Convert Hotel Points Into United Miles And Get A 30% Bonus

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Through November 30, 2018, United MileagePlus is offering a 30% bonus when you convert hotel points into airline miles. The bonus applies for transfers made between October 9 and November 30, 2018, and you can earn up to 25,000 bonus MileagePlus miles through this promotion.

Registration is required prior to making a transfer, and you can earn bonus miles for any combination of MileagePlus hotel partner transfers, so it’s not just that a single transfer qualifies. Bonus miles through this promotion should post by January 30, 2019.

This is a promotion United offered last year around almost exactly the same time.

So, is this worthwhile? Let me start by saying that converting Choice Privileges, Club Carlson, Hilton Honors, IHG Rewards Club, Le Club Accor, Shangri-La Golden Circle, World of Hyatt, and Wyndham Rewards points into airline miles almost never represents a good value. So if you’re looking to maximize your points, don’t do this.

That leaves you with exactly one option — Marriott Rewards. Ordinarily 60,000 Marriott Rewards points convert into 25,000 airline miles. The usual transfer bonus is actually 3:1, but you get a 5,000 mile bonus for every 60,000 Marriott points you transfer.

With United it gets even better than that, though, thanks to a special partnership between Marriott and United. With this you get a 10% bonus when you convert Marriott points into airline miles, meaning that you get 27,500 United miles per 60,000 Marriott points.

That’s before you factor in this promotion. Once you factor in this promotion you’d receive a total of 35,750 United miles per 60,000 Marriott points. So you’re potentially looking at earning ~0.6 United miles per Marriott point, which is actually pretty decent.

I value Marriott points at 0.7-0.9 cents each. Using that valuation, you’d be converting Marriott points into United miles at the cost of 1.18 to 1.51 cents each, which isn’t half bad.

I still wouldn’t proactively transfer points, though. United miles are fairly easy to earn thanks to their partnership with Chase Ultimate Rewards, which allows you to earn United miles with lots of credit cards.

Earn Ultimate Rewards points with the following cards

Meanwhile it’s a lot harder to efficiently earn Marriott points.

Does anyone plan on taking advantage of United’s 30% bonus on hotel points transfers?

(Tip of the hat to Daniel)

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  1. So Lucky, what is the maximum amount of Marriott Miles to transfer to take maximum advantage of the offer?

  2. Meh, Marriott points are effectively worthless because none of the 60k redemptions in Asia are available.

    I just have them to convert to united miles, now that the 7 night packages are gone. I’m totally taking advantage of this now.

  3. @ Marty — Since you can earn at most 25,000 bonus United miles, you wouldn’t want to transfer more than 180,000 Marriott points.

  4. I have been waiting for this and I plan to transfer 120K Marriott to United. That will net me 71,500 United Miles. I don’t use hotel points for hotels, I always flip to miles because I would much rather stay at an Airbnb.

    @Marty, the short answer is 180,000 Marriott Points to get max value.

    Without the promo, if you transfer 60k Marriott to to United you will get 27,500 Miles, with the present 30% promo you will net 35,750 Miles. That is 8,250 miles more than normal, so times that by 3 and you get 24,750 Miles. So that means if you transfer 60k x 3 (180,000 Marriott) you would earn 107,250 United miles which includes the 30% (82,500 x 30% = 24,750). The max miles available through this promo is 25,000, but you want to transfer in increments of 60,000 to get the 5,000 bonus + the 10% bonus base.

    Hope that helps!

  5. Hey Ben, I have a small amount of choice points from a one off stay, and my United miles expire in April. I rarely fly United or partners (hence the expiration coming up) but beyond this one stay have literally never stayed at a choice hotel before. If I transfer my points to United, will united see it as activity, and thus reset my expiration countdown clock?

    I don’t plan on redeeming my United miles anytime soon but have enough that I don’t want to lose them, so I think itd be totally worthwhile to do this if it does reset the clock. Thanks.

  6. Does the extra 5k miles only apply to Marriott points that were originally earned as SPG points?

    All my Marriott points were only ever Marriott points to begin with. When went to do this transfer today, it was 3:1.1 ~ 60k Marriott points = 22k UA miles (extra 30% to be credited later, of course).

    But there was no mention of 60k Marriott points = 25k UA miles.

    Will that extra 5k UA miles appear sometime later?


  7. 180k Marriott points giving me 107k united miles + 33k chase points for a total of 140k, enough for a r/t on luftwansa nonstop Boston Munich

    180k Marriott points is 3 nights at top properties this year and 30k chase points translates to 1 night at a park Hyatt

    15 hours total in business class or 4 nights in top hotels?

    Just what I’m thinking about, I know it’s apples & oranges but that’s how I see these points in real value

  8. Just transferred 180k Marriott points to United, how long does it take to post? I know the 30% bonus takes a while but the base points takes a few days?
    Yes I confirmed program before transferring

  9. Hi, Could you please share a link on United for registration for 30% bonus? I can’t find it and if I just go to transfer points it doesn’t give me a bonus

  10. Anna, I just got a message with a check mark, your registered (today’s date) transfer now 30% more.

    I still haven’t got my united miles posted never mind the bonus, the ratio during transfer was low, I’m hoping all will at correct amounts after the bonus posts?

    Sorry I’m help

  11. @miller508. I registered for the bonus last night around 11 pm. Then I transferred 120k Marriott points. I logged in today around 4 p.m. and everything but the 30% posted. of course it says the 30% will post by January 31st 2019. I always keep screenshots when I register for the bonus just in case.

  12. I transferred 190,000 points from Marriott to United on September 19th – The points have not hit my United account yet- Do you think when they hit I will get the 30% bonus you just wrote about? I am actually very frustrated that the points have not transferred yet, I would like to upgrade an economy plus ticket to Business class for a flight November 11th. Maybe the delay will turn out as a good thing and I will get the bonus miles

  13. @Lori Levin, I would guess “No soup for you,” since your transferred before the bonus period which started 10/9. Seriously you have a chance. I would quickly register for the bonus and hope. Its odd that your mile have not yet posted, mine took less than 24 hours. Good Luck

  14. Mine just posted, transfer was last night late

    Comes out of Marriott instantly but posting I guess is within hours or days? waiting for the bonus

    180k Marriott points transfer to United 82k including the 10%, waiting few months for the 30%

  15. I called United MileagePlus, and they know nothing about this promotion. The Web site shows simply the standard conversion of 10,000 points to 1,000 miles.

  16. 1. Hi, I have a total of 300k marriott points. Can I transfer 180k and 120k points, and still get the promotion benefits of getting 107,250 and 71,500 UA miles ? Thanks !

    2. Is the 7 nights and UA miles deal still alive ?

    Thank you !

  17. Per the offer details. “After bonus period ends 11/30, then on or before 1/31/19.”

    From my experience, they usual hit within a few weeks of when when the bonus period ends, so i would guess mid December.

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