My Trip To Bora Bora, (Almost) Entirely On Points

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While I’ve been to the Maldives several times, I’ve never been to Bora Bora. Even though they’re on opposite sides of the world, those seem to be the two biggest “overwater bungalow” destinations out there.

The trip I started to plan to Bora Bora

As you guys know, I often plan trips around airlines and hotels I’m looking to review. Earlier this year Air Tahiti Nui revealed the details of their brand new Boeing 787s, which they’ll start service with later this year.

While I’ve reviewed Air Tahiti Nui’s A340 business class on the flight between Los Angeles and Paris, I’ve been wanting to review their business class on the new plane, since they’re retiring all of their A340s.

So at the time I had booked a one-way business class ticket for Ford and me from Los Angeles to Tahiti for 80,000 AAdvantage miles per person. I just left that one-way open for a while and didn’t book a return or hotels, other than a refundable stay at the St. Regis Bora Bora. Leaving a trip like this so open is often a mistake, since in Tahiti you don’t have that many options in terms of flights and hotels, so it really makes sense to lock something in ASAP.

How I’ve finalized the rest of the trip

Sometimes I feel like my trip planning is a disaster, and sometimes it works out great. In this case everything came together amazingly well, in spite of my lack of planning.

For the return flight from Tahiti to the US, I had set availability alerts for United business class, given that they’re launching flights between Tahiti and San Francisco this month, and I was curious how their service compares to Air Tahiti Nui’s. This would also allow me to review United’s new Polaris Lounge SFO before my connection.

For a long time they didn’t open up any saver level business class awards, though I finally got an alert about the space having opened up a few days back, and it was on exactly the date we wanted.

This would give us about a week in Tahiti, so we figured we should spend that time in Bora Bora.

While I had previously booked a refundable stay at the St. Regis Bora Bora using the Citi Prestige fourth night free benefit, to my surprise there was a standard room available, so I was able to switch it to a points reservation, for 60,000 points per night.

That left us with another two nights, so I figured we might as well check out another points property, the Conrad Bora Bora. It was bookable for only 80,000 points per night, and I even had a weekend night certificate to redeem, so I could use that for one of the nights.

Bottom line

Just last week I had an outbound booked and no clue how we’d actually structure the trip, and within a week everything came together, and literally the entire trip is booked on points (well, other than the flights between Papeete and Bora Bora, I guess, which we still need to book).

I guess the other thing to consider is that the base rooms at both the St. Regis and Conrad are land villas, while they have upgrade options for overwater villas. Has anyone stayed at either property, and have overall thoughts on the properties, and the value of upgrading to an overwater villa?

Anyone have thoughts on how Bora Bora compares to the Maldives? I’ve heard that Bora Bora is naturally even more beautiful than the Maldives, though I guess we’ll see.

I’m very excited about this trip!

  1. Hi, I’m looking forward to your review of Bora Bora. Like you I have been to the Maldives several times & love it there. I have always wanted to go to Bora Bora, but it is a long way from the UK to get there.

    One day hopefully we will make it there.

  2. Been to Bora Bora twice, felt OWB was worth it. Once at what was the Hilton , now Conrad and once at the IHG Thallasos. Very similar value prop as Maldives, you either think no way for the cost or it’s the only way.

    However the snorkeling is a shadow of what it is in the Maldives so a week sounds really long (and I’ve stayed two eeeks in the Maldives, albeit two resorts).

    I prefer Moorea overall, even though Bora Bora is picture perfectly gorgeous. And the hard product is better than the Hilton Moore’s. But the local flavor is nice and the drive around the island is fun. I’d go to a Moore’s for a few nights rather than spend the whole time in Bora Bora.

  3. The St Regis Bora Bora has the largest standard over water bungalows and best IMO. They are true stuites, the bathroom alone makes the St Regis best OWB in Bora Bora. You have to to upgrade to OWB, that’s the whole point to going to Bora Bora. The standard will have a view of just the horizon, no Moutain view, but still fantastic.

  4. Bora Bora is the most beautiful place you can go, the airport is special, you probably cannot find that wow ever again as you walk from the airfield into and out of the terminal. Waking up facing the mountain everyday is exceptionally special, leave the blind open for the greatest alarm clock going.

    The St Regis is good but the Six Senses Maldives was better. Service in Bora Bora’s neighbouring Island Moorea was better, at the Hilton, but the hotel isn’t as good as the St Regis.

    They are all special places.

    Bora Bora (St Regis) for the scenery
    Moorea (Hilton) for a special feel, it’s like being in Jurassic Park with a perfect beach
    Maldives (Six Senses) for hotel, service and food

  5. My partner and I stayed at the Conrad Bora Bora two weeks ago on points. Diamond upgrade from the base room was Horizon View Villa. I’d reached out to the concierge multiple times over multiple months regarding paid upgrades to the Overwater rooms and never heard anything. About a week before our stay they finally replied. Base Overwater was about $350/night, deluxe pool Overwater $600, and Royal Overwater was quoted at $1100/night extra (one of only 4 rooms on property where you can see Mount Onematu).

    At check in we tried to negotiate a lower rate, but the concierge convinced us that the privacy and views of the complementary horizon view villa upgrade wouldn’t disappoint. Side note, ask for Rudolfo as your concierge. He’s not only excellent, but he’s also “family”, so he’ll treat you well 😛

    After seeing the view, we decided to save our money. The view of the lagoon and resort from our room was spectacular. One of the most unique in Bora Bora.

    We also visited the St Regis briefly but didn’t stay there. If you want the iconic Bora Bora view from an Overwater room, this is the place to do it. The St Regis and Four Seasons resorts are the two best hotels on the island for views of Onematu.

    Last, if you have a chance to visit Moorea, do it. It’s not nearly as touristy as Bora Bora, but its every bit as pretty. Stayed at the Hilton on points. Paid to upgrade to the overwater premium panoramic room a few months in advance for about $550/night. The mountain/sunset views are jaw dropping from the room. Have fun!!

  6. I have been to French Polynesia twice and did the Maldives earlier this year so I wrote a comparison of the two:

    In my opinion, I much prefer French Polynesia because of the Polynesian culture and warm hospitality and of course the landscape of the eye blinding turquoise lagoon and the mountain as the backdrop are more photogenic. We stayed at the IHG Thalasso on points which was an overwater bungalow so it was very nice without paying extra to upgrade. The ability to jump in the lagoon directly from your deck was truly amazing so I would definitely upgrade to an overwater bungalow. We also stayed at the Hilton Moorea with points and paid to upgrade to an overwater bungalow. I felt that the bungalows in French Polynesia looked more authentic while the Maldives are too modern for my taste. We are going back for the 3rd time next year and booked the St. Regis on points for 2 nights and now waiting for Le Meridien Bora Bora to open up, wish me luck!

  7. Agreed with another poster that Moorea is a very nice island as well for local flavor and beautiful mountains (we split between Bora Bora and Moorea). We did the OTW bungalow and it was beautiful. We did an ATV excursion up the mountain in Moorea and that was the highlight of the trip, simply amazing and it rained which made it that much more fun believe it or not.

  8. The St. Regis is an excellent property, as is the Four Seasons. I caution you about the Conrad, however. I stayed there while it was the Hilton, and the staff was some of the worst I’ve encountered in the world, and the water is not nearly up to the standards of the rest of Bora Bora. In addition, they made passengers wait over an hour at the airport so that two planes worth of passengers could get on the boat. All other hotels sent two boats for two planes. Awful establishment!!

  9. I have been to both Bora Bora and the Maldives. I personally found the Maldives much more special; Bora Bora is a lot like Las Vegas with people coming and going with not a lot of special to it.

  10. I booked my trip on points from YYZ-NRT on AC booked with AP, NRT-PPT-NRT on Air Tahiti Nui booked with AA, PPT-BOB-PPT paid $400USD w/ Air Tahiti

    Booked 5 nights at Le Meridien using 48K Marriott points for each night.

  11. Remember the cappuccino will be expensive. Pay up.

    Don’t think you will get LA price for food there. What would be interesting is how much out of pocket you finally pay at the end of the trip: airport to airport.

  12. >While I’ve been to the Maldives several times, I’ve never been to Bora Bora

    LOL, this is the most spoiled sentence I’ve ever read. CAN YOU GUYS BELIEVE I HAVEN’T BEEN TO BORA BORA? UGH.

    I’m obviously still looking forward to the reviews! Sounds like an awesome trip ahead.

  13. I stayed at the Conrad Bora Bora last May, and had an amazing time. I booked a pool villa via, negotiated a cash upgrade to a Royal Overwater villa, and on arrival was upgraded to the Presidential villa. Ended up spending just over $1k a night and ended up in the best room.

    The property likes to upgrade on arrival if you have status, so it might be worth following a similar path. Best thing was the airport strike created a day delay, and the Conrad allowed me to have the room for another night at the negotiated rate.

    I ended up with enough points from that stay to book 2 1/2 nights at the Conrad Maldives for next month. It will be interesting to compare, though I am currently in a Deluxe water villa and am not sure the rooms remotely compare. Maybe I can get into a Sunset villa?

  14. When are you going? I booked what I think is the best AA points value from NRT-PPT on Air Tahiti Nui business one way for 40,000 AA miles and am staying at the Conrad in early November. See you there!

  15. Bora Bora is claimed to be the most beautiful island in the world and having been to many places, including the Maldives, you won’t be disappointed, as it’s much better than anywhere else, enjoy!

  16. @ Kevin — That’s a great question, does anyone know the best way to get between resorts on Bora Bora? Hadn’t considered that yet.

  17. @ Applea — Hmmm, are you sure about that? The flight is in the evening, so why can’t you do a same day departure?

  18. I have stayed at St Regis Bora Bora and highly recommend upgrading to overwater. I was upgraded to a massive Beach Villa when I was there but the beach in front of the Villa was extremely disappointing!

    Having been to Tahiti and the Maldives many times I much rather the Maldives for that element of total isolation that Tahiti doesn’t offer.

  19. Last flight PPT-BOB is around 6pm most days, as are most Air Tahiti services, looks like UA is arriving 9pm. So you need to stay overnight. We did stay at what was the Radisson at the time, it has rebranded now and is on the other side of Papeete, so not the most convenient option if you’re not staying for another day or so. I believe there’s an IC close to the airport which is probably your best option on points.

  20. @ Sebastian — I’m taking Air Tahiti Nui to PPT, so arrive first thing in the morning. United is on the return, when they depart in the evening, so it sounds like I should be fine.

  21. Lucky,
    Did you have any issues booking Air Tahiti Nui via AA? Last time I saw availability I could not get AA to see it. I called New Zealand as well as Australia call centers as well. Curious how you found your success.
    And I agree with others about Moorea, as it is a beautiful island and much more of a local experience, if that is what you are looking for.

  22. Why don’t you spend a night at the Brando, on the private Tetiaroa island, a 10 minute private plane ride from Tahiti was voted one of the best hotels in the world. The owner is Richard Bailey, a long time American expat living in Tahiti who also owns the Intercontinental in Tahiti and IC Thalasso in Bora Bora as well as the Paul Gaugin cruise line.

  23. We stayed at on over water bungalow ar the Conrad (back when it was just Tahiti nui & loved it. This one thing to consider (assuming you will upgrade only one hotel) is the over water bungalows here face the ocean & not the main island, like most of the other resorts, you can see this really well on their home page What view you prefer is just personal preference, but the Mountain View is the iconic one.

    All the major resorts (and the airport) are on private motus (islets) they run scheduled boat shuttles to the main island.

    I would return to Bora Bora in a heartbeat. While you are there make sure to dine one night at Bloody Mary’s where you pick out your dinner on the way in!

  24. Because the Brando is $5400/night when you include the fees and convert EUR to USD haha – a little different from an all-points vacation. I LOVED the Brando – just got back from our honeymoon where we split two weeks between the Four Seasons Bora Bora and the Brando – and would highly recommend it any day, but that’s not the best recommendation to make if the goal is to stay all on points!

  25. We have been to French Polynesia. To us there is nothing it. First year we went to Tahiti and Morea. Last 3 trips we went directly to the Thalasso in Bora Bora. Our family on for went on points from New York to California and then to Tahita and then Tahiti to Bora Bora on Tahiti Nui. We do all of it on points except the last part. We even stay at the Thalasso on points.

  26. “Bora Bora, dine at Bloody Mary’s for seafood grill !”

    Respectfully, I could not disagree more. The food is marginal and overpriced. Spent twice the amount we did at any other restaurant, including resorts on BB.

    The is a tourist trap counting on its name to get you in the door. I did like the look of the place. Very neat concept. But bring bug spray if you go.

  27. I stayed at the FS Bora Bora and really enjoyed it. Obviously it’s stunning and there’s so much to do: swimming with sharks, jetskiing, hiking on the main island, etc. My only issue is that, like the Maldives, you’re very much stuck with eating in the hotel restaurants every night and there aren’t any good options really on the main island. Geographically, I think it’s much nicer than the maldives because you have the crystal blue water, but also a stunning jagged volcano that the sun sets behind. Enjoy your trip!

  28. Depending what you are doing there… If you are on a honeymoon, then I would spring for the Brando. There’s a reason why Leo DiCaprio go there practically yearly. It blows St Regis and Four Seasons out of the water.

    Bora Bora is better than the Maldives Imo as there is culture there. When you go to Maldives, you go straight to a resort so you could really be anywhere. At Bora Bora, there is actually Polynesian culture that you can feel everywhere even at your resort. To me, Maldives is more sleek whereas Bora Bora has a more primitive feel to it.

    In either case, just remember there is no air condition at Fa’a’ā International Airport, which means even if you are in a business lounge, it will be hot and humid. Last time I was there, it was completely packed and if you are expecting nice food in the business class lounge? Forget about it! Just be thankful you can find seats.

    If you do go to Brando, they have a separate lounge that is away from the airport and very nicely decorated with air condition. My recommendation is skip Hilton and go to the Brando.

  29. My daughter had her honeymoon in Bora Bora. It was wonderful. Donat least two days over the water. And try to snorkel They got close to a baby humpback. It was breathtaking to see the pics

  30. Also you better book the leg from Fa’a’ā International Airport to Bora Bora soon. There are several flights in the morning and frankly you want to take the one as close to your landing time as possible as sitting in the lounge waiting for your flight out to Bora Bora can be quite boring and there is no air condition (think humidity with barely any air circulating). Typically the first one out is booked up by the locals.

  31. I loved the St Regis Bora Bora the bungalows were flawless. Caution, however, avoid the three restaurants at the property the food was horrible and the most expensive I have seen. We the took hotel water shuttle to town and had some wonderful meals in local restaurants.

  32. when U mention U used Aeroplan miles to book United. It has to be award saver. right? I can’t seem to find one.


  33. @lucky We stayed at both last September (and Le Meredien). We used St Regis transfer to Vaitape and Conrad pickup from there. Loved food and service at both. You do have to embrace the Polynesian speed of service, though. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy. That’s what you’re there for! Also been to Conrad Maldives, each place is unique and should be appreciated for what it is! Travel is a beautiful thing.

  34. We stayed a couple nights on a two bedroom land Villa at the ST Regis and we’re upgraded later to the two bedroom overwater Villa. Both were incredible and the floor plan is pretty much identical between both. The overwater has some see through sections of the floor and the water is incredible to just jump straight into. Both two bedrooms come with private pools and it is so much fun. We definitely preferred being over the water but both are fantastic.

  35. I’m doing the Maldives in Nov be able to do proper como after then. Done BOB before and the best hotel is Sofitel Private Island. Same views as the rest of “high end” hotels, but you can take canoe to “the gardens”. Doing St. Regis Bora Bora next Aug.

  36. My wife and I spent our 10 year annv. on bora bora. Best meal of our life was dinner at La Villa Mahana. Stayed at the intercontential Le Moana in an OWB. Could not have been happier with the whole experience. Bora Bora is simply spectacular. We did like staying on the main island as we could walk to a few local places for lunch or dinner. Found an nice sandwhich shop and stopped by a local grocery store for a few snacks and drinks.

  37. I’ve stayed at the st Regis bora bora. Def spring for an owb. The mosquitos on the beachfront rooms are endemic and you can’t go outside, and i was there during the winter. Also, bring your walllet. We spent about 600 a day on just food for a family of 4.

  38. Lucky, I am headed to Bora Bora and the Conrad in Dec. Booked a OWB using the Citi 4th night free. Heading from HKG – so using a combo of points flying HKG – SIN – AKL on SQ / NZ, and then cash for the AKL+PPT leg. Is it possible to book the inter island PPT – BOB flights on points on air tahiti or you only can pay by cash?

    Outbound is on United, in economy. Saw tickets for 200 USD 1 way per person, so booked them.

  39. You said you haven’t booked the flight from Papeete to Bora Bora. You will be in for a shock in terms of price and frequency. The flight is less than 30 mins and it is never priced less than $500 return and it can go up to almost 1,000 return. The flight also does not run often, maybe once or twice a day. And it is scheduled are not coordinated with the international arrivals in any way. So you could easily end up having to overnight on the island of Tahiti both coming over and on your return.

  40. I agree you should get OWB in BOB. Done it before and hope to upgrade at St. Regis. Will be happy with beach villa. I was able to find AF “saver” awards for business when we are going.

  41. I forgot to add that most of the employees were French nationals so there’s not much opportunity to interact with the locals at the st Regis if that’s something you want.

  42. It’s a shame you can’t get Air Tahiti flights on points as they’re very pricey! But worth every penny I paid for the incredible views as you will make a few little stops en route from Tahiti to Bora Bora.

    I highly recommend staying in Moorea over Bora Bora too. I found the beaches/snorkelling in Bora Bora not great, and all of the locals say that the water is too warm in Bora Bora for lots of fish (maybe this is a good thing if you like swimming?).

  43. Does anyone have any thoughts on the Motel 6 in East Trenton? Is it as good as that other one outside Newark? I’m looking for a late summer break and I just can’t decide.

  44. I’m so excited to see your review of Bora Bora after my fantastic honeymoon three years ago. Sounds like Moorea isn’t in the cards, but I’d recommend it for a few days if possible. If not oh well. Would recommend Thalasso as it was fantastic, but obviously hard to get points availability. Perhaps an Ambassador cert could be used there instead of the Conrad?

    See if you can dine at Villa Mahana, probably too late to get a table, but worth a shot…one of top 5 meals of my life.

  45. Been to Maldives twice and Bora Bora once, we like Maldives slightly more for the seclusion factor. We were in Bora Bora on a cruise the first two days, stayed at InterContinental Thalasso entire on free nights for the remainder 5 days. We did go to St Regis for dinner at Lagoon restaurant one night, we found St Regis food quality only slightly better, but service was a bit too uptight to our likeness. Bora Bora is probably has the most gorgeous landscape for an island I’ve ever seen. IC Thalasso has the perfect location for view of the Mt Otemanu. The island itself was just ok, we had dinner at famed Bloody Mary, ATV and jets trip and visited few other locations on the island. But the surrounding motu where most resorts are are much nicer than the island itself. This is true for most French Polynesian islands (we’ve been to 8, and the motu that surrounds the islands are almost always the main draw). We stayed at over water bungalows with private infinity pool with sunset view in the Maldives both times, and just regular overwater bungalow in Bora Bora, which might have skew our view to be more preferably toward Maldives. The other thing been as avid snorkeler & scuba diving, Bora Bora is huge disappointment as it is a barren lagoon and the “coral garden” near sofitel is a joke. In fact, there are no good diving in Society Islands, you need to go to Tuamotu Islands which is more similar to Maldives. All dives master we encountered in French Polynesian say the same thing. For marine life & coral reef, Maldives wins hand down. Also Bora Bora is much more commercialized. On the island there are crowds, litter, some car congestion around Matira Point. The other thing with Bora Bora is you need to wear reef shoes (as every islands in French Polynesia), there are full of sharp corals that will cut your feet, where Maldives have the finest sand possible. For people who love ocean/sea would love Maldives a lot more. People who doesn’t snorkel, dive, would enjoy Bora Bora more. I think St Regis is a much better location for Bora Bora than Conrad as people go there for the lagoon, and Conrad is not inside the lagoon, and it doesn’t face Mt Otemanu. Overwater bungalow inside the Bora Bora lagoon is a must in Bora Bora, that’s what distinguish it differ from other destinations. I would personally go with St Regis and paid upgrade to overwater bungalow IMAO.

  46. WoW 10 points for the subject matter! It is full of honeymooners so much so some call it Boring Boring. If you are not OWB what the hell are you there fore? As others have said, Moorea more laid back things to do and the view back to Tahiti is pretty awesome.

  47. Another vote to go for the upgrade to overwater bungalows. If you take one of the around the island tours, you’ll pass by the remains of Hotel Bora Bora (which I believe is still an Aman property but is still closed and who knows if it will ever be renovated.) That hotel had gorgeous snorkeling/coral, etc. back in 2006 mainly because it’s been there for so many years (newer hotels/resorts tend to not have coral due to construction.)
    Enjoy this vacation! Also, I’d book that flight from Papeete to Bora Bora soon as those flights easily sell out!!!

  48. Ben , it looks like you have hit the jackpot asking for comments on this. Looks like almost every reader has been to one or both of these beautiful locations. Lol. Can’t wait to read the reviews

  49. Cant wait to hear more. We just booked for our family of 4 LAX to PPT for 40k points each in Air Tahiti Nui economy with AA miles :(. then on the way back from PPT-LAX in Air France business:) Seat map shows a 1-2-1 configuration so anxious as it looks like their updated planes. Have reservations booked throughout PPT, and Moorea, but hoping to find some point openings as all the major chains are not open the on points during our stay. Citi 4th night free will help though.

  50. Went to St. Regis Bora Bora in July. Went with family (in-laws) and my wife and 2yo daughter. We stayed in a lagoon-side beach villa (#502, if I remember correctly) and loved it! It worked out great for having a child there, and I assume would be great for a couple as well. We had a very nice suite, massive bathroom with awesome shower and tub, an OUTDOOR SHOWER ;-), plunge pool, hammock, a stretch of beachfront…and spaaaace.

    While I haven’t been in an OWB, the experience seems cool, but I feel like that would be about it. Otherwise, it seems very secluded, dare I say “stranded”, because they’re pretty far away from the main center of the main pool, main beach, food, etc. You have bikes and can get a cart to pick you up to drive wherever, but it’s a far walk to be stuck in your hut. In our lagoon suite, we didn’t necessarily feel we had to stay in or around our room to get the experience, whereas I think I would feel I HAVE to stay IN my OWB to really take it in and feel like I was getting the experience or value out of it. The beauty of Bora Bora is outside, not inside the OWB.

    The beachfront villas are also closer to the spa, the fish-feeding at 10:30AM on M/W/F, which was actually really neat (I think the adults might have enjoyed it more than some of the kids. Jackfish are incredibly fast! Shark feedings are at 11 or 11:30 I think near the French restaurant). We like walking, and the beachfront villas are a good walking distance from just about everything.

    Again, I have not had the OWB experience, but from the beachfront villa experience I did have, I think it would be better overall than the novelty of an OWB. Once you “get over” the fact it’s over the water, I think it has a little less to offer than the beachfront villa.

  51. can someone clarify something for me…every time I read a blog about Maldives or BB, I read comments about bug infestations. My wife is NOT into bugs and thus I hesitate to book a trip to either. I’m not going to pay serious money / cash in points for a trip that could possibly leave me sleeping on the couch indefinitely. Are people exaggerating or do I need to pass on these locations?

  52. you are great at redemptions but how do you accumulate so many miles? new cards? MS? gifts? sponsored by airlines?

    bora bora is boring boring btw no matter how many bungalows you put over the sea

  53. Bora bora is big island with towns, farms, ports, some different beaches and a marvelous countryside with forests, waterfalls, mountains. So there more to visit than your hotel, the beach and the coral reef. And there is the amazing Polinesian culture. In Maldive you stay in a very small island where you can see only the beach and the reef…relaxing but a bit boing. Bora bora is definitely more interesting especially if weather is so and so.

  54. My wife and I just returned to the U.S. from Bora Bora last night. Spent 5 fantastic nights at the St Regis using 48K pts/per night. Upgraded 3 nights to OWB ~$410/night. Ended with 2 add’l free upgrade nights in the same room. Free upgrade may have been due to relationships I’ve built prior to arrival with reservations’ staff. Platinum Premier elite status made it more justifiable. Oh! Also greeted with a bottle of Billecart Salmon Champagne ($142 on premise) along with a bottle of Pelegrino, a box of macarons and a box of chocolate.

    Now, you can only imagine how creative I had to be for a reward booking with 5th night free in an OWB to check-in within 4 weeks of the integration.

    In comparison, the Maldives happen to be a lot more private, confining into the resort for the most part. Bora Bora has a lot of offsite activities which include restaurants, bars, shops on the main island just a short 10 mns boat ride away from most resorts. From the St Regis, it’s free to depart @ 11:00A return @ 1:30P. It may be ~$50 round trip other times. I’ll have to verify when I receive my folio. Unlike the Maldives, most resorts are in the same general area within a short 5-25 mns boat ride.
    Regardless of other comments, food/cuisine preference is subjective. With that said, I highly recommend Jean George’s Lagoon restaurant onsite.

    To conclude, service was magnificent and to some extent personalized. We had 2 butlers catering to us and almost every staff, including managers we encountered, referred to us by name after day one.

    Note that December is very hot and humid, I’ve heard.

  55. Just visited Bora Bora in June, and we stayed at le Meridien. I booked a classic bungalow, and they put us in a special SPG member overwater bungalow. It was located on an atoll close to St. Regis, and we stayed for a fraction of the cost. You could head to the St. Regis for dinner and have full use of all facilities all day with the dinner reservation. I loved le Meridien and cannot wait to go back!

  56. @Lucky on my Honeymoon we stayed at the Hilton (now Conrad). I booked a cheap room on Hotwire and paid another several hundred a night for the OWB…and it was Sooooo worth it!! Waking up and snorkeling right out of your hotel room is just such an incredible experience. You definitely should pony up for the OWB rooms.

  57. Looking forward to your report. We visited both Moorea and Bora Bora three years ago and loved them both, but for different reasons. People, food, weather, views, etc were outstanding. We stayed at IHG on both islands and would highly recommend that you book an over the water bungalows for at least part of the trip. It’s a total kick. Sounds like we should give the Maldives a go soon, but first have our trip to China next month.

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  59. @Lucky. My wife and I just returned from a babymoon where we stayed at the Conrad and St Regis…loved both of the resorts. I struggled a bit with transfers between hotels myself so figured I’d share what I learned:
    – We took the Conrad boat one way from the airport for ~$65/person
    – We arranged a direct transfer through FanFanTaxi Boat ([email protected]) for $120 total, cash only. The boat wasn’t anything fancy but was perfectly comfortable for the ~25 minute ride
    – We took the St Regis boat back to the airport. At first they charged us the roundtrip price of $125/person but when I asked about it at checkout they only charged us $125 total since we only went one way.

    There are a number of other options for a direct transfer:
    – The Conrad was willing to arrange one for $250 total
    – Moana Tours ([email protected]) offered the transfer for $250 total
    – La Plage ([email protected]) offered the transfer for $200 total
    – Lagoon Service ([email protected]) was another option but were not available that day

    We booked with about 24 hours of notice and everyone was very responsive to email. Enjoy your trip!

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