ratings, each one at a time. Stay positive and God Bless!

  311. Also, after reading these comments, good lord people! Some of y’all need to take a Xanax. A one star is someone that does something so utterly disrespectful like slapping you or intentionally upsetting you in anyway. I have never given any passenger lower than a 3 star and this guy literally told me to please shut up. I got the big overall picture and could conclude his life was a living hell or his day was bad and felt sorry for the guy, gave him a 3 star and moved on with my day. I truly don’t see what I have ever done to deserve a 1 star. I always greet, am polite, give snacks and water, drive safely, and still I’m not good enough for some. It’s life people and there are scum bags here and there, so what! Just do your best to put on a smile and make that experience as best as possible for them and eventually you’ll get your reward in either the job or in life. But quit blasting people or demanding your opinion be heard. This is a thread on a random website not every rider is going to see. Let’s all be friends, air hug, and sing Kumbaya. Mmkay? 🙂

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