Uber Finally Approved In Nevada!

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I’ve started to love Las Vegas (once I appreciated it for what it is), though one thing that has driven me nuts about the place is the taxi mafia. I’d argue Las Vegas is the single most corrupt city in the US when it comes to taxis. That’s mainly because everything is in such close proximity, and the taxi drivers will do everything to screw you over and take you the long way. Not only are they charging you more, but they’re wasting your time as well.

Last October, Uber finally made its debut in Las Vegas. The catch was that only UberX was available, and beyond that they couldn’t do pick-ups at Las Vegas McCarran Airport.


Well, unfortunately just hours after it launched, Uber was shut down in Las Vegas. A Carson City judge had blocked Uber, pending a further hearing set for a later date.

While it has been a while since we’ve heard about it, the Nevada Legislature has finally approved a bill making Uber & Lyft legal in Nevada. While we likely won’t see ridesharing in Nevada immediately, it’s only a matter of time before it happens.

Via the Las Vegas Review Journal:

A bill authorizing ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft to operate in Nevada won approval early Saturday in the Nevada Legislature, but it didn’t happen without plenty of confusion.

Under the latest proposal, transportation network companies that connect drivers and riders through smartphone apps will be able to operate in Nevada.

In a statement, Uber said: “Nevadans are the winners today. Thanks to the bipartisan leadership of both houses of the Nevada State Legislature, Uber is well on its way to returning to the Silver State, bringing with it thousands of jobs and greater access to safe, reliable and affordable transportation options for all Nevadans.”

The measure will require every driver to continuously provide insurance during any time a driver is providing transportation services of at least $1.5 million for death or bodily injury.

This can’t happen soon enough!

(Tip of the hat to Miles To Memories)

  1. @Lucky, sorry, unrelated question. Is 70,000 AS miles enough to travel first class on Cathay Pacific (CP) from PDX to SIN? Or do I need to buy a separate ticket from PDX to LAX, then fly CP from LAX to SIN?

  2. Excellent. Last time I got long-hauled after specifically telling the cab driver the exact route, I gave the driver the usual $20, got out and walked. The fare said $33.
    Uber cannot come fast enough to LAS.

  3. This is likely useful for anywhere, except on the strip. To hail an Uber car from a strip hotel, you would likely have to wait quite a while for the car to get there.

  4. Geoff, I recently had the same LV rip-off experience. When I arrived at LAS, I was alone and gave the driver instructions ( stay off the damned highway) to Bellagio. $16 fare plus tip. On the return to LAS from Bellagio I shared a ride with a co-worker. We’re talking and after 15 minutes I look up and we are still on the highway (11:30am, light traffic) and the fare is past $27, I tell the female driver that she is getting $25….total. She managed to drop us off at LAS less than 5 mins later. My co-worker wanted to pay the difference, now $31 before tip. I wouldn’t let him and gave her $25 (which was too much) and walked. I was kind of hoping she’d say something but she didn’t. Uber can’t come to LV fast enough.

  5. I have flown in/out of LAS for the last 30 years. Some drivers are nice and personable and are hard working people supporting their family. But most of the time, the veteran cab drivers try to take you the long way around. Freeway to the Tropicana? One time, I was staying at the Hampton at the end of the runway. The driver, started off in the opposite direction; she way going to take me completely around the runway system! And if you are not going to the Strip, then many cabs really don’t want to take you (since they can’t pick up a instant return fare) and will invent a circuitous route to make some extra money. Its a hassle arguing with them just about every time about the shortest route.

    I am glad the guys in Carson saw the light and let Uber in. Maybe those $35 cab rides will disappear now.

  6. So horrible that many of the posters above who got ripper off by taxis. I personally haven’t gitten ripped of yet. Crossing my fingers for my future trip. Every time I get into a taxi in Vegas, I’d tell the driver to take a specific route and continue my creative chit chat to give the impression that I frequent Vegas and know all of the efficient routes.

  7. Wonderful news. I hope they do pick-ups at McCarran soon.

    Earlier this year, I was taking a trip to Henderson and the driver pulled out a very old school printed directory of streets in lieu of GPS. WTF?

    Now, I will get where I want, faster & cheaper without the taxi lines or the annoying TV in the back of the cab.

    While I’ve had many nice taxi drivers in LV, I’ve had far too many evil ones who spewed crap out of their mouths that I dare not repeat, not to mention all the times they’ve taken a long route to rip me off.

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