Virgin America’s Dancing Flight Attendant

In October Virgin America released their very Glee-esque safety video “dance.” It was certainly attention grabbing, though I can imagine it getting old after a few flights. And it’s damn long as well, in my opinion.

Today I also randomly stumbled across a Virgin America flight attendant that seems to dance to these safety videos. At first I found just one video and assumed it was either set up or a one time thing:

But nope, there’s another video of him doing it on another flight, so I’m guessing this is his schtick:

Someone’s trying to give the rapping Southwest flight attendant a run for his money:

So, what do you guys think — entertaining and engaging, or absolutely dreadful? Sometime tells me people will have a strong opinion on this one way or another.

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  1. If passengers pulled that shit in-flight they would face police intervention and a cavity search for MDMA.


  2. May not be the best routine to do on United, though this is great for Virgin. It strongly ties in with their brand.

  3. On Virgin it works, other airlines not so sure. Virgin jjust seems more hip or something, i dont know. I do love the rapping Flight Attendant video, I’ve seen that before.

  4. He’s far from the only one. I’ve had a female flight attendant dance through the safety video in the front cabin on the SAN/SFO route. As there are no TVs in first class, she’s just dancing away to the music. I must admit feeling a slight bit awkward…

  5. I love this … it’s impossible to tune out when someone’s doing something novel like this.

  6. As someone who used to fly VX a lot on their SFO-JFK transcon: VX First (8 recliner seats) has IFE stowed in the armrests, so a FA would usually do the safety mechanisms in first while the video played, and time it to the audio that was being broadcast throughout the plane.

    Given that First has to hear the song anyway, it’s not surprising that at least one or two FAs would time it and dance, and I suspect VX culture really doesn’t mind. šŸ˜‰

  7. Also, while I’m at it: you and I may find the safety video tiring after hearing it for the 100th time (and heaven knows, I can pretty much recite American’s at this point), but for casual travelers, little things like the mood lighting, the hip attitude, the young FAs and the safety video leave a very positive impression compared to the legacy carriers, who until recently did have old, tired planes…

  8. 1. VA’s Dancing Flight attendant has a lot of energy and must love attention! It is a bit tiring. I hope his service during the flight is as energetic and positive as his dancing.

    2. “Cara”, Cebu Pacific’s FA’s dont perform the Safety Dance on their flights. The ones on the internet are for PR. If you watch the videos closely, they’re already at cruising altitude. Again, it’s just another gimmick from the Philippines. I’ve flown Cebu and they dont “dance in the aisles”.

  9. That’s Michael “Mikey” Tongan. He was the FA in first class on a flight I took LAX-SFO last week, and yes he did the safety video dance on our flight as well. He definitely had the attention of all the passengers, and earned an enthusiastic round of applause at the end.

    Furthermore, he was very friendly and personable in his interactions with passengers and crew. And once we were in the air, he provided perhaps the most efficient and attentive service I’ve ever received on a domestic flight.

    So roll your eyes if you will about the dance, but I’d love to see more flight attendants bring his level fun and passenger service to their jobs.

  10. @Arnel – I know the video I posted was for their PR, but there are tons of videos posted by normal people who have seen the dancing FAs. I myself have flown Cebu Pacific prior to the “dancing FAs” gimmick, so obviously did not see it in person, but I have friends who have seen them. I’m not sure they still do it though, probably not.

  11. The VA guy is awesome! Did he really do a vertical split?!

    @ Lucky – thank you for the Southwest rapping FA video — it’s pretty awesome too.

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