Triple miles on American and Delta between New York and Los Angeles/San Francisco on higher fares

Both American and Delta are offering triple redeemable miles on their premium transcontinental flights between New York and Los Angeles/San Francisco. Registration for both versions of the promotion is required by December 15 for travel through December 31.

For American’s promotion, the following fare classes qualify: F, J, Y, D, I, A, P, H, K, M.

For Delta’s promotion, the following fare classes qualify: J, C, D, S, I, Y, B, M.

In other words, all premium cabin revenue tickets and very expensive coach tickets qualify.

This is by no means mileage run material, but if you’re flying a transcon in a high fare class anyway (hopefully on someone else’s dime, for your sake!), this is definitely something to register for.

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  1. Let’s hope CO/UA match it. I have transcon flights between SFO and NYC coming up and would love to to accumulate additional miles.

  2. If rebooked due to a canceled flights, they will often put you on a full fare coach ticket. Worth signing up even if you have no intention of buying a full fare econ ticket. (I got some surprise bonus miles that way earlier in the year.)

  3. Do you think this would be stackable with the triple promo for flying out of STL?

    Triple miles for the new promo, triple miles for the STL promo and double3 miles if you are PLT or EXP.

    Would that be 8x miles then?!?!?

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