Is The New “Lyft Pink” Membership Worth It?

Uber and Lyft compete fiercely for business -- not just trying to gain market share from other forms of transportation, but they also have to compete against one another. As a result we constantly see them offer all kinds of promotions. In the meantime…

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Dl Lyft

Awesome: You Can Now Earn Delta SkyMiles For Lyft Rides

It's always great to see when ridesharing apps develop relationships with other travel providers. It's a natural connection, given that frequent travelers probably use ridesharing apps more than the average person. Probably my favorite ridesharing partnership…

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Lyft Unlimited

Get Lyft Rides For An Entire Month For $29

The ridesharing apps have been testing out all kinds of programs to see what works and what doesn't. Many of these programs can be lucrative for consumers, and are intended for the apps to steal market share from one another, and perhaps even from the…

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Lyft Las – 3

Why I Reported My Driver to Lyft

As I briefly mentioned in my previous post about using Lyft at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, I had a bad experience with my driver on the way back to the airport. It started as soon as I got in the car. A woman was crossing the street in front of us…

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