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Air Canada System Conversion Update: Not Great For Aeroplan

Last week I gave you the rundown of Air Canada’s planned transition to a new Amadeus reservation system, scheduled to occur from 8pm EST on November 18 to some time on November 19. During the outage there would be no booking services available whatsoever;…

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Air Canada Premium Economy

Buckle Up: Major Air Canada System Migration Starts Monday

Air Canada will be starting a major conversion of its reservation system next week, which will temporarily affect bookings, same-day changes, and upgrades, in some cases for a few months. This will impact Aeroplan as well, so even if you don't typically…

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NEW Amex Business Edge Credit Card Launches In Canada

American Express is expanding their offerings in Canada as of today with a new credit card (not a charge card!) geared towards small business owners. Like the American Express Cobalt™ Card, the American Express Business Edge Card carries a points…

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Scotiabank Passport™ Visa Infinite* Card Review (Canada)

Canadian options for no-foreign-exchange-fee credit cards are few and far between, particularly since Chase exited the Canadian market so decisively that it actually forgave any remaining charges or debt on its foreign-exchange-free Amazon and Marriott…

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Air Canada Debuts Fun New Ad Starring Sandra Oh

Korean-Canadian actor Sandra Oh is best known for her television dramatic work south of the border, ranging from Killing Eve to Grey’s Anatomy. Her breakout role was in the 2004 movie Sideways, a movie with so much drunk driving in it that just thinking…

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Air Canada Altitude Status: Introduction

Canadians LOVE to hate Air Canada. But at the same time, for business travelers, they’ve also been the only game in town with a frequent flyer program for most of the period since the demise of Canadian Airlines in the nineties (don’t worry, WestJet…

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Amex Fixed Points Travel Program (Canada)

As a Canadian, it’s sometimes frustrating to see all the options available to our southern neighbours (that’s right, with a “u”, get used to it) to redeem Amex reward benefits. On this side of the border, Amex only has eight airline and hotel transfer…

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American Express Cobalt Review (Canada)

The banking environment here in Canada means we don’t have as many choices as our southern neighbours when it comes to credit cards. When Canada’s smaller market size is combined with our more conservative banks, the result is a lot of pretty boring…

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Air Canada A321

Air Canada Fuel Surcharge Class Action Approved

Who knew I would be able to put my lawyer-hat on so early in my travel blogging career? But it’s only been a week or two, and here I am, bringing you my hot take on the latest major lawsuit to hit the Canadian airline industry. In short, fuel surcharges…

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Why Should Canadians Care About Points And Miles?

Why do points and miles matter in Canada? Simple geography. The second-largest country in the world has only five cities with a population of over 1 million: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, and (just barely) Edmonton. As a result, with the exception…

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Welcome To The OMAAT Team, Kate

Hi, I’m Kate, a lawyer in Calgary, Alberta, and the newest member of the OMAAT team. I didn’t grow up doing a lot of travel, mostly because I’m from Newfoundland, one of the most remote and expensive-to-reach corners of North America (and also home to…

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