Turkish Airlines Updates Business Class Bedding

I have mixed feelings about Turkish Airlines. Years ago they used to offer a first class product on the 777-300ERs they leased from Jet Airways, and those planes were great. While the service on Turkish has never been especially polished or attentive, the food and ground experience were phenomenal.

Turkish no longer offers a first class product, but instead has a fully flat business class product throughout much of their fleet.

Turkish Airlines 777-300ER business class

The service continues to be unpolished and somewhat apathetic, but the food is quite good, and they do have Wi-Fi on much of their fleet.

And their business class lounge in Istanbul is fantastic as well, easily one of the best business class lounges in the world.

Turkish Airlines Istanbul business class lounge

Anyway, Turkish just announced that they’ll be updating their bedding in business class.

Part of the reason I’m posting this is because of the news itself, though the other reason is because of how epically and hilariously wordy the press release is. Yes, I realize they’re a foreign carrier, but they fly to nearly a dozen destinations in the US, so presumably they have someone “local” writing (or at least reviewing) press releases.

Here it is, in all its glory:

It promises home comfort on the clouds to the Business Class passengers during the extended range flights.

“Sky Illusion” sleeping collection is the latest innovation developed by Turkish Airlines to enable its passengers to enjoy the best Turkish hospitality within the concept of privileged travel.

“Sky Illusion” sleeping set has been designed in the successful cooperation with Turkish Airlines and Zorlu Textiles Group to offer comfort just as in the home environment to the passengers of Turkish Airlines, and to ensure that the passengers will enjoy a perfect sleeping experience.

“Sky Illusion Sleeping Collection”, produced specially for the Business Class flights of Turkish Airlines under the brand of Taç Wonderfly, comes into prominence with its feature of being an inviter of a perfect and pleasant sleeping, for all extended range flights.

The sleeping set, which has been designed as a supplementary element with the intent of making the unique travel experience offered to the passengers by Turkish Airlines perfect in every sense, offers a special sleeping on the clouds.

Each detail has been meticulously thought out in the collection designed by being inspired from Turkish hospitality, and special fabrics reminding softness of the clouds have been used.

The sleeping set, prepared considering all details with the purpose of offering thorough comfort to the passengers by using qualified fabrics, provides added value to the flight comfort.

The collection is presented in the packages arranged as “Bohçabundle-“, is used as a hospitality indicator in the Turkish society for centuries as well as being an unalterable element of Turkish culture. ‘Bohça’ consists of ‘Sleeping Pad’, designed in sizes fully adaptable to the seat; ‘Quilt’, covering the body with its soft satin fabric; ‘Sleeping Pillow’, making the head and neck comfortable with its size of standard sleeping pillow during the extended range flights; ‘Waist Pillow’, backing the waist completely while sitting on the seat and taking shape based on the waist ergonomics thanks to its visco filling while leaning; and ‘Slipper’, ensuring comfort of feet with its 100% cotton and special quilted fabric. The contents of the set, which are produced by combining the Aloe Vera extracts known for its relaxing effects and the soft fabrics, not only offer a comfortable sleeping but also become prominent thanks to its ergonomic features. Here are some of its features: the sheets available in the collection have been produced with holders in order not to slip from the leather seats, and the quilts have been designed in a manner to maintain body temperature.

“Sky Illusion” is the latest innovation developed by Turkish Airlines in order to ensure customer satisfaction, the primary mission of Turkish Airlines. The sleeping set, that the passengers will deem as indispensable pleasure in all extended range flights in a short span of time, will be presented first in the Boston flight that will be newly launched on May 12th

Is it just me, or are the first seven paragraphs saying exactly the same thing over and over? To summarize, the new sleeping set will have a pillow, duvet, blanket, and slippers (no pajamas). The new bedding will first be launched on their new Boston route, which they’re starting on May 12.

It looks good enough for business class, though hardly revolutionary.

Turkish Airlines new business class bedding

Turkish Airlines new business class bedding

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  1. At least they haven’t gotten around to offering a “Turkish Airlines – Globally Yours” lullaby that says the exactly same thing over and over on audio channel 99

  2. Looks pretty darn similar to the bedding that was on my Turkish Airlines Business Class flight back in February! It wasn’t great, but it served its purpose. Plus it was so warm on that flight, I was glad it was a thinner blanket.

  3. I love playing this game as much as anyone, but there are limits – at least for me. This is a country that is in the beginnings of the same crises affecting so many of the ocuntries in the region. They have a corrupt leader who is trying to move their profile up so that they can achieve regional hegemony. Their politics in terms of Israel is appalling after decades of being a moderate voice of Islam.

    I’ll use my miles elsewhere and will continue to encourage others to do the same. We have choices.

  4. Ben,

    Can I use my Dividend Miles to book a flight to North Asia Via Europe while combining EVA airways with other One World members??? Or if I use EVA do I have to stay strictly within US airways partners. This has confused me. As you know we have only couple days more for EVA awards.

  5. If you are traveling on TK, take the middle aisle seats. Trying to give/get food/drinks over ur seatmate on the side seats is difficult. Trying to get up is even harder when you are next to the window and seatmate is in full bed position. Horrible.

  6. @ Adam — As Angel notes, you can’t combine US Airways’ non-oneworld partners with their oneworld partners.

  7. Steven S.,

    Thanks for not coming to our country, really appreciate that. We certainly don’t want people who are this prejudiced to the country overall. As much as I hate the prime minister and the current government, basing your decision on not coming to Turkey for this is absolutely ridiculous. But you made it clear by making a reference to Israel, so I’m not surprised.

  8. It´s time for Turkish Airlines to update their business class. It is getting bored compared to others airlines like Asiana, Austrian, ANA or Singapore Airlines

  9. TK does have good food and IFE. Their lounge in IST is pretty impressive too. They need to step it up with the design of their J cabin and seat especially when you consider they are competing with the likes of EK and SQ.

  10. The current Business Class product has been around since 2009 and it is getting a bit long in the tooth, but I’d say the seats are still pretty up to date and will do good for another 2-3 years. I actually preferred the color of their old bedding, it looked much more stylish.

    Service is a hit and miss but considering the fares I’d still say that TK offer the best value for the money of any Business Class on the market.

  11. To summarize, the new sleeping set will have a pillow, duvet, blanket, and slippers (no pajamas).

    @ Lucky – I think instead of “blanket”, it should be “lumbar pillow” 🙂 Perhaps I am misinterpreting their crazy press release but I thought the content of the kit will be:
    (1) mattress pad (“sleeping pad”);
    (2) duvet (“quilt”);
    (3) head pillow (“sleeping pillow”);
    (4) lumbar-support pillow (“waist pillow”);
    (5) slippers.

  12. I am constantly amazed at how many foreign companies don’t get a native English speaker to proofread their text. If I were writing something in Japanese I’d certainly have someone else look it over rather than blindly trusting Google Translate.

    As an aside, I predict someone will refer to Lucky’s post and my comment as “racist” within the next hour.

  13. I read somewhere that in response to the Residence, TK was planning on removing Business class and adding a Turkish Bath to their flights.

    Apparently, up to three customers at a time can schedule a 5 minute in-flight Turkish Bath and Sauna on all of their long haul flights. 😉

  14. “Their politics in terms of Israel is appalling after decades of being a moderate voice of Islam.”

    What does that have to do with anything? There are lots of moderate people who are against the policies of the Israeli government, and rightfully so. Sorry to disappoint you, but being Anti-Zionist isn’t the same as being anti-Semitic.

    Let’s focus on the issue on hand…being while these changes are nice, TK needs to move to a business class seating where every seat has direct isle access.

  15. So are they saying these are aloe vera infused fabrics? Because that seems gross and potentially slippery. I don’t want to cover myself in a Kleenex.

  16. I agree. I find it odd that they couldn’t find someone with a little better understanding of the English language. Does not look professional in my opinion.

    You say Turkish flies to a dozen US cities? Really?

  17. OMG a Turkish bath in flight would indeed be AWESOME!
    flew ORD/IST in J last month and was a bit worried beforehand about service, based on prior experience a few years ago and ubiquitous reviews since then of unsmiling inattentive flight attendants
    our experience was just the opposite – we had 3 FA’s in the J cabin who could not have been sweeter and smilier, plus were waiting to pounce to fulfill any requests – great flight and of course outstanding lounge at IST

  18. I just came back from flying on Turkish business class from IAH to IST. The Boeing 777-300ER has the new seats that were fully flat and had provided a back massage (a nice bonus). While the bed was flat and decent, the service was not up to par. The business amenity kits were basically the same one that is provided in economy, and the service needs improvement.

    While they do provide A LOT of food – really they feed you a lot – the service needs improvement. The FAs never provided an explanation on what they were serving, and when I asked they had no idea what it was. Also, they were not really focused on presentation but on getting the job done (not sure why considering it was a light load and each one of the business class passengers had the entire row to themselves). Finally, when we asked for the bed to be made all that was done was that the seat was made flat and a the cover was put on the seat and then the flight attendant left. The FA did not put the pillow on the bed nor did they fold the blanket on the bed – this FA did the minimal job of providing service.

    Lastly, the in-flight entertainment system (the wifi was not working on the plane) was extremely limited and economy class seemed to have more options than business class! Overall, the only reason for the upgrade would be the flat-bed and the food because the service and the entertainment system are not worth the upgrade.

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