US Citizens May Soon Need Visas To Visit The EU

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The concept of reciprocity seems to be quite common when it comes to countries’ visa policies. While I get the idea behind it, sometimes it seems a bit self destructive to me, given that visa requirements can have a big impact on tourism, etc.

Well, if the European Parliament has their way, American citizens will have to apply for visas before visiting any European Union country this summer. That’s because the U.S. doesn’t allow citizens of Cyprus, Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria, and Romania, to visit the US under the visa waiver program. Due to this unequal treatment of EU citizens, the European Parliament is urging similar restrictions against US citizens. Per Reuters:

The European Parliament called on the EU executive on Thursday to force Americans to apply for visas before visiting Europe this summer, stepping up pressure to resolve a long-running transatlantic dispute on the issue.

The European Commission stressed it was pursuing a diplomatic resolution to the row, leaving it unlikely that it would act on the vote by lawmakers setting a May deadline to impose visas – a move that could hurt Europe’s tourism sector.

Washington refuses to grant visa-free access to people from four east European states and Cyprus, while those from the other 23 member states can enter using the U.S. visa waiver program. EU rules call for equal treatment for all Union citizens.

It’s possible you may need a visa for that summer trip to Europe

Personally I can’t imagine this would actually be enacted, as it would negatively impact tourism in Europe, which is already struggling enough at the moment. Then again, it’s not unusual for politics and pride to get in the way of common sense.

Come and think of it, there are two big things that have happened in the past year that I didn’t see coming, and this would be the least strange of them. So maybe this isn’t as farfetched as I had hoped.

Fortunately I have a German passport, so wouldn’t be impacted directly by this, but I still sure hope this doesn’t happen.

  1. Struggling Tourism in Europe as the European Union? There is no struggling tourism if you don’t include turkey in it.

  2. I have both US and Republic of China (Taiwan) passport which is a visa free to the EU, if I travel with roc taiwan passport to EU and back to the US with us passport for entry, will they wanting to see my roc taiwan passport as a prove where was I about?or Can I even do that ?

  3. I say let’s take it a step further and simply subject US citizens to the same immigration procedures they impose on us. Let’s even waive visas, it’ll still be shocking enough for them.

  4. They were talking about this last year and I believe the year before that so I would not expect anything to come of it this time around either.

  5. Tourism in Europe isn’t struggling at all, Ben! In fact, many EU countries are reporting record numbers in visitors.

  6. Maybe US should just enact visas to citizens of Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona and Alaska… to pick random 5 US states… this would then be real reciprocity… 🙂

  7. This will never happen. In any case I always use my EU passport to get into Europe so I couldn’t care less.

  8. I am very happy, American USA People should need a VISA for Europe, even for a 1 Day Stay.

  9. Europe was freakin’ packed the last two times we went. Mind you we didn’t get to Istanbul, but London, Rome and Florence(and well outside the city) were swarming with tourists, especially Americans.
    Headed back this summer. Hope this new visa requirement is just bluster…

  10. Why do we have to apply and pay for an ESTA when Americans come here visa free
    Totally unfair
    We also have to apply for an ETA to visit Canada
    About time Americans had to go online and pay a nominal fee too !

  11. To be frank, the visa waiver program — aka ESTA — is not a visa waiver program at all. You have to fill in a bunch of information, you have to pay a fee, you get an authorisation and it expires. When it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck…it’s all but a visa without a sticker in your passport.

    So why all of a sudden is it unreasonable for EU to put up the same system that USA wants others to use? Millions of Europeans get by just fine with the ESTA stuff, so why does one think that Americans would struggle?

  12. Not sure EU tourism is struggling but their economy is. In any event can’t believe they’d follow through on this threat.

  13. Why shouldn’t we in the EU impose a similar system on US travellers as the US does on us? Anyway with the dollar as it is it wouldn’t effect the number of US tourists coming here. What is really happening right now is the falling off of foreign tourist numbers to the US.

  14. Why are people so angry about this, EU is about unity and fairness.
    Do I believe this is going to happen, no and mainly because this is EU we are talking about, they are not gonna do something rash and impulsive. Yes many countries in the EU let their emotions run wild and so on, but come now money and reasson talks louder then emotions.

  15. Yes, European tourism is indeed “struggling”. When we were in Paris last Summer tourism was down 20% and you could easily see that was true. Restaurants that used to require reservations weeks in advance were available the same day. The Metro was remarkably uncrowded even during peak times. Major sites like the Eifel Tower had only small crowds, probably not helped at all by the security fence around it, that required going thru a security check just to stand below it, and a TSA like procedure to go up on the elevator.

    In breaking news, yesterday the German government released a statement warning its citizens about travel to Sweden due to the “increased threat levels of terrorism.” In the statement, German officials recommend people exercise caution on “public transport, avoid larger crowds, and follow instructions from Swedish security forces at all times.” The government also asks that people are generally “cautious in [Stockholm]” and that “special attention and vigilance” is required “during religious holidays and at major events such as concerts or festivals.”

    As for the visa question, that would be shooting EU tourism in the foot. Especially for those countries that greatly depend on tourist income like France, Italy, Greece, and the Czech Republic.

  16. We’re off to Spain this summer. Finally US carriers starting offering “real fares” vs. overpriced fares. They finally hit my price point. I’d rather pay $800 vs. $1700 each for the same seat. Whether I pay $800 or $1700 I’m still going to have the same surly flight attendants and little service if any. Might as well pay less for the same.

    If a visa is required then I only hope they’ll announce before we get on the plane. Unlike the TrumpTrain, the EU is much more civilized.

  17. Fortunately I have a German passport, so wouldn’t be impacted directly by this, but I still sure hope this doesn’t happen.

    Is it really necessary to add this extra bit of info?

  18. Ben what’s the second unexpected thing from the past year (I’m assuming the election was the first :)).

  19. I say they force Americans from Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and South Carolina to get visas. You know, the states with the highest murder rates…

  20. Who wants to visit stinky germany anyway?
    I’ll stay right here and couldn’t care less about the stupid visa.

  21. Didn’t you just write that you were going to disable comments? Please. Do. Hurry. Seriously. These are some of of the dumbest comments ever.

  22. @ Jung First of all, as of a U.S citizen, you have to travel with U.S. passport when leaving the country. It’s the law. Even though you might be able to leave the country by your Taiwan Passport, you will have issues to come back to the States. U.S immigration officers might ask you where have you been and want to check entry stamp of EU countries you have visited. It might work but not a good idea.

  23. It will happen sooner or later. but who knows if there is a EU left in the near future.

    I have German passport too and there is a legislation proposal in DE to ban dual nationality. We would have to choose.

    If AFD + CDU get the votes it maybe implemented.

    The wotrld was screwed by Osama. OSama repeat.

  24. @Robert Hanson

    Correct as to Paris. We were there several times last year so are not a good datapoint, but saw lots of Americans, so I thought that the slump had ended. But each time I talked to waiters or maitres d’, they all said that tourism was down. Not just Americans, but all regions. No Chamber of Commerce type bullshit.

    As to the visa, it’s a small hassle if I have to do it, but not an impediment to going over.

  25. Hmmmmmm…I’m headed to Germany and the Czech Republic in October…hope it doesn’t happen.

  26. dear @Shannon. that is not true. Most countries that allow dual nationality require their nationals to enter with their nation with their passport as a condition.

    I enter the USA with USA passport but not EU They know this well.

    But I wasnt born in USA maybe that is the difference.

  27. so shat if they require a Visa? ESTA is a semi visa.
    Australia does. You get it in a jiffy.
    Sucks yeah it does.

    Japan or Australia : God forbid you have a drug conviction you may be prevented to enter like dumb Paris Hilton. Back home on the next flight. yuck.

    note Japan doesnt require visa but they will send you back if they get criminal data records. Many reports I read say it is becoming the norm between police agencies.

  28. @Ken in DFW wrote:

    “Unlike the TrumpTrain, the EU is much more civilized.”

    Incorrect. Everything was fine until Barack Insane Obama came around through George Soros and went on an apology tour. Trump is fixing the mix caused by that Obama chaos. $65 Million about to go down the drain by Penguin Books to a creature who complained about CEO salaries in January 2009.

  29. @Jorge

    Japan gives the privilege of a tourist visa when they stamp your passport at immigration. You’re learning.

  30. You Trump ignorant racist xenophobic narcissistic scary scary people don’t deserve passports anyway. As a European and one who is voluntarily giving back my dual US citizenship, we honestly don’t want or need you to visit ANY of Europe. Ever.

    And worry not, I will not let the door hit me on the way out. That exit can’t come soon enough as you continue to trumpet your orange bigot.

  31. @melissa – Stamping or putting a sticker in a passport at entry is not a visa… US citizens don’t need a visa for Japan…

  32. just as a heads up to you Ben: the current german government does talk about getting rid of dual citizenships…

  33. Europe is most definitely struggling. The continued terrorist attacks there by refugees they allowed in with open arms has come back to bite them in the rear end. The UK has it right with Brexit. The Euro is at $1.05 on the dollar. Can’t tell me Europe is doing well when the currency continues to slide

  34. Tourism is suffering in France and Brussels – where terrorists attacks happened last year. Not in the rest of Europe.

  35. @ Andy “You Trump ignorant racist xenophobic narcissistic scary scary people”

    Are you referring to our POTUS, who began his speech to Congress a couple days ago with this?:
    ““Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, Members of Congress, the First Lady of the United States, and Citizens of America:

    Tonight, as we mark the conclusion of our celebration of Black History Month, we are reminded of our Nation’s path toward civil rights and the work that still remains. Recent threats targeting Jewish Community Centers and vandalism of Jewish cemeteries, as well as last week’s shooting in Kansas City, remind us that while we may be a Nation divided on policies, we are a country that stands united in condemning hate and evil in all its forms.

    Each American generation passes the torch of truth, liberty and justice — in an unbroken chain all the way down to the present.

    That torch is now in our hands. And we will use it to light up the world. I am here tonight to deliver a message of unity and strength, and it is a message deeply delivered from my heart.”

    Even self-described “Communist” Van Jones, and former Obama fanboy Chris Mathews, said the speech was “Very Presidential”…

    Why are Left Wing trolls so full of vicious hate, and why do they project that unto other people with so little cause? I really pity anyone who has to go thru life feeling like that all the time. As DJT would say: “So Sad”…. 😉

  36. “I say let’s take it a step further and simply subject US citizens to the same immigration procedures they impose on us. Let’s even waive visas, it’ll still be shocking enough for them.”

    Exactly my thoughts every time I enter the US.

  37. @Robert Hanson – The speech was well written, not delivered well, and the words that were spoken had a hollow ring to them. The “vicious hate” you referred to started eight years ago with your party describing the POTUS as a monkey, hanging and burning him in effigy, claiming he was a foreign born muslim and thus stoking the red hot coals of 9-11 hate, racism, and fear. Your party threatened to shut the government down (at a cost of the country’s rating) any time they could not get their way, they did shut down the country twice (at a huge cost to the taxpayers) in a pissy fit, and generally blocked any bill that came across congress purely for partisan purposes, ignoring the needs of the country (Flint MI, just for one). So, it should not be a surprise if they are getting a taste of their own medicine.

    Ben, please start banning the commenters like you stated you may do, and let’s stick to discussing travel instead of politics.

  38. Jung, if you hold both a US passport and another passport, then you may use that other passport anywhere and everywhere. You just can’t use it to enter or leave the US – that’s in the Patriot Act

  39. Jesus goddamit christ. Where the hell should I move? It’s so depressing. Dominica? Kitts? Visas suck and so do passports. get rid of them.

  40. As a dual citizen of Poland, and having one of the main reasons why family can’t visit me in the US, I sure as hell hope it goes through. Poland has been apart of the Schengen for a long time now, and it is about time they open it up.

  41. “I say let’s take it a step further and simply subject US citizens to the same immigration procedures they impose on us. Let’s even waive visas, it’ll still be shocking enough for them.”

    I’ll second that as well. Nothing beats being spoken to as if you are a pile of shit or something when all you intend to do is enter a country for a few days, enjoy its cultural offerings, spend a ton of money and leave again with fond memories. Makes you feel totally welcome.

    Although I have to admit one can manage this by choosing ports of entry wisely. I guess traveling via Japan and Hawaii would be the more welcoming experience.

  42. @lucky, just curious. Are you currently on a mileage run to Portland on Virgin America right now?

  43. Please check your facts. In fact, European tourism generally is growing.

    European tourism demand continues to grow and proves resilient to safety and security challenges and political turmoil. Overall growth, however, has slowed from the previous year (+5% in 2015) affected by those destinations required to rebuild market confidence following tragic events. The most visited region in the world welcomed 620 million international tourist arrivals in 2016, a 2% increase compared to the same period in 2015.

    The majority of destinations reported healthy growth in the last months of 2016. Iceland remains the top growth destination (+40%) followed by the outstanding performance of Cyprus (+20%) and Slovakia (+19%) owing to improved air connectivity and off-season visitation. Bulgaria (+16%) also saw robust growth while other destinations such as Serbia and Portugal (both +13%) are increasingly becoming appealing for bargain hunters. On the contrary, safety and security concerns weigh down on visitor numbers in Turkey (-31%) and Belgium (-14%) while a strong Swiss Franc weakens Switzerland’s tourism performance (-2%).

  44. For the most part, this is just the EU Parliament making noise for the sake of making noise. They know perfectly well that, for immigration/border control purposes, the US does not recognize the EU as a unit, but as 28 (27 in a couple of years) separate countries. And technically the US is right – the EU’s treaties do not assign authority (“competency” in EU-speak) over immigration matters outside Europe to the EU level – it remains with the member states.

    The EU isn’t going to kill the tourist goose. I do think a counterpart to the ESTA/ETA is likely for otherwise visa-free visitors from outside the EU, and likely to be coordinated among most of the members, or at least the Schengen-area members, and costing around €10.

    This isn’t new, Australia’s been doing it since 1996.

    Everybody take a deep breath, it’s not that big a deal.

  45. I have just unsubscribed from OMAAT. There are far too many nasty comments on here. Most of them seem to come from US people.

  46. Most European countries while be happy to see less ‘Greatest Country on earth” visitors or other type of Patriots.

  47. Anecdotal evidence from your personal trip may be true, but doesn’t necessarily ensure that your conclusions are correct. And while you have a right to your own opinion, you don’t have a right to your own facts.
    FACT is, international arrivals to Europe was up by 5% in 2015, up by 2% in 2016 and is expected to be up by 3%, based on data from the European Travel Commission.
    It’s also a fact that some countries are up (ie Spain) and others are down (ie Turkey), so while some countries are hurting, others are doing very well.
    Only 6% of international arrivals into the EU are from the US – almost 80% are from within Europe. While this visa issue would impact tourism negatively, the impact would not be that big.
    That leaves the question whether the EU will be pragmatic or principled on this. While the EU has been very pragmatic about this so far, I wouldn’t be surprised if they ratchet up the pressure to get the visa requirement for EU citizens lifted given the deteriorating US-EU relationship…

  48. Europe seems to be on the fast track to becoming Bangladesh (a country I visit frequently). For all the mocking and sneering Europeans give to Americans, I couldn’t care less about their inevitable downfall.

  49. I total agree with Kraut – Evan and others “I do not see why it is only Europeans has too apply and pay for ESTA even just “transfer” via USA airport.
    Every 2 year I has too renew and paid for US Immigration (Have a EU passport) and live in Canada.
    Canada has something similar for Europeans but the ESTA is valid for 5 years and cost less – but US/Canadian citizens want to visit EU should apply on line and pay too – nothing wrong with that.
    Even we already has ESTA paid and permission to enter USA – we still has to fill out papers and been ask lots of stupid Q like “why are you coming here ..” Travel the world and only USA keep ask like that – Most contries / passport control takes few minutes and welcome you to “my contry”
    Sorry one exception from seem Ben’s lovely DXB – just arrived on Business with CX – 9hrs flight and was gives a special card to get fast via Immigration. We wait in same line and anybody else and did’t care. Maybe the fast process and nice welcome in DBX is in the EK own terminal?

  50. I am afraid this story in Reuters is inaccurate. What the European Parliament actually voted for was a very technical and procedural resolution which would make the European Commission draft a particular text called a ‘Delegated Act’ in the case of revocation or not of visa reciprocity measures. It is basically to give the Parliament the power to accept or reject the Commission’s proposal.

    There are of course some political undertones related to the US refusal to grant citizens of some EU countries visa-free access, but this is not strictly the case with the resolution voted yesterday.

    I know this because I have been working on the resolution in the European Parliament myself 🙂

  51. Fortunately I have Portugal, Macao SAR, and US passport. That won’t be a problem for me.

  52. I hope this gets introduced. The US really needs to taste some of its own medicine. Or even better: Introduce the exact same immigration procedures the US imposes on us.

    I don’t wanna sound rude but that’d actually be fair.

  53. You lot are hilarious – all of you, including Lucky. Totally self-absorbed, but hilarious. The citizens of the U.S. elected a President with a mandate to build a wall and then they have a big whinge about the possibility of needing a visa to enter Europe. Get over yourselves. The rest of the world is laughing at you hard enough already.

  54. “The European Parliament called on the EU executive on Thursday to force Americans”…

    Haha never going to happen … it’s just a tactic to appease Romanians.

    That said Poland and Croatia should have long ago been included in the visa waiver program, and weren’t.

  55. “Robert Hanson says:
    March 2, 2017 at 3:31 pm
    In breaking news, yesterday the German government released a statement warning its citizens about travel to Sweden due to the ‘increased threat levels of terrorism.’ In the statement, German officials recommend people exercise caution on “public transport, avoid larger crowds, and follow instructions from Swedish security forces at all times.” The government also asks that people are generally “cautious in [Stockholm]” and that “special attention and vigilance” is required ‘during religious holidays and at major events such as concerts or festivals.'”

    Unbelievable fake news – Ben, didn’t you say you wanted to police your comments section more closely? There was no travel warning issued by the German government. In fact, if you google it, only Breitbart-esque websites “report” on it. Such a load of bull.


    “Donna says:
    March 2, 2017 at 3:17 pm
    Not sure EU tourism is struggling but their economy is.”

    Let me provide you with this link: The European economy is growing at a faster rate than at any time since 2011

  56. @Steven M. – “That said Poland and Croatia should have long ago been included in the visa waiver program, and weren’t.”

    The requirements for the Visa Waiver Program are set forth by federal law. Not policy, but law. If a particular country doesn’t meet the statutory requirements, nothing can really be done except for changing the law (and that ain’t gonna happen in this political environment).

  57. Lol then I guess every single country in the VWP program should impose some extra requirements for US citizens, since their citizens need to apply for a ESTA to travel to the US. Oh, and don’t forget about numerous countries giving US citizen non-reciprocal visa-free access, e.g. Thailand and Indonesia, they should also start requiring a visa from American visitors. And don’t forget about China which US just recently imposed a EVUS policy on their citizens, I guess US citizens will need to do the same in order to enter China…lmfao, at least I m not a US citizen.

  58. Have spent a few months in EU since college over several trips; I’ll be in Sicily a couple weeks in June. Europe is packed with interesting destinations.

    This won’t happen. However, if it somehow was enforced by some nations in EU, those destinations will go straight to the bottom of the list, on general principle. Too many other places to visit for me to tolerate a visa requirement from EU.

  59. @Chris Jensen “your party describing the POTUS as a monkey, hanging and burning him in effigy”

    I think you are saying the Republican Party did all that, and while some disturbed individuals may have done so, it certainly was not done by the Party itself, nor by any person with any position of authority within it.

    But the “your party” part is also incorrect. I grew up in a staunchly Democrat family. A moderate Democrat family, yes, more in the line of JFK than of Bernie Sanders, but unquestioningly Democrat. I’ve been a registered Democrat my whole life, and still am today.

    But no one in my family, nor anyone I associate with today, would say anything like: “You Trump ignorant racist xenophobic narcissistic scary scary people don’t deserve passports anyway”.

    Nor would we have blocked freeways, broken shop windows, set limos on fire, and beaten up random people on the street just because a Republican was elected President. 🙁

    I’m guessing your misunderstanding comes from assuming that everyone who voted for Trump is a Republican, and everyone who voted for Hillary is a Democrat. Not so, in fact it’s my understanding that George W Bush voted for Hillary, as Trump is not “our kind of people”. And so too quite a few registered Democrats voted for Trump.

    There is a blog post out today that I found quite interesting. I won’t post a link, because then the comment has to wait for moderation. If you want to read the whole thing just google:

    “The Democratic Party is facing a demographic crisis”. Here is an excerpt:
    “there is a common misconception that Trump was ushered into power by old, white, economically disenfranchised men. However, according to the exit polls, Trump actually did worse than Romney among whites and seniors, but outperformed him among blacks, Asians, Hispanics and young people.

    While the Democrats lost a lot of support among low-income Americans, I think it would be a mistake to interpret these as Trump’s base. He won a plurality of every income bracket above US$50,000 as well. He also won more non-Christian and nonreligious voters than any Republican since the 2000 election.

    However the biggest surprise of 2016 probably relates to gender. The first major party female candidate for president, running against a notorious misogynist, captured the Democrats’ lowest share of female voters since 2004. And although Trump also got a lower share of female voters than his last three Republican predecessors, he nonetheless won over a majority of white women.”

    If anyone here is genuinely concerned about anti-Semitism, I suggest they read the post by Harvard Law Professor, and lifetime Democrat: “Alan Dershowitz: Why I will leave the Democrats if Keith Ellison is elected DNC chairman”.

    It’s so sad to see my Party having drifted so far to the extreme Left, even to the point of having a lifetime Socialist be accepted as a major POTUS nominee, running on a platform of “Democratic Socialism” (sic).

    Whereas most of Trump’s policies would have been fully approved of by JFK and Hubert Humphrey. 😉

  60. The real question is- would it actually impact the non-Schengen countries of the UK and Ireland? Personally I don’t care about the other ones- I’m not visiting there. A year ago this same issue came up, I read in Forbes that because UK and Ireland are opted out of the Schengen that this would not apply to them at all. They control their own boarders despite being part of the EU.

    anyone know?

  61. @Robert Hanson – If you are democrat then I am a republican. And apparently you and your family are all angels. For some reason you decided to reply to me using something from someone else’s post. “You Trump ignorant racist xenophobic narcissistic scary scary people” was used by you referring to me when I never said that. No democrat would say this…”Why are Left Wing trolls so full of vicious hate, and why do they project that unto other people with so little cause….”, so I don’t take much stock in the validity of your words. Then you ramble on about anti-Semitism and other things that were completely off subject. I am not going to respond again to your ramblings. Have fun starting arguments with people after you bait them. Get off the travel blogs and do it on facebook.

  62. Dear EU,

    Please do this. I can’t wait to see how your already struggling tourism sector does when you require Americans to get a Visa.

    Once France and the Netherlands vote in the next year, we’ll see what happens.

  63. Robert Hanson saying he is a Democrat is made about as much sense as The Newsroom’s Will McAvoy saying he was a Republican.

  64. The truth is that getting a Visa in the US is worse than getting teeth pulled. Ask anyone. So if they want to require visas, then no one will go there for vacation. Look at Paris; everyone is a little scared to go there. The UK will benefit immensely being out as all the US vacationers will go there or to elsewhere. Its just not worth it. It is true that the economy is the best it has been since 2011 but if you look at the graph, it is growing very little but was losing ground for that entire time. The reason it is growing is the Euro is so cheap but it is barely growing and Europeans have lost their buying power. Worse, Greece is tanking again.

  65. Ben, I love to read your experiences on Airlines and I have a lot of respect for your blog… But I don’t like the ‘alternative facts’ here.. Research and account your facts if they are stated that way. European Tourism grows year on year. Some countries struggle indeed bc of some really unfortunate events. Not the EU in general though. To say that politic pride can come in the way of a common sense in this case? Ignorance. Principles and values are valuable. Now more then ever. Why should a Polish citizen of the EU be treated differently than a South Carolina citizen in the EU? The USA needs a mirror. A big one.

  66. The few % americans that really have holidays and have money to spend in Europe will maybe stay home. So it will drop from 6% to 3 % or even 1%. But who cares. The amount of Asian tourist that come to Europe is growing very fast. And we like it very much in Europe that they are encouraged by the US administration to come to Europe and to avoid the US. This whole discussion only shows the ignorance and arrogance in the US.

  67. Actually my cousin who works in the tourism industry in Paris tells me asian tourists are way down. Specifically from China and Korea, but it seems the Japanese are unfazed (as they have a longer history of tourism in Paris). She is originally from Shanghai so she obviously speaks mandarin, but also korean and some japanese. Wechat is filled with negative propaganda about the safety of Europe and terrorism, which has stunted tourism from China. Due to the strong dollar, she tells me American tourists are actually up last year but it doesn’t help her business since she’s caters toward Asian travelers. 2015 and 2016 was a bruising year for them with so many scared away but things were rebounding for local merchants with an influx of American tourists. The EU doesn’t have the interest of locals in mind, business owners (at least in Paris) are not for this and this will only push them to Le Pen in the upcoming election.

  68. I would love to see your source for the statistics of “struggling” European tourism. Given how many countries there are in Europe, I doubt that there is such a statistic at all.
    Spain, Iceland and large parts of Portugal are pretty much full for the summer and sometimes even for fall. Mallorca, i.e., has already declared they can’t handle the amount of ppl coming in. The Baltic Sea in Germany is completely booked up already, that goes for the Polish part of it as well.
    So I’m curious to know more about said struggle.

  69. 24 mil Americans went to the EU last year, I’m sure if that stopped some countries, and more important, small businesses would suffer… It would impact high tourism areas..

    I have no issue as an American paying the $14 ESTA fee to enter more info to visit the EU.. Another trip planned this year, guess I could just stay in the U.K.. spend my money there..

  70. Does Switzerland count in this mess? I’m going there in September and this is kind of confusing but they are not part of the EU so it should be fine. Honestly I don’t mind requesting a visa since after all, I was born in a country where asking for a visa is guarantee of being denied, so the US passport is way better for me than the trash I had before.

  71. I’m an American Citizen and my husband and I are planning on a trip to Germany in May of this year,
    We are taking a cruise from Miami to Copenhagen and then a plane to Hamburg to visit family in Kiel.
    I absolutely understand why the EU would want to enforce a Visa rule for US citizens, I just don’t understand some of the hateful comments from some people on here!
    if we have to pay to travel to Europe, then we will do so, it is no issue……..I just hope that we will have enough time to apply for a Visa before our trip, if the EU approves this.
    The hate against the USA is really not called for, just remember we will be there for you should your country ever need us.

  72. Oh my goodness. I just bought $3,000 worth of tickets for me, my two sisters, and my mom as nice a graduation present for my sisters. We were planning to see Germany and Austria, end of May.

    So when are we going to know whether visas are required? And where do I go to get one?

    With my luck, they will pass this law in the beginning of May, and I will have no chance to get visas. And I can’t get visas yet because this law isn’t enacted yet.

    So basically, I’m completely screwed?

  73. If the EU did this, the 23 EU nations whose citizens currently have visa-free access to the US would all lose that access because the US waiver program requires reciprocity. It’s hard to see why those 23 nations would want to take such a step.

  74. To some people, getting visa free passport to US is a matter of national pride. To others, is a matter of EU supranational pride to be able to force the “powerful” US to oblige to EU demands. And to others, its is about fairness. So far, from the comments, it isn’t about fairness for most people. Deep seated insecurity…

  75. ESTA you can do online and get approval in minutes
    Shengen VISA you need to actually go to an embassy of Schengen after appointment to get, can take weeks …..

  76. Given the current situation in Europe with the Muslim invasion that they are currently enjoying, I believe that it is in the best interest of the US to require visas from all European countries in the Schengen zone. If that means that US citizens need to have a visa to go to Europe…so be it. Europe has never been good friends to America anyway. They speak poorly of us, complain bitterly about our politics, bitch about us exercising our sovereign rights, and threaten us politically anytime we don’t do as they say, all while hiding behind us for military protection that they aren’t even paying their fair share for. They are not our friends and the sooner America figures out that the European Socialist do not share our values and beliefs and don’t respect our sovereign rights to self determine the direction of our country the better off we will be. We would have better results in world politics if we weren’t dragging the European’s along behind us like a spoiled child that refuses to stand on its own feet.

  77. I plan on heading to Europe late December so i’ll have plenty of time to apply for a visa. However, I am wondering what restrictions there are. Will I need just one visa all EU countries? Many times when I travel I embark on unplanned day trips which may involve bussing or training over to a neighboring country. Will the new visa regulations restrict this?

  78. I, too worry about traveling to Europe this May. My husband and I have our passports, but wonder if our trip will have to be cancelled if we can’t get visas in time. It will be a real shame and disappointment, as this will be our “honeymoon trip” that we never had forty-three years ago, and a gift from our son. We will get visas if they are required IF there is enough time before we have to board our plane.

    I am sorry to hear the comments about how bad Americans are. Many of us have ancestors from Europe, and have the deepest respect for Europeans, and European countries. Many in those countries don’t realize that a good many Americans did NOT vote for Trump, and are horrified by the things he says and does. So don’t include us in the “half basket of deplorables” who voted for him. He does not represent us and our ideals and morals. Thank you. (and yes we understand that there was another half basket that aren’t/weren’t deplorables, in case you did vote for him)

  79. This has been in place even when President Obama was in Office, so I’m not sure why President Trump is talking the blame for this?
    I do agree that all countries should have in place where you need a Visa to enter.
    Every country should have the right to make sure their country is safe.
    I do am visiting Germany in May, to visit my sister . Since they are not meeting until June to discuss the Visa for US citizens, I think we will be ok with not having a visa.
    Now that we see what is going on in Europe with the refugees I’m sure that President Trump is doing the right thing. I love Germany, its my home country, but I hate seeing what is happening.

  80. Let them (e.g. Europeans) do it…Will see how European multinationals (Siemens, Unilever, McKinsey, Airbus, DB, etc,etc,etc.) will continue doing business with the US.
    Make no mistake – America IS the strongest financial superpower and the world needs her to stay that way!
    As the saying goes: America sneezes, and the whole world is getting a terrible flu…

  81. This is making me sick…my husband and I have our Europe honeymoon planned (and paid for) for the end of May through June, Europe is our favorite place to travel (we’ve both been obsessed with European lore, art, culture, and history throughout our entire lives; it is our ancestral home, and we wish we lived there…we live simply and save up everything we can just to travel there every once in a while and get away from the US)… if this goes into effect will our honeymoon be affected? I agree that the US should allow EU citizens to travel here without a visa and I am disgusted at the lack of reciprocity (as I’m disgusted with the entire US government, hence why I’m not affiliated with either political party), ugh please just put the ban on our shitty leaders and leave the citizens our of it, our government already completely screws us over on a regular basis (“land of the free” my ass…)

  82. This is not right we from the UK needs to apply for ESTA to go to the USA but at the same time they come here free they need to pay are get a visa just like anyone else from the UK

  83. @Lynz & @Andrea – your trips this year will be unaffected as this will not happen for a couple of years.

    I am appalled at some of the reporting on this that is unnecessarily worrying people that it won’t affect when they should be enjoying planning their holidays etc

    Lucky – and other travel bloggers – should hang their heads in shame for perpetuating the myth that this is a visa when it is not. Of course once implemented if you get rejected for an ETIAS then you will need a visa – just as if I was rejected for an ESTA to enter the US I would need to apply for a visa.

  84. are there minimal income or assets required to be approved? i am free lance classical musician, and investor on the side when music and art income is not forthcoming. australia required 800$ for visa application, 500,000$ minimal bank balance. therefore i cannot afford to visit my australian relatives, wondering if europe is going to all but ban non billionaire tourists? europe has way more worthwhile sights than usa or canada. i would love to visit composers homes, see operas, ballets, concerts, art galleries, ancient ruins, palaces but if they go through with these regulations, we should just stay home, not bother going on bus, train, cruise trips. shame, should exempt passengers who book escorted tours, bus, train, cruise either ocean or river ….. schengen visa prices are they dependent by country? i see 60, 80, 95€ aming many different prices for visas. also etias will mean one has to apply to each country one wants to visit, pay in euros with a credit card linked to a european bank account, no dollars accepted, and application must be in language of that country, not english. unless regulations change… please keep me posted.

  85. U.S. citizens traveling to Europe will shortly need to apply for an ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System) visa waiver which is the new travel authorization for Europe that will come into effect from 2021. Similar to other countries and regions in the world, Europe has recently decided to improve its security level to avoid any further problems with illegal immigration and terrorism. This means that from 2021, all Americans traveling to a European country in the Schengen Zone will be in need of an ETIAS.
    ETIAS Requirements for US Citizens –>

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