Turn those old elite cards into luggage tags!

I like to collect luggage tags, for some odd reason. I’m not just talking about elite/airline luggage tags, but also luggage tags from places I’ve been, much like some people collect postcards, magnets, etc.

While some airlines will give (or sell) luggage tags to elite customers, others don’t. That’s when making your own luggage tag can be worthwhile.

With United’s elite cards it’s really easy, and literally takes a minute. First use some nail polish remover to rub off your mileage number (if you don’t feel comfortable with it on your card). Then punch a hole in the top corner of your card, and attach it to a luggage tag holder.

Since I got my 2009 elite card I just turned my 2008 elite card into a luggage tag. It’s really simple and looks pretty decent, in my opinion.

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  1. Wow I didn’t know UA (and other FFPs?) does not give luggage tags for their elites. All of the several FFPs I have status with do, so I have more tags than I know what to do with. I also got some tags from some FFPs where I do not have status.

  2. Yeah Kiwi, it’s pretty pathetic, isn’t it? United doesn’t give even their top tier flyers free luggage tags, while American offers to sell them to elites for something like $20. Pretty crazy, heh.

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